Video: Delta Flight Diverts For Sick Passenger

March 3, 2013

Shortly after 1.00pm today [Mar 3], Delta flight #487 landed at the LF Wade International Airport after diverting to the island with a sick passenger.

Delta 487 Diverted Flight, Bermuda Airport March 3 2013 (2)

Delta flight #487 departed New York’s JFK Airport just after 9.00am on its way to Punta Caucedo in Dominican Republic. A female passenger took ill on the flight and the Captain decided to divert the plane to get the passenger medical attention.

Emergency services met the aircraft at the airport terminal where medical personnel boarded the plane and assisted the sick passenger off the plane and transferred into an awaiting ambulance. She was then transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment. After taking on fuel, the flight continued on to its destination at approximately 2.45pm.

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  1. What Do You THink says:

    The emergency island in the sun. Here come “diverted” funds for the island. We are strategically located.