BlackBerry Z10 Now Available: $399 – $899

April 23, 2013

[Updated] The new BlackBerry Z10 is available in Bermuda as of today [Apr 23], with Digicel’s listed prices ranging from $479 – $759, while CellOne’s listed prices range from $599 – $899.

Powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz processor supported by 2GB of RAM with an 8 megapixel camera, the Blackberry Z10 trades Blackberry’s customary physical keyboard for a touchscreen.

Update 10.29am: CellOne announced the launch of a $399 BlackBerry Z10 promotion. The Company said that the “regular price of the BlackBerry Z10 is $599, but for a limited time, customers can take part in CellOne’s ‘Trade in and Trade up’ promotion. Both new and existing customers can trade in their old BlackBerry and receive $100 off, plus customers signing up on a 3GB or higher data plan will receive another $100 off.”

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  1. Micro says:

    Seriously? Then they wonder why we just go away and buy these things or shop online.

    These phones cost more on contract than they do almost everywhere else in the world without contract. You get actual warranties everywhere else in the world too.

    • To Be Real says:

      And a loaf of bread costs half as much away…..

    • rock watcher says:

      and you got warranties here too stupid people

  2. MazumboCann says:

    Yep. $99.99 with two year contract.

  3. Your joking says:

    How about $100 and a 2 year contract guarentees you $2000 plus over 2 years……at $599 you get nothing from me

  4. Cell One and the rest of the companies!total rip offs??lot cheaper over seas ,and be careful when getting in 2 year contracts!they suck you dry like a leach…