Senior Citizen Plans To Sail Around The Globe

November 28, 2013

A 76-year-old New Zealand native is planning an extraordinary trip that will see him sail around Bermuda as he circles the Earth in a custom designed yacht that will function entirely via green power sources.

Dr. Stanley Paris, an experienced sailor with a handful of records already under his belt, hopes to make the trip in only 120 days in Kiwi Spirit, a boat that runs entirely via power generated by solar panels, wind generators, and hydrogenerators; completing the trip successfully would make him the oldest sailor to circumnavigate the globe, as well as the first to do it without using traditional fuel.

Dr. Paris will set out from the Florida coast on Saturday, November 30, according to the St. Augustine Record.


With years of sailing experience behind him, Mr. Paris said that he’s not concerned about the long months of solitude and countless risks that faced him on the trip. Still, in order to protect him in the event of a disaster, he’ll employ the services of two important devices; a transmitter that will constantly relay his position to a satellite, allowing friends and family to keep an eye on his status, as well as a unique device, worn around the neck, that will guide the boat back to him should he fall off.

Mr. Paris’ sailing experience includes a race from Maine to Bermuda completed in the same boat.

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