July 4th: World Cup Blue Marlin Championship

June 10, 2013

The World Cup Blue Marlin Championship will be held on July 4th, with the competition unique in that it allows anglers anyplace in the world to enter the tournament.

Teams fish for 8 hours in their time zones with the heaviest blue marlin over 500 pounds taking all the winnings. The winning team last year fished in Bermuda.

Teams have already entered the World Cup from Kona, Hawaii in the Pacific to Madeira and the Cape Verde Islands in the Eastern Atlantic and other blue marlin hot spots in between.

The registration fee is $3000 which includes everyone on the boat. There is also an optional $5000 Big Blue Challenge for those who like to target even bigger winnings.

The tournament, which always takes place on July 4, is in its 29th year and has been won in 10 different locations around the world. Bermuda and Kona are tied with the most World Cup wins and traditionally field the largest number of teams.

Teams on the far side of the International Dateline will be the first to start fishing at 8:30 AM in their time zone. Kona and French Polynesia are the last time zones to fish. Teams there will know what size fish they have to beat to win the World Cup. All smaller fish are to be released.

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