Photos: Cat Rescued From Pembroke House Fire

November 7, 2013

[Updated] A cat named Oreo was successfully rescued from a small house fire in Pembroke today [Nov 7], and after receiving some oxygen on the scene, Oreo appears set to make a full recovery.

The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service [BFRS] responded to the Fenton’s Drive area off Parson’s Road in Pembroke at around 11.45am today, with approximately two fire vehicles responding and around six personnel arriving at the scene.

Bystanders told Bernews the cat was rescued by a firefighter and brought out to safety. After Oreo was outside, he was given oxygen supplied by the BFRS while being comforted by his owner. As of 12.30pm, the fire is extinguished and Oreo is resting comfortably, snuggled on his owner’s lap.

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  1. Headless Horseman says:

    now he has 8.

  2. 2013 says:

    Glad everyones ok

  3. Cat lover says:

    Thank goodness! Poor little kitty. So glad he’s okay.

  4. Freedom says:

    Heartening to read this. So pleased they rescued the cat.

  5. ella says:

    Thank God. Such a cute kitty. Many blessings Oreo!

  6. JusMyOpinion says:

    Glad to see no HUMAN was hurt. All you dam cat lovers worrying about that cat. You been Fenton’s Drive??? All those dam cats down there nobody would miss one. LOL

    • Rosy Hill says:

      we are all God’s creatures, what makes you special?