Videos: Ministers Throne Speech Statements

February 8, 2013

Following today’s [Feb 8] Throne Speech all the Cabinet Ministers held a press conference where they each spent a few minutes expanding on the planned initiatives under their Ministry.

This was the first ever Throne Speech from the One Bermuda Alliance, who assumed control of the Government following their victory in the December 2012 General Election.

The day also saw the selection of PLP MP Randy Horton as the new Speaker of the House, which has generated some controversy, with the 130+ comments on today’s article about it reflecting the mixed views the public has of this development.

Eliminating conscription, amending the Human Rights Act to include sexual orientation, reopening a Medical Clinic for people without health insurance and giving a two-year payroll-tax exemption for new Bermudian hiring are some of the planned initiatives revealed in the Speech from the Throne.

You can read the full Throne Speech text and highlights here, view a photo gallery here, all our coverage of the Throne Speech here and watch the videos below.

Minister of Finance Bob Richards:

Minister of Economic Development Dr Grant Gibbons:

Minister of Tourism & Transport Shawn Crockwell:

Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley

Minister of Education Nalton Brangman

Minister of Health & Seniors Patricia Gordon-Pamplin

Minister of Community & Cultural Development Wayne Scott

Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy

Attorney General Mark Pettingill

Minister of Environment & Planning Sylvan Richards

Minister of Public Works Trevor Moniz

Post Throne Speech Media Questions

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Comments (11)

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    MP Bascome – Note you are on candid (or not so candid) camera. WAKE UP!!

    The message you are sending by apparently sleeping in most of the vidoes is appalling. We know you expected to be a Minister under OBA and have been effectively silenced but that is no reason to sleep through the press conference after the first OBA Throne Speech. I also note that they have killed the St. George hotel under Bazarian, which you championed. What next… no Police Station either!!

    On another note, perhaps the message is clear… nothing interesting so why pay attention?

    • COB says:

      @Vote For Me:

      OUCH !!!!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      So you think this government “killed” the Bazarian hotel? The hotel that Ewart said would be built in 2007? And again in 2011? That Patrice Minors said would be built in 2011? The one where Bazarian breached the contract? You’re not very good at following a story are you.

    • Eastern says:

      @ Vote for Me

      If you know Kenneth Bascome well enough you’d know that when he is listening (and yes; he does “listen”) he is known to shut his eyes and concentrate on the speaker.

      Shame on you for suggesting that he is sleeping. Kenneth Bascome listens and speaks. I don’t think that anyone can silence MP Bascome; he will always stand up for what is right and will always be a voice for the town of St. George.

      Who killed the hotel in St. George? I think Mr. Bazarian killed it all by himself.

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Eastern
        I guess I do not know him well (and many others will not either). Regardless, a picture speaks a thousand words and MP Bascome looks anything but attentive to what is being said.

        Just a tip but in future, perhaps Bascome should stay out of the camera while is is ‘being attentive’.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      If you found nothing interesting at all in that press conference then you must have been asleep with Clown Kenny…or just being intentionally obnoxious?Hmmm?

  2. VP says:

    A message for the Health Minister. You need to look at the Bermuda medication suppliers, the Pharmacies and regulate them. They are the ones who inflate the prices. Why do you think new pharmacies are opening. They are like liquor stores and bars. They make a good profit.
    Check BGA for the original cost of say a 1000 Generic Tablets and the look at you would pay for 30 tablets at a pharmacy. The first 30 tablets would pay for several 1000 bottles of tablets.

    Also about seniors who have insurance from previous employment. They do not have future care and is only allowed $250 worth of medication per year when they spend over $300 at lest every 3 months. Their previous employment insurance is kept, because the contribution iis cheaper then Future Care. They should also be entitled to the extra amount for medication that future care provide. After all their major stopped once retiring after 40 years of work when you need it the most. I also believe everyone over 80 should have free medication. If therenis no family subsidizing them, just over $1000 does not go far.

    • VP says:

      From VC.
      Sorry for the spelling errors. My finger touched the submit button before I could chech what I had written.

  3. BTW says:

    Sorry to disturb your afternoon nap, Mr. Bascome.

    Not knowing you, I questioned at the announcement of the OBA CAbinet why the passover given your “defeat” of the Grand Dame?

    The Ans: Simply look at yourself in each of these videos. No interest whatsoever. Can barely stay afloat! Not the effort the people of Bermuda need at this time.

    I will accept this as indicative of your “attention” to the pressing details before us. Seems your attention can only be had when the microphone is front of you.

  4. Verbal Kint says:

    I agree it looks bad, but given the choice, I’ll take an MP who sleeps through speeches but doesn’t steal from the public. Let’s hope Mr. Bascome fits the bill.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Agreed…but they need to have strong word with Kenny, he looked absolutely ridiculous and disinterested in all that was being said…the cameras are on and people are watching everything hat this new Government does. Luckily, the rest of them were miles ahead of anything the PLP could put on the table, articulate, sensible and tot he point!