Randy Horton Selected As New House Speaker

February 8, 2013

IMG_0452[Updated] Ending the speculation that has been swirling, PLP MP Randy Horton has been selected as the new Speaker of the House.

Mr Horton was nominated by Premier Craig Cannonier and seconded by Deputy Premier Michael Dunkley. He was elected as the new Speaker of the House, and took the oath of Speaker at about 10am this morning [Feb 8].

Mr Horton was first elected to Parliament in 1998, and was appointed Minister without Portfolio in February 2001 and Minister of Community Affairs and Sport in November of that year. In July 2003, he was appointed Minister of Labour, Home Affairs and Public Safety and in November 2006, he was appointed Minister of Education, Sports and Recreation.

Well known for his sporting accomplishments which include playing professional football, Mr. Horton has taught at both the elementary and high school levels in Bermuda, and at College level in the USA and was Principal of Warwick Secondary School for 10 years.

His selection will be deemed controversial in some circles, as it impacts the PLP’s voting base in the House, which the OBA presently control by a margin of 19-17. The Speaker does not normally vote, so the selection of Mr Horton changes the margin to 19-16, while a Speaker from the OBA’s side would have changed the margin to 18-17.

Mr Horton replaces Stanley Lowe [PLP], who served from 1998 until his retirement in 2012.

Update #1: Suzann Roberts-Holshouser [OBA] is the new Deputy Speaker.

Update #2: The PLP released a statement saying, “The Progressive Labour Party wishes MP Mr. K. H. Randoph Horton well in his role as Speaker of the House. We trust that he will preside over the affairs of the House of Assembly in a fair, organized, and respectful manner; one which provides both the Government and Opposition the opportunity for healthy debate on legislation and issues affecting our country.”

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  1. swing voter says:

    Nuf respect for Horton…f$% all dem haters and do the job without fear nor favor

    • Oh this is Funny says:

      Where is the right of recall. I can tell you who’ll be first. The speaker of the house!

  2. Yng Black Mind says:

    I am disappointed in MP Horton, but understand his choice. He knew that this was his last “go around” thus why not go out with a bang and the title of “Speaker of the House.”

    He should be removed from the PLP and stand as an independent – – but that won’t happen – – there is no integrity when it comes to politicians in this country – only the quest for power.

    Yng Black Mind

    • Trading Places says:

      Agree, greed for money and power prevails always. He should be expelled because of his dis-loyalty. What out. Year of the Snakes.

      • frank says:

        this is a sad day randy you and your legs will rot in hell you have lost all my respect and you wiil never get it back

    • sonoso says:

      actually, at the next election, he cannot be an elected member, in fact if i am not mistaken, i think he has to resign his seat upon taking the speaker position. the speaker position is an independent position anyway

      • Huh? says:

        speakers are actually members of parliament and do run for election each time, you are in fact mistaken, and he will not resign his seat to be speaker.

        • Out of flight says:

          Speakers have to run for election everytime one is called and under their party banner as well.

      • swing voter says:

        did you take social studies or civics in high school? your comments confirm that you are seriously lacking basic knowledge of our parlimentary process

      • T Boss says:

        Hey thats Rubbish-where do u get ur nonsense from- Did Stanley Lowe relinquish his seat as speaker of the house- people just say anything these days

      • Balanced Facts says:

        Sigh…you are mistaken…speaker is elected from an ELECTED member of the House AND runs in the General Election if he wishes the next time round….Stanley Lowe by way of example.

    • Concerned says:

      I am proud of Mr. Horton – he was not positioned in any ministry long enough to show that he was worthy and capable of carrying out all duties as best he could. I personally felt he would have been a wonderful MOEducation. Do you remember what happened to him after his meeting down at St. David’s Primary – he was fired by EBrown (EB would have said, ‘excused from’)why, probably because Mr. Horton couldn’t get the Islanders to agree with the change of name. With EB you could not be a “No” person, you had to be ‘Yes”or out the door.

      • T Boss says:

        Hi i agree with u Sir-PlP never used Mr Horton like he should have been used- Actually he is a smart man- how many politicians actually get to be speaker of the house- He will have has picture put up in the house of assemble for all his children and family members to see always-Thats one for u Randy- go u smart man

      • dh#1 says:

        Concerned….have you ever wondered why he was not positioned in any ministry long enough to show that he was worthy and capable….i know, I’m a Government worker!!!!

  3. Out n about says:

    He’s probably better suited for Principalship at this time….maybe he should reconsider this.

  4. I am to totally dissopointed with Mr. Horton to think he can be brought. very dissappointed! You will never get my vote again.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      I doubt if Mr. Horton intends to run again.

      • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

        It is highly likely he is on his way out, which had a huge impact upon his decision to take the Speakers Position. All knew he took it weeks ago due to his silence which is often deadening. However, he has failed his constituents, the folks that put him in the house. He has overlooked their needs and feeling, who he promised to represent. This is about self only, not Country or Party, but self-achievement and what’s in it for me!!

        The PLP must continue to be a strong Opposition and act accordingly, as life in the house can change quickly, Politics is a trickly game, anything can happen. Mr. Horton may also find himself in situation that he never anticipated down the road as well, everything has a way of changing. He may be forced to re-think or re-position his position. Never know !!!

        • Watcher says:

          when the youngsters tried to take the old guard out they must have known there would be reporcussions, this is what you get when you dont respect your elders, Well done Speaker Horton for stepping up to the plate and putting country before party!

      • bermudian says:

        Not here in Somerset, he has left us without a vote. No no, this is all about him.

      • Noel Ashford says:

        Who with any integrity would want to run again under the PLP? That party was the problem and not ever the solution.

  5. Picks says:

    You sold you soul. The PLP supporters put you in they should vote your butt out.

    If you have taken this position for the wrong reasons, it not going to work for you it will work against. Just a matter of time.

    • sonoso says:

      nanynanybobo, mr knowitall, huh?

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      At least now the PLP have a better understanding of who the mole amongst them may have been .

      • here's a thought says:

        you really do not understand anything about politics or how the parliamentary system works, do you? it’s fairly sophisticated – it’s an honour to be the speaker of the house. try to see this as the all around positive that it is. and grow up a little. your comments are NEVER helpful!! they are always angry, and usually misinformed. we really don’t need that type of thing right now.

      • Really? says:

        A mole? Now you’re making stuff up just to cause trouble.

        hahah what a laugh.

      • Ms.0ba says:

        The whole party! Lol

  6. RME says:

    Sadly, I’m not surprised he’d do this. Next time just run for the OBA why don’t you Horton, since you basically just crossed the floor. You’ve betrayed not only your party but those in your constituency that voted for you.

    • Watcher says:

      hold up though didn’t the ex UBP leader do exactly the same thing to join your party??? Do you have as much animosity towards him as he has no morals or principals.

    • frank says:

      we all don,t know what skeleton was in RANDY’S closet that he did not want to come out remember when he was the tourisum minister hmmm

  7. outtaorder says:

    SELL OUT !!!

    • Just us says:

      Money is the root of all evil…

      • vj scott says:

        To Just Us…

        The alternative to money is the whip or the gun. Whoever has either will own you, your family and your resources. Think before you speak, It is the excessive love of money which is considered evil.

      • sanityisback says:

        Yeah we saw that the last fourteen years. Especially when Alex Scott gave himself an astronomical raise of %150 as well as the Cabinet.

        His salary went from $80,000 to $200,000 in 2006.

  8. Bermy Gooner says:

    Wow, look at the majority of the above responses.

    Can’t believe this is coming from a Party who (pretends) to espouse the need for unity and working together.

    Just like the recent internal vote to prohibit any PLPer to join a Govenment Board because it could assist in someone else other than the PLP in gaining and/or retaining power. Lets not forget their refusal to allow PLP MP to join a cabinet. So much for working together huh? Were you, once again, deceiving on your ultimate and ulterior motives?

    And to think that the PLP’s mantra up until the election (other than moving forward together bs) was to paint the OBA as some power hungry organization that simply yearned for power. Oh how the tables have turned.

    PLP sounding more like the Republicans each and every day. Trying obstruct the Government by any means. Hahaha. Funny.

    • 32n64w says:


      • Really? says:

        The PLP are behaving just like the UBP of post-election 1998. They have so much anger, they believe they have a right to the Govt.

        How sad.

  9. Bermudian says:

    Smart Move Horton…….All of PLP should walk across the floor> I’m tired of party Poli-tricks.

    Time for best men for the job despite race, color, creed or which party is in power!!!

    • Ottojr says:

      I agree…Party Politics makes me sick. Best men for the job would turn around a lot of things.

    • Webster says:

      AMEN !! you said it all Bermudian.

  10. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Human Beings are free to make their own choices.

  11. Douglas says:

    Good for him and maybe Bermuda in general! Perhaps this is the start of politicians starting to work together for a change instead of constantly being divided! PLP supporters should get over it and grow up!!

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      Voters and Constituents are politically savvy, they are aware that this is not about the political parties working together, but rather the OBA strengthens their position in the House. Mr Horton did not get elected by the people of Southampton to mis-represent them, and so the people have a right to express their disappointment in him. It is important that folk’s respect the voters need to express their concern or dislike in regards to his steps. It’s almost like he sold his constituents out. This is likely his last dance in the political arena. I think that he believed it was his last hope of being on the political stage as well, and so he took the step to jump over the moon. But, one should question carefully MR Horton, overall reason for accepting such a position and if they dig deep enough they will see it was not for Country or Party.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        You mean like Wayne Furbert, Jahmal Simmons and Darius Tucker sold out their constituents? Funny how you ane your multiple posting personalities praised these individuals as being trailblazers and the like.

        I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning…

        PS: Mr. Horton did not cross the aisle.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          You know what Betty/Specialg4u/STIF would say don’t be surprised she has more aliases then a secret double, triple agent…………………….


        • KarmaGotEm says:

          No he did not cross the aisle, he is still standing in the middle of it!

      • Douglas says:

        Well, in this case, I’m glad I’m not as politically savvy as other voters and constituents. I rather like to think that he made a decision for the betterment of Bermuda in general. This may be naive and perhaps ultimately wrong but its a belief that is better than the alternative. We need to start thinking/believing differently if we want to see a change in this island home of ours. Might as well start here!

  12. Vulpes says:

    What species is always the first to leave a doomed ship?

  13. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Wishing you well in your new position Randy.

  14. swing voter says:

    all of you haters with your ‘sell-out’ comments need to grow up. You are so inconsistant ignoring the many PLP supporters and policticians that want nothing to do with the UK and preach independance, but line up to receive (on bended knee) OBE/MBE/Dame-ship from the Mother land. Hey walton brown nearly swallowed his tongue swearing aligence to the Queen LOL jokers the lot of them

    Ya’ll jokers

    • Yng Black Mind says:

      This selection of Mr. Horton has nothing to do with the Mother Country – - why combine the two?

      This is the reason why people have issue with OBA supporters – - you guys never speak to the issue at hand – - you always use the “but the PLP did it” or “them” line – - I am just tired of it.

      The PLP were not very good as government – admitted. But the OBA needs to stand on their own merit – and not get a “free pass” because the PLP was “so damn bad.”

      The OBA is government – – they need and will be held accountable – period.

      Yng Black Mind

      • Watcher says:

        OK young black mind, lets speak to the issue whats your thoughts on Wayne Furbert, Jahmal Simmons and Darius Tucker who equally showed no loyalty and disrespect to those that voted for them, is it just ok if theyre jumping to your side?? Horton has put country before party, whats is so bad about that exactly?

        • Yng Black Mind says:


          You have to be kidding, right? I have always stated that any MP who was elected under one political banner (either UBP, PLP, NLP, OBA, BDA, etc.) SHOULD STEP DOWN and a bye election should be called to give the people the right to choose who they want to represent them (AFTER the change). I make mention of how just before the election I made a reference to the fact that the only OBA MP was the current Premier – AS ALL OTHER SITTING MPS WERE ELECTED UNDER THE UBP BANNER – - and people called me disrepectful and wrong — BUT I WAS RIGHT, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

          For the record, Mr. Horton has not put country first – he put himself first as this is about his legacy – nothing more.

          I hope this has clarified my position on the topic at hand – - it is not about the PLP or the OBA – as there are “toads” on this blog that believe me to be something that I am not – - I am not Laverne Furbert, Rodney Smith, or any other zealot for either party – - I call a spade a spade.

          Yng Black Mind

          • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

            @Well said YOung Black Minds, I must say you always bing a good perspective to the issue. So not worry, I been called all kinds of persons as well, e.g LaVerne, Betty and whatever. I do not care, I will speak even if they like it or not. Keep talking Young Black Mind.

            The reality is Mr Horton has sold his soul for the love of money and honesty to his people. Why do people always need to sell their souls to gain a little bit of temporary wealth and to be on the world stage?

          • Eastern says:

            @ Yng Black Mind

            I often read your postings and although I agree with some things and not with others that you say; I just wanted you to consider the following.

            Randy Horton and I were friends many years ago and since he has been in politics I haven’t seen him too much as he is trying to accomplish things for the people of Bermuda.

            I always try to think of the positive side of everything and I must jump to the aide of my good friend. Firstly I don’t know you and never made judgement against someone I have never met. Consider this: When the UBP were in power the speaker was appointed by the ruling party. At that time I always thought that the speaker was a little biased in favour of the ruling UBP. When the PLP were in power the speaker was appointed by the ruling party and I always thought that the speaker was a bit biased in favour of the PLP. But this is something completely different. Now the speaker, for the first time in Bermuda’s history, is not connected to the ruling party at all. In fact he can still relate his constituant’s concerns (privately) to the MPs within the PLP, but as speaker he may also choose to relay his constituants concerns (privately) directly to the minister responsible. Not only that but if you think for a minute that he will side with the OBA on things (especally during a tied vote – which might be all to common) you are fooling yourself. He is going to side with his party – the PLP.

            Please, Yng Black Minds; try to see the positive in things. That’s why I walk around with a smile on my face all the time because I always see the positive in things and I never ever let the negative get me down.

            • T Boss says:

              Hey Young black mind – u need to study to show urself approved for Mr Horton does not really have a vote-his vote doesnt count as the speaker of the house and horton is a fair man so i dont think he will be bias because people will have him under a microscope-Pay attention man!

              • Yng Black Mind says:

                @T Boss:

                First, I am well aware of Mr. Horton’s voting ability or lack thereof; however, history has proven that if there is a tie, the Speaker normally sides with the ruling party when needed to vote. What would be different in this case? Just because he isn’t a member of the government? Mr. Horton has been handed picked by the Premier for this position – for whatever the reasons – fine. Mr. Horton, as an honorable man as others have stated, will toe the line.

                Don’t believe for one second that this selection isn’t about increasing the slight majority of the OBA vote in the House, because it is. They can say that he is the most experienced, and they wanted to be “inclusive” – whatever. This is a political strategy – nothing more.

                Yng Black Mind

            • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

              @ Eastern: Thank you for an entirely different perspective!

              Most people have been looking at this issue as a loss for the PLP because it cuts down their vote count.

              Instead, the OBA has taken a HUGE leap onto the bi-partisan field, and made themselves very vulnerable, should any legislation come to a tie vote – which may happen all too often, if the Parliamentarians are anywhere near as belligerent as the people who post on these blogs.

              Randy Horton, of all the people who could have been chosen as Speaker, is probably the one person I could hope would be fair and weigh an issue or piece of legislation on its merits and not on which side of the floor proposed it.

              Congratulations Randy. I hoped you would take the position. Make the country proud!

              • Yng Black Mind says:

                Mrs. Hayward:

                This statement from you just proves that you are nothing more than a blind OBA supporter, as your post consists of nothing. What makes you think that Mr. Horton will vote against the ruling party, who appointed him, if there is a tie and he is required to vote? Most know that the PLP supporters will be asking for his resignation from the party, based on the earlier reports that they voted for expulsion if anyone member accepted an OBA appointment. So if this rings true, why would I side with a party who would turn their back on me in my time of success?

                And don’t give me that Mr. Horton is an honorable man song and dance – he is a political animal thus it is about power and title. Read my post either above or below and I outlined why Mr. Horton accepted this appointment – read my thoughts and tell me I’m wrong – if you can.

                Yng Black Mind

            • Yng Black Mind says:


              Respect – however, if you believe that the best way for him to represent C#32 interest is by being a muted figure head in the House, I have to question your logic. To speak “privately” to their concerns with his PLP party members or to Government Ministers is not how one, I believe, should conduct the people’s business.

              Some people can look at this as an opportunity for the two parties to work together – that is a fallacy. This is nothing more than, as I’ve stats earlier, an opportunity for Mr. Horton to secure his legacy on his way out of politics, to secure an increased pension before he retires, and for the OBA to gain a bit of breathing room when it comes to voting power in the House.

              I ask anyone to try and refute that logic (you may disagree, but you cannot say that those reasons are plausible) – and that’s my point. I can see the positives in what I just stated so believe me when I say – I am smiling. My role in this is to enlighten and evoke dialogue – I take no sides in the political arena – I observe and comment as I see fit – sometimes people agree – sometimes they don’t. Live and learn – but be honest in it.

              No fear or favor – I hold all of them accountable – and I am watching.

              Yng Black Mind

        • frank says:

          it about leaving the political areana with a few more dollars that is all randy is about for the oba they got a larger lead in the house i just wish that he would have be honest to his voters i have lost all respect for him

  15. Resign Now says:

    Mr. Horton Southampton voters are not happy. We wanted PLP representation not a money hungry greedy. Who’s next? Did some secret ballots come from the plp ranks? Hope Ms. Foggo and Listers didn’t vote with the oba?

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      I do believe you’ve voted in a bloody surrogate there .

  16. Y-Gurl says:

    If it wasnt handed to him on a plate, I think he would go hungry

  17. Sen says:

    Utter nonsese, Mr. Horton has shamed himself, his family, his former party, his community, (and proud Somerset were of him) but more so to our future generations. For all the good he has done he will be rembered as ‘JUDAS’.

    We deserved better Randy!

    • Longtail says:

      Judas???? Like Wayne Furbert, Jahmal Simmons and Darius Tucker???? Actually they crossed the floor.. Randy did not.

      • Longtail says:

        ….and he can still vote to break any tie.

      • Webster says:

        Longtail,some people only see what they want to see.I wish MR.Horton all the best.

      • Speak what you know says:

        No like the majority of OBA MP’s when they crossed over from the UBP. You OBA people have the nerve to call hypocrisy? How can you even name those 3 without naming the 20 plus in the OBA? Randy is a sellout point blank, because he didn’t leave all the way like the others, he just batted for the other team.

      • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

        @Longtail, stop talking silly as usual. That was a different situation in regards to those individuals. Please stop attempting to put Mr Horton under the same tree. Mr Horton did this for self, and nothing more. He has sold his soul to you know who.

    • Concerned says:

      Why wasn’t anything said about Dame Jennifer Smith when she was appointed with Mr. Lowe??? Just wondering

    • sanityisback says:

      Let’s not go Biblical brother. Mr. Horton made a choice and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Perhaps you should be questioning why the voters in C 32 didn’t see this for the many years he represented them.

      Let me tell you why. It didn’t matter because he ran under the PLP banner!

      The chickens have come home to roost. You reap what you sow. You have sown hypocrisy and selfishness and that’s what you’re getting in return!

    • Eastern says:

      Why do you speak such hateful things. Randy Horton wishes to serve the people of Bermuda and if he feels he can serve them by being speaker of the house then so be it. Would you rather the OBA appoint a speaker who might end up being biaes towards the PLP?
      Did you run for election in your constituancy? Alright then.

  18. Gary Weller says:

    Having been my teacher and football coach, I can only say that I am ashamed and feeling betrayed by Mr.Hortons selling out on those of us who followed his political career. I dare say that if it were not for his example many of us may have not have become PLP supporters. As a young black militant black man he possessed academic and sporting skills that were admired by many young black man who aspired to be like him. He was fiery in sports and politics. But now to go out like this and sell his soul is outright embarrassing and assinine.

    • Bermudian says:

      So, are you saying now that he is none of those things after making this decision? Did his past vanish away from him? Is he no longer the bright black man who inpired so many? Mr. Horton, I feel so sorry for you that those who vowed to admire you always have turned their back because you decided to do what you thought was right. It seems that many think that the PLP is what made you instead of YOU is what helped shaped the PLP over the years. I didn’t vote for you, but I do respect your decision. Loyalty is a funny thing isn’t it?

      • #C32 says:

        Yes it has! He destroyed his legacy and all that will be remembered of him is he is a damn sell out!!! If I wanted my vote to go to the OBA I would have voted that way..

        • Concerned says:

          COntrary to your belief – he has just added to it. Another history story…. stay posted and learn Kidd.

          • #C32 says:

            First off he would need to learn how to speak before he should become a speaker of the house.. I believe that Bro. Chris Furbert is a better orator then him. I swear the man says umm, ahhh, after every third word.. U can call it adding to his legacy all you want but to the people of C#32 he is and always will be remembered as a SELL OUT!!

            • Bermy Gooner says:

              You guys didn’t seem to mind his speaking capabilities before now….

              • #C32 says:

                I’ve always been critical of his speaking thank you! I use to hate when he spoke as a Minister… Its downright pathetic for someone that’s so well educated and held in such high regard..

            • Bermudian says:

              Chris Furbert….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! OMG this person did not just say that Chris Furbert has better speaking skills than Randy Horton!!!??????? That’s it I have no more words besides um um.

        • Bermudian says:

          Then you have alot to learn about life. Let’s just hope that you never have to make a hard decision that will turn people against you. And if you have had to, then your comments are senseless.

    • sanityisback says:

      What are your thoughts on Wayne Furbert and Darius Tucker Mr. Weller?

  19. Answer says:

    Randy you flip flop they only using you to keep the numbers down in the PLP. Then again you only in it for the money$. Now you can pay off the bank.

  20. Valita Brown says:

    It’s a shame that ones’ pocket is more important than the moral standard of its People. He might as well just join the OBA.

  21. bir says:

    go Randy…..

  22. Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

    It was “NO Surprise” too many that Mr. Horton had accepted the Speaker position weeks ago. While it made for interesting debate and dialogue, his silence on this issue spoke volumes. Unfortunately, many MPs are not in politics to represent the people whom voted them in, but rather for personal gain and self-accomplishments. This is on both sides of the political divide. Mr. Horton believes he is on his last aha aha, and this gives him the opportunity to go out of politics with a bang and historical story attached to his name. It was taken not because of party, or country, but rather self-accomplishment. Some MPs will only be in politics if they believe they are in a significant position of power.

  23. Suspicious says:

    Everybody feels betrayed I know been feeling it for fourteen years .Time to move forward Bermuda together we can fix our wonderfull country.

  24. John E. Thorne says:

    Party politics is killing this country!
    It is time for all of us to work together for the good of Bermuda and our children and grandchildren. We have to stop doing what is best for the party and start doing what is best for all residents of this small island. If we cannot do this then we only have ourselves to blame. Negative comments by bloggers is only spreading hate, racism and the potential for violence. Let us please put a stop to it and set an example for others to follow. Let us start to love our neighbors irrespective of race, nationality or party affiliation.

  25. Verbal Kint says:

    I find it ironic that the party is questioning Mr. Horton’s loyalty after he was cast out of Parliament for standing up to the former Premier. Where was the party’s loyalty to Mr. Horton then? His constituents elected him to represent them, and it is up to him to determine how best to do that. I hope his loyalty is to his country. Best of luck.

    • Concerned says:

      I am sure Mr. Horton will remain loyal to his Constituents and Bermuda as a whole. He is not faint hearted as many say/call, the flip flop in the PLP is the former UBP Leader, Mr. Furbert and I can tell you if anybody was looking for pesonal gain it was R Commissiong – he didn’t have a real job!!

  26. DC says:

    First of all, I do congratulate Mr. Horton as Speaker of the House. Secondly, I do not think that his decision was made lightly. I think that he thought long and hard before he accepted the post. I am a constituent in Southampton & I don’t have a problem with him in this position. He may or may not give his reasons. I also understand why the PLP would be upset with his decision. I’m sure his heart still bleeds PLP green. It appears that a lot of people feel that it’s about money. It may just be that this may have been one of his dreams. One thing we must NEVER do is to knock someone for going after their dreams. It may be painful for some people but Mr. Horton has very broad shoulders and I’m sure that he will weather this storm of controversy.

  27. George says:

    I think as a country we still have a lot of growing up to do politically,………………….. yes we are very politically immature as is reflected in comments both for and against this appointment!

    First we need to review our system of Government and replace it with something which is more representative and reflective of our society! The Westminster/first past the post system has been proven time and time again to be archaic and undemocratic in its structure. Time to replace it.

    When this is done political parties will be forced to restructure themselves to reflect the new political system. This will hopefully put to bed some of the backward/divisive party political antics that serve no ones benefit but to maintain the status quo to the detriment of the development of our country and Bermudians as a people!

  28. CHEEE KUMS BIE says:

    Picture this OBA supporters lets say the PLP wins the next election, and now they need a speaker of the house, however if someone from the OBA becomes the speaker of the house then that would give the PLP and extra advantage and vote, now lets say that Craig or dunkely became the speaker…..you OBA/UBP supporters would be in up roar and in total disgust……case in point “Wayne Furbert” lol……So you should expect that Randy who is a sell out would receive that same words, he lied to his voters who voted him in, and to his own family, and his exit out of politics is that of a sellout and a liar to his own supporters….
    So it is natural that OBA/UBP supporters would be happy at this…and to that i say well played OBA/UBP..well played….this is politics people!

  29. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Mr. Horton judging from the comments thus far keep yourself and your family safe remember what happened to Mr. Devent’s (apologies if spelled wrong) car. Hope you remain diligent. And to the commenter that the PLP look more and more like Bermuda’s Republican party all I can say is yup!

    LOL peace all or will the opposition inspire riots now. After all was it not PLP supporters that said before the election that their young people would take to the streets if the PLP did not win.

    • Concerned says:

      why even speak danger to the family or inspire riots. You speak negativity and I pray it doesn’t stand to your front door and knock. There are so many people who feel a new spirit in this Island since Dec 17, 2012 – suggest you throw all of your stuff in a bag and deposit it down at Tyne’s Bay, walk away determined to be a more positive person and determined to keep all children, their fathers together instead of seeing thechildren walking to a grave three or more times during any given month or year. Bermuda is filled with sadness, why inject more with your negativity.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        My comment was based on the above comments from PLP supporters that are showing negativity. Also I did not say the things in my comment the PLP supporters on here did. I’m indifferent to Mr. Horton being the speaker. I just looked at history and what has transpired coupled with recent comments made by angry people whom I double will do anything large scale anyway. I just stated the obvious that Mr. Horton should exercise care. No negativity implied at all just common sense. As for the rest of your comment you lost me there I’m about positivity all the way infact if you can judge me by my fruit my kids excel at all they do and even if they don’t get the result they wanted they know how to fail well, but that about as here and there as you assessment.


        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          No a further note maybe you should list to talk shows once in a while since you read these blogs and see what your fellow countryman thinks of thing once in awhile you would then see where my original comment came from. Try 102.7

  30. LAVERNE SMITH says:

    Very disappointing, where is his loyality to his supporters and the PLP party – The PLP are now down a vote. SUCH A SELL OUT!!!!

    Why not put Roberts-Holshouser Speaker (is she not capable? ) – The UBP now OBA is pulling out all their old ticks.

    Mr. Horton is it all about the $$$$$$$.

  31. KarmaGotEm says:

    My only thing is yes, he is entitled to make his own decision. YES! But his decision should have been to run as an Independent if he was not happy about being put out by the previous Premier. He should not have used the PLP voters to win the electorial vote in Southampton, then to turn around and sell them out down the line. If I had given my vote to a candidate of one party and they moved over beside the opposition, I’d be damned ANGRY as well. But hey Randy you have not been in the best of health. I have seen you in that wheel chair once you get out of Bermuda. I hope this does not make your suffering any worse. You should have kept it real and ran as an Independent. My money says you wouldn’t be where you are today..and I’m pretty sure you know it!

  32. Hmmmmm says:

    So, will the OBA yield and hypocritically allow their new Speaker to drive the GP car that he expects will come with the job? Can’t wait to see…….

  33. Winnie Dread says:

    One question is it about Party or is it about Bermuda ????

  34. god1st says:

    @ M.P.Mountbatten JP lol lol lol

  35. Umjussayin says:


    Yes, Randy Horton, J.P, M.P. agreeing to take the role of the Speaker of the House of Assembly is DISGRACEFUL. It has NOTHING to do with the Motherland, it is STRICTLY party. Those members of the electorate in constituency 32 who voted for the Progressive Labour Party candidate, Randolph Horton, have EVERY right to be upset with him. If they knew that Randy (I can’t bring myself to use his title anymore) was going to relinquish the power of the vote they cast on December 17, 2012, they may as well have voted for the OBA candidate.

    Randy, a good footballer with international proclaim. A cricketer and a hero for the Somerset Cricket Club with Cup Match fame. An educator, becoming the principal of a high school and responsible for sculpting the lives of many. And I think there is some cooking accolades to speak of too. Randy Horton, the politician and a stalwart for the Progressive Labour Party elevated more than once from a Member of Parliament to a minister with portfolios.

    Everything in that paragraph above will be overshadowed and forgotten because of the SELFISHNESS of a man who on Friday, February 8, 2013, proved to the Bermuda public that he too has a price. Yes, Randy, you are just as bad as those who took the bribes, the gifts, the payment of rent, the reconnection of electricity, the deliveries of milk. Randy, your political career that the people of constituency 32 have allowed you to have has come down to a mere few thousand dollars. Well, ain’t you the fool now because others who received some of the monetary payouts listed made out better financially than you.

    I certainly hope that as the Speaker of the House, invited by the One Bermuda Alliance that you are subjected to the 10% salary cut as well. Therefore, the cost for your soul is somewhere in the region of let’s see: $78,000 (ish) less the 10% pay cut $70,200 compared with $56,000 (ish) can’t be bothered to even look up the exact amounts, but I know I’m in the ballpark. So Randy, you can be bought for somewhere in the region of $16,200 (give or take a few hundred dollars).

    Randy, you are a SELLOUT plain and simple and you have failed your party. Your selfish action has crippled your party further and opened a larger margin for the reigning government. I trust you are at peace with your decision.

    • Concerned says:

      Your selfish action has crippled your party further – Please – your party was crippled from the time E Brown took over as Premier – it would not have remained that way if members and those in position would have stood up to him – oh they couldn’t they were all afraid of him and still are.

      • here's a thought says:

        bingo. umjussayin is just plain wrong on this one. too bad because he or she is a decent writer. just wrong though. this has absolutely not one thing to do with money.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Not following the PLP Party line to the letter is akin to one losing their “soul?”

      Wow, zealots abound today…

  36. KarmaGotEm says:

    To the people of Southampton who voted him in, I say give him stick each and every time you see him. The sad part is he can’t put in a representation vote on your behalf!! As a matter of fact give him 2 sticks he’ll need them both, shortly!

  37. Umjussayin says:

    I’ve read a lot of the responses from the OBA supporters who don’t get it. If Randy did cross the floor, I think he would be better supported but he hasn’t crossed the floor so he DOES NOT believe in the OBA politics. His actions therefore are not for PARTY, not for BERMUDA; Randy did what he did for SELF.

    Speaking about those who have crossed over previously is like comparing apples to oranges. If you cross over you agree with the other side so be it. Randy is playing a dangerous game, right in the center, don’t slip.

  38. CJ says - Carol Johnson says:

    Good for you Randy. You have my respect. I guess you see what the PLP thinks of you now. Too bad for them.

  39. Captain Sensible says:

    If his appointment is for the good of BERMUDA, where is the problem?

  40. Did he do it? says:

    Some of the comments above show that a lot of people vote for party and not person! I couldn’t believe that someone would actually say that they hope his legs rot in hell! Mr.Horton was my principal(class of 1983). If its one thing I know about him it’s that he follows his own mind and your comments are not gonna hurt him! If some of you have children I hope this is not how you explain or show them how to react to decisions you don’t agree with!

  41. Common Sense says:

    I have always had the very highest regard for Randy Horton, whether it was on the cricket pitch, the football field, in the classroom, or in politics. He has always stood out as a great role model and as someone our young people can look up to. As he approaches the culmination of his career in politics he has taken on a job that he is more than capable of carrying out in a fair and unbiased way. How tragic that he is being constantly lambasted by the hatemongers.

    Mr. Speaker, you are a man amongst men. I wish you every success in your new role as Speaker of the House. Sincere congratulations.

  42. swing voter says:

    The problem is that some people only throw stones when its safe. Where was the loud shout of dissent when ‘we had to decieve you’ was announced to oust Dame Jennifer. Where was the loud cry of dissent when the constitution was ignored, and 4 chinese men were smuggled onto the island and given jobs and a place to stay, taken care of better than some party supporters. Where was the cry of dissent when the already fragile economy was further crippled through poorly drafted policies, which led to PLP supporters loosing their jobs, homes, and dare I say quality of life that was build under the big bad UBP…..where was the cry of dissent from you lot? where?

  43. Cockroach says:

    Seems to me that the PLP should be honoured that one of their number has been elevated to this Honourable position. Kudos to Mr. Horton for his courage. At the next election the PLP should be glad to have a person of Mr. Horton’s stature running again in his constituency – it will be a guaranteed seat on their way back to Government – and they will have an able Speaker ready to resume his office.

  44. c smith says:

    Many opinions fail to stick to the facts. It is my understanding that whomever is speaker they must immediately become neutral and can no longer participate in any political party event, meeting etc. The public must realise that when they vote for their MP there is always a risk (1 in 36 chance) that their MP is selected amongst their peers to become speaker which results in their MP no longer being politically biased.
    Mr Horton, recognising his experience, age, contribution to politics, probably saw the speakership as a natural final achievement in his career and thus was grateful for the offer by the Premier.
    One must also bear in mind that in the event of a tie in any voting in the House, the Speaker casts the deciding vote which would favour the Government anyway, as it should be.
    His party can be upset with his decision but I think he made the right decision and will be a good Speaker for all of us.

  45. Vote for Me says:

    The selection of MP Horton as Speaker has naturally caused a significant and emotional response from posters. The OBA supporters clearly support the move and PLP supporters (most) vehemently oppose.

    What will be interesting is how MP Horton casts his vote in the event of a tie (which is the only time he gets to vote). Convention is that the Speaker votes with the government but I am not aware of any rule that requires him to do so.

    Assuming that MP Horton is a die hard PLP supporter, what happens if he bucks convention and votes with ‘his party – PLP?’ Will the OBA supporters still support him? Will the PLP supporters than consider him as a hero???

    As we all know, politics is a strange game. Those who are your friends today can be your worst enemy tomorrow!!

  46. Amazed says:

    Politics is a team effort and he has effectively taken an action that will hurt his team so it is no surprise that his team is not happy. Too many people keep calling for our MPs to work together which makes no sense at all in our present political system! It will be interesting to see if the OBA will keep its pre election promise to create a mechanism for a constituency to recall its MP if they are unhappy. No doubt Mr. Horton would be the first one recalled.LOL

  47. Stop Complaining for 1 Second says:

    Mr. Horton, Best wishes in your new post.
    Wish you would have rejected it and allowed the OBA to pick one of their own for speaker, thus making it a 18-17 instead of 19-17.
    Oh well, who knows maybe here will be some really close votes, or absentee MP, thus a tie, needing your vote for passage.

    Time will tell

  48. Umjussayin says:

    @ Concerned, Swing voter and Bermy Gooner

    One word, one word only, ASININE!

    Question: Why did you vote for the OBA?
    Answer: 1) That’s the PARTY you support or 2) That’s the PARTY that best represents your concerns.

    Either answer is noble and I respect you for that. Let’s keep in the here and now as constant regurgitation of the past has no relevance on the position of Speaker of the House of Assembly today.

    In their list of able-bodied members, you mean to tell me that NO ONE from the ruling government PARTY could fill the role of Speaker. The OBA have all the answers to what has gone wrong in Bermuda and have vowed to fix all and rewrite 14 years and could not find a Speaker.

    Exactly, that is the biggest load of BS, in other words the invitation from the OBA was for NO other reason other than to give their PARTY a bit of breathing room in the HoA. Sadly, Randy fell for for it.

    I’m not hating on Randy or the OBA. To the OBA supporters, had this situation been in the reverse order, would you NOt be disappointed with your PARTY member? (As do I, you support a PARTY too)

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Two words – ZEALOT AND HYPOCRITE

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        Sorry, that wasn’t meant for you…

        I see your POV and I am glad that Mr. Horton took the position. Without a PLP speaker all we would get is deadlock in the House as the PLP/BIU has made it abundantly clear that, much like the US Republicans, their only aim is to oust the Government and retain power. So yes, it was a very smart move by the OBA. Mr. Horton has long been an intelligent gentleman (and if not then what does that say about the PLP voters who returned him to the House so many times) and thus he didn’t “fall” for anything. He simply made a decision on his own volition.

        On top of that my original post was to point out the blatant hypocrisy and doublespeak that the PLP engages in when pretending to want a unified Bermuda who work together for solutions. The prohibiting of PLP members to join Governmental Boards and/or Cabinet simply so they can’t “assist the Government” (a PLP quote) highlights their unwillingness to work with others. All or nothing and Party before Country with the PLP lot (which anyrational person can see nowadays).

        Actually, I am surprised that so many are surprised these days at the gang warfare taking place on our streets. Look at the comments condemning Mr. Horton for his decision with some wishing ill health and even worse on the man and the PLP’s approach of refusing to work well or play nice with others. They (gangs) are just following the lead set by the powers that be.

        • #C32 says:

          Where have you been living; under a rock? We have the westminster parliament sytem of goverance which clearly doesn’t foster an evironment of embracing and working together.. I don’t recall the UBP/OBA ever working with the PLP to push thru there agenda so don’t expect any favors from the PLP its call being the OPPOSITION go get a dictionary..
          The only way to get a more harmonious goverance that utilizes the brightest minds from either party is to change our system of goverance case closed.. I agree we are in gangs but you should be glad that we are a mature enough democracy that we aren’t killing each other right now or politicians isn’t getting shot dead…

        • truth be told says:

          @ Bermy Gooner

          You mention the intelligence of Horton which was why he was selected by the voters. Do you really believe that??? Was it Nandi Davies’ intelligence that won her that seat, I THINK NOT! it was the fact that she was the OBA candidate; intelligence, integrity and knowledge had NOTHING to do with her winning. She demonstrated this prior to and after the election. People vote for their political parties as was demonstrated with Nandi.

          Wasn’t she (Nandi) sitting on the wrong side yesterday anyhow, the Shadow Ministers were adjacent to her. GO FIGURE.

          Nothing has changed in Bermuda politics, the OBA is still the UBP and the PLP are the Opposition.

  49. Rich says:

    The best thing to come out of this appointment is that, for once, the Legislature has the potential to fulfill its constitutional role in holding the executive to account. In most Westminster democracies, the legislature has often been run as little more than an offshoot of the executive which is completely counter to our rich constitutional tradition. An opposition MP as Speaker means this will be less likely than was the case in the past under both the PLP and UBP.

  50. keturah says:

    hmm….he has now been asked to resign from the plp

  51. Real Talk (original) says:

    I’m shaking my head as I read some of the comments on this thread.

    It’s no wonder we have individuals who can’t travel to “Town” or “Country” given the US vs. THEM attitudes displayed, albeit civilly in this forum. There are two gangs: the PLP and the OBA and their supporters regularly take to various forums to engage in the practice of character assassination.

    I am reminded of the adage: A house divided against itself shall not stand.

    In the face of unprecedented challenges of both an economic and social nature the fact that the collaboration or perhaps attempts at bipartisanship would be viewed with such venom only reflects the much broader issues as they play out on our streets on a daily basis.

    If ever there was a time for us all to put political allegiances aside and work together for the progress of our country, such time is now.

    I take my hat off to Mr. Horton for taking a step that he knew would not be without controversy. He has served his country and his party well.

  52. Cockroach says:

    Asking Mr. Horton to leave the PLP after all he has done for the party in his years of service would be short-sighted of them. Former Speaker, Mr. Lowe, also was required by his position to be neutral and therefore unable to directly serve his constituents. If the PLP, recognizing Mr. Lowe’s retirement, had gone into the recent election with Mr. Horton proclaimed as their choice for Speaker then the constituents would have proudly elected him as such even though he wouldn’t be able to serve them in the usual way. The party didn’t do that as Ms. Smith was the obvious heir apparent. That didn’t quite work out the way it was supposed to. But there is no disgrace on Mr. Horton. There would be disgrace on the PLP if they oust him. Look at the bigger picture and let’s get on with the work of running the country professionally.

  53. JONO says:

    If the PLP voters are so unhappy with Horton’s Speakership, then get together, call a Primary election…try to oust Horton, get a good candidate and risk a Bye-election….Bill McPhee ousted long-term James Pearman in Pembroke West years ago…At that time, I believe late Julian Hall challenged Bill McPhee….and lost..

  54. Second says:

    Great decision Randy!

  55. Bobmarlin says:

    Good luck Mr.Horton.
    The Speaker’s role in the House of Assembley,must be a challenging one.All the best!

  56. Umjussayin says:

    Some don’t get it or are just politically ignorant. How can you compare The Honourable Mr. Stanley Lowe, J.P’s appointment as Speaker to that of Randy Horton?

    Parties have rules and guidelines. The former Speaker was a part of the ruling party and nominated by his party. Mr Lowe served at the desire of the PLP, his party. If the PLP gave a directive and a sitting member of parliament went against that directive for nothing other than financial gain that member is WRONG. Thus is the case.

    I like Randy. I wish Randy well. Randy went against his party’s wishes and that of the majority of the electorate in constituency 32. That said, what’s done is done unless his branch take action. If it was Randy Horton’s decision that win, lose or draw (December 17th) he was going to be the Speaker of the house, he should have articulated that in his branch elections to better prepare the members in C32, perhaps they may have made another choice. The decision to accept the nomination was all his and the ultimate accepting of said nomination had NO regard for his constituens , colleagues or party.

    Even after saying all of that, let sleeping dogs lie and let forge ahead. Each side has work to do.

  57. enough says:

    loyalty to the country is more important than loyalty to a political party. Congratulations Mr Horton,

    • Vulpes says:

      Ergo, you just pinpointed the problem – the PLP and a lot of those who vote for them think they are Bermuda and therefore have a God given right to run it forever. Not that I think Randy took the position out of love for country.

  58. pilot001 says:

    Shame on you Randy!

  59. Come On Man!!! says:

    Uh I’m so happy to be speaker Uh of the house. Uh its an honor Uh and I will Uh do it to Uh my best Uh of my Uh ability. “Go get em Randy”!!!

  60. Michael says:

    His own color biting him! Wow!

  61. Alvin Williams says:

    three things go with one as they are taken to the grave; the grief of our love ones; your honor and self-respect; one one comes back and that is the grief of your love ones; the other two remain. On the 17th. of December I took my mother to the polls and she voted for Randy Horton as a PLP candidate. She has been betrayed with the decision of Mr.Horton to except the position of speaker under the OBA government and in the case of what will return when the day comes; a day that we will all face; at least our love ones will face as we will no longer be there; in the case of many three things will go to thwe grave and three things will return with at least two sully

  62. Concerned Local Bermudian says:


    Not only are you folks blasting Mr. Horton for taking this position for personal reasons…but so are you PLP by asking him not to? IT’S LIKE THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK…

    Mr. Horton was Deputy Speaker and inline for this job! If the PLP had won the election, he would have been Speaker in any event. What then of his acceptance? Would this also lessen your would be majority?

    STOP FOCUSING ON MINOR ISSUES! CHILD LIKE VIEW OF THE WORLD! Therein lies the PLP’s real issue, lack of clear thinking and resolute leadership. You cannot run a country on emotions!

    I hope you return to power ONLY after you can think and act like real statesmen and women.

    SCARY, but very sad and explains why Bermuda is in its current state!


  63. Vulpes says:

    Is that you in the picture Randy, all decked out in drag? Now I understand.

  64. Opressed says:

    He needed the money, plain and simple.

  65. fashion police ! says:

    just an obsevation from the amount of Negative Comments Posted about Randy,lets say he is doing it for the money,Social Status,Driving around in a new car,groppies or whatever comes with this position is it worth it to go out like a sell out,,If that is His MOTIVE,,how can any one live with ones self if its is True,,all of the sake of the las whorah ! WoW kinna reminds me of a Famous O’Jays Song !

  66. fashion police ! says:

    just in case you didn’t know the song,,,for the love of money by the Ojay’s ,,,another observation looking at the above picture, looks like
    ________ in Sheep clothing,,fill in the blank !

  67. Come On Man!!! says:

    Good for you Randy Horton at least you have the b*lls to do it. Not like the yellow cowards in your party who are afraid to stand up against their leader for good of the country.

  68. Amsterdamned says:

    All I would say is good luck and well wishes Mr. Horton. Ignore the people on here who disparage you and do you jobs well regardless of them and their opinions.

    The same I would say to our beloved weather lady :)

    God Bless

  69. Balanced Facts says:

    A chance not to sit in Opposition with a woefully inept group…can you seriously blame the man for jumping at the chance! More will follow either across the floor if they can or go Independent as the PLP Opposition with quickly fracture further under Bean (he did not have the members support to be leader!)

    • Speak what you know says:

      @Balanced Facts, Marc Bean was elected PLP Party Leader by a majority vote of its members. He beat out Terry Lister by a landslide. (something like 140-37) Please tell me how that gives you the idea that he did not have the support of the members? You are just saying anything and have no facts. The Party membership has also grown since he became Leader. So fall back with your trash talk.

  70. truth be told says:

    Horton’s voters/supporters have every right to be upset and they should voice their displeasure with HIS decision.

    Should he resign from the PLP? That would be the honorable thing to do OR cross the floor. He would still gain respect from most; what he is trying to do is foolish!

    On another note; wait a go Randy for gaining favor with the OBA/UBP supporters. Pre-election blogs berated and scolded you for your decisions and competency over the past 14 years and one decision on February 9, 2013 you have ARRIVED. Now you are a man’s man, so say the OBA/UBP!

    The first time Horton votes against the OBA/UBP he will be condemned again.

    I can only hope that when my OBA government are not acting in the best interest of Bermudians the OBA supporters are as vocal and say the same. We shall see! RIGHT.

  71. Victor says:

    Good for you Mr. Horton for getting on with it – unlike many in your Party who seem to see the OBA victory as an aberration and still view themselves as the rightful Government.

    It seems to me that there is a mindset within a certain prominent PLP Parliamentary clique that by innuendo, ridicule and veiled threats they may be able to quickly bring down the OBA Government rather than by getting on with the role of being a proper and effective opposition. The irony that this group have missed is that it is precisely this sort of approach that will ensure an OBA victory next time out – probably with a better working majority than three.

    By the way, has anybody seen or heard from Paula Cox? Seldom has a political leader faded so quickly from the stage, or so it seems.

  72. Concerned Citizen says:

    Whatever Randy, a disgrace to Somerset! No worries, the PLP is much stronger today then 2 months ago, and they have good leadership throughout the organization. Randy, don’t worry about coming up SCC anymore. We folk up Somerset know what your about, and why you have weakened your party. I wonder how much they gave you to betray your own people?

    • Victor says:

      Pathetic, no one wonder the country has been falling apart these past fourteen years. With an attitude like that,the only person you are betraying is yourself.

  73. Unjrust Realities says:

    AsI read these comments, and the comparisons obvious OBA supporters made of Wayne Furbert and the like crossing the floor . . . the difference is they left their party, and openly stated why!!!

    I think the feelings of betraysl that people are having is that Randy Horton hasn’t resigned himself from the PLP, he didn’t have the respect or dignity to speak to his constituents on what his intentions were, but he sealed their votes and then accepted a position which he knews would bring about confusion and indecisiveness in the PLP party.

    Anyway that you look at it, since he is supposed to have an “objective” opinion as the Speaker, he cannot unbiasely represent the people who placed him in a position to even be considered for the position of speaker.

    How distasteful . . . what are you saying to the young people who look up to you . . . “Look man . . . when it comes down to it, forget the collective and go fo self?” . . . because that’s exactly what he has done!!!

    And as for the OBA . . . your tactics of trying to recruit PLP MP’S to come over and cross the floor is simply despicable. Ypu did it with Kim Wilson and now Randy Horton . . . not all members are so selfish and money hungry to sell their soul for money . . . just some!!!

  74. Pat says:

    Bermuda and its people need to stop the madness. We have serious problems to deal with in this country and all we can do is publicly destroy the character of each other. There is plenty of disappointment to go around. The PLP is at the top of the list of people that we the constituents of Bermuda are totally disappointed in. The are a disgrace to the name Progressive Labor Party. The have progressively destroyed this country and had they returned to power they would have finished us off. Mr. Horton is a good man who endured much ridicule from his party under the leadership of Dr. brown and it was carried on by Ms. Cox. Now they want him to stand by their side and vote with them to continue to hold the country hostage. Well done Mr. Horton in standing for the country and for principle again. You use your vote when it becomes necessary to better Bermuda. Now the PLP knows how it feels to be kicked in the groin. Don’t give me the BS about the money because the PLP were sucking the money out of the country with a hose. As a result of this governments misuse of the people’s money, we are all going to feel the pain of having to turn this sinking ship into a floating vessel again. I am sure Bob Richards has had many sleepless nights trying to figure out how he will juggle this budget. It should be interesting. Don’t complain about the budget, just thank your friends the PLP for creating such a mess and to think they threw a party to say thanks to their supporters! Really! That is a joke! Thanks for what? Putting us, our children and great great great grandchildren in debt?… Jokers, Marc Bean has a job that too many people would want right now. God Bless him. Just sayin.

  75. here's a thought says:

    hey this is the truth!! why didn’t you post it?