Bermudians Honoured On Queen’s Birthday List

June 14, 2013

The 2013 Queen Birthday Honours List has been released, with former Premier Alex Scott, Clem Talbot, Michael Spurling, Calvin Ming, Raymond Ming and Joan Blades all being honoured.

Mr. Alexander Scott, CBE – For services to Bermuda.


Official Bio: The Hon. W. Alexander Scott’s public service and political has career has spanned more than three decades. He was selected and sworn in as Premier on July 28th, 2003, after serving as Works & Engineering Minister since 1998. Chronicling his career, In 1985, he was appointed to the Senate, and four years later, he was appointed Opposition Leader in the Senate.

Mr. Scott was first elected to Parliament in the General Election of October 1993. He became Deputy Leader of the Opposition Progressive Labour Party on August 20, 1996. Mr. Scott has served as a fierce strong advocate for Bermuda and Bermudians. During his tenure as a Member of Parliament, he has raised issues on the floor of the House of Assembly that if not for his insight and determination, would not have been made public. He believes in Bermuda and feels that qualified Bermudians are willing and able to chart the success of Bermuda. In 1978, Mr. Scott served as one of the five members of The Pitt Royal Commission that investigated the root causes of the 1977 riots. In 1983, he was a member of the House Regulations Committee. Early on in his career, Mr. Scott was a graphic designer and a design consultant and ran Scotts Crafts Limited, an advertising and public relations firm he started in 1964.

Mr. Clement [Clem] Talbot MBE – For services to the community [charitable work in Bermuda].


Official Bio: In his desire to give back to the community, and in honour of his late father musician Ross, Clem Talbot founded the Ross [Blackie] Talbot Foundation and the Ross [Blackie] Talbot Charity Golf Tournament. Over the past 20 years, through this signature golf event, more than $3 million has been raised for the redistribution to numerous charitable organisations in Bermuda.

Clem Talbot has been described as a true local hero and an inspiration to others. In addition to his charitable works, Clem Talbot has served on a host ofmany government boards and committees.

Mr. Michael Spurling MBE – For services to the community, particularly youth development in Bermuda.


Official Bio: Michael Spurling’s work with Raleigh Bermuda has made a significant difference in the lives of the many young people who have been involved in the programme. He has worked tirelessly to address the issues facing some of our most troubled youth and enacted solutions developed programmes which have changed their lives, by instilling in them self-confidence, self respect and a drive to succeed, despite their in some cases personal or social challenges. Through sheer determination and commitment, Michael Spurling has managed to build a sustainable and effective organisation which has benefited young people in general and Bermuda overall.

Mr. Calvin Ming – For services to the community.


Official Bio: Over the course of his life, Calvin Ming has been dedicated to substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation in Bermuda. He has been a fierce advocate for the rights to treatment, a guard for protecting Bermuda’s youth, a soldier for keeping the community safe and a shining star as a role model.

His commitment to public service commenced started with the Bermuda Government in 1977, when he joined the Prisons Department, now the Department of Corrections, as the first civilian Administrative Officer. He remained with the Department until 1982. He was also employed at the Ministry of Health and Social Services, in the accounts section.

In 1983 when the Government formed the Royal Commission on the Use and Misuse of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol, Calvin Ming worked with David Archibald, Consultant to the Commission in investigative issues, as well as disseminating information to the public.

Over the course of his career, he has held the post of Executive of the National Alcohol and Drug Agency [NADA], he was the first prevention officer of the National Drug Commission, and he has served as the Coordinator/Senior Probation Officer at the Department of Court Services.

Calvin Ming is also a dedicated member of the Salvation Army.

Mr. Raymond Ming – For services to the hospitality industry.


Official Bio: Raymond Ming is known for providing a personal touch to the thousands of guests he’s has greeted over the course of during his career in the hospitality industry.

He is currently Head Doorman/Bell Captain at Rosewood Tucker’s Point. He has worked as an Elbow Beach Hotel doorman for numerous many years, greeting each visitor to Bermuda with a charming welcome fit for royalty.

Through his dedication to providing personalised service and professionalism to all of Elbow Beach’s guests he has served as a true ambassador not only for the hotel, but for Bermuda as well.

Mrs. Joan Blades – For services to education.


Official Bio: Mrs. K. Joan Blades has been, and continues to be, an exemplary educator, mentor and a caring individual. She played a seminal role developing Science Curricula for all levels of education in Bermuda’s public school system.

Mrs. Blades has actively kept current with educational theory and practices. Even though she was an educator for more than 40 years, she was understood anding of the skills and knowledge needed for success in the 21st Century, and in that regard continued to evolve with the changing educational environment.

Mrs. Blades has always been concerned with the development of young people and to this end she pursued a second masters degree in counseling. As a senior school science teacher and an Education Officer, she mentored many young students and teachers. Even after retirement, teachers contact her for professional advice.

Mrs. Blades was active in the Girl Guides Association and is also very active in her church, The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.

Joan Blades has a passion for the development of Bermuda’s youth and stands out in Bermuda’s education community as a world class educator of immense knowledge and experience, integrity and professionalism.

- Photos/text above provided by official sources

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  1. Bewildered says:

    Congrats to all!

  2. Michael Branco says:

    Congrats Clem!

  3. Vote for Me says:

    Congratulations and question:
    What about;
    Sir Alex Scott
    Sir Ewart Brown
    Dame Paula Cox

    • Family Man says:

      Please …. I just ate.

      That list leaves a sour taste.

      • Just a thought says:

        Are you serious…they hate the UK establishment and all it represents…they did away with the Queen’s birthday…..and had National heroes day …and there is noone nominated for this year? What a shambles….all PLP members /supporters are hypocritical to accept any Queen’s honours after all their vitriol!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Knighthood/Damehood is for truly honourable people.

  4. a swimming onion says:

    Congrats to all & especially Alex Scott, Clem Talbot & Michael Spurling!

  5. Out of flight says:

    The PLP has once again clearly shown its hypocrisy by accepting another Queen’s award that it forced for many many years others to reject and they did like sheep. And now they beg for them to be called Dame this and Dame that and even Sir Alex. What a big joke and a travesty to those who they castigated with horse dung when they were being considered. Shame on any PLP member of that generation like Alex who takes one. Led by Dame Lois and quickly followed by Dame Jennifer…….why did they not want others to have it and when opportunity presented it self they ran quickly to Buckingham Palace?

  6. chi chi says:

    Congrats to Mrs Blades!!!A fine teacher and wonderful person. She is what I call an excellent role model for all the teachers in Bermuda!

  7. Lisa Logie says:

    Congratulations Mrs Blades. Extremely well deserved!

  8. Vulpes says:

    Wasn’t Mr. Ming one of The Bermuda Strollers too for many years? Those were the days.

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      Raymond Ming was the manager of the Bermuda Strollers for many years.
      His brothers Ted and Gladstone were band members.

  9. pwndwg says:

    Most are very deserving but if I set up a charity that paid me a huge salary and expenses while I also had a highly paid job at a bank that also contributed much of the charity funding, I’d expect to give a lot more than $150k per year and I’d be saying thank you rather than receiving awards. And by the way, like most people in the Commonwealth, I’d vote for HM Queen Elizabeth to be my National Hero every year.

  10. Congratulations Clement Talbot, you were always one of the best.

  11. Island Empress says:

    Congrats to all!