Rory Field’s Contract Extended For Another Year

December 2, 2013

Governor George Fergusson, today [Dec 2] announced that the appointment of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Rory Field, has been extended for a further year, until the end of 2014.

A spokesperson said, “It has been the intention since Mr. Field’s re-appointment in 2010 that if possible his successor would be a Bermudian.

“A competition for the post was therefore launched earlier this year, limited to Bermudian candidates. In the event, only one application was received.

“The Governor convened a panel, chaired by the Deputy Governor, to advise him on the appointment. This panel recommended, after some consideration, that the candidate would be qualified for the appointment, subject to a suggested transitional period.

“The Governor accepted this recommendation and had begun to set its implementation in train. However, in the light of certain subsequent developments, it became untenable for the appointment to proceed.

“The Governor is grateful to Mr. Field for his agreement to continue for a further year.”

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    ‘However, in the light of certain subsequent developments, it became untenable for the appointment to proceed.’

    Anyone know what this statement means!!

    Does this mean the proposed appointment of the Bermudian became untenable and could not proceed? Or has the Bermudian been given a prescribed course of 12 months training before they can be appointed to the post.

    Definitely a little confusing and sends the wrong message to the broader Bermudian workers.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Looks to me like they had a plan to get a Bermudian in, the plan was proceeding and something happened (“certain subsequent developments”) and it couldn’t happen, so they’re postponing it for a year while they train someone – either the existing candidate or a new one – and this guy is going to cover until then.

      Sure, it’s a little vague, but that might be because giving more details would be telling stories out of school.
      Doesn’t seem to be anything sinister or “sending the wrong message to the broader Bermudian workers”…

  2. W.T.F. says:

    Having spent 6 years here and having failed to produce a Bermudian successor, what makes anyone think this guy has any interest in producing one in the next 12 months? Its mighty cold in England this time of year…..they never want to leave. What a message this one sends: even in a competition of one the Bermudian still can’t win.

    • Naive Observer says:

      Oh my yes. I sure anyone would want to stay and be subjected to continued character assassination by W.T.F. and the ranks of armchair experts here.

      I am sure you like the Governor to publicly air the name of the Candidate and whatever flaw or event seems to have derailed their succession, but perhaps such matters would be be kept confidential to avoid damaging a career further?

      ONE application received. Well why couldn’t they pick a Bermudian candidate out of such a *large* pool as that? After all its not like the post is important to the justice system or anything, perhaps in the area of making sure that criminals are actually convicted by an effective prosecution?


      They do it in the private sector as well.

  3. Hmmm says:

    Essentially Rory Has failed!
    There is the tacit notion that the Bermudian is not up to scratch. His primary job was to train a Bermudian and leave! He can argue that nobody is good enough. Thereby playing into the old stereotypes that are held bout our people. That stereotype is largely a racist one however! Yes, I said it. Racist!
    I suspect racist presuppositions because the word “Bermudian” is usually referring to a Black person born in Bermuda. Rory was a tasked with finding a suitable candidate and training them. We had the lady from jamaica who was an abysmal failure, rude, disrespectful and self-absorbed. Now we have Rory who is enjoying his stay and not recommending anyone thereby exploiting the common notion that we are incompetent. Well if that be the case he needs to go and get a competent person who can train a Bermudian. There are too many graduates form law school for nobody to b able cut the mustard. He is not that superior and his failure to train a person suggest that he lacks the competence to train…unless we fall back on the racist presupposition that these … just can’t be trained to do the tricks!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Did you even read the article, you absolute frikin moron?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      I’m guessing that the fact that there are white Bermudians is a problem for your logic…………………….

      LOL racist indeed……

  4. Rockfish#2 says:

    If the powers that be really wanted a Bermudian in this position it would have happened!
    This nonsense has been going on for far too long, and seems unlikely to stop without Bermudians protesting and demanding answers.

  5. W.T.F. says:

    Amazing. Only 8 comments. The British know us so well. We only rise to petty BS. Fundamental issues like this hardly get our attention. This is why they continue to openly disrespect us in 2013. How sad.

  6. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    This story makes no sense. When Mr. Field was hired shouldn’t a Bermudian been groomed from that point? Or has Mr. Field been looking at dollars and cents instead? I smell a rat