City: Infrastructure Upgrades To Junctions

September 26, 2017

The City of Hamilton is thanking the general public for their “continued patience and understanding” as upgrades to City junctions continue.

A spokesperson said, “In 2009, the City of Hamilton identified the need to make significant upgrades to the traffic light equipment throughout the City.

“The existing infrastructure was thirty years old and as replacement parts became increasingly more difficult to source, the decision was made, out of necessity, to replace the traffic lights with equipment that was more efficient and technologically advanced.

“The City retained a traffic system consultant that identified issues and collected data that would play an integral part in the implementation of new equipment. The upgrades address issues pertaining to slow moving traffic, coordination with other signals, loop detectors, access for the disabled and blind, obstructed view of pedestrians and overall safety.

“The upgrades are a sizeable and costly initiative. To date, six major junctions in the City have been upgraded with two more scheduled in both 2017 and 2018. With the upgrades has come the widening of some City sidewalks.

“The safety of pedestrians is of utmost importance to the City and the widening of sidewalks has created increased visibility of pedestrians and has also reduced their time in the traffic lane on a crossing. The removal of City trees is an emotive issue and the sidewalk widening has served to spare many of them.

“The junction at Victoria and Court Streets is almost complete. Whilst turning lanes have been removed, the smart technology of the lights is designed to detect the traffic flow and patterns and thus reduce existing and future levels of traffic delay through more efficient traffic control. Work at Victoria and Parliament Streets is due to start on October 2nd.

“The City of Hamilton would like to thank the general public for their continued patience and understanding while upgrades to the City junctions are ongoing.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    How about locating lights where they can be seen. At so many intersections if you pull up to the stop line the light cannot be seen without doing head gymnastics. Whoever decided on light placement must not have traveled much.

    • Glowstick Tracker says:

      It would appear that you are one of the motorists that do not know what the solid white line across the lane is for and you drive over it and continue until you are under the light. If you actually stopped at the line you can see the light fine. Maybe you should stop at the line then you would correct your view.

  2. sage says:

    What is COH really doing? They build sidewalks twice the normal width making the roads 1/3rd narrower, making 3 lanes into 2, as vehicles get bigger, they create al-fresco dining and drinking areas out over the side walks then build another walkway around that, planters and benches take up parking spots as well, who decided those bike bays basically in the left lane across from HSBC Front St. were a good idea? That curb jutting out in the road on the northern side of City Hall park is a clear hazard too, and finally, can the trash trucks stop draining that stinking water all over the streets of the town, the place smells worse than a dead whale after they go through.

    • Hmmm says:

      There is obviously someone at CofH that doesn’t drive!!!!

      These are the same bunch that lost millions because they poorly implemented a law (all they needed to do was publish it in the “official Gazette”) but NO.. They spend a fortune on barriers.. but leave the horrible surface of City Hall Car park as is… I’m waiting for the broken ankle law suit. And lets not talk about Bulls Head… none of the security cameras work, the elevator might as well be a bathroom.. It’s a disgrace!!!

    • In Mark's Opinion says:

      I agree, they are creating traffic chaos

  3. Really says:

    Can’t wait till the corporations are extinct like all other dinosaurs.

  4. Um Um Like says:

    Good thing we have loads of cash to pay for all of this!

  5. JohnBoy says:

    So they take areas where there was 1 lane to turn and 1 lane to go straight and make that a single lane? Whose idea was that??? Are they trying to create more congestion?

    Beam me up Scotty…..please!

  6. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Pave all the potholes in the city first! some roads ARE TERRIBLE!!