Man Sentenced To Two Years For Robbery

March 1, 2013

Jamal Fray was sentenced to two years in prison after admitted robbing a Devonshire man of $1,000. During his previous Court appearance he pleaded guilty to the offence, with the Court hearing he forced a man to withdraw money from the ATM after threatening to stab him. He committed this offence just weeks after being released from prison for a prior offence.

At the sentencing hearing yesterday, Fray, 39, claimed that the man had lied about the incident. He said that he had not robbed the man and that he had an agreement with the man to borrow the money and repay it. Fray said: “It is hard for me to have remorse for someone who lied and set me up.”

A Victim Impact Statement was read to the Court, in which the victim said that he was now nervous and would be afraid whenever he knew that Fray was not in jail as Fray was a man of violence.

Before passing sentence, Senior Magistrate Archie Warner reviewed Fray’s criminal record which showed that he had been incarcerated previously on a wounding conviction and Fray had been released in October 2012.

Before that, Fray had been incarcerated after being convicted of robbery. The Magistrate also pointed out that Fray had other earlier incarcerations and convictions for assault, sexual assault of a female, possession of ammunition, and use of offensive words.

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  1. Gosh says:

    Bernews is there a file photo of this person that you can post please? I would like to see who this sick person is.

  2. ABM says:


  3. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    another useless LOSER!

  4. amazed says:

    I am glad that this man has to do time for what he has done, because he DESERVES to be doing time. BUT, it AMAZES me the amount of people who are being let off for FAR worse offenses ( and yes I have seen what his previous offenses were, and again, he deserves the sentencing that he got..probably deserves more than what he got)… is beyond frustrating to see the amount of people who are let off with basically a smack on the wrist for far worse things. I wish that the people who are sentencing those who are commiting crimes would give them the sentences that they actually deserve. Too many people are being “let off” because of who they know…it is ridiculous.

    Again, I am glad this man has been sentenced.

  5. sonoso says:

    arhcie warner needs to f%^^ing go!!!! no consistency whatsoever in any of his sentences.. how is this guy gonna get 2 years for robbery, yet paedophiles are getting conditional discharges and social inquiries??

  6. ella says:

    Bernews – Put up a pix of this arse.

  7. BendEm Like Beckam says:

    He is a REPEAT OFFENDER and he gets 2 years? Gotta love the court system here.

  8. Concerned says:

    I know Jamal from a young boy, troubled youngster even then and not of his doing – believe me when I tell you. He was a bright star, he was friendly and outgoing even with the situations that surrounded him. Pray for our young men, their homes, their friends and their children. Sad how our families lives can leave marks such as Jamal has for life.

  9. chi chi says:

    Keep his butt behind bars. It obvious that’s where he wants to be. The boy has been getting in trouble ever since he was in primary school. He acted like a real bully then too!

  10. Gale says:

    Sick and disgusting.

    They should be deported back to where they came from.