Man Charged In Court After Dog Attacks Woman

July 24, 2013

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [July 24], Kevin Burgess, 33 pleaded guilty to keeping a pit bull that caused damage to a woman passing by on a public road.

He was fined $2,000 and ordered to make restitution of over $800 for the victim’s out-of-pocket expenses.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner was told that in January 2013, the woman was walking on the public road by Point Mart in Pembroke. She was attacked by a pit bull that, at the time, was on a rope and chain leash that was being held by another man.

The dog bit into her arm and held its grip for some time. The bite perforated her skin, caused bleeding, and required medical attention including regular observation and tetanus shots that extended over weeks. The victim had to take an extended time off work due to the attack.

The Magistrate was also told that the pit bull was finally taken off the woman by the actions of Burgess and his brother who used their hands to force open the dog’s jaws, thus freeing the woman’s arm.

Kevin Burgess told the Magistrate that the dog had since been put down by a veterinarian.

Explaining to the Magistrate, Kevin Burgess said that he had not been aware that the dog was out of his yard. He said: “My boy came and took the dog out of the yard. I didn’t even know it was out of my yard. He washes my car and cuts my grass.”

A second charge of  not having a valid licence for the dog was also laid and Kevin Burgess pleaded not guilty to this charge.

Kevin’s brother, Keyvon Burgess, pleaded not guilty to charges of breeding a pit bull without a licence and keeping a pit bull without a licence. Keyvon Burgess was granted bail of $2,000 and goes on trial in September 2013.

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    1 to 500 on he didnt have a license!

  2. Ride says:

    There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. So sad this one ended up in the wrong hands.


    • Sandy Bottom says:

      No. These dogs are inherently dangerous. It took 45 minutes to get this dog to release its bite. The woman was off work for 6 weeks. These dogs can, and do, kill people. And what does the idiot owner get? A fine smaller than the profit he will earn next time he breeds an illegal pit bull. Alledgedly. Pathetic.

      There should be jail time for idiots who’s dangerous dogs injure people. Bermuda is weak on this type of thing.

      • bun out says:

        These dogs can, and do, kill people.

        So can three quarters of the rest of the dogs in the world, along with other pets. YOUR POINT?! It’s all about how you raise the dog.

  3. St. George's All the Way says:

    I say if a human being can’t respect the law and get the dog licence than suffer the consequence pay the medical bill. Also stop keeping these dogs around your house on a leash and take them for a walk (not referring to this matter) because when they do break loose like the (Sain Goes Oh Hell is going to break loose). So if you can’t give the dog a run then dont have one at all or suffer the consequence plain and simple.

  4. Observer says:

    1-500 you can’t read !

  5. Did he do it? says:

    If you are a bad owner then you can produce a bad dog! There are unfortunately quite a few bad dogs around Bermuda! I think dog Wardens know quite a few of these owners and dogs but continue to turn a blind eye to these owners and dogs! Trust me when I say this because I am talking from facts when I say there are quite a number of post breeding license being given out and this needs to stop! There are some dogs that react out of frustration and some dogs that react because of certain breedings that should not have taken place!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Wardens and police do nothing about dangerous dogs.

  6. Truth says:

    poor dog

  7. Grand Wizzard says:

    Owners who cultivate angry vicious dogs should be publically whipped until they have no more life left in them to train their dogs to be fighters.

  8. blazer says:

    are they illegal anyway?????