Concept Drawing For Court/Dundonald Property

October 16, 2013

The City of Hamilton today [Oct 16] said that a concept drawing has been approved for the Court and Dundonald Streets property.

Mayor Graeme Outerbridge stated, “During a meeting held last week, the City of Hamilton Council approved concepts and gave approval to the City Engineer to move to the drawing of plans stage for the property located on the north west corner of Court and Dundonald Streets. We anticipate getting costs for this project in time for the figures to be included in the 2014 budget. This means the project will start and hopefully be completed within the next 15 months, or so.”

The full concept drawing is here [PDF] with one section below:

concept city plan bda

“As the plans are drawn up, we will share the details with all stakeholders together with costs and timelines. This is the next step in the process and we are looking forward to seeing this project come to fruition. We know the redesign of the property will enhance the area and provide an additional recreational space for the residents, businesses and shoppers in the area.”

Mayor Outerbridge concluded, “This project falls under the purview of the Property Committee, which is now chaired by Alderman Carlton Simmons. The Council is happy with the concept drawings which has created the vision of what the space will look like when the work has been completed.”

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  1. The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

    What in the kindergarten hell is this ????????

    • ginger says:

      As Betty Trump would say “you have hit the nail on the hammer”
      Pure Kindergarten.

    • loud says:

      Literally just LOL’d!!!!!

    • K12 says:

      Mayor, please tell us the truth . These “conceptual drawings” must have been taken from a primary school contest?! What architect or engineer would draw steps like that? That lesson was taught in art 101 in grade 3. Nothing is close to scale and the whole thing is a poor idea and not one worthy of making public. It’s a bus stop and a tree! I see now why the architect, artist or engineer did not put their name to these drawings.
      Were you all just looking for a reason to have a “meeting” so you all can get paid or looking for a way to get the public to talk and focus on something other than Mr. Smiths hateful comments and the news of the COH Boards Gratuity system.

      At least one member took the honorable road and resigned. Thank goodness , I don’t pay COH taxes as a business owner. If would be angry instead of disappointed.

      • Former Union Member says:

        The name on the drawings appears to be “ASwan”. While we should encourage folks to get involved it really doesn’t present a very professional approach from the COH. We can only hope that “ASwan” did this in the spirit of community involvement by donating their time…and skill.

    • Charter says:

      Was this drawn in crayon on the back of a bar napkin?

  2. Verbal Kint says:

    I wonder who has this lease we don’t know about yet?

  3. Hmmm says:

    Looks like a bit of landscaping and a toilet…that actually is much .
    We are announcing a TOILET !

    • Hmmm says:

      Looking at the main pdf, it looks for interesting…. a hangout place with steps to sit on.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        All the guys who used to hang out at the fountain at City hall can hang out there. Great idea.

        • Verbal Kint says:

          At least they won’t have to wee in the fountain.

  4. Seriously? says:

    Another park area that will not be used, apart from people who want to loiter and hang around in the dark….great shame indeed

  5. RawOnion says:

    Now at least the guys and gals on the street have a better place to sit. They might miss watching the traffic though but at least they will have access to toilets.

  6. lifetime says:

    A place for all the homeless bums to hangout and sleep at night. SHAMEFUL! Take your glasses of your head Mr. Mayor and put them where they are supposed to be.


  7. Y-Gurl says:

    Are these clowns for real, I mean is there ANYTHING that comes from the C of H that is worth our while (or money) we really need to get the waste out of that quango, they have destroyed the City and are working their way to North Hamilton they are like a cancer PLEASE OBA take them over , get rid of the clowns performing in the three rings, you could get far more practical and useable results from just about any Company in Bermuda why do we need to take the autocratic and mostly stupid restrictions, rules and systems implemented by them, these are not rational people but seem to have emerged as some type of dictatorship in our society who’s ideas and “engineering” come from meetings within City Hall

  8. smith says:

    LOL – with the amount of weed and drugs Court Sreet has, we get ourselves our very own junkie park.

  9. Maximus says:

    A pathetic group of naysayers and ill-will peddlers you are! How so many can be so stupid is worrisome.
    Aside from my own trepidations about the current board at City Hall – seeing an effort to provide more public space for people to gather, sing, dance, participate – gives me hope. Others see only what they perceive as bad. Read a book or three why dont you…….

    • RawOnion says:

      Thank the world for people like you!!! You see it how we would like to see it but we are realists. But really, i’m sure this pathetic group means well….just having some fun. Dont be so stuck up Maximus, you’ll enjoy the new park a bit better.

    • K12 says:

      @Maximus….the TAXPAYERS that pay the COH and the people of Bermuda demand their monies worth. HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE DRAWINGS!!! The quality is pathetic to say the least. You do realize that a qualified architect got PAID for this. You should be FUMEING that a person that spent years in University put so little effort into this project and took money in exchange for it. Even if the architect didn’t (which I hope they did not)the COH board got paid to talk about this. There was clearly no plan or direction given to this project. Its a BUS stop sized building with steps. And you are okay with this????

      The difference between a good plan and an “okay” plan has already been displayed by this group. This same group GAVE AWAY our city to a group that thought it was a good idea to put a Casino on Whites Island in the middle of Hamilton Harbour. This island is battered by 40+ mph winds during most of the winter months! How do they propose people will get to it!!!!! We close the f’n causeway (a concrete bridge) after winds exceed 50 knots! Oh wait, we will use the reliable and sober ferry system! No thank you, I don’t want to be stuck there if they down tools, call a strike, if it gets to windy or if the BIU calls a meeting. Also this same Whites Island was just “given away” for 20+ years by the previous government! These are example of “ideas” NOT Plans! Want to see an example of the difference? Look at the IDEA that somehow WON the waterfront lease and then look at the PLAN put together by another group. I don’t remember what the web link was but the info is in the 2014 Phone Directory.

    • DeliverUs says:

      why don’t you go there and sing and dance.

  10. Maximus says:

    I see all types of people coming together on random evenings to talk to each other. Allowing their children to play together and forge friendships. I see the adjacent church holding impromptu choir practices of a midsummers evening. I see a few dozen visitors joining us locals on a crisp winter evening making the trek to Court & Dundonald to hear Shine Hayward and Neil Burnie waiting to exhale – on the sax, to celebrate the lighting of the christmas tree.

    Other people see crime.

    Other people see only the wrong in mankind.

    I aint giving up.

    • K12 says:

      @Maximus, with a all due respect, I would think that even ideas that give us hope should have well thought plans! We have Parks in the City like Par-la-Ville, Victoria, Barrs, Albouys Point to name a few! There are steps at City Hall too? However, I’ve never seen NB or Shine playing there ….just because!

      Give me a plan and if it is well thought out, I will have your support it. Draw up and idea that looks like it was done on an etch-a-sketch and people will criticize it!

      • Longtail says:

        K12 – The article clearly says this is a concept only…. NOT finished drawings! While I have no time or patience for the 3 ring circus that currently is lodged in City Hall, lets be real about what we are looking at…. these are sketch drawings only – comments on the concept would be appropriate at this early stage, not a critique on the lack of finished draughtsmanship.

    • Mike Hind says:

      That would entail the Corporation allowing busking and live music outdoors…

  11. Maximus says:

    @ Raw Onion….yawn.

  12. Hurricane says:

    Just what this area needs, a park. SMH at those corporation jokers……again. And U, Maximus, don’t see to well at all.

  13. Robert says:

    Graham, im on your side, but what the hell is this ?!!! You are making hard to support you and your team !!

  14. 1minute says:

    Looks like the little church is getting a side yard make-over

  15. DeliverUs says:

    what a mess. well, i hope at least they have budgeted for CCTV cuz there’ll be a whole lot of unseemly activity there. why not build a day care or after school “Boys Club” or something the area NEEDS?

  16. aceboy says:

    Knock up a few darawings and then sign a deal before anyone has a chance to review it. Boy this sure sounds familiar. No doubt there will be lots of stuff that will require change orders…AND to top it all off, if the government cancels it there will need to be a compensation payment of sorts to whomever was contracted.

  17. jt says:

    I wonder how long it wll be before the deput jumos in and states that those being critical of the drawings are all, well, you know…………

  18. Victor says:

    Well done Mr. Mayor for putting the project out to primary schools as a design competition. However, I do think you need to stop this egalitarian nonsense and tell us which eight year old at which school produced the winning submission.