Slideshow: Urban Foot Race In St George’s

April 30, 2013

[Updated] Sunday April 28th saw another part of Bermuda’s new Triple Challenge Series, the Urban Footrace kick off in the Old Town of St George’s. Comprising of various teams, the 5km route started off at the top of Barrack Hill, and finished in King’s Square, just outside the White Horse Tavern.

The route was provided to the entrants before hand, but the actual obstacles were only known to the athletes on the actual race day, so there was no time to prepare or train for the specific obstacles encountered. Plywood walls, roadworks high way separators, raised wooden walls and even a Bermuda Pink Bus comprised some of the obstacles the team members had to navigate and conquer.

To the surprise, not to mention dismay of some of the teams, one of the final obstacles was a swim across the bridge from the Ducking Stool side to the Deliverance. Some took it in great stride literally, by trying to jump with a giant leap as far as possible to minimize the duration of the swim in the still chilly April waters.

There were many marshals along the course keeping the teams on course throughout the 18 obstacle event. One team member wore a timing chip and they had to cross the line ahead of the other partner for timing and both were expected to finish together.

The male division winners were Bermuda Tools, the female division winners were Twinkle Toes, and the mixed division and Overall winners were NumbNutz.

Update 2.07pm: There has been some confusion about the results, however organisers have confirmed that the results they provided to Bernews are accurate. How the actual final results work is the points for running time are combined with the team’s donation points to get the overall placement.

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  1. Mike says:

    That bye in de blue speedos an’ tutu… bye-no-bye!

  2. IMHO says:

    love de spanish point spashials, lock ups, swannies off the dock lol

  3. George says:

    Well done to the organizers and the participants for making it such a successful event!

    Now how about getting together with the Dept. of Tourism & Community and Cultural Development and making this an international event to help stimulate the tourism industry?

  4. Laurence Fox says:

    The female divison was won by FoxydilEmma Amy Fox and Emma Norman.
    Place Team No Bib No Team/Participant Name City Time

    1 283 Foxy Dilemma 34:01
    283 Emma Norman
    283 Amy Fox

    2 225 Twinkle Toes 34:57
    225 Elizabeth Madeiros
    225 Jen Gazzard

    3 216 Ninja Twins 36:37
    216 Steph Mills
    216 sally wombwell

    4 219 A Canuck and A Kraut 37:12
    219 Jennifer Wilson
    219 Alexandra Wilberz

    5 234 Me & Her 37:16
    234 Goretti Clementino
    234 Mandy Wells

    6 263 Geckos 38:21
    263 Karen Hodgson
    263 Chantelle Gallant

    7 272 TWIB Ladies 42:50
    272 Natalie Sannemalm
    272 Simona Terceira

    8 257 Double Trouble 42:50
    257 Danielle Ford
    257 Nicole Fox

    9 205 TaterTwots 42:52
    205 Anne Powell
    205 Sophia Sontag

    10 258 Dynamic Duo 43:46
    258 Susannah Cole
    258 Anne Marshall

    • Bernews says:

      Actually, it has been some confusion so we went back and double checked – Twinkle Toes *are* the female winners.

      See our 2.07pm note – it’s as the running points are combined with the donation points to get the division winners.

  5. bermerican says:

    This looks like so much fun! Upset I missed it. Congrats to the athletes and organizers.

  6. Adele says:

    Look like a lot of fun! Great pics – awesome Bermuda scenery in the background!

  7. Warriors says:

    Excellent job to Nicky, Danielle, Tresca, Pam, Robyn and Stacey…You girls Rock!!!!!!! Warriors for Life!!!

  8. St. D says:

    Fantastic! Congrats to organisers, participants and St. George’s.