Terry Lister Announces Resignation From PLP

February 15, 2013

Terry Lister[Updated with videos]

Speculation is swirling that Terry Lister may be leaving the Progressive Labour Party to sit in the House of Assembly as an Independent.

If this turns out to be the case, it will change the balance of the House of Assembly from 19 OBA and 17 PLP, to 19 OBA and 16 PLP, and 1 Independent.

First appointed by the PLP to the Senate in 1993, Mr Lister has represented Constituency #33 Sandy’s South and served as a PLP MP since he was first elected to Parliament in 1998. In last year’s General Election, he defeated the OBA’s Toni Spring, winning 56.52% [516-397] of the vote.

He was appointed to the first PLP Cabinet as Minister of Development, Opportunity and Government Services. Since then has held a number of portfolios including Labor, Home Affairs & Public Safety [2001-2003]; Works & Engineering [2003 -2004]; Education &Development [2004-2006], Energy, Telecommunications & E-Commerce [2007-2009], and Transport [2010-2011]

Mr Lister has put himself up for Party Leader twice in recent years, both times being defeated during internal PLP elections.

In December 2012 the Leadership election was between Mr Lister and Marc Bean, with Mr Bean being elected the new Party Leader by a margin of 111 – 35. In October 2010, Mr Lister was part of three-way battle for Party Leader, which resulted in former Premier Paula Cox winning with 124 votes, Mr Lister second with 39, and Dale Butler finishing with two votes.

Mr Lister is the second PLP MP who has been the subject of speculation in recent days, with various reports suggesting there may be a possibility of Randy Horton leaving the Party after being selected as Speaker of the House.

Neither the Party or Mr Lister has made an official comment at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 9.40pm: Unofficial reports indicate that Mr Lister appears to have resigned, and is expected by many to make an announcement to this effect tomorrow in the House of Assembly.

Update Feb 15, 7.20am: Both the PLP and Mr Lister continue to remain silent on this matter.

Update 11.38am: Terry Lister is in the process of formally announcing his resignation from the PLP in the House of Assembly this morning. He said he will continue to sit in the House as an Independent. Further details to come…

Update 11.44am: Mr Lister said, “So the message is clear, the delegates said it is time for you to go, the Leader has no place for me in his Shadow Cabinet.

“Remarkably I am hearing, Lister you just aren’t good enough. Mr Speaker, I have heard the message, and I must now act on it. I will no longer stand as a PLP MP, but I will now instead stand for Bermuda.

“I will vote for Bermuda on all votes taken in this Honourable House. I look forward to serving this term, and possibly future terms in this new role.”

Update 11.56am: The audio of Mr Lister’s announcement is available below

Update 12.53pm: Mr Lister’s full speech follows below:

Mr Speaker,

I rise this morning to inform this Honourable House of a decision I have taken after consultation with the Executive of Constituency 33 and other key supporters in my constituency.

Mr Speaker, I have decided that for the balance of my political career I will stand as an independent member of this Honourable House.

This decision required much thought, consultation and, most importantly, prayer. I have spoken with a wide variety of people in addition to my constituents. The strong response has been that I should continue to put country first and, in doing so, should move away from the bounds of party politics and stand free to represent my constituents and my country led by my God and my conscience.

So you see, Mr Speaker, ultimately, this was a fairly easy decision.

I have served the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party(PLP) since 1989. At that point I was the Campaign Manager for Sandys, when recovering from the disaster of the 1985 election we regained the two seats previously lost in Sandys North and we have held all Sandys seats since that election.

Mr Speaker, I have served as Chairman of the Sandys Branch, Co-National Campaign Chair with the former Premier of this country, the Honourable Alex Scott, in 1993. I was appointed to the Senate following the 1993 election serving with future Ministers Milton Scott and Neletha Butterfield.

In 1998 Mr Speaker, along with yourself, the Honourable Dennis Lister (currently the longest serving member of this Honourable House) and the Honourable Derrick Burgess, I was part of the PLP team that swept the election.

As most would know, I have been the Minister in several Ministries meeting with much success along the way. However, the past few years have been extremely difficult and less satisfying for myself. Some of that difficulty stems from my decision to stand in this very House in July 2009 to express my grave concerns about the rising debt that the Government was incurring.

Mr Speaker, to my own surprise, following the election loss of December 17th, I was asked by the Deputy Leader if I would take on the Party Leadership. I agreed with much reluctance. The Parliamentary Group agreed that I would go forward as their choice and on Friday of that same week an election for Party Leader was held.

I lost that election to the present Party Leader. These things happen. However, what was of grave concern to myself and others, was the hostility that I was greeted with. As an example, during my speech I noted that I had served in the Legislature for nearly 20 years, my comment was met with a loud response from a delegate who said “well, it’s time for you to go!”

After the Leadership election was over the new Leader asked me if I would become the Shadow Finance Minister. I had never wished to be Finance Minister so the job of Shadow Finance Minister did not really appeal to me. However, at the time I said I would do the job. I pondered over this decision for the next four or five days.

Finally, I decided to send the Leader an email declining that post and making myself available for any other post in the Shadow Cabinet that the Leader wished me to take. Within a very short time of sending the email I got a call from my wife who asked me why I was not in the Shadow Cabinet.

I asked her to explain what she was talking about and, to my great surprise, she told me that Shadow Cabinet had been announced about two hours ago! So I was out of the Shadow Cabinet long before I unknowingly sent my email!

Mr Speaker, last week as we lined up to go to the Cabinet grounds for the Throne Speech, I found myself lined up as the 36th Member of the House. Of course, someone has to have that spot. Usually it is reserved for a brand new Member of Parliament (MP) who is having his or her first day in the House not a veteran of 19 years in the Legislature.

So the message is clear. The delegate said “it’s time for you to go.” The Leader has no place for me in his Shadow Cabinet. Remarkably, I am hearing “Lister, you just aren’t good enough.”

Mr Speaker, I have heard the message and I now must act on it. I will no longer stand as a PLP MP but I will now instead stand for Bermuda. I will vote for Bermuda on all votes taken in this Honourable House. I look forward to serving this term and possibly future terms in this new role,

Thank you Mr Speaker.


Update 2.55pm: The PLP issued a very brief statement saying, “The Progressive Labour Party acknowledges and accepts the resignation from the Party of the Member of Parliament for Constituency 33, Sandys South, Mr Terry Lister JP, MP. We thank him for his years of service to the PLP and wish him well in the future.”

Update 5.12pm: Video of Mr Lister speaking after his announcement today

Update 5.26pm: Opposition Leader Marc Bean on Mr Lister’s resignation

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  1. swing voter says:

    IMPLOSION!!! Lister is an accountant, he knows stuff went on that he doesn’t wanna be associated with…..can’t blame him, but wat took him so long.

    • Not Fooled says:

      Um.. Really. So the guy runs for leader, loses, and then quits. LMAO, good riddance.

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        PLP , the new UBP!

        • Black Soil says:

          I sense a new political party being born…led by Terry. This should worry OBA. The PLP are dun!!!!

          • Will says:

            but if the PLP split up and reform another party isnt that the same as what the UBP are alleged to have done….does this mean they will receive the same negative press the OBA did? or is it like the PLPs definition of racism..and it only goes one way (only when talking about the UBP)

          • O.B. says:

            PLP are finished. Next will be Dale Butler to leave.

            • Cleancut says:

              Dale Butler has left the building!

            • Cleancut says:

              There are two people within the PLP that would never have a chance of taking the top post, Terry Lister and Dale Butler. WHY? because they are both too immature and gullible, nice guy’s, but too immature and not leadership material.

              • The Observer says:

                Agreed, they are not leaders.

                • Katlyn says:

                  Then why was he never given a ministerial post like education where he is knowledgeable…

            • Webster says:

              Dale will never leave the P.L.P.

      • @ not fooled…..He been there for years n never was given the opportunity to be leader of the party. Surely with so many attempts n so many denials I too would pack my things n get to stepping. It clear that his colleagues are NOT supporting him or his vision. There is much cut throats amongst the ranks. There has to be something awry if he has denounced his party. He is also adamant about his choice. Watch when the domino effect takes place. As usual in our society, blacks are forever attacking one another, hence a bucket full of crabs n none of them aren’t going to let the other succeed in their endeavours…hence “cut throat actions”…..

    • Out of flight says:

      A good decision. His colleagues picked him to be leader at their caucus then they turned their backs on him at the delegates conference. It was awful in there and Marc Bean should have stepped aside given his poor track record.
      Terry learns that Marc Bean, leader, owes on $30,000 in his party pledge and so do many others and many others did not even pay. Yet they demanded he pay prior to running for election against Paula. He is kicked out of Paula’s Cabinet. Has little Branch support. Had to work with a skeleton crew. Not considered by Marc Bean for a shadow Cabinet. He resigned under Dr. Brown and did not go back like Big al James.
      The guy hung in there because he believed in the original principles of the PLP and as he sits and watches the dogs chew at the bone he realizes he is no longer among friends. Get the hell out. Well done.

    • shannon says:

      What u should know is that he is about self. he wanted to be leader. Hence the three challeges

    • notleader says:

      Lister crying like a baby who wants to cry! As an elder if the process of choosing their leader is adhered to and the majority voice is heard, just like the election, he needs to stand by the decision. He has been rejected more than once, obviously he’s not what they need in a leader.

    • The Observer says:

      Mr. Bean, let them go. Offer and ask who wants to exit next and accept their resignation. They are so very selfish and self serving. Why did Terry run under the PLP banner instead of the OBA or just plain independent? Why because he wanted to win and used the plp to collect his salary and possibly get his wife a government job?

  2. Islander says:

    Good for you Mr. Lister!!

    • frank says:

      terry you are acting very childish if this was your intent prior to the election you should not have ran for the plp you need to do the right thing walk away from politics so we can now have a bielection in 33 your acting stupid like randy

      • Not Fooled says:

        Um, you forget, 60 days ago wanted to be leader of the PLP!

        • 1minute says:

          He wanted change and I guess he doesn’t see it happening with the NEW plp… The Old Guard still are running the show…

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        So you stand behind DB and others when they pushed out Jennifer Smith right after an election and stated that he “decieved us” and had to – but not okay if he decides to change after his Party completely changes leadership?

    • Proud onion gal says:


  3. Victor says:

    …and a Government minister inside of six months?

    Pretty soon all that will remain of the PLP caucus will be a bunch of lefty poseurs hell bent on enabling victimhood.

  4. Bobmarlin says:

    Mr.Lister,the PLP never took advantage of your abilities.
    If so,surely we would not be in such a massive debt.Perhaps you will be an Independent or cross the floor to the OBA.
    Bermuda will be better served,if you stay involved.Good luck!

    • Not Fooled says:

      You can’t be serious. Terry has had numerous portfolios, but now that he’s not wearing green, you are his friend.

      If he was leader of the PLP you’d call him every name in the book.

      Clowns on this website

    • uh oh!!! says:

      So true! if they had, I’m sure the Island would not be in the financial mess, but then again EB & Paula would have fired him, because of jealousy & he would have been coming down on them as a true bean counter! And you wonder why Bermuda voted for change . . . So glad I did & I can see & feel the improvement within 2 months!!!

      • dthtoo/ says:

        All I can to you is POOR YOU! You have voted for a government (OBA) that is a complete flop. Just keep your eyes and ears open and you will soon see what I mean.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Aren’t there any strange forces today pulling you in one direction?

        • interesting says:

          We will see. I voted for change in ’98. in 2003 I voted PLP again. I voted UBP in the following election as the lesser of two evils. In 2003 I voted for a flop that has been proven. In the following election it is unknown if the UBP would have been different or not so it is not known. In 2012 I voted for change with OBA. Time will tell if that was a flop. Either way it was a better decision than my choice in 2003.

        • uh oh!!! says:

          Hell NO, I voted for change as the PLP had let Bermuda down big time, except for their friends & family!

          • shannon says:

            The change you are about to receive is the foriegn workers children coming in for your/our childrens jobs with NO WORK PERMIT so you should have read more than the cover before you choose the book. OBA = OLD BERMUDA AGAIN.

            • Bermy Gooner says:

              And hopefully the reversal of the massive local unemployment that the PLP’s policies and actions have placed us in…

            • Eastern says:

              @ Shannon

              So what you are saying is that foreign born children are better than Bermudian born children. That is what you are implying.
              You are implying that Bermudian born children don’t have a chance because foreign born children are going to get the jobs.
              Prey tell me; why do you think that the foreign born children will get the jobs over locally born children?
              Is there something wrong with locally born children? If there is; I would like to know what is wrong with locally born children. Please let us know.

        • bermuda shorts says:

          Well they definately cant be no worst under the PLP.PLP failed their people-we were much better off under the UBP govt.what did u accomplish or gain under the PLP -nothing just headaches and problems-and cut throat politics-oh yeah and they took the govt of all their money -if u dont believe me ask the auditor general and its not Larry Dennis its a black woman-and by the way i am a black man- And u people supporters until u stop seeing color as the reason to vote for a political party things will never improve around here-And remember this is not a communist state-mr Lister is entitled to leave a political party if he wishes-It looks like PLP is gonna suffer the same fate as UBP-It looks like the Marc Beans , The David Burt and the Marc Daniels is pushing the old guards out and looking to form a New PLP party.

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      I agree, had they allowed him to do more and others like Dame Jennifer Smith, instead of the media and power w%@res that pushed the few unselfish, hard working, and fair PLP ministers out, Bermuda wouldn’t be in the position it is in.

  5. Political Trust? says:

    Terry Lister ran for Leader in the 1990′s. He lost. He ran again in 2010. He lost. In December he asked voters in Sandys to elect him and the PLP again. He won. He gained their trust. He then ran for Leader again in December. He lost. And now this. This story, if true, reinforces the notion that politicians cannot be trusted. Stop the press….I mean, Terry Lister cannot be trusted.

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Political Trust: I AGREE with you 100+%!

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      ??? So – one can not run for leader in the PLP more than once ever? And if you do so more than once you can not be trusted??? Is it not a democratic party?

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Did you feel the same way when Wayne Furbert, Jamal Pearman and others crossed over…or was it okay because they were running to the PLP?

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        It’s all somehow ‘different’ when they’re going in the other direction.

        Starling never said a word then. Now he’s camping out on the steps of buildings every time he pretends to get outraged at something.

        • here's a thought.... says:

          doesn’t he have a job?

        • J Starling says:

          Um, no, actually I called on the BDA MPs to contest by-elections at the time.

          I called on Wayne Furbert to contest by-elections at the time.

          I also called on the OBA MPs to contest a by-election at the time.

          And in the election I gave my word that if, as an Independent, I was elected and later changed allegiance that I, too, would contest a by-election.

          There is no need to create fictions or spread misinformation. If you disagree with me, that’s fine, but don’t misrepresent.

    • interesting says:

      I would trust him more now because he can make decisions for benefit of Bermuda and not for the benefit of the party and friends. He doesnt have to vote against a good idea on the basis that OBA came up with it. He can vote for it on the merit of the idea regardless of whose idea it was.

  6. Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

    Thanks to Mr. Lister for all the hard work and his public service, over the years. I wish Mr. Lister all the best in the future. An observation of this current situation suggests that this is a good thing for the PLP, as the party now has a great opportunity to re-build and strengthen as they move into the future. It is likely that PLP will look different as time moves on, and it may put them in a stronger position within the next 4-5 years.

    This is a good time for the PLP, as they can now take this opportunity to bring in fresh and new perspectives, and persons that want to work hard to provide service to their country. I believe the PLP should take this as positive move forward, and hopefully others that feel the need to move on will follow as well. I am sure the PLP have no shortage of talent that want to serve their country and are willing to step up to the honor of doing so. It is without a doubt the PLP will continue to stand strong.

    • charles says:

      Thank you very much for this comment. I agree this allows us to shuffle things around. In doing so we may lose 1 or 2 more. But if any of these bloggers think that this is the demise of the PLP. WRONG! They don’t know much about politics and even less about the PLP.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      i dont think the letters P,L,P, can ever be used again as being a successful political party, just as it was for the UBP…remember? also any other change of letters will always be reflected as the old PLP…yup!…the coin has two sides. The best scenario for the opposition party is to sit back…watch,listen and learn, stop trying to trip the OBA while they are trying to alleviate Bdas. horrendous state of affairs.How can they concentrate on fixing problems when they have to waste time on childish bleeting every five minutes. The Blame Game: Object, to shift blame.
      Just, Let the O.B.A. F#@K UP on their own, THEN come with your two smoking barrels,but until then ssshh. Dont ferget now..uv’e been bad and ur still on time out ok.

  7. mixitup says:

    So he loses and now wants to take his marbles and go home….SMDH

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Or maybe, he just doesn’t agree with the direction othe party is taking and doesn’t want to be a part of it.

      Not new to Bermuda politics or the PLP.

    • KarmaGotEm says:

      I had a friend like that, but let me think, how old or should I say young was I??? HMMMMMMMM!

  8. Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

    Public services it about serving your country, it may not always mean that one is standing on the front-line. It may require that one service from the back-line. Often many MPs and politicans believe if they are not able to be in top position, they will not serve at all. Is it about service to the people or is it about “Self”? I hope that anyone entering politics in the future never forget it is not about “Self”, but the people of their country.

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Well said, Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness!

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Standing on not being pulled by a strange inexplicablle force. Any strange forces affecting you tiday?

  9. Argosy says:

    Well done, Mr. Lister, if these rumours are true.

    The PLP have treated you so badly over the years that I for one will not blame you for telling them to shove it!

    I only wonde what took you so long…..

    Best wishes and good luck.

    • dthtoo/ says:

      It may have been the old lot – certainly not the newcomers. I believe that he had it in his head that his years of political seniority was going to automatically propel him to the front of the class. It doesn’t always work this way today. His was an act of selfishness. He could have remained as a coach for the youth in the PLP. He, like Randy Horton, is too laid back for my liking. What significant marks have they left on Bermuda’s political landscape over the many years they’ve served? I can’t think of any. As time wears on I hope that they will feel totally satisfied within themselves, and not suffer any fleeting moments of regrets for the actions they have taken at this stage of their lives. They are not ‘spring chickens’. Sometimes the mind can behave itself in peculiar and unsettling ways. It has been said: ‘Free your mind and your a*s will follow’. Well, that’s exactly what Randy and Terry have done.

  10. Kangoocar says:

    So, the glass house of the plp is shattering!! I predicted that the few remaining upstanding members will bolt from the plp and then the party will go the way the UBP did, looks like better days ahead for BDA

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      Kangoocar, my observations suggest the PLP are not falling apart, but are rather in a process of re-shaping and re-focusing. This is a great opportunity for the PLP to bring forward new persons that can help build the party. It is a new day, and it is key that they push forward, in 3-4 years the PLP would be in great position, to stand even stonger. It is good when a party goes through a process of revision and not remain static. This is good thing, now the PLP can push forward their agenda for the future. I do not think the PLP any where near like the situation of the UBP and OBA where 2 years ago. Really good !! Sorry to disappiont you.

      • Kangoocar says:

        We all have opinions, but I beg to differ on yours! When the investigations are complete on the missing money! I really do believe the remaining few will leave and the party will crumble! But with that said I do truly hope a new and better opposition evolve to to keep the present gov on its toe’s we all need an accountable government

        • Tooth Fairy says:

          I agree except, some may Flee (maybe to T&C or Brasil)), some may be arressted

        • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

          The money is not loss nor stolen, it is just not accounted for, which means, the AG is behind in the book-keeping. Also CS have failed to keep on top of things. you see Richards has not told you the entire story.

          • Deliverance says:

            the AG is behind because certain people won’t give her answers as to where the money went! she can’t get invoices or receipts! jesus!

            • Bermy Gooner says:

              Why bother? The facts don’t play into specialtrumpbettygirl (at least “her” new handle doesn’t sound as stripperish these days)propoganda babble.

              Any rational person knows that the so called Good Governance acts put in place by the previous administration did not include subpoena powers for the AG and only included very limtied and vague whistleblower protection.

              It was simply a facade to make it seem like the PLP wanted to stop corruption. They simply wanted to stop the crtiticism with these half-assed policies/legislation.

          • Tooth Fairy says:

            And you know this how??? How do you know the funds are not stolen, misused, hidden… whatever??? The way I see it, the UBP was in power 30 years I believe and the AG was never wondering where hundereds of millions of dollars went! The way I see it there are two ways to look at this.

            The PLP ministers that looked with held the information the the AG needs to do her job are either:

            a)Hiding something
            b)incredibly incompetent

  11. Could this be the beginning of a 3rd party with more PLP resignations to follow as Marc Bean was voted in by mostly PLP Delegates, not by the PLP MPs who mostly favoured Mr. Lister…???
    Watch this space….

  12. media says:

    If he has resigned as is now being reported, that would mean a by election will need to be called…so they might be back remain with the same seats if they retain the seat.

    • J Starling says:

      Resignation from the PLP is different from resignation from the House of Assembly.

      A by-election is only required if Mr Lister resigns from the House of Assembly, not if he resigns from the PLP.

      Personally, as I’ve stated elsewhere, I think we need to amend our constitution to – among other things (elected Senate, campaign finance reform, proportional representation – to ensure MPs who change their status must contest a by-election six months on from their changed status becoming official.

      Anything less constitutes, essentially, fraud in the eyes of the electorate.

      • interesting says:

        @j starling,

        You mean they voted for him because he was PLP instead of thinking he was the better of two candidates? Interesting.

        • J Starling says:

          It’s hard to say. In this election I think a number of people voted purely on the basis of Party. There were a significant number who voted purely ‘for’ the OBA or ‘against’ the PLP with little regard to the candidate themselves. That is one aspect of party politics.

          • interesting says:

            I would agree with you on that. The comment was tongue-in-cheek. I would say generally, that is how it has been for many years. That is why I disagree with party politics in general. Another point being independents not standing much of a chance in general. I thought you had some good ideas as did some of the other independents and both of the political parties and snd the same is true with some ideas that I didn’t agree with.

            Unfortunately, as I see it, I generally feel that irregardless of how many good ideas an independent has they do not stand much of a chance in the current system, which is unfortunate. I must, however,commend you on running anyway.

    • Kangoocar says:

      @media, no it does not mean a bi election, have you forgotten that Wayne Furbert did the same thing?? Terry for now will be an independent member.

    • citi zen says:

      Do the math. If there are 36 seats in the house and Mr Lister has removed his association from a party and not the house then all 36 seats are stilled filled. Mr Lister stills remains an elected official. The only thing that has happened is that he has just weakened PLP vote in the house.

      Shame on you Mr Lister! You behaviour is less than admirable. If you thought that Mr Marc Bean was going to wait for you to play the game with you well, you were/are sadly mistaken. Mr Bean had no time to waste. You showed just how selfish you are.
      My only hope it that Mr. Bean takes some advice from some of the more experienced members.

      And that’s my take

  13. J Starling says:

    If the rumours are true, then Mr Lister should canvass a by-election within six months. It’s not in the constitution, but it should be (I ran with that as part of my platform in the election).

    He was elected as PLP, and if he wants to change his political status in the HoAssembly he should seek affirmation from his constituents.

    And yes, I called for Mr Wayne Furbert to do the same. I was disgusted when he defected, first to become an Independent and later to join the PLP. I warned the PLP at the time that they may not always be in power and the same thing could happen to them in the future, and it would be best in the long-term to ensure that any such change gets constituency support via a by-election.

    • O'Brien says:

      Why don’t you go throw another hissy fit in some office to protest?

      If you think anyone cares about (much less read) the contents of your little ‘platform’ then you’re kidding yourself.

      • J Starling says:

        Obviously you care enough to bother writing an inane reply… lol!

        • .am says:

          Not even.

          It’s just cute that you think you’re relevant.

          • here's a thought.... says:

            exactly. go away mr starling – didn’t you get the message during the election?

            • Inspired young man says:

              J.Starling keep doing what you’re doing don’t worry about these haters!!! As long as you continue to express your opinion, and fighting for what you believe is right. You will be doing more for this country then all of these senseless bloggers who hide behind blogger names, and are only fueled by their hatred for one side or the other. So, Do you brother because most of these people are to cowardly too.

              • Bermy Gooner says:

                Does that cowardly moniker also apply to you “inspired young man?”

                Glass houses comes to mind…

              • J Starling says:

                Thank you for the kind words. I encourage all Bermudians to become more active and engaged in the political process, whether they agree with my own politics or not.

                I certainly would also encourage people to focus more on discussion and countering my positions than resorting to personal attacks, and doubly so when hiding behind false names.

                What are people afraid of?

          • Bermudian says:

            Mr. J Starling,

            You are relevent, every Bermudian is. Don’t listen to fools like am & O’Brien. They really sound like B*tch A$$ haters if you ask me.

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      Well said J Starling, I find you always seem to make a few good points. This would also be to the advantage of the PLP.

    • Terry says:

      Mr. Furbert won his seat at the end of the day. J Starling next time go sit down in the Post Office we do not care what you think.

      • Family Man says:

        Everybody would just think he was one one of the workers at the Post Office.

    • longtail says:

      Mr Starling your argument that a bye-election should be held in these cases is flawed…. if Mr Lister had been voted in as an independent and then switched to the PLP would anyone be asking for a bye-election???? No, of course not. So why should anyone be asking for a bye-election now???? We are asked to vote for the individual. not the party. I would rue the day when our ballots ask otherwise of us!

      • Rod says:

        As an outside observer (that is to say someone unable to vote) I would have said that the recent election was determined by the electorate voting directly along party lines. The choice of candidate would have been secondary in many cases.

        • Amazed says:

          @Rod I agree with you . Politics is a team sport and people vote for the party primarily. The sole exception might be Wayne Furbert and it still amazes me that he could change sides and still win in a constituency that has changed many times.

        • longtail says:

          Agreed ‘Rod’…. but Mr Starling of all people stood as an independent during the last election and asked for voters to vote for HIM as an individual. For him now to imply that a vote should be counted for a party instead of the individual seems very obtuse. He needs to make up his mind what he is, and what he stands for!

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            He is PLP through and through.

            He is not an independent in any sense of the word.

            He is no different than any other deceiving politician.

            They are all liars and that includes Mr. Starling right near the very top.

            Awaiting some fake pseudo-intellectual rebuttal from Mr. Starling claiming he is the most independent thinker of all time and that he and his communist views wil save the world.

            • Bermudian says:

              @ Bermy Gooner,

              At least we agree on something, all politicians deceive people.

              Your first statement is wrong however. Don’t put words in people mouthes.

              Sounds like you personally don’t like Starling, sounds like your a hater mate. lol

              • Bermy Gooner says:

                Sounds like I know how to read and analyse his comments and am more than able to identify the inherent bias in his approaches towards the PLP and OBA.

                The man is not independent IMO.

                And no, I don’t like hypocrites who purport to be something they are not.

                • J Starling says:

                  I oppose both of them.

                  That the PLP is slightly closer to my politics (but not much) and that we’re both ‘in opposition’ to the OBA does not mean I am PLP. If I was I would have happily ran for them in a much easier constituency than my own!

                  • Really? says:

                    and you’d still loose. you might as well join a party and then break off and be indy like the rest of the jokers in parliament

          • interesting says:


          • J Starling says:

            Longtail, I called for anyone changing their allegiance, be it from one Party to another or from Party to Independent or vice versa to contest a by-election within six months of that official change of status.

            I also gave my word to constituents that I would do the same.

            I also called on Wayne Furbert, when he changed from UBP to PLP to contest a by-election. I have been consistent on this point.

            Whether you disagree with me or not is fine, but there is no need whatsoever to create fictions.

  14. tidbit says:

    Terry, I salute you! Well done thy good and faithful servant! I am quite sure the late L.F.Wade and the late Dame Brown-Evans would also agree with you. I hope Dennis and Derek decide to do the same.

    Marc Bean is a good man, however he needs to be cautious who he surrounds himself with( they are eyeing his postion). It is ok being a PLP diehard supporter, but it is another thing of being a blindfolded supporter.

    Maynard as your party Chairman has his work cut out for him ( another good man) in trying to bring a balance. Remember you even have someone as a PLP MP who the than chairman did not originally endorse as a viable candidate.

    I am an independent thinker and voted this time around for the OBA, and yes PLP in the past, no party has me handcuffed intellectually. As a matter of fact leading up to the election I always said the best combination for the leadership would have been T.Lister/R.Horton leadership either way would have been accepted. Now look at both of these men, both set aside by their party after all of their committment( what a wealth of knowledge not being utilized). I dont blame either one of them for their most recent decisions. At least they have backbone to stand on their personal conviction.

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      @ Tidbit, I do not believe Lister or Horton where set aside by the PLP party, but rather did not work hard enough to prove they were worthy of taking on the leadership position within the PLP. I guess you do not have the full detail information in regards to these fellows. Outside looks good, but get down to it, they often failed to produce the goods. People want leaders that are strong and willing to work hard. People want leaders who are about service to country and not personal Grandstanding or showboating. It was obvious that both seem to lack the will to work hard, to get the job done. They seemed to have become complacent in their roles as MPs, often they lacked vigor and energy. So why would anyone select them as Leaders? But I think PLP has great opportunity now to re-shape and re-built the party, and find individuals that are willing to work hard for the country and not self only. When person become engulfed in “Self”, it is time they move on.

      • longtail says:

        @STIF – “People want leaders who are about service to country and not personal Grandstanding or showboating”? I wish this were true, but much of the last 14 years shows otherwise.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ stif: “When person become engulfed in “Self”, it is time they move on.”
        Wish you had made that last statement to a couple of your previous leaders and their henchmen.

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Randy and Terry do not have what it takes to be real leaders. Both are mediocre, and OBA’s Craig Cannonier falls way below that grade. Politically speaking, we are on a very interesting ride.

  15. Bobmarlin says:

    Who next is resigning from the PLP?

  16. Princess Twinkles says:


    • Somebody'sMomma says:

      He couldn’t be the Shadow Minister while his party was in power.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Somebody’s mama, duh! When twinkles said he should have been made shadow finance min, twinkles obviously meant once the plp lost power!!!! And are we’re they should be!!!

  17. enough says:

    This is not good for the PLP. Mr Lister and Mr Butler stood out from the rest of the PLP politicians as they had ability and integrity, and had experience. The younger PLP politicians seem to be particularly short of talent and any ability to run a country. The PLP failed to make use of their talents, and he (Terry Lister) must have felt humiliated over the situation of the female bus driver who refused to take a drug test after an accident

  18. Princess Twinkles says:


  19. M.P MOUNTBATTEN JP says:

    If this is true it will be interesting to see how Bean handles this busted fish pot .

  20. Rhonda says:

    limelight for Lister about time, many say he was the PLP leak to the media…time will tell…

  21. Perspective says:

    Lister cares about the people of Bermuda and has proven himself to hold a much higher ethical standard than many other MPs, as evidenced by the bold statement he made against the former premier over the Uyghur episode, after which he left the Cabinet. He was one of few people to ever stand up to the former premier and that took some balls.

    Assuming he understands the problems we face and has a good idea of the solutions required explains why he ran for party leader, the position in which he would be able to make the most difference and implement meaningful change.

    If smart people like this cannot reach their full potential within the confines of a political party that does not understand or respect their views, then why waste their political career being frustrated and philosophically compromised?

    It is childish not to accept this and accuse him of disloyalty, the PLP should be grateful for everything he has done in the past, accept they hold different views on the best way forward and wish him the best.

    • longtail says:

      Yours seems a reasonable perspective in the interim…… hopefully Mr Lister will speak for himself very soon!!

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ Perspective: I second your opinion. Mr. Lister’s party has not shown an appreciation for his talents and attributes. If he should be become an independent as is rumoured, he then has the opportunity to vote his conscience on any issue that arises, without fear of party whips or being forced to toe a party line.

        @ Mr. Starling: ‘Longtail’ stated that your implication that “a vote should be counted for a party instead of the individual seems very obtuse.” I’d be interested in your comments. It is clear to me that of late, the party system has done damage to our community – divided us, created tension and animosity. Running as an independent, it would seem to me that you would agree with that assessment.
        Either people voted for Mr. Lister because he was the best man for the job, or he could have been a dog and they would have voted for him because they vote strictly party. The later doesn’t say much for the man, in which case he is doubly within his rights to leave, IMHO

        • J Starling says:

          I think that in the Party system, candidates that run for parties are elected partly on the basis of their being a party candidate and partly on the candidate themselves.

          Personally, I believe that party candidates are elected primarily on the basis of their party affiliation, and not on their individual caliber.

          This is the case for both PLP and OBA candidates. I remember in the first week of canvassing in #20, the OBA had yet to announce their candidate there. Many self-identified OBA voters would tell me about how unthinking PLP voters where, that they would vote for anyone as long as they were PLP.

          I listened carefully, but then tried to, tactfully, point out that they had started off the conversation saying they would vote OBA so I should move on (I insisted on speaking with them anyway; in the chance I was elected I would represent all), and yet there was no OBA candidate. The stock response though was ‘Oh, but this is different. We know the OBA will have a good candidate whoever it is.’

          So, it goes both ways, and such is one of the failings of the party system.

  22. sanityisback says:

    Only two months after the election and Lister jumps ship. This must be some kind of record. He ran under the banner of the PLP and has shown a lack of character by selling out those in C33.

    Our constitution should be changed and require a bye-election if a candidate representing a particular party resigns from that party. That would be the right thing to do and would insure that the voters again have their say.

    • longtail says:

      Your vote should be for the person, not party. I would hate to see the day when our ballots only gave us the option for voting for a party rather than an individual!! The assertion that a bye-election should be held in these cases is flawed…. if Mr Lister had been voted in as an independent and then switched to the PLP would you be asking for a bye-election???? No, of course not. So why should you be asking for a bye-election now????

      • George says:

        Lets be honest here, though you may feel you want to/have voted for a candidate/person under our electoral/political system in the past you are doing a disservice to yourself and the country by doing so. Individual candidates have no real political power under the party structures that we have, i.e. you tow the party line set out by the party whip or you are censured, simple as that! The power of an Independent is also obviously very limited due to lack of support. The political/party system is flawed and we need to change it.

      • sanityisback says:

        Please do not try and answer for me!If Lister ran as an independent and then switched to the PLP as you suggest I would still want to see a by-election for the same reason I do now. That is the person running should honor those who voted them in under a particular banner.

        Is that simple enough for you?

      • Mystique says:

        Based on your logic or lack thereof, then Nalton Brown and Michael Fahy should NOT be ministers, because absolutely NO ONE voted for them; yet Fahy thinks he is a power unto himself!

        • Mystique says:

          And the fact that Senators who were not elected can be appointed to Ministerial positions (both under PLP ad OBA) confirms that voting and results are party based not for the individual! Duh!

  23. Balanced Facts says:

    R.I.P PLP

  24. welldone says:

    Well done Mr Lister. Now everyone sees your true colors. Less than 2 months ago you wanted to be Leader. So now within that short time frame you have jumped ship. Smh.
    Pure selfishness. You and your sidekick Randy. All about self.
    Be gone and I hope the PLP replace you with quality candidates that are not solely about self.

  25. Somebody'sMomma says:

    The only thing that the PLP collectively did to Mr. Lister was vote to let him know we did not want him to be our Leader. Otherwise, we treated him with the respect of any party member and member of Parliament.

    The Premier of the country decides who serves in Cabinet regular PLP members are not part of that decision. To say the PLP treated Mr. Lister in a bad way is untrue. Tomorrow we will learn why he made this decision and the speculation will stop.

    The resignation of one MP does not indicate that the PLP is falling apart. We have many people, elders and youth, who are dedicated to the success of this party. I only have sympathy for the PLP members and supporters who worked hard with Mr. Lister to assist him in being re-elected and now he has moved on. Now it creates an opportunity for a new candidate to ask the PLP members to give them the opportunity to represent them in the next election. Mr. Lister was a canvasser so the new candidate will need to knock on doors.

    PLP all the way … All the way PLP

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      great name,,,dont you know who your momma was?

      typical kool aid drinker…plp all the way…all the way down the sewer!

  26. Bobmarlin says:

    @somebody’s momma
    The PLP are not happy with Mr.Bean as their leader.More resignations are coming .The OBA are the party to lead Bermuda out of the mess the PLP has put us in!
    The people of Bermuda know that the new govt. has their best interest at heart.Look at the policies that have to be changed in order to get Bermudians back to work.Join the OBA and be part of the solution to create a better Bermuda. All the best!

    • Independent says:


      Man shut the f*%^ up!. You go on Bernews say the same s#!t everyday! Keep thinking these people will take you to the promise land. Dumb a$$!

  27. Quote We Dont Care What You Think says:

    standing strong for the next paycheck

    young wht mind

    those who know, know

  28. Alvin Williams says:

    In regard to Terry Lister following in the foot steps of Randy Horton; it is good to remember this; If the people choose you to lead them in politics it is a privilege; it is not a right and so in that respect I say let the rotten branches fall from the PLP tree; new shoots will soon make thier appearance growing even stronger than before.

    • Out of flight says:

      New shoots are on drugs. Can’t see further than their blackberries and fall when they walk because their pants are down. Don’t read much and have no idea of the past. Young shoots are dead before they even fall from the tree. Oh. Remember they are killing each other.

      • Independent says:

        @ out of flight,

        From your statement, should I assume the young talent in the OBA are on drugs & killing each other as well?

    • Family Man says:

      Is that your opinion Alvin or are you presenting that as a fact?

      How’s that apology coming?

      • M.P. MOUNTBATTEN JP says:

        Alvin , man Sorry to say , but , for you to applaud the breaking up of the senior members of the PLP , oh I know you want Butch to slide in like a thief in the night !

      • Dennis Williams says:

        mind your business family man

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Is this how you get to write articles now? Since we know how reliable your “journalism” is.

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      the plp are FINISHED…you know,I know and anyone in their right mind knows it too.

  29. Triangle Drifter says:

    My my my…shame & scandal in the family. Stay tuned. More to come.

  30. SEAMAN. says:

    When you see the rats leaving the ship. It is an indication that she is sinking. Beware the Ides of March. PLP your are slowly getting that which you wished on the UBP.

  31. fashion police ! says:

    This is truely Something that reminds me of a scene from the Movie American Gangsta when Frank Lucus played by [Denzil WAshinton] Mother SAid,,,,,They would Leave You,, Even I would Leave You ! These Trates are of when the Flavour of the Week is no longer Popular people leave the Party,no pun intended ! We here in Bermuda are All About Status an ‘Looking Good” There will be More Leaving Too, I am so Sure ! Status is a Bit**h in this Country and Every Body has a Price !

  32. Chuckling says:

    Some of you people are HILARIOUS!!!

  33. Really? says:

    This is seismic if true.

  34. longtail says:

    @Bernews – You should at least get Mr Lister’s parish correct – he represents Sandys South, not Sandy’s South. (Amazing how many Bermudians – including those in Government departments – that cannot spell this parish correctly!)

    • longtail says:

      @Bernews – The parish is NOT named for someone called ‘Sandy’. FYI, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

      Sandys Parish…….is named for English aristocrat Sir Edwin Sandys (1561-1629), and hence there is no apostrophe in the name.

  35. Sandman says:

    Surprised that he waited this long! Before the election would have been a better time to do this.

    If he were to call a by election then either the OBA would not stand a candidate and lister would probably win, or it would be a three way race with the OBA probably winning due to opposition vote splitting.

    Calling a by election is the decent thing to do but few politicians due because they risk losing their job

  36. Time Passages says:

    PLP continues to destroy itself from within. Destined for our history books along side the Bermuda Railway and other horror stories.

    • Xman says:

      I guess he is just finding out about a lot madness that went on under the table too!- and doesn’t want to be a part
      of a Political Party that had so much promise but led the country astray.
      Than again after being on the same political team as Dr Evil – and the madness that he had to deal with it’s a wonder that he is still interested in Politics’.

  37. CHEEE KUMS BIE says:

    if he leaves its would just be another case of sour grapes, this guy wants the leadership so bad but it keeps getting out of his reach, some people dont know when their not natural born leaders and want to force their leadership on people, Lister should just try to hang in and see what the future holds ….but he can join the ranks with the Judas house speaker

  38. Mryron smith says:

    This is the start of proof that the PLP was divided internally, the Paula cox/ ewart brown side, We all know a House divided can not stand. That’s just the way it is.

  39. Sandys Girl says:

    Well Done! I hope Dennis Lister and Michael Scott follow suit as well. PLP did not nor does not care about the Sandys Residents. They have shown over the years, nothing but disrespect for the loyal Somerset PLP elected officials. Dennis and Michael, follow suit. Many voted for PLP because of you……..NOT because they believed in the direction they were going. And now with this new leadership, another EB in the making, the Furberts voices of negativity and disruption, move on. Your constituents will follow.

    • CHEEE KUMS BIE says:

      your an idiot, your elected official is your PLP rep, how can the PLP show disrespect over the years to Sandys residents when sandys residents have a plp rep,if anything the sandys residents have to call on their rep to get things done thats how it works, and other reps represent their parishes as well. …thank God stupid people like you make up only one person and one vote, i pray that your stupidity is not contagious

    • SANDYS MAN says:

      SANDYS GIRLS…WHAT Rubbish are u speaking neither Dennis or Scott did anything for the Sandys community…look how the housing complexes up in dockyard where left in a dissary..while wedco chair walter Lister did nothing!! We the somerset community are tired of these so called black elites fsamilies!! The horton’s, Lister ect!! U cannot even find them in Sandys doing a thing for anyone but themselves!!! where have they been on the issues of gun violence…silent!! where have they been on the jobs issues!!! silent! scott and Terry have both held high office postions!! Terry needs to take his brother Dennis and go jump off or better yet go down to St. Kitts with their devopler Dennis Corriea!! This dude has sour grapes since EB sent him packing!! He was always down to lie to us the public…get rid of the selfish people PLP and you will be reborn

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        All those complaints and yet you continually (up until the most recent election) voted these same indviduals into power over and over again?

        Does 2+2 = 5 in Somerset?

  40. Y-Gurl says:

    As the noose tightens and more of the the hidden “miscalculations” are uncovered im sure we will more of this opposition impolsion.

    • CHEEE KUMS BIE says:

      explain the implosion….all i see is people who wanted power and didnt get it and now they are leaving, sort of like the lil spoiled kid and his ball when he is not good enough to score goals, he takes his ball and goes home. OBA won by a very very close margin so stop acting as if it was a landslide , and they have started lying already and removed the term limits. And you can bet your boots that more people will vote next time and OBA will not get in

      • sonoso says:

        the PLP wont the last two elections by a very very close margin as well.. whats your point?

      • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

        The plp are FINISHED !…dont believe the hype and stop drinking the kool aid.

      • bermuda shorts says:

        Well they definately cant be no worst under the PLP.PLP failed their people-we were much better off under the UBP govt.what did u accomplish or gain under the PLP -nothing just headaches and problems-and cut throat politics-oh yeah and they took the govt of all their money -if u dont believe me ask the auditor general and its not Larry Dennis its a black woman-and by the way i am a black man- And u people supporters until u stop seeing color as the reason to vote for a political party things will never improve around here-And remember this is not a communist state-mr Lister is entitled to leave a political party if he wishes-It looks like PLP is gonna suffer the same fate as UBP-It looks like the Marc Beans , The David Burt and the Marc Daniels is pushing the old guards out and looking to form a New PLP party.

  41. Scaur Lady says:

    I wish I had known before I voted in the election what your intentions were. I had my doubts then. You can’t win everything. They picked the person to lead whom that thought would be best for the P.L.P. in these times. The P.L.P. will survive without you.

  42. D Talbot says:

    When elections are called, candidates canvass the area and put forward reasons why they should be selected to represent the area in question. It is my belief that if a candidate is affiliated to a party and wants to change that to become an independent or even cross the floor, they should be made to resign by law so that a by-election be called. This will then give the voter back their right to select the best candidate for them.

  43. Amazed says:

    We wont know his reason until he states it so all this speculation is just speculation. Whatever his reason it is not the end of the world and he is entitled to change his mind. we dont have to agree but we should still respect his right to do so especially since he is not the first to do so.

  44. Time Passages says:

    Rats leaving a sinking ship – who is next? I don’t blame Mr Lister one bit for distancing himself from such a cancerous organization. Having met him on many occasion, I always wondered why he was involved with them from the start – he appeared way too smart to be in the PLP. Good on you Terry! Best of luck as an independent.

  45. Bobmarlin says:

    The OBA will win at least 2 seats in Sandys in the next election.
    Ms.Spring and Mr.Charlton have what it takes.They work hard for their constituents and are honest brokers.
    Rumours has it,more will leave the Opposition.The OBA has come out of the starting blocks with thought and gusto,and the people like what they see!

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      Bobmarlin, I think you speak too soon, as the PLP has a great opportunity to put some individuals in that area that are willing to work hard. It is possible that many of those folks voted party, and want a change of canadidates in that area as well. I think new fresh talent or strong older talent within the PLP will make a real different in Sandys parish. Those folks up there are strong. They usually stick together, regardless. I think some MPs like Terry Lister and Scott fall down on the job, and did not continue to work hard as they should, and this will make the significant different.
      PLP will come back even stronger, and this is the possible fear of many within the OBA.

      • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

        @CC33 Voter, and there are many that voted based upon party as well. There are some that were not happy with the level of public services Mr Lister provided for the area in Sandys, often many felt he was sleeping on the job. This is not good, and I wished it was different, but as I said many often forget what their purpose was in entering politics, it becomes about self rather than public services.

    • Dennis Williams says:

      Charlton didn’t have time for me or my family….together we could have gotten him in….

      • Ray Charlton says:

        Good Day Mr. Williams,

        From the time that I was announced as a candidate until the election I worked hard to try and meet with everyone in Sandys North. In some cases, I spent hours with constituents listening to their concerns. There were other homes were I returned on more than 5 occasions and at different times of the day, but I still was not able to make contact.
        Although I was not elected, I continue to work for the people of Sandys North and if I may be of service to you, please email me at rcharlton@oba.bm

        Thank you and regards,

        Ray Charlton

  46. C33 Voter says:

    As a voter within Mr. lister’s const, let me the first to tell you all – WE SUPPORT HIM IN THIS MOVE. Mr. Lister works for us and we know this. It doesn’t matter what party he is connected to – he is a man of the area, he knows our concerns and will work for us in the House. If he feels he can do that without being apart of the PLP, so be it.

    We didn’t vote for the party, we voted for Terry Lister – period.

    • interesting says:


    • The Observer says:

      C33 you must be a swing voter or an obaupb supporter. Not many in C33 vote for person, we vote party and party all the way. Terry has been viewed as lazy, morals questioned and is on his way to retirement and should of gone gracefully instead of nailing the people who thought he was a true Christian man that we could forgive for bad moral judgement.

  47. tidbit says:

    I hope you all heard Terry speak! He told it all. They (PLP) have done it to themselves, through total disrespect. Trust me it is only beginning, Terry as another black Bermudian I am very proud of you for your speech and I must say very well spoken and I applaud you for keeping it all to yourself until the time was right. Trust me you have gained a lot of additional respect not only in Sandys but across all Bermuda.

  48. John E. Thorne says:

    After listening to his speech just now, I congratulate Terry on putting Bermuda first over party and listening to his conscience. His constituents will be better served now that he is an independent. Bermuda would be better served if we had 36 independents in the house and did away with party politics which only divides all of us instead of bringing us together.

  49. Triangle Drifter says:

    Lister may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but he was one of the more useful tools in a toolbox otherwise full of mostly useless ‘as seen on TV’ tools.

    They screwed him over pretty good so now they have gotten what they deserved.

    It will be interesting to see his voting record as things go along.

  50. Argosy says:


    He had to hear from his wife that he was not in the Shadow Cabinet.

    What a disgraceful & disrespectful way for the PLP to treat one of its senior Members. If this is the new, young elite of the PLP, God help that party.

    You cannot behave this way and expect to be successful.

    • All Liars says:

      How about how the OBA treated Kim Swan and Charlie Swan and all the people that voted for them. Did they hear from their UBP representatives a new party was being started by Dunkley Fahy etc.

  51. 8th wonder says:

    just the begining of the plp internal fight that will see the young verus old. However these issues fall on the hands of the potically immature delegates hat are more about emotion and less about reason.

  52. George says:

    Well said C33 Voter – I would encourage all of you who made assumptions/negative comments about Mr. Lister’s motives for resigning from the PLP now listen to the man speak for himself – the audio can be found at the link above – Update 11:56am.

    He obviously felt unwelcome in the party after being told so, on more than one occasion!

  53. here's a thought.... says:

    well done, mister lister. i especially like that you say you will ‘vote for bermuda’ – except that i must ask, if you were voting for the plp before, do the plp mps not see themselves as voting for bermuda? and the answer cannot be that you as an MP are representing a certain constituency, because here in this tiny island, we’re all in the same boat really. the actual constituencies don’t need specific representation, the way one would in the UK (re their roads, their schools, etc…)

    but again, well done, and thank you for having the courage to stand for yourself, and all of us. ONE BERMUDA. ONE PEOPLE. thank you.

    • Sad Truth says:

      Honestly this comes as a surprise to you? This is a huge problem, not only here in Bermuda but world wide. Politicians typically put their own interests first, party’s 2nd and country/constituents a dismal 3rd..

      I will add that in my opinion, the PLP did take this philosophy to new levels mind you.

      The answer, a new breed of voter in Bermuda, one that only rewards and/or holds MPs accountable for their record of service to country, that after all is the job we’re hiring them to do in the first place.

    • interesting says:

      “well done, mister lister. i especially like that you say you will ‘vote for bermuda’ – except that i must ask, if you were voting for the plp before, do the plp mps not see themselves as voting for bermuda? ”

      I think that is exactly what he meant. I applaud Mr. Lister for standing for his values.

  54. Frank Arnold says:

    Wow,i just listened to Mr.Listers reasons and as i said WOW.The best of luck to you and for courage to stand up and say enough is enough. Now you will see who really is in your corner ,by those who stand by your side in times like this.I am sure there are many. Again good luck,

  55. Redman says:

    Good for you Mr. Lister, we keep hearing the term ‘Respect’over and over well it looks like it is high time the PLP had someone pick up a dictionary, study the meaning, learn and explain what the word actually means to the rest of the Cabal. LOl

    At this rate the PLP will be down to 10 MP’s in a few weeks LOL :)

    @ Mr. Lister, Don’t expect any of your former comrades to invite you for a cup of Tea anytime soon. LMAO :)

  56. Self Serving People says:

    Why do so many hams run for a top post dont get the required votes from their peers then quit the association. I saw it in Cricket with Clay Smith and Alen Richardson no Lister. YOur True Colors always come to the surface trust me

  57. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    it’s happening folks…the death of the plp!

    what started out as a good idea all thise years ago has been corrupted so much it has simply started to implode
    just like club med did and who made that happen,EWB.plp.

  58. Watching On says:

    Well as Mr. Lister said, a Delegate shouted it was time for him to go. So basically he simply complied. In my opinion, when that delegate shouted that the others in the room should have told that person shut up, but seems to me they all were in agreement.

    Sometimes a person have to swallow their pride and ambition and step outside the box, whether they will get lambasted for it or not. So he is just doing what he think is best for his sanity. There is only so much a man can take.

  59. Bobmarlin says:

    Listening to Mr.Lister’s reasons for leaving the PLP ,we all should be alarmed!
    The PLP have no respect for elder statesman and are only interested in power for the select few.Well done,Mr.Lister for saying it like it is!

    • Anal Openings says:

      Give me a friggin break stupid people. The entire oba now members in parliament fooled all that voted for them and you sat silently and now have this crap to say – this country is going to hell in a hand basket with anal opening fools

  60. bermuda boy says:

    Mr. Lister, please keep these plp comments in mind when voting in the house.

  61. In Mark's Opinion says:

    I wish all our leaders will vote for Bermuda.

  62. Somebody's Momma says:

    He said that he was treated with hostility and gave the example of 1 delegate shouting at him.

    I respect Mr. Lister’s decision to move on but disagree that he was disrespected by the PLP.

    For all of you who said he should have been; he also said that he had no desire to be Minister of Finance or Shadow Minister of Finance. That was his direct quote.

    He moves on, we move on.

  63. CHEEE KUMS BIE says:

    Randy Judas horton and Terry cry baby Lister have been two power hungry individuals whose moves for power was shut down consistently. Gone go run as an independent because the only one who will vote him to be a leader is Terry Lister

  64. Karma! says:

    Terry is a LOSER! He ill treated so many people – Karma is paying him back for all his cold-hearted evil doings! He is a horrible man and extremely vindicative! Just ask members of the civil Servants just how horrible he was whilst in office! Horrendous human being with no regards or respect for others! The man is evil and the Lord has finally realized that he doesn’t deserve any good-dealings in his life! Rot in hell Terry!

  65. ABM says:

    Lister was an @ss then and today he is still an @ss! I know him personally which is why I said what I said. And true to his form like a spolied child is now throwing a temper tantrum by way of resigning from the party. He should give up his seat to be honest with you. Only cause the people in that area voted for him and the PLP and now he is an idependent, they didn’t vote for that. Frankly, there should be another election over there. This way we can see who the people of that are are really supporting. The same goes for any politician who resigns and wants to keep their seat.

    • bermuda shorts says:

      Well they definately cant be no worst under the PLP.PLP failed their people-we were much better off under the UBP govt.what did u accomplish or gain under the PLP -nothing just headaches and problems-and cut throat politics-oh yeah and they took the govt of all their money -if u dont believe me ask the auditor general and its not Larry Dennis its a black woman-and by the way i am a black man- And u people supporters until u stop seeing color as the reason to vote for a political party things will never improve around here-And remember this is not a communist state-mr Lister is entitled to leave a political party if he wishes-It looks like PLP is gonna suffer the same fate as UBP-It looks like the Marc Beans , The David Burt and the Marc Daniels is pushing the old guards out and looking to form a New PLP party.

  66. god1st says:

    @ bermy gooner are you sure that you dislike hypocrites,and those who potray a false image”?

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      You keep on following me around on here. Should I get you a leash?

  67. No longer a member says:

    I does not surprise me when I hear of hatred in the PLP. That is why I decided not to be a part of it. The hatred is seen and heard on a certain radio station. The conductor is strictly PLP and should be neutral. I can say she has taken over from Mr. T Dill of 107.5. When you don’t say that your party is wrong and dispite seeing that it hurts Bermuda as a whole, it is time to say “I don’t want to be a part of this party anymore.” If your seen talking to a known person of the oposite party you are labled as a white lover. I love people and Bermuda, not a party because of my color. Hate, hate, hate and more hate. Stop it and work together for the betterment of all, PLEASE!!!

    • keturah says:

      I have heard it too from that talk show and believe it to be pure racism and they should be called out on it.

  68. Bermudian says:

    Are we surprised that there’s trouble in the PLP camp? NO! Haven’t we seen disrespect within the party before? YES! I am glad that Mr. Lister didn’t move to the OBA, because he’s not who I voted for on Dec 17th, but I do respect his decision. Saying that, I will vote for any politician who is truly honest about moving this Island in a positive way. Very interesting to see who else will abandon that toxic party.

    • Swing Voter says:

      Stop being stupid, he’ll work 2 years as a independent and then move to the OBA like Furbert did with the PLP.

    • yes says:

      too many rotten apples um afraid

  69. Truth Seeker says:

    It’s always amazing to see or read the sharks come out to feed on those they deem to be weak or lacking in backbone! I for one have always had the highest regard for Terry Lister, Randy Horton and many others in the PLP and have been critical of members pf the UBP even though there are those bloggers who will immediately brand me as a UBP/OBA supporter (there is no such party).

    I believe it always takes courage to stand up for your principles, and both Terry Lister and Randy Horton have clearly chosen to do just that. Like it or not, neither of these gentlemen have changed parties but both have, in their own way, decided to step back a few paces from the PLP, in all likelihood for the overall benefit of Bermuda.

    As an independent, Terry can now vote whichever way he wishes, and although I anticipate that he will vote more often for the PLP than the OBA he will no doubt vote for what he believes is best for all of us. Likewise with Randy Horton, as Speaker he has accepted a position that he is eminently qualifed to hold and would more than likely have been selected as Speaker if the PLP had won the election with a solid majority. He, too, will no doubt carry out his duties in the best interests of Bermuda.

    Contrary to some bloggers I do not believe that this is the end of the PLP by any means, but it does raise serious issues regarding the direction of the Party, and there has to be a serious re-thinking of some of their divisive policies before they can restore faith with the electorate.

    What is really sad is the nastiness and vitriol thrown by some PLP supporters at these two men who have both acted according to their conscience. Both are strong role models for young black males, but the shark feeding frenzy is so illustrative of our tendency to create this “gang” mentality (if you are not in my gang you are my enemy) which is so destructive in our community.

  70. mpartiality says:

    Well done Terry Lister. You have endured way too much for far too long. It is time you came to your senses. The PLP as is does not deserve you. You are out of tune because of your unceasing honesty and integrity . Move on and serve your constituents and the country as best you can. Your departure s their loss.

  71. Bobmarlin says:

    The PLP only in it for themselves.
    Well done mr Lister,your party has been hijacked by people who disrespect the workers !

  72. the truth says:

    The oba are the ones that can not be trusted. THE ubp misrepresented all who voted for them in 2007 but your blinded racist self can only see what’s wrong with the plp and black people

    • Really? says:

      spoken like a true Dr. Eva Hodgson follower. you sound the racist one. don’t let a white person tell a black person they are wrong. it means they are racist. get your head out the 1960s

  73. Sandys Constituent says:

    WELL DONE LISTER!!!!!! You have my Support.

  74. Nicky says:

    Good luck being an independant Mr. Lister.

  75. Really? says:

    “And another one bites the dust”

    The PLP was as full of in fightnig as UBP was, they only kept it together better because they had power. Power is gone so now the glue is loosening. looks like another BDA/UBP situation to me. Wonder if PLP do it how much nonsense excuses they will have to say having once mocked UBP for it.

  76. Triangle Drifter says:

    The PLP & their supporters delighted in seeing the UBP fall apart & did their best to malign the OBA which rose from the ashes of the UBP as well as those who were tired of both the UBPs ways & the PLP.

    Now that some OBA supporters are getting their digs in on the PLP many of the PLP faithful cannot handle it. Get over it & grow up.