Around The Island Race Entry List Released

August 8, 2013

The Bermuda Powerboat Association released the names of the entrants for this Sunday’s [Aug 11] Around the Island Powerboat Race, which gets underway at 2pm in Ferry Reach.

Crowds always pack the shorelines to watch the annual event, which sees racers navigate around Bermuda at top speed, with last year seeing a fastest time overall of just under 34 minutes.

There will be seventeen boats competing in the six classes, with three in the A-Class, four in the FB-Class, six in the Stock D-Class, two in the D-Class, one in the E-Class and one in the S-Class.

The race starts at Ferry Reach and proceeds through the pylons at Coney Island, along North Shore, around Hog Fish Beacon, through Two Rock Passage and around Whites Island.

From there, boats continue along the Harbour Road shoreline, around Five-Star Island, along to Commissioner’s Point, around Daniels Head and on to South Shore.


  • - A98 – Gregory Focke/Gregory Simons
  • - A18 – Luke Parker/Dylan Carreiro
  • - A77 – Jody Carreiro/Tony Carreiro


  • - FB16 – Ryan Davidge/Andrew Osborne
  • - FB3 – Bobby DeCosta/Chris Wells
  • - FB55 – Tonka Simpson/Cameron Harris
  • - FB49 – Perry Foggo/TBA

Stock D-Class

  • - SD441 – Quincy Dowling/Erik Desilva
  • - SD37 – Dennis Trott/Darius Zuill
  • - SD8 – David Selley/Mark Selley
  • - SD420 – Kentwoin Jones/Callum Cunningham
  • - SD881 – Treshun Correia/Tyler Smith
  • - SD48 – Damon Morris/TBA


  • - D187 – Steven Eversley/Brandon Franks
  • - D87 – Chad Sutherland/Mackie Wilson


  • - E4 – Henry Talbot/Howie Ascento


  • - S20 Keith Bridges/Steven Bridges

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  1. samcro says:

    No head hunters this year?

  2. A98- all bets are on you guys good luck

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    This used to be a very popular event with many entries. What happened? Expense? Other boating interests?

    How about a true around the Island for jet skis, with a pit stop at Somerset Long Bay? How about open classes for those who can use their regular day boats? Everything from 13′ Whalers to multi engined CCs.

  4. BDA_Moose says:

    YEAHHHHHH! Let’s go kill some turtles!!!!

    Don’t forget to almost run down a fitted dighy this year!

  5. Punky Outalunch says:

    My money is on the Selley brothers.

  6. iBleedRED says:

    Good luck Don & Don Jr.! :)

    • back in d day says:

      Every boat racer entered or not I take my hat off to u its not easy job. BUT MY ALL TIME FAVORITE IS KIRK ROBERTS I TRULY MISS WATCHING YOU RACE

  7. Bushytail says:

    What happened to Tonky Trott and his boat Checkmate?

  8. Ganja Mon says:

    Looks to me like #1 Suspect chased away all the competition !!!

    I know them **** don’t like a black man beating there a***…

    How soft are they??

    • It's about time! says:

      It’s pricks like you making asinine comments that this sport, or any other sport, just doesn’t need…

      If I felt like sinking to your gutter trash level it would be TOO easy to say…what about that S22 boat?? Are they afraid of a couple of “white boys” cutting their a$$?? I KNOW them a**** don’t like a white boy Beatin’ their a**….

      Your Kung fu is weak ganja mon…stick to smokin’ ya hay….

  9. HE says:

    What happened to Andy Stoneham! S22 and S20 are always battling Around the Island! Going to be boring this year. good luck though.

  10. Somerset Bie says:

    Bigg ups to The Selley Brothers .

    1 S Class ??

    You aint serious ? I guess Sunday having the round di island race is an excuse to have a Party on the Water. Raft Up!

  11. pawdi says:

    Bernews u should change the pic because that yellow boat aint comin out this year.. false advertising

  12. on dat says:

    #1 suspect gonna cut A** umma tell you!

  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    What happened to the rib class boats with the 50s on them?

  14. LBBean says:

    Go Tonkaaaaaa!!!!!!

    Do your best and be safe

  15. Top #1 Suspect fan says:

    Yellow batboat for sale!! Needs a legal motor. Horrible pleasure craft. Must sell before Round the Island lmao.

    • S*** Happens says:

      Top #1 suspect Fan
      Let me just help U out a bit i know Damon n his dad very well n i know that bat is not for sale. I don’t know why so many people are worried about their boat. I can tell you this if it was not for Damon the bat boat that is running in the D class would not even be here it would have been another model boat n Damon insisted to the owner to get that boat. I also know that the motor that was on their boat his father had his overseas mechanic rebuild the motor for them.

      Damon also tried to get the suspect owner to buy the same boat he has now but the funds was just not their. Damon then told his dad a year later he was interested in the boat n his dad bought it for him their was no asking anyone to help him pay for the boat or help him pay for the shipping and duty so you should watch how you run your mouth they don’t bother ANYONE. Also if you know anything about motors once again you would not run ya mouth all they had to do is put up their money and protest the motor but none of them are man enough. It is called New techoniligy or Green Motors.

      • Really? says:

        New technology and green Mercury-racing 200ROS but it can’t run in stock-D. The rule book states no fuel injected motors in the stock-D class. Don’t agree with it at all but that’s the rules you are accepting when you sign the dotted line and pay the BPBA fees. Hopefully there can be some changes made in the off-season. I don’t blame the guys at all for not running in mod-D, modified 280hp vs unmodified 200hp. Waste of time/money. Hopefully this gets sorted next year.

    • Widowmaker says:

      Horrible pleasure boat…i agree! Will even add,inside that capsule is hot as ever even with fans that pull in air.

      BUT what i will say is…it’s the BEST QUALITY and one of the newest offshore powerboats built on the island. Tell me of one race boat on this island that is built in FULL CARBON FIBER????

  16. Fed up says:

    #1 Suspect D-187!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Eastern says:


  18. Lady D says:

    I don’t see any C Class entry’s this year. My favorite boat is C4 Chivas. No C88 or any others hope this gonna be an exciting Race this year.

  19. Widowmaker says:

    Idl who da hell told you my yellow bat boat is for sale! I have a motor…..AND be careful what you ask for! Apparently you don’t know me good enough. LMOA! Widow maker is gone nowhere.

    • Donna says:

      Why are so many people concerned about Widowmaker? Seriously, someone please tell me. Smh……

  20. Str8 says:

    #1 Suspect fastest single motor boat hands down! Cut a** Sunday 2ma

    • Shit Happens says:

      Should be has that Big Diamond Marine modified motor on it.

  21. ALS says:

    I must say, all this talk is gettin you critics nowhere. The talent and knowledge that Widowmaker Team have is beyond the level of most of the fleet if not ALL. I hope to see them in the upcomming years warm all you jokers!! Get With The Times Ppl!! Not to mention they are like the only team to go the distance and have Custom Gear from head to toe! #PLUSH So Before everyone hops on those other comments, know what your talking bout!! #TEAMWIDOWMAKER #REALRACERS #NOWORRIES

  22. D-48 says:

    D-48 ALL DAY!!!!!