Rugby: Regiment & Police Beat Royal Navy Crew

September 3, 2013

Following the arrival of the UK Royal Navy’s HMS Argyll on August 30th, Bermuda Regiment soldiers and police officers took on the Royal Navy in a sports event steeped in tradition at the weekend.

And a joint police/Regiment team narrowly beat the Senior Service in a close game of rugby 10s – coming out 9-8 winners.

Leading Seaman Barrie Chambers, the physical training instructor on HMS Argyll, which visited the island over the weekend, said, “It’s been good. We got beaten, but it’s sport, it’s just taking part.

“This is my first time in Bermuda and it’s been great – it’s hot, but very friendly people.”

[L to R] AB Terry Elliott, of HMS Argyll, Supt Sean Field-Lament of the Bermuda Police and Regiment Adjutant Major Ben Beasley exchanging shirts after the tri-service rugby final at Police Field on Saturday.


The games, held at Police Field at Prospect, echo the Commodore’s Cup events of yesteryear, where teams from all three services played a series of sports to win the trophy.

Superintendent Sean Field-Lament, who refereed the games, which also saw teams compete at football, said, “This is a long-standing tradition. It’s nice to see the Regiment and police doing these social events and we’re showing the crew of the Argyll some good Bermudian hospitality as well.”

Teams contest a game of rugby 10s prior to the final between a joint police/Regiment team and the crew of HMS Argyll.


In addition to Saturday’s sports, the sailors also played golf against a police team, were entertained with a barbecue and beach sports at Admiralty House on Sunday and also got the chance to visit the Paget Island Outward Bound course and try their hands at the high ropes.

Able Bodied Seaman Terry Elliott said, “It’s been great – Bermuda is expensive, but everything’s been good.”

Referee Supt Sean Field-Lament sends off his own pet dog Alfie after it took the field and joined in the game.


Regiment Adjutant Major Ben Beasley added, “This is one of the best elements of working in a uniformed service. Sport is very important, especially inter-services events.

“It’s important for keeping fit and teaches teamwork, so it’s good for all the services involved.”

The Argyll steamed out of Bermuda on Monday, headed back to its home port of Devonport, near Plymouth.

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  1. Red says:

    Congrats to the BR and the BPS.