Video: 76 Yr Old Global Sailor Sails By Bermuda

December 7, 2013

[Updated with video] 76-year-old Dr. Stanley Paris — who is seeking to become the oldest and fastest person to sail nonstop around the world solo — passed by the east end of Bermuda this morning [Dec 7] in his 63ft boat “Kiwi Spirit”, kicking off his around the world journey.

The local duty officer said that at 10.15am today, Bermuda Radio recorded the “Kiwi Spirit” as being 0.8 nm east of St Davids Lighthouse, which marks the start of a circum navigation of the globe by Dr. Paris.

Dr Paris’ boat pictured off St David’s at around 10.20am today:

Stanley Paris

The duty officer said that Dr Paris is hoping to complete the circumnavigation in less than 150 day 6hrs and 1 minute, which was the previous record held by Dodge Morgan

He plans to complete the navigation without using any fuel at all, with all power supplied by wind and solar energy with sealed diesel tanks available in case of emergency.

“The 64ft cutter rigged vessel is carrying 120 dehydrated meals, 120 deep frozen meals and a large stock of MRIs and dried foods. Water will be collected from the deck and the vessel has an electric water maker.” said the Duty Officer.

The Duty Officer also said that Dr Paris mentioned that his son Alan Paris was the first Bermudian to complete a circumnavigation of the globe in 2003 on “Velocity.”

Thanks to satellite communications, Dr Paris will updating his blog at, and his journey can also be tracked online here.

His latest post on his blog said, “The first person to sail solo non-stop and non-assisted was Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, who did it in 313 days. He is incidentally still alive and is younger than me! Oh well, perhaps I am a late starter.”

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  1. Commodore JB says:

    Great to see a fellow yachtsman pushing nautical limits!

  2. terry says:

    As long as they know their limits and are in good health.

  3. Vice Commodore SM says:

    I concur Commodore JB. Our BBIRYC should make him an honourary member. It would be good publicity for our yacht club. I intend on circumnavigatig the globe in my kayak eventually.

  4. Michael says:

    Outstanding! Cheers! The records he is going for are the fastest around the world on a cruiser, the oldest sailor (which aren’t official records), but the one that is an official record is completing the record Bio Fuel Free. Either way, this is a huge achievement if he completes it!!!

  5. Judie Kopfman says:

    Checking your Journals daily for updates. Close friend of Erin and Will in St. Augustine, FL. Wishing you a safe trip.