MPs Approve Human Rights Amendment

June 14, 2013

[Updated: The bill has passed in the House of Assembly this evening after many hours of debate.

Those that spoke in favour included Jeanne Atherden [OBA], Shawn Crockwell [OBA], Pat Gordon-Pamplin [OBA], Suzann Roberts-Hoshouser [OBA], Wayne Scott [OBA], Cole Simons [OBA], Jeff Sousa [OBA], Dr Grant Gibbons [OBA], Sylvan Richards [OBA], Mark Pettingill [OBA], Bob Richards [OBA], Susan Jackson [OBA], Michael Dunkley [OBA], Walton Brown [PLP], Lovitta Foggo [PLP], David Burt [PLP], Lawrence Scott [PLP], Zane DeSilva [PLP] and Michael Scott [PLP]

Wayne Furbert [PLP] said that a change should be made to note it doesn’t change the Matrimonial Causes Act 1974. At around 8.30pm MPs voted on Mr Furbert’s suggestion, and it was defeated 18-12.]

MPs are due to debate the amendment to the Human Rights Act to ban discrimination based on age or sexual orientation today [June 14] in the House of Assembly.

The Government indicated their plans to seek change to the law in most recent Throne Speech which said, “Your Government has made a determination. Justice is about fairness and equality of access for all. Bermuda does not have that standard and it is to our collective discredit as a democratic country in the 21st Century.

“Bermuda’s Human Rights Act 1981 no longer meets the standard for human rights in a 21st Century democracy. Government proposes therefore to replace the outdated Act in this Parliamentary Session with a new broadly based Bill that will address protection against discrimination for a range of characteristics including age and sexual orientation.”

During the debate on the matter last year, OBA MP Pat Gordon Pamplin spoke in favour of the amendment and said the Party is “singular in our position regarding equality.”

A screenshot from a pre election OBA booklet highlighting the section on discrimination:

Fullscreen capture 272013 60556 PM

The OBA won the election with a 19-17 majority, so technically speaking if they vote en bloc they can pass the amendment with just their own votes.

However that is not expected to happen, as apart from the matter of any possible dissension within the party, not all OBA MPs will be present today. Premier Craig Cannonier is off the island and the official Order Papers indicate at least one other OBA MP will be absent.

The Amendment can be expected to pick up support from some of the Opposition MPs. In the debate last year, PLP MP Michael Scott said: “I support the removal of discrimination against homosexuals, the introduction of two simple words – sexual orientation – within the framework of our laws.”

PLP MP Walton Brown has been an outspoken supporter of the amendment, and this morning he tweeted, “Today we will take an important step forward toward a more just Bermuda. Let us outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

Mr Brown speaking on the matter at a rally last year:

Some MPs have spoken against the amendment. Last year PLP MP Dennis Lister noted that the matter of discrimination based on sexual orientation has come to the House previously, and he voted against both motions. ”I still have not been moved from where I have been in the past, and I want to be noted for that…” he said.

“I am not opposed to the individual, I don’t want individuals to get offended or take it personally….it’s always the behaviour that I have my concern in that regard. As a member of the Church, I feel we should love and forgive everyone – always.”

Some of the island’s religious community have also expressed their opposition to the bill, with the AME Church saying they oppose the Human Rights Act amendment to include protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation as “legislation that endorses homosexuality violates God’s Word.”

Advocacy group Two Words and a Comma released a flyer yesterday, saying they “want to clarify these misunderstandings and encourage the public to take the time to read this material and become clear on the government’s proposed amendment to this important piece of legislation.”

Update 12.14pm: The debate has started. Jeff Sousa [OBA] is now speaking in favour of the amendment. “We must be a society of inclusion, not denial,” said Mr Sousa. Michael Weeks [PLP] suggested a referendum on the matter.

Update 12.17pm: Michael Scott [PLP] is now speaking and said he will be supporting the amendment.

Update 12.35pm: They have adjourned for lunch

Update 2.28pm: They are back. Lawrence Scott [PLP] is now speaking. He said as 67.3% of the residents of C#24 who completed the survey he provided were in favour of the amendment. He said as their representative, he will be voting in favour.

Update 2.38pm: Shawn Crockwell [OBA] spoke in support of the bill saying, “Today, justice will reign”

Update 2.53pm: Walton Brown [PLP] is now speaking in support of the amendment. “My position is very clear, I will support this amendment.”

Update 2.56pm: Jeanne Atherden [OBA] is speaking. “I am against all form of discrimination.”

Update 3.10pm: Lovitta Foggo [PLP] is now speaking. Says she supports the addition of sexual orientation to the bill, however feels the bill does not go far enough in some levels.

Update 3.15pm: Suzann Roberts Holshouser [OBA] is speaking. Said it is not about “special rights” it is about “rights for all.” She said this “legislation is much needed in our society.”

Update 3.39pm: Wayne Furbert [PLP] did not express support the bill, saying he wants to know where they stand on gay marriage. He indicated that if it was clear gay marriage would not be allowed, the bill could receive his support.

Update 3.41pm: Pat Gordon Pamplin [OBA] said we must make sure discrimination is not allowed.

Update 3.47pm: Video of Michael Weeks [PLP] below talking about today’s debate, he said we should “take this to people as a referendum”

Update 4.05pm: Kim Wilson [PLP] spoke. She said she attends Church, however noted that the Bible was used to condone slavery.

Update 4.13pm: Walter Roban [PLP] said he supports the amendment. “We have at times been an intolerant society,” he said.

Update 4.39pm: Cole Simons [OBA] said “I unequivocally support this”

Update 4.51pm: As of this time the vast majority of those who have spoken are clearly in favour of the amendment including Jeanne Atherden [OBA], Shawn Crockwell [OBA], Pat Gordon-Pamplin [OBA], Suzann Roberts-Hoshouser [OBA], Wayne Scott [OBA], Cole Simons [OBA], Jeff Sousa [OBA], Walton Brown [PLP], Lovitta Foggo [PLP], and Michael Scott [PLP].

Update 4.56pm: Zane DeSilva [PLP] is just beginning to speak. “I am fully against any discrimination whatsoever,” he said. “I have friends that are gay. I have employees that are gay.”

Update 5.12pm: Mark Pettingill [OBA] is starting to speak. He said part of the phobia comes from “religious doctrine.” He said the Bible is full of “great stuff” and “great teachings”, but said it is also full of “crazy stuff.” Mr Pettingill also said, “For those that are homophobic they can get up and go somewhere else.”

Update 5.39pm: Dennis Lister [PLP] is now speaking. He has long been on record as being against the amendment, and said he stands the same today. “I cannot support this matter.”

Update 5.42pm: Lovitta Foggo [PLP] speaking on the matter outside the House today

Update 5.48pm: Bob Richards [OBA] is now speaking. “We are all God’s children, and we must love one another. When you put those two together, you must come to the conclusion to support this legislation.”

Update 5.54pm: Derrick Burgess [PLP] is expressing concern about same sex marriage. He speaks in favour of banning discrimination based on age. Video of Mr Burgess speaking about the bill outside the House today

Update 6.10pm: Sylvan Richards [OBA] said “I support this amendment.”

Update 6.19pm: David Burt [PLP] just started speaking. Said this is not a gay rights bill, it is about discrimination in general. Mr Burt said, “I will vote in favour of this amendment.”

Update 6.36pm: Susan Jackson [OBA] said she “wholeheartedly supports the amendment”

Update 6.39pm: Dr Grant Gibbons [OBA] said he supports the amendment

Update 6.42pm: Marc Bean [PLP] is now speaking. Says it is “clear this bill will pass”.

Update 7.01pm: The bill needs the majority of votes to pass, and numbers are tipping here. There are 36 MPs in the House, the Speaker only votes in the case of a tie, leaving 35 votes. At least 18 MPs have spoken in clear support of the amendment, which gives the required numbers needed.

Update 7.18pm: Michael Dunkley [OBA] is now speaking in favour of the amendment. Mr Dunkley mentioned past discrimination and what the forefathers fought for, and Rolfe Commissiong [PLP] interjected asking him what discrimination his forefathers fought against, and Mr Dunkley said he said “our forefathers” not “his.”

Update 7.54pm: The individual speeches have finished, and the discussion continues with same sex marriage being brought up again. Wayne Furbert [PLP] said that a change should be made to note it doesn’t change the Matrimonial Causes Act 1974.

Update 8.06pm: They are still discussing same sex marriage. Marc Bean [PLP] is saying no matter what happens, that will be brought up in the future anyway.

Update 8.23pm: They are now voting on Mr Furbert’s suggestion about the Matrimonial Act. The vote is still in progress, so far most OBA MPs appear to be voting “no”, while most [not all] PLP MPs are voting “yes”.

Update 8.26pm: Mr Furbert’s motion was defeated 18-12.

Update 9.00pm: The debate continues, went a bit off track with a “jetgate” mention

Update 9.14pm: A breakdown of the votes on Wayne Furbert’s suggested Matrimonial amendment is below. All OBA MPs voted “no” along with PLP MPs Walter Roban, Walton Brown and Michael Scott to defeat it.

The 12 “Yes” votes were not enough to pass it:

Marc Bean [PLP], Derrick Burgess [PLP], David Burt [PLP], Rolfe Commissiong [PLP], DeSilva [PLP], Lovitta Foggo [PLP], Wayne Furbert [PLP], Dennis Lister [PLP], Terry Lister [IND] Lawrence Scott [PLP], Michael Weeks [PLP], Kim Wilson [PLP]

The 18 “No” votes saw it defeated:

Jeanne Atherden [OBA], Kenny Bascome [OBA], Walton Brown [PLP], Shawn Crockwell [OBA], Michael Dunkley [OBA], Dr Grant Gibbons [OBA], Pat Gordon-Pamplin [OBA], Susan Jackson [OBA], Trevor Moniz [OBA], Mark Pettingill [OBA], Sylvan Richards [OBA], Walter Roban [PLP], Leah Scott [OBA], Michael Scott [PLP] Wayne Scott [OBA], Cole Simons [OBA], Glenn Smith [OBA], Jeff Sousa [OBA]


Craig Cannonier [OBA], Bob Richards [OBA], Nandi Davis [OBA], Glenn Blakeney [PLP]

Update 9.18pm: They still need to vote on the main bill, and are debating specific sections of the bill.

Update 9.29pm: They haven’t voted on the Human Rights bill yet, and have now moved onto discussing the Hotel Concessions Act.

Update 10.10pm: The Bill has formally passed in the House of Assembly. There was no roll call vote, so the way the MPs voted individually is not available.

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  1. Bermudian says:


  2. Hey says:

    “I am not opposed to the individual, I don’t want individuals to get offended or take it personally….it’s always the behaviour that I have my concern in that regard. As a member of the Church, I feel we should love and forgive everyone – always.”

    The behaviour … this has nothing to do with a gay persons behaviour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lister….really….How can someone not take it personally or be offended, if they are not afforded the same basic human rights, but discriminated against because you go to church. God will judge you based on this failure of your fellow human. You spite someone God loves, someone who God made.

  3. Portia says:

    “But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

    Joshua 24:15

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

      1 Timothy 2:11-12

      • Concerned says:

        Ahhhhhhh – you try to tell a woman to be silent and know what you can expect….. more than a prayer and a hallelujah

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Yes Portia. He’s right. You have to be silent. Says so in the bible.

  4. Navin Johnson says:

    ‘If there ever was an amendment that does not need debating it is this one….just pass it unanimously and get on with it……

  5. If a man or woman chooses a path in life that is right or wrong, the consequences of their actions will either be good or bad. so I can support an amendment that gives the gay community the right to not be discriminated against in the work place or in public.

    What needs to be be strongly worded and enforced, is not to allow this to go any further down the road. such as same sex marriages, adoption of children or teaching alternative lifestyles in our school system. I for one believe that the human rights commission have a duty to uphold but it should not be at the very nature of imprisoning the majority of the population either, for a select minority.

    It may sound as if this is talking out of two sides of the mouth, but in reality we will eventually pay for the decisions we make, be it good or bad. The reward of our decisions are sure to follow.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      “It may sound as if this is talking out of two sides of the mouth”

      Even you admit to talking sh**….

    • Sooooooo says:

      “What needs to be be strongly worded and enforced, is not to allow this to go any further down the road”

      Duane… I believe you mean go back down the road… Until December 1974 same sex marrage was legal in Bermuda, this is when the Matrimonial Causes Act came into effect makeing same sex marrage “Void” or not legal.

      Funny thing is what you pointed out above was said not so long ago about mixed rase relationships!!

      Bermuda has to get with the program; the world has become tolerant of people not like us. If two people are in love and want to be in a “legally approved” relationship they should so be allowed….

    • Um Um Like says:

      So you’re saying a homosexual shouldn’t be allowed to adopt a child? Is it better for a child to have no parents than to have gay parents?

    • next says:

      But weren’t you gay not long ago? Or did you pray the gay away? I’m sure your computer searches would say otherwise…

      • Um Um Like says:

        The term is “ex-homosexual”. Lol

      • Oh this is a juicy one for me to answer, Yes I was gay and was never ashamed of the life I lived, when I lived it but it did not make my actions right.

        I was asked if I had to live life all over again would I change the fact that I lived a gay lifestyle,my answer is quite reflective of who I am today.

        I don’t shun no gay person and I know that where they are, is where I was. It is my destiny in life to help be who I am now, that they may not be stuck in where they are, believing a lie that leads to their eternal destruction.

        Many try and bring up my past to bring shame and reproach upon me and my family, but I will tell you a secret if you promise to go a tell somebody else. I am proud of my past because had I never lived such a traitorous life I may have never known how merciful Jesus love for me really is.

        So my living as a homosexual in my early teens from the age of 14 to 18 taught me some of life’s greatest lessons,now that I am heading close to 50 I can truly say I am blessed and a living testimony. I have buried more then 200 of my gay friends here in Bermuda since 1980,

        Let me close by saying that after I left the gay lifestyle, I got the opportunity to personally witness to the majority of those 200 and at least 145 of them I personally lead to Christ,the sad part is when most of them were dying from aids and drug addictions through dirty needles, it was me at their bedside day after day,and week after week. I was also the one beside most of the bedside when the death angel had come to carry them away.

        Now all this information I don’t need to make public but their are families in this land that do remember the good that was done and the sacrifices that was done on the behalf of their love ones, at their time of crisis and needs. they reminded me, that when their love ones where sick and dying from living a gay lifestyle and drug addictions, that the so called friends from the gay community where no where to be found.

        So it is so amazing when I see nothing has changed, the gay community is fighting so hard for their rights, but still mark their own with a stigma when it comes to Aids, then they make sure that their so called comrades feel it by not being their for them in their darkest hour.

        Now this I say in remembrance of all my good friends that have passed on from the gay community and their families.If anyone deserved to be in a grave because of the filth they done it was me, BUT GOD HAD A PLAN FOR MY LIFE AND I AM LIVING IT,SO HOW ABOUT YOU.

        • next says:

          There is no such thing as used to be gay. You can try and suppress it all you want but that doesn’t work or change the fact of you being gay.

          My intention was not to shame you at all, it was to show your hypocrisy and ludicrous religious “pray the gay away” mentality. Which once again you proved. I thought that was pretty clear? You sound utterly delusional.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            + 1

            A now married with children ‘ex gay’ is simply a bi-sexual who has been able to repress their gay side.
            (And it often does not last forever)

            No disrespect to Bi-sexuals , it’s actually the ultimate example of being able to eat your cake and still have it too ! lol

            I do believe that Duane is correct though when he talks about how he supported his friends from the old days in their final hours and I will give him a lot of credit for that .

  6. The Power of Words says:

    God LOVES The Sinner, not the sinful act (s)…. Thus the purpose for HIS commands and instructions to mankind/ humanity to alter our lives accordingly, and not allow such sinful acts.

    Verse 27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God create he him, male and female create he them.”

    Leviticus 18: 22, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is abomination.” KJV

    Leviticus 20: 13, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death, their blood shall be upon them.” KJV

    Our Leaders have a great responsibility, and must/ should invite God’s guidance when it comes to legislative decision-making, which should be bathed in prayer.
    “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required.” — Luke 12:48

    Our Heavenly Father is still on HIS Throne, looking and recording the actions of all men….. We MUST continue to uphold HIS standards, instructions, rules, and commands.

    Our Island Home has been very blessed and covered by the Divine Hand of protection over the years, and I am sure it is the desire of all for God’s protection to continue.

    We must/ should not blatantly ignore the warnings of abominable practices, and support or agree to the many attempts to over-ride/ dis-regard what the Bible CLEARLY speaks against.

    “The fear of the Lord (Reverence) is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the holy is understanding” Proverbs 9: 10.

    As was previously mentioned – “God LOVES The Sinner, not the sinful act (s)”.

    • Concerned says:

      Totally agree

    • WOW says:

      I can also quote passages from other fairytales…. How about lets live in the real world and leave the fairytale passages to the children.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      You mean like how an abusive husband loves his wife as he bashes her face in?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      So do you agree with the bible when it tells you not to shave, cut your hair, eat lobster, eat pork, touch pork, curse, bear a grudge, etc? Do you take every word of it absolutely literally all the time?

      • Islander says:

        As a Christian yes and for those that attend Church but don’t believe the Word of God – you need to repent and get into the Word. For those that believe the word of confused and resentful people – see ye first the face of God (pray and seek Him for guidance), for those that rely on your own understanding as in this matter – the Word tells us lean not unto your own understanding but to seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Look around this World and see the disasters that are taking place and ask yourself why… no answers – they are all in the Bible begin with the 10 commandments and if any of you have broken them, repent and sin no more and if you can’t figure out the why? the answers are all in the Book of Life (BIBLE – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) – I too have friends who are ‘gay’ they respect my views and they are hard and they respect me. I have friends also who are “ex-gays/homosexuals” and have moved on with their lives and use their former life as their testimony. Happy Weekend… Rolfe – take a break man…

        • Balanced Facts says:

          The “word” was translated through at least 5 languages, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English of which the most widely used version The King James was written by a white English King with his own slant on many things, particularly the power of the elite over the common folks. Basically he used the “word” to his own ends. If people want to really hang on every “word” then go and study the true meaning from original text like Genesis : ” ERITIS SECUT DEUS, SPIRITIS BOLUM ET MODUM.” Its what the snaKe said to Eve when he gave her the Apple!
          The “WORD” huh? Which one? The books of the Bible constantly contradict each other, in English anyway…!

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          So Islander, do you follow all the things in the bible that I listed, all the time?

  7. UM says:

    I just dont get people like you Duane. I get the crazies (who think homosexuals will burn in hell and who pick and choose passages from bible that “helps” them but ignore the passages on slavery and shell fish etc etc) as they are effectively just misguided fundamentalists who dont apply logic.

    You though seem to apply logic in your first paragraph – and then tear it down in the second.

    Just so you know it doesnt sound like you are talking out of two sides of your mouth, you know you are and it sounds even more ridiculous.

    lets change the parameters

    ” I believe black people should not be discrminated against. Oh but I dont think they should be able to get married and I dont want any of that alternative african lifestyle being taught in our schools”


  8. Deliverance says:

    Did Michael Weeks really state he wanted a referendum on this? What an idiot.

    • For Real says:

      Could not argee with you more! Is he for real?!

      • Hey says:

        No..he was bigging up interest in Grand Atlantic… One person…ahem.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      The majority should never vote on rights of a minority. He is passing it off to a referendum because he is a weak leader.

  9. Hey says:

    WOW …this bill has nothing to do with Gay marriage, so why can’t Furbert vote? Does he not understand the bill !!!!!! WOW !

  10. Really says:

    Bermuda is a funny azz backwards place all the straight people don’t wanna get married and sleep around with lots women and have lots illegitimate children but are against the gay community getting married , plus a lot of folk wanna play God and judge others .

  11. Deliverance says:

    I am beginning to think Furbert cannot read and comprehend.

  12. Kraken says:

    If the act already covers this protection as Weeks says then I am sure he would vote to have religion and race removed from being specifically mentioned in the act so that we have a simple and concise document.

    also of note, the very permision he has to mention that faith guides his reasoning on this topic is provided by the very same act, how wonderful he has something to guaruntee that protection….

  13. 32n64w says:

    “Wayne Furbert [PLP] did not express support the bill, saying he wants to know where they stand on gay marriage. He indicated that if it was clear gay marriage would not be allowed, the bill could receive his support.”

    His remarks are completely irrelevant to the issue of the day. What a total cop out.

    • Um Um Like says:

      We don’t need Furby’s support for this bill to pass!

  14. counting says:

    Bernews – when this actually comes to a vote can you publish which way each member voted rather than just the totals. Thanks

  15. Loquatz says:

    I was listening to the stream. Wayne Furbert was embarrassing.

  16. sooooopo says:

    Just vote why don’t ya!!! They all just like the sound of their own voices!

  17. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    Derrick Burgess biggest concern is letting gay people be on each other’s insurance? Wow……

  18. Karen Skiffington says:

    We have gay friends, we have straight friends. We have married friends, we have single friends. We have friends, married and unmarried, with children and without. Please, let’s just let everyone have the same basic rights: the right to live and marry as we choose, the right to follow whatever religious beliefs we want (provided we do not impose those beliefs on others),to pursue happiness as best we can. We should never have the right to force other people to live as we choose. We should be tolerant of others – their beliefs, their likes and dislikes.

  19. DC says:

    I just have one question for all those persons who say that being gay is a choice. When did YOU CHOOSE to be straight?! When was that conscious choice made??!! Just asking!!

    • Shawn says:

      Never had to choose, everyone is born straight, just like everyone is born male or female with the accecptions of the few who have both genitals, from what i have seen growing up, is that circumstances and or choice lead one on this path.

      • JD says:

        Thats really nice Shawn, I hope you’ve got something a bit more substantial to back up your claim beyond “what i have seen growing up” Any scientific studies? Something a bit like this maybe:

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Shawn , ‘if’ you’re straight and never had to ‘choose’ it’s because that was the way you were born .
        As to your belief about ‘circumstance’ , how about a certain family I can think of where there’s 7 children and 5 are gay ? Sons AND daughters .

      • DevilsAdvocate says:

        “Everyone is born str8″…WTF…what a ridiculous comment from you. Who in their right mind would choose to be gay giving that by time we are young people (just before early teens) we understand or know the difference between gay and str8, we also take in/learn that a gay lifestyle is shoned upon or outlawed (how ever you want to word it)….so why would any person choose to be gay….I guess they say, let me live life the hard way to give myself more of a challenge to live.

  20. Hey says:

    So we all know who the scum are. Those who belive that it is OK for gay people to be discriminated against.

  21. sooooooo says:

    Update 8.49pm: They are debating various aspects of the bill

    Huh? It’s two damn words and a comma…. Ho I know they don’t know where to put the comma!..

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      Damn, calling people hoes now LOL

      • sooooooo says:

        Woops that would be a Oh and not a ho… or a ho ho ho…

  22. Really says:

    Did Wayne sing ” Im every Woman”

  23. Django unchained says:

    This is craziness. This is a sign of the times. Marriage should be between a man and a woman not between a woman and a woman or a man and a man.

    Clearly these MP’s with no back bone appear to have passed or will in fact pass the bill. Sad day for Bermuda. I would ask that the MP’s when making the amendment do not call two men who marry husband n husband or wife n wife. Another name should be made for people who choose to marry same sex.

    • sooooooo says:

      This ain’t about marriage…. how many times do you have to hear it?

      • OBA thank you says:

        If they can’t get married they don’t have full rights do they? Sounds like discrimination to me! This bill was a waste. You can’t even prove discrimination now days.

        Oh sorry you didn’t get the job!
        Oh sorry my apartment has been taken.
        Oh sorry someone already purchased my car.
        Oh sorry someone already purchased the land.

        I know this because my buddy is gay, and he told me himself unless the person verbally discriminates you. You can prove a dam thing.

        Now every gay person thinks they have more rights. Nothing has change because the my OBA government will not grant same sex marriage.

        • Islander says:

          what about when you rent a gay person an apartment and they scam you… don’t pay rent for months, talk with them remind them about the agreement and they do a turn around only to kick you in the arse and vanish…. – enuf to turn your heart against all potential renters – my choice

          • Toodle-oo says:

            I can’t say it’s never happened but I’ve never heard of a gay tennant screwing their landlord over . In fact most landlords I know of love their gay (or suspected gay) tennants.
            Of all the cases I know of where the landlord has rented out to rent scammers they were straight and unmarried single mothers with ‘the flavour of the day’ live in boyfriend who screwed them.
            There’s a large group of these people in Bermuda , very large. Ask around , speak to a few landlords , these people are virtual professionals and get away with . I can think of , without even trying, 4 cases I know of in the last year , and they were all ‘straight couples’ who make a virtual living off of doing this.
            They have full time jobs , nice big cars and take their 4.5 trips a year too. But they aint gay.

        • Thanks for the joke says:

          Right to the point!

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Oh YES IT IS ;-)

    • DevilsAdvocate says:

      Check the wording or just plain READ the terms of the bill again, than summit a new comment.

  24. Family Man says:

    When its time to vote someone should check the restrooms. You know, just to make sure everyone knows the vote is taking place and no-one’s stuck on the pot like last time.

  25. Ya got me Rollin ......NOT says:

    @ Um-I believe black people should not be discrminated against. Oh but I dont think they should be able to get married and I dont want any of that alternative african lifestyle being taught in our schools”

    What is that all about?????Explain yourself.

  26. Smith says:

    I support the bill and I’m also glad the OBA only supports a man and woman marriage. The day we let Steve and Adam get married here they will change the Bermuda Triangle to the Strawberry Triangle. Thank you OBA for not bringing this dirt to my beautiful home.

    • theothersidebda says:

      You are being sarcastic right? Did you not see the vote on Furbert’s proposed amendment? If they truly believed that they do not support gay marriage, they would have voted for the amendment. Actions speak louder than words….their words say ‘absolutely not’ but their actions say another thing.

  27. Just a thought says:

    What an absolute shambles…embarrassed by our so called educated leaders….Wayne Furbert…am cringing at your comments….no support for any of your family then if they “come out” …pity them….there has been so much discrimination ..the Bible talks of slavery, but that is not right at all…ever….do people really recall their own struggles or have they become so arrogant as to think themselves superior…be careful what is lurking in your own closet…I am married….but do not feel it is my role to judge others….that is God’s divine responsibility…..VOTE and be done…we must not discriminate against ANYONE!!!!!!

  28. Just a thought says:

    Was recently abroad and cards are freely available for weddings for husband and husband….I had to smile….I thought how far behind we are and how hypocritical…..half the “church going” members elect have a few cobwebs…and what about the churches whose congregation think nothing about Fornication outside marriage…..hmmmmm…

    • Forget the thought! says:

      Hey wake up neither PLP or OBA want same sex marriage it’s over before it started now go to sleep. 2 p…. hugging at night don’t even sound right. Out of 50 states only 7 or 8 states allow same sex weddings by law. Bermuda is not behind the 8 BALL. The only person worried about BALLS is you.

      • DevilsAdvocate says:

        Actually there are 12 states were gay marriage is legal, more than you thought.

  29. Bullseye says:

    Good people are good people. Sexual orientation is not a standard to judge good or bad. We are barking up the wrong tree here if we want to start legislating and punishing bad behaviour. We saw years of that and nothing was done.

    How about we just go after bad people. How about the Government have the right to fire lazy workers. How about the Union not defend lazy workers. How about telling those not pulling their weight what is going on. How about making prison harder and shorter.

    This gay rights stuff should be an easy one. It’s the bad people making everything difficult for us all.

  30. Tina says:

    My 10 year old daughter asked me are animals gay. I told her that I had never seen any. So as anyone on this blog site seen any gay dogs, chickens, ducks or cows? Anyone!

    Remember it’s Old Mac Donald had a farm not Adam and Steve.

    • next says:

      Yes there are gay animals. I’m sad that your poor daughter has an idiot for a mother. Spend less time being a bigot and more time reading books.

    • Al says:

      Yes, there are gay animals. Do a Google search and you will find plenty of examples.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Yep. I’ve seen gay dogs. And cats.

      And there are countless examples to be found in the animal kingdom.
      2 minutes on Google…

    • Thanks for the joke says:

      @ Tina hey you got the lords of the underworld stired up. I can see this was suppose to be sarcastic joke. Have a great day. Why the in the World would anyone want to Google about gay animals lolololololol on the web? LMAO. The OBA agrees to man and female love. Get over it and form a GAY Party with supporters if you want to get married.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Why would anyone want to Google that?

        To answer the question Tina asked.
        It’s called educating yourself… something you don’t seem to be interested in.

        • Pure dirt says:

          I don’t think the person likes playing pole position with another man. It’s calling polling yourself or piping yourself with another man……something you seem to be interested in. YUCK!!!!!!!!!

          Stop hiding behind a fake name know one names their kid MIKE Hind.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            In defense of Mr Hind , you ‘pd’ , don’t know too much about Bermuda, it’s people or the local blogosphere.

            And I think all the ‘poling’ you’re attempting to refer to is actually ‘role playing’.

          • Mike Hind says:


            First off… Who’s the one hiding behind a fake name, “Pure Dirt”. At the very least, I’m not a coward like you. I stand by what I say.

            Secondly, your post is ridiculous and has nothing to do with the questions.

            Thirdly, “no-one”, not “know one”. Your ignorance knows no bounds.

  31. Mike Hind says:

    Can anyone give a good reason against this Bill… or Marriage Equality, for that matter… that doesn’t involve other people having to follow the rules of your religion?

    • theothersidebda says:

      Where would you draw the line on marriage equality and why? Presently there are many situations of relationships not allowed for under the act. So how about 5 women and 1 men like the Mormans, should we include that? If not, why not.

      • Mike Hind says:

        That’s a distraction and not an answer.
        A “Slippery Slope” argument isn’t an answer to my question.

        As for polygamy, if polygamists come forward and ask for marriage equality, then I say go for it. Why not?
        At least the Biblical opponents for this can’t argue against it.

        Now… back to my question…

        Do you have an answer to it? Is there a GOOD reason against it that doesn’t involve other people having to follow someone else’s religion’s rules?

  32. pissed off says:

    I think this is stupid! And bermudians who oppose this bill are just as dumb…stop hiding behind a book that was written 35,000,000 years ago! Its not a choice..and for all your “christians” out there how dare poke and prod at people like they are beneath you..I dare all of you (with kids) to look into their faces and demand that they have to be specific in who they love. You people are pathetic and it makes sick that you are trying to prevent love from reigning..have of you who are against gay marriage are probably the ones sleeping around…stealing..swearing and all that…but its ok with God because you’re straight? Besides..the world is changing!! And you all will be left behind..nothing but empty words from stupid mouths..why don’t we bring this community together for once?! Damn..we got through racial segregation and we’ll get throught this! So keep barking puppies..

  33. Django unchained says:

    You people who support this nonsense need serious intervention. The world is lost and there’s no coming back. What’s next man and dog having sex. Where and when do we draw the line? These MP’s are taking Bermuda down a path of no return. I myself will never support it. And to those people that keep writing comments saying the current bill has nothing to do with marriage need your head examined. Trust and know that marriage is the ultimate symbol of love. So the next step in this nonsense is a proposal to let people of same sex marry, trust its coming.

    • Mike Hind says:

      The leap from equal rights for a discriminated group to bestiality is not only ridiculous, it’s sickening.

      And “…marriage is the ultimate symbol of love” is exactly why people are looking for marriage equality.

      Perhaps you can answer my question:

      Is there a reason to oppose this amendment and marriage equality that doesn’t involve other people following the rules of your religion?

  34. JD says:

    I know we had a lot of rain this morning, but I don’t think the world is lost. The argument that banning discrimination against homosexuals is some slippery slope which will lead to beastiality is just nonsense. Gay people (i.e two consenting adults) simply want the same rights you have.

    You bring up marriage which is understandable. My question is why should two consenting adults who want to get married be prevented from doing so? Why do you even care? What business of yours is it?

    Did you know that Canada legalised same sex marriage in 2005? Did the country fall apart? Was there suddenly a huge jump in satanic polygamists practicing incest and beastiality? No.

  35. Suspicious says:

    Religion is like a dull saw no longer usefull to still be controlled by religion shows a severe lack of intelligence.

  36. Django unchained says:

    My argue ain’t got nothing to do with religion. This nonsense simply goes against the natural order of things. Canada and America are extremely big countries. Bermuda is very small so things will affect people more easily here because of it. Nothing good will come of this.

    • JD says:

      So we shouldn’t allow gay marriage because we are a small community. I’ve got to admit that I have not yet heard that argument before, maybe because it is pretty much insane. So should gay marriage only be allowed in major cities? Should we prevent homosexuals from living in small villages? Maybe we could fence off areas for them to live in big cities with high walls so you don’t have to see them.

      As for no good will come of it, maybe you should ask one of these couples made up of two consenting human beings what they think on that one before jumping to your conclusion.

    • Mike Hind says:

      How will it affect people in any way?

      What “natural order”? How does “this nonsense” go against it? What is “this nonsense”?

      You’re making a whole lot of claims. Care to back ANY of them up?
      Or are you just going to stand by your hate?

    • DevilsAdvocate says:

      So what will change in YOUR life (str8 people) if gays are allowed to marry…

  37. Ya got me Rollin ......NOT says:

    @ Mike Hunt I mean Hind. No religion in theis one. Because I know most of the posters who want this to pass have a hatred for religion. But when a some natural disaster hits Bermuda, they will be the first to cry GOD HELP US!!!!

    Anyway I digress. If men were meant to have sex and marry men and women were meant to have sex and marry women we all right now wouldn’t be debating this issue because none of us would be here. Unless you know or have proof that a men can impregnate a man and the like for women. Please share

    P.S. Look Ma No Bible.

    • Mike Hind says:

      @Ya got me Rollin….. Not,

      That joke about my name just gets funnier and funnier – and no less crass and disgusting (although, I should expect no less from someone who posts the hate you do) – every time I hear it.

      Now, about your post…

      I have no hatred for religion. It’s simply just not part of my life, until someone tries to impose theirs upon me, which is what’s happening here. If and when a natural disaster hits Bermuda, I, personally will NOT be crying anything.

      Now, to your “point”:

      What you are suggesting is that marriage is solely for “impregnation”.
      That is the sole reason you’re claiming here.
      This claim is completely ridiculous and false.
      If the sole reason for marriage was to have kids, then sterile people, whether it be from natural causes or a choice, would be banned from being married.

      Also, allowing marriage equality will have NO affect on straight people having kids and, thus, your point of “none of us would be here” is wrong.

      So, I ask again, with an addendum:

      Is there a REAL reason to oppose this amendment and marriage equality that doesn’t involve other people following the rules of your religion or because you think it’s yucky?