Butterfield Bank Introduce Mobile Banking Apps

October 21, 2013

The Bank of Butterfield today [Oct 21] introduced their new Mobile Banking Apps which are available in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and BlackBerry’s AppWorld.

The app allows Butterfield customers to perform a wide range of banking transactions, securely, while on the go at any time of day or night.

Personal banking services include:

  • Balance enquiries and account transaction history [covering the past two or five days]
  • Bill payments [and the ability to register or delete payees]
  • Transfers between the user’s own accounts, to other Butterfield customers & to other local banks
  • Internationally transfers via wire transfer
  • Ordering Bank drafts

Corporate Banking customers can use the App to approve transactions and view balances.


Sean Lee, Butterfield’s Executive Vice President of Retail Banking in Bermuda said, “The Butterfield Mobile Banking app is the most full-featured mobile banking service available in Bermuda, offering customers virtually all of the same features as Butterfield Online, our Internet Banking platform.

“Customers can manage their own accounts and also pay bills and initiate domestic payments and international wires.  No other app available in Bermuda currently offers that kind of functionality.”

Mr. Lee continued, “Butterfield in Bermuda has a strong tradition of innovation that makes banking more convenient for our customers.  We were the first with ATMs, Internet and Telephone Banking, and now we have enabled our customers to bank with us securely through their mobile devices, wherever they may be.

“We developed native apps for each of the leading smart phone platforms to take advantage of the navigation features of each device.”

Butterfield Online customers can download and immediately use the Butterfield Mobile Banking App on their mobile devices without having to register or request access.  They can sign in using their existing Butterfield Online credentials.

The Bank stressed that there is no need for any kind of online registration or update to user information among existing Butterfield Online customers in order for them to access Mobile Banking.

Should customers receive an e-mail requesting registration, “unlocking” or “updating” of information in connection with the mobile service they should report it to Butterfield at phishing@butterfieldgroup.com, and then delete the e-mail without responding to it; it is fraudulent.

Butterfield customers who do not currently bank online can apply for access at any Butterfield Banking Centre.

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  1. Just Sayin' says:

    How about Butterfield start using the RSA token app so we dont have to carry around these dopey security keys.

    • Never Satisfied says:

      Smh, HSBC has the same thing and theirs are bigger. A little patience wouldn’t hurt as such things take time – for all banking institutions. If you don’t know then you shouldn’t speak on it…

      • Just Sayin' says:

        Patience for what, the RSA token app has been out long before they created this app.

        • Never Satisfied says:

          Sure the RSA token application is already available but that doesn’t mean Butterfield (or any other local bank for that matter) is going to be able to integrate it into existing systems/applications right away. Those kind of things require analysis and testing and that takes time. So even if Butterfield is moving in that direction or already there one will still have to wait for the announcement – patience.

  2. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    Will it work on a kindle fire?

  3. Pleased says:

    Thak you Butterfield for finally coming up to the 21st century, much appreciated and app works quite well as I am testing it out now. Let’s see how long it takes Capital G to come out with theirs, if they even do..

    • Good Job says:

      Apart from the registration process Capital G’s online banking is better than Butterfield’s. I’m sure Gibbons are also working on something in the app world.

  4. Computer Guy says:

    Available on the BlackBerry Z10 only…if you’re trying to install it on a BB10 device. *womp* :(

    Ah well..back to the website for me.

    • Shar says:

      What’s a BB10? Sorry having switched to Droid I’ve all but forgotten about the BB world lol. I do know it works on the Bold and Curve though.

  5. Ty says:

    @Computer Guy,

    I have it loaded on my Blackberry Bold (not sure of the series 3900 or 9900) but it works perfectly fine on my Bold.

    • Computer Guy says:

      Yup..those are cool. I was specifically referring to the new BlackBerry 10 devices like Q10, Q5 and Z30. :)

      • Shar says:

        Oh ok just saw the above. No it won’t work on the Q10 or the others.

  6. Y-Gurl says:

    Just tried it and all I get is “loading” maybe it has obamacare website syndrome