92-Year-Old Woman Injured In Dog Attack

February 6, 2013

A 92-year-old woman was injured last night [Feb 5] after being attacked by a pitbull in St. George’s, and the dog reportedly involved in the attack was seized by the Government Dog Warden.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 7pm on Tuesday, February 5th police officers responded to a reported dog attack in the Great Bay Road, St. George’s area involving a female walker and a pit-bull dog.

“The victim, a 92 year old St. George’s woman, was treated for arm injuries at the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre and later released.

“The Government Dog Warden also attended this incident and seized the dog reportedly involved pending further inquiries.”

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  1. Oh no, hoping the woman is OK. Do we know anything about the dog at the time of the attack – was he/she just roaming alone?

  2. LEGAL Red Nose Owner says:

    Absolutely nuts. Hope the lady makes a speedy recovery and I am glad to hear that she was not injured worse. Now let the anti-pitbull comments begin.

  3. Just One says:

    Punish the owner, not the dog

    • nooneinparticular says:


    • Co-Sign says:

      Just how all of the parents are being blamed in shootings for not raising their children right, lack of attention, showing them how to act etc. The owner should have the same label. The dog is just a product of its environment just like the shooters. I hope the lady recovers well. The courts shouldn’t just throw the book at the owner, they should beat him with it. Tired of the responsible owners with their properly trained and socialized dogs getting the stigma.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Punish the owner, and ban the ownership of this type of dog.

  4. islander for ever says:

    Was attacked by the same dog just before this lady. Fought him off with my bottle of water and a few kicks to the body. Was foaming from mouth and kept coming and only ran back in the yard after a vehicle approached. No lighting on that street and I was exercising when I heard the dog charging from the yard. Ran home and called the police and they stated that they had another call where the lady was reporting that she had been attacked by the same dog. Hope she is alright. I just had a few teeth marks in my water bottle.Cut my exercise short but the fight was exhausting.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      OMG…so sorry to hear..glad that you are okay….

      Prayers for the lady involved and that she too is okay…..

    • Concerned says:

      You REALLY need to call the animal Wardens to let them know, it might be information that they need.

    • Well I hope the owner is charged with cruelty to animals as this pitbull was trained to attack. Like children some what; they live what they learn n learn what they live. But if no one can walk across this gate without being attacked by this dog who has the same mentality of its owner; why was this dog not secured, kenneled or tied on a cow chain to avoid his attacks. Book the owner(s) for his attack on you. You should have kicked up the owner for his negligencew. A pitbull attack sounds most scary. Book the owner of the dog…Dano!!!!!

    • Kiskadee says:

      That dog should be put down NOW. That poor woman . It will kill a child next .

      • Observant says:

        The OWNERS of the dog should be put down…I have worked with pit bulls, and met up with many, who were absolute marshmallows. It’s the owners who should be held accountable.
        OK, these dogs have a very sturdy build and strong jaws…BUT that doesn’t mean that every single one is a dangerous dog. It’s the way they’re trained. You’d be amazed at the damage a Yorkshire Terrier can do…

        • Kiskadee says:

          Did you know that Ontario has banned all pit bulls.? Doesn’t that tell you something! They are dangerous animals . I am petrified of them. Maybe Govt will take action once a child is killed.I feel so sorry for that poor 92 year old lady. Maybe you would think differently if it had been your mother.

  5. Stand Strong Bermuda says:

    Thɑt could have been someone’s child. I hope the lady is alright! Dog owners should have invisible fencing in their yards!

  6. Victim says:

    I am so happy that the Senior suffered no serious injuries, However, I am in agreement with Just One. If my child fails a written test, do I call for a ban on PENS?

    • Think What You Want... says:

      Ok, that was a bit confusing to comprehend at first..

      • Think What You Want... says:

        Actually……nope! I’m still confused

    • Judge Dredd says:

      If failing the test means the pen could eat your £uck!n& granny then yes dumb@$$.

    • MUT says:

      Such a stupid remark!!! Can a pen kill or seriously injure you! Can a pen attack you when you are defenseless? I was always told by my teacher that there is no such thing as a stupid question! I’m going to find Ms. Pearman and tell her she was wrong! Do you mind if I send her a copy of your stupid post!?

  7. l j says:

    I’m glad that you were able to fight him off, and that you’re ok. I’m sure the lady is fine just a bit shaken.

  8. Itruth1 on YouTube says:

    Poor women. Hope shes ok. Stop it with the pitbul stuff. A postal worker in Florida was just torn apart by 2x american bulldogs and a kid an a mother was attacked by GSP. It’s always the owner. The dog learns from what they see and feel. This has nothing to do with breed. Nothing.

    • MUT says:

      Sorry , I respectfully disagree. Certain types of dogs are bred specifically to fight and kill and yes the owner plays a huge part in how the dog acts and behaves! However, Pitbulls, American Bull Dogs and many others have the inbred “potential” to do serious damage when they feel that they, their puppies, their owners are in danger. Sometimes, because they are animals, they get it wrong and attack! They do not have the ability to stop, ask questions, call 911 or do many things that we might do when we “think” we are in danger. When they get it wrong – THEY ATTACK! And when these large, powerful, dogs attack innocent seniors and children are injured or killed.

      At least a child or grandmother has a chance of fighting off a fox terrier.

      I often hear its not the Pitbull, its the owner… guns don’t kill people – people kill people. Hard to get bad person or criminal to teach a small dog to kill! And even if they do – the victim has a chance. Just like a criminal that robs someone with a slingshot doesn’t have a chance at killing.

  9. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    can I put the owner to sleep…

  10. CP says:

    And now I’m sure this will go to press and pitbulls will be on the chopping block again.. Do you know that the most reported bites happen not from pitbulls, rottweilers, german shepherds or any other “dangerous” dog.. It’s the golden retriever. A “family” dog. Why? Because they protect their territory like any other animal. I’m not justifying that this dog was most likely vicious especially after two attacks, but lets get this straight. Majority pitbull owners are who? Gangsters. Tough guys. Idiots and a$%%oles who care not for the animal but the image. They purposefully weigh these animals down with large chains and leave them outside their entire life in a box or crate and often give them no affection or attention at all. Its always the owner. Unruly children with no manners haven’t been taught properly.. Do we sentence their parents to death?

    • wassupp says:

      Abnsolute rubbish. Pit bulls are dangerous animals.

      • Smh says:

        So is my yorkie! However, my pitbull is the sweetest. My yorkie actually attacks my pit at times :\ …… Dogs will be dogs. Stop blaming the breed.

        • Think What You Want... says:

          Is this you SWB?? LOL

        • MUT says:

          If your Yorkie attacks me – I have a tiny bite, a few stitches and I live to see another day. If your Pitbull decides to attack me – my chances are slim.

          By the way I have 22 stitches and my cousin another 14 from a pitbull that attacked us while we walked by its owners driveway. It would have been much worse if either one of us alone that day instead, or if a child happened to walk by. It turns out that pitbull was protecting its litter. Prior to that day it rarely even barked and never was aggressive! Do I care why , I was attacked! Sorry NO! I was an innocent victim that was in hospital for two days.

      • Bermydrew says:

        No you are totally misinformed. Maybe you should be using your time on the Internet to do some research before you make a comment. The nickname for a pitbull is “nanny dog”. This is because they are great with children!!!

      • PitbullLove says:

        For one pitbulls are NOT dangerous animals. I am an owner of a very loving friendly pitbull. The way you treat and raise a pitbull (or any other dog for that matter) will show. If I tied you up to a really big chain all day with little food and water and showed you no love and just used to win money in dog fights would you be a loving animal?! No you wouldnt be. You would be aggressive and mean. My dog is friendly and loving because my husband and I trained him properly and treat him as a real member of our family. He’s a big teddy bear. So please if you know nothing dont make bad judgements on these animals. These are awesome dogs to have,they just need the right caring responsible owners to have them. Ban humans not Pitbulls!

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Pit Bulls are much much more dangerous than other dogs. There are numerous studies that support this. In a 2012 report, it was shown that between 42% and 45% of all dog attacks in the US are by pit bulls or pit bull cross breeds. Pit Bull account for about 4% of dogs in the US. fatalities were most often redorded in children, with 70% of fatalities being under 10 years old.

      In another report, by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, over a 5-year period it was determined that Pit Bulls accounted for over 50% of all dog bites. German Shepherds and Rottweilers were also implicated, but were each a long way behind pit bulls in causing injury to children.

      So. 4% of the dogs cause half the injuries.

      They are inherently dangerous and they should be banned.

      • Come Correct says:

        People bite too, I saw this study where people were responsible for 100% of people bites…we should ban them too. My late labrador Princess was the friendliest dog ever, come in to my yard and she would have ruined your day. My Shepherd I have now is friendly but if you make any abrupt movements hes going to go wooly. So if he happened to get loose and approached someone that isnt familiar with him what do you think will happen? 1 of 2 things, the person will freeze and be fine, or scream, run, flail their arms and most likely be attacked. So if he gets loose whos fault is that? His or mine? Punish the owner not the breed. Given where I live I like him just the way he is :) . You know which dogs are dangerous? The ones with teeth, but if you get mauled by a minpin that sounds like a personal issue.

        • YADON says:

          my minpin mauls my pitbull lol and he just submits cause he knows who is boss. They even share a bed and blanket together . My pit also my 2 year olds best friend and gets ridden like a horse . Wonderful breed ,such a shame they are the breed of choice for idiots.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Come Correct, you really cannot unerstand the meaning of statistics, can you.

          • Come Correct says:

            The collection, organization, study, analysis and presentation of relative data? Not that difficult to understand, I just think its BS. Statistically speaking my dog should be in a mound of feces in my boys yard…but he’s not, he’s laying right next to me because instead of being eaten as a puppy he cozied up between the legs of my boys fully grown 110lb built like a brick sh!t house pitbull and went to sleep. So statistics mean nothing to me against my photographic evidence. Still like your statistics? Please compile all the data from the shootings in Bermuda since 2009 and let me kow what your conclusion is. Dont paint all with the same brush because of the actions of a few. Do you have any stats for pitbulls that have layed in bed and gone to sleep with their owner and not hurt anyone? Thought not, just the bad stuff. You raise your child to be a sh!t head he’s going to grow up to be a sh!t head, you raise your dog to be a sh!t head its going to be a sh!t head and i didnt need statistics to come to that conclusion.

            • Mad Dawg says:

              You are using a logical fallacy, i.e. personal experience and an isolated example instead of valid argument, to dismiss statistics.

              Just because you can’t understand statistics doesn’t mean they aren’t valid.

              Pit Bull attacks cause more deaths in the USA than all other breeds combined, yet they are 4% of the dog population. And in Bermuda, we have pit bull attacks regularly, and sure enough people come out of the woodwork to tell us what wonderful pets they are, and how they’re “good with small children”.

              Still you’re apparently an expert in sh!t heads. I can guess why.

              • Come Correct says:

                It would be intersting to know our pitbull population rather than comepare us to a country with millions of people. I’d say our percentage is higher. Face it though, some dogs are trained right, some arent, thats all it comes down to.

                • Mad Dawg says:

                  The stat that counts is that 4% of their dogs are pit bulls, but about half the deaths, and about half the injuriesvto children, are caused by pit bulls. Obviously the proportion would likely be higher in Bermuda, where pit bulls are a much higher proportion of the dog population. But the US statistic does show that the breed is dangerous.

                  Some dogs are trained and raised better than others. But however you raise a pit bull, it is unacceptably dangerous.

                  • Come Correct says:

                    My boy has people walking across his yard all the time, the dog stands in the yard and watches people go by, doesnt bark, doesnt chase after anyone or anything for that matter, not even cats. Its not fenced in, its not behind invisible fencing, its not on a chain or lead and doesnt leave the yard. I know multiple other people that have pitbulls with the same sort of temperment so you cant just label them all. I know someone else that has a pitbull that loves people but the neighbors cat wasnt so lucky and theres a big difference in how they were raised and trained. Another friend of mine had a mutt when he was young with no pitt in it and it almost ripped his nose off one day. If you go by statistics then all black Bermudians are bad because they’re the only ones being convicted of fatal shootings in Bermuda, which is a blatantly false statement. Do statistics tell you whether or not the dog was made to attack?

      • Itruth1 on YouTube says:

        You can’t compare “pitbull” dogs to pure bred breeds because “pitbulls” are muts. I can guarantee you the the reports you see are not pure bred APBT. They are muts. A sound pitbull is the friendly dog. How come the reports say “pitbull” when the other part of the dog is mixed with labs, sheperds, chows, etc…. There is nothing wrong with pitbulls. Nothing.

    • not always says:

      You are stating statistics from the USA not from Bermuda. Bermuda statistics will show you that most attacks on people and other animals are in fact pitbull related.

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        The stats above are from the USA. There are no statistics that support the idea that Golden Retrievers are more dangerous than Pit Bulls. It’s a ridiculous idea.

      • Family Man says:

        That’s right …. Bermuda dogs are so much nicer. It must be all the inbreeding here. They even growl ‘good morning’ before they bite you.

  11. female says:

    I feel for this poor lady! There is a huge dog (not sure of the breed) in my neighbourhood and it is attached to a huge chain… Everytime someone walks across it, it goes crazy and tries to attack! I walk a lot and whenever I walk cross the dog (which is 3 houses down) I get so frightened that one day its going to come off the chain… The look on its face is horrifying and he comes right to the road side… I feel for the dog because its on that chain ALL day sun, or rain…

  12. Donelle Brangman says:

    I agree. My dog [rescued from abuse) raced a potential burglar out of my yard. This person just rode in the yard getting off the bike. I was watching him. This was in the middle of the day when he suspected no one was home. This young bloke had no clue that we had a dog [so he was not from my neighbourhood] and that he was on a running cable. He obviously had been watching the house and noticed no movement. Well Rex charged him having him scramble out of the yard. He tried to give some lame excuse about looking for “Samantha”. I know that Rex is not wrapped on tight. He is extremely territorial and over-protective of our family even though he is neutered. We make sure that Rex is secured even though he has shown no interest in breaking loose but still, better safe than sorry. By the way Rex and my postman are best of friends.

  13. Islander says:

    I had three pit bulls and they were gentle, loved children and beautiful demeanor. I agree, it is how they are trained and treated that makes them aggressive.

    Remembering growing up in my neighborhood and we would ‘sook’ the dogs on each other to see which dogs was the ‘king’/'queen’ of the land. That stopped when we got into our late teens.

    Owners need to be held accountable. I am praying the lady will recover from her injuries and will resume her walking.

  14. dinosaurmedia says:

    Tell me where this dog is i’ll take care of the oversized rodent myself…

    These things were supposedly made illegal yet are still brd and sold here rsulting in these pointless attacks…

  15. Surely Right! says:

    not defending the owner of this particular pit bull, but someone suggested Golden Retrievers, and sadly enough, lets add poodles and other territorial dog. Poddles are the worse and retrievers can get out of hand. We should not lable the pitbull as the bad dog as it is named but the owners. Because I feel there are a lot of dogs that should be on the banned list and retrievers and poodles should be on the top.

  16. Ted says:

    You all sound like US Republicans! How many of you feel Obama is right in banning assault weapons? I bet many… Why do people even need assault weapons? Afterall, there are many other types of guns to protect oneself with… Why do people need pitbulls? Afterall, there are many other types of dogs one can play with… Ban assault weapons. Ban pitbulls.

  17. JCS says:

    Unfortunately there are too many dog owners on this island that know nothing about animals and couldn’t care less about them. Why anyone would own a dog and leave it tied up all day and all night is beyond me. The SPCA needs to be given more clout and funds to operate as humane societies do in other countries. Dog wardens also need to come under the unbrella of the SPCA instead of having the useless cowboys that now do the job.

    • not always says:

      You are blaming people that are trying to a job that politics controls. I know people that work there, who stress over dicisons that have been over turned by management and ministers. People go crying to the ministers who turn around and let them have their dogs back. People can only do what the law, and the ministry allows.

  18. Juniper says:

    We own a 18 month old Pit. He looks antimidating as hell but he the friendlist natured dog around. Loves to play, and this is the key, GETS LOTS OF ATTENTION, LOVE AND EXCERCISE.
    Dont blame the breed, I did until I got my Pit. Completely changed my view. ITS HOW YOU RAISE ANYTHING THAT MAKES THE DIFFERANCE.
    Nuff said.

    • You own a banned dog? says:

      Do you live in Bermuda? How does one obtain an 18 month old dog that is on the banned dog list? Illegal is illegal regardless of how friendly he is.

      • YADON says:

        Easy , you take the dog to the authorities and show them you are responsible and can house the animal with no chance of escape , have the dog fixed and you are good. It is better than just killing innocent animals.

      • YADON says:

        Oh and they are not illegal to own , it is illegal to import them or breed them .BIG difference

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Illegal to import or breed them, yet easy to get an 18 month old dog and get a licence.

          How effin stupid.

        • dinosaurmedia says:

          The finest example of double speak yet spoken on here – repeat what you said back to yourself – if it makes sense to you, could you quickly commit yourself to a stay a MAWI

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    Like so many posters say, it is not the breed it is the owner. The courts, criminal & civil, need to go after the owners of these dogs. A dog is just a dog doing whatever they have been trained to do by a human.

    I am the owner of a SPCA pitbull, lab, ?, ? mix. Sweetest dog you want to meet but don’t you dare raise a hand in a threatening way to any member of the family. If you have not been introduced, don’t you dare walk onto her turf. It is all in the training.

  20. HeySeuss says:

    Why do people trying to act hard have pits? Based on the above comments they should have golden retrievers and poodles chained in their yard!! Lmao at dumb dog owners. But I guess that’s why you own a pit in the first place…

  21. Saving Bermuda's Misunderstood says:

    If more people educate themselves on the ‘breed’ and its history, they could actually have a constructive conversation here instead of all of the breed-bashing and name-calling. Pits are not born killers, are inherently people-oriented creatures (unless ill-treated or trained otherwise), are perfect dogs for training, don’t have locking jaws as is the popular myth, don’t turn killers after tasting blood as is another popular myth, have tons of energy (which can be released in positive ways if he has a responsible owner), use to be ‘Nanny Dogs’, have been and still are aids in law enforcement, and engage in numerous other positive roles and attributes. Any dog can be raised vicious. Don’t judge a breed due to ignorance and irresponsibility on the part of an owner or breeder. HUMAN fault should equal HUMAN punishment.

    • Animal Lover says:

      @Female:My suggestion to you is pick up the phone and report this dogs abuse to the S.P.C.A! That’s what they are there for! I detest some irresponsible people who own animals especially dogs and just chain them up all day! I feel the owners should be treated just like they treat their dog!

  22. sal demello says:

    I am tired of hearing people talk bad about pitbulls they are the most loving trusting an very beautiful dogs with amazing personalitys . Like before yall just jump. Find out what caused the attack . I mean yaLl would run down a pit but wat about. Sheperds. Labs. Border coLlies dobermins. Ridgbacks all these dog are very nasty wen it comes to people aggression . But its left in the dark because they are. Favored but the humane society . Witch is BS . With people breakin in to homes an robbin people a gun point u need some sort of protection if I can’t own a gun to protect myself . Then I want a pitbull for protection . Its not the dog its the owner . Media made these dogs look so bad wen the ture is they are the most loving loyal an trusting dogs they love people an kids . If trained right u can’t just walk up to a pitbull . But let the owner introduce u to him/her the will show u nothing but love . I am sorry wat happend to the old lady but its always to side to a story .

    • dinosaurmedia says:

      Dude a duck by any other name is still a duck – these dogs have EARNED thier reputation – they were bred to fight…if all of these other dogs are what you say they are where is the evidence? All you have to do is google pitbull attack and the list is endless – now do the same for a Lab. Stop making excuses for your mongrel and his kin.

    • Kiskadee says:

      Are you saying the 92 year old woman attacked or upset the pit bull so that was why he attacked her? Dont be so stupid. That dear
      old lady was just out for a walk. I hope she takes the owner to court and he is fined and the dog put to sleep then it won’t be able to do any more harm to innocent people or young children.

  23. Sad that a 92 year old mother/grandmother/great,great,great grandmother had to endure such an attack. Here is the catch point: ” when you walk with the LORD in the light of His way; alls we have to do is trust n obey; for there is no other way…… She saw the dog n could not do anything but put her trust fully in GOD to bring her thru this attack n her faith kept her safe as the scars may heal.
    She shows her strength by the ordeal she has been thru as at times, shock attacks could bring adverse effects on someone her age. But praised be to GOD, He kept her.
    Now euthanize that pitbull n book the owner for the attack. They had to know the severity of this malnutritioned dog.
    My prayers to the lady who was @ 92, as strong as the day is long. GOD continue to bless n keep her. Get well soon.

  24. Juniper says:

    Yeah, I own a banned breed LEGIT. Since a puppy during amnesty for your info. Neutered, micro chipped, and you know what smart ass, I dont act hard because I have a DOG, I’m a professional, law abiding person and family man. GET A LIFE.

  25. Ted says:

    Some pits are bad. Some golden retreivers are bad. Some poodles are bad. Therefore, let’s just ban all dogs and not have to face anymore dog attacks. People > dogs.

  26. Observant says:

    ANY dog can be trained/conditioned to attack. Pit bulls seem to be the dog of choice at the moment by drug dealers, gang members etc…BUT remember, they have been trained and conditioned and (likely) abused to become the way they are.

    • Jaloney says:

      Observant It is absolutely UNTRUE that pitbulls have to be trained to be aggressive. I have known several people who had pitbulls that were nice for years and then they suddenly turned on their owners without provocation. If you read most pitbull attack stories the owners are shocked at the dogs behavior as and they say the dogs were never aggressive in the past. Pitbulls are the Jeckly and Hyde’s of the dog world. The sweet pitbull you have today may suddenly be a murdering attack dog tommorow and it most attacks by pitbulls are attacks on children and family members that the pitbulls are familar with. Please quit spreading this misinformation. Pitbulls have been deliberately bred to have fewer pain receptors, and a tenacious fighting style, and this breeding started in the 1500′s in England to have the dogs fight bulls in pits.. hence the name. You can’t see DNA inside of a dog changing anymore than you can see cancer in a body but when that fighting DNA is triggered they are a grave threat to any human. And it is not true that any dog can be trained to attack. Some breeds are more docile and just don’t make good dog fighters. There is a reason why beagles penned up in backyards and forgotten are not attacking people: genes. Turn off the reality t.v. Those “stars” are PAID to promote pitbulls.. just like t.v. celebs promoted cigarettes for money for decades on the t.v. Wealthy dog fighters promote this fad because they don’t have to worry about getting caught and can keep their barbaric sport going with pitbulls popularized. The it’s the owner not the breed mantra sounds logical but it’s not. This repetitive slogan is illogical. Other dog breeds owned in much greater numbers have equal chances of getting neglectful and abusive owners, yet they adapt to human shortcomings and don’t maul people or pets at anywhere near the rate that pitbulls do. Labs are routinely forgotten and chained in backyards and they are the most popular dog breed in America, Labs are not the top killers, pitbull are. Mortality, Maiming and Mauling by Vicious Dogs, Annals of Surgery, April 2011, is study of dog injuries in hospitals spanning the last 15 years. The study found that you have a more than 2500 times higher chance of dying if attacked by a pitbull. The statistics on pitbulls seriously harming people at a much higher rate than other dogs are overwhelming. You can’t love out genes or untrain genes. Family owned and loved pitbulls can turn on a dime. If you believe that pitbulls are just like any other dog, and regurgitate the false “its the owner not the breed mantra” you might of believed the world was flat, too Just because something sounds good doesn’t make it true. Regulating pitbulls is for the greater good of all. We can’t keep having kids walking around looking like bombing victims for life and their parents begging for help to pay for the medical bills. These dogs were created for evil and nobody knows when or where.. but family loved and unabused pitbulls suddenly turn into monsters.

  27. Lisbeth says:

    The pit bull that did this should — must — be summarily put down. Although I would like to see pit bulls banned, we don’t need to be breed specific when it’s about attacks that have already happened. Any dog that has viciously attacked a human this way will do it again. It doesn’t matter whether it’s genes (as it is with all the pit bull type dogs), training, or that the dog has learned to fear humans so much that full-tilt attack is the only remedy it sees. A dog that has once shown it will take off all the brakes and attack like this has something so wrong with it that it’s a mercy to the dog to relieve it of living (don’t forget that euthanasia is a very kind and gentle death). Public health and safety require that we gently get rid of any dog that is this far gone. We used to do this all the time before the pit bull plague began. It’s a riddle to me why we’ve changed policy. Not good for us, not good for dogs.