Twenty Most Watched Bernews Videos Of 2013

December 18, 2013

As the end of the year nears, take a look back at our 20 most watched videos of 2013, which include footage of a super-yacht, reggae artists, airplanes, local sports, the tropical storm, a house explosion and more.

We posted hundreds of videos this year and according to our YouTube statistics our videos garnered approximately one million views in 2013, and were viewed for a total of 1,559,690 minutes, which equals almost three years of total viewing time.

The most watched video — by far — was footage of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s 500ft long super-yacht ‘Eclipse’, which has been viewed over 112,000 times so far this year.

eclipse banner 2013

The second most popular was a clip of a Coast Guard helicopter, which was followed by footage showing an international gymnastics meet which was held in Bermuda.

The fourth most popular video was the Canadian family smoking outside the airport at 2am after the airline was diverted due to their behaviour on board. This video was also shown over many of the major Canadian television networks, with Bernews receiving multiple requests for copies of the footage.

In fifth place was a video of veteran reggae artist Shabba Ranks arriving in Bermuda, and rounding out the top six was security camera footage of the actual explosion at the Ariel Sands house.

You can watch the top 20 videos of the year below, and also take a look back even further and check out the top 20 videos of last year here.

Eclipse Super Yacht Arrives In Bermuda

Coast Guard Helicopter Take Off

Floor Routines At International Gymnastics Meet

Sunwing Flight 454 Diverts To Bermuda

Shabba Ranks Arrives In Bermuda

Security camera footage of the Ariel Sands house explosion

Luciano & Mikey General Visit CedarBridge

Alison Hinds & Shabba Ranks At Cup Match Salute

Beam Routines At International Gymnastics Meet

O’Flynn Family St Baldrick’s Head Shaving In Bermuda

Motocross Racing New Years Day

Two England goals in the match against Bermuda

Tropical Storm Gabrielle Approaches Bermuda

Bermuda Regiment’s 21 Gun Salute For Royal Baby

Nahki Wells Presentation

Miss Smiths Katherine Arnfield

Highlights Of International Gymnastics Meet

RAF Military Aircraft Depart Bermuda

Gombeys On 2013 New Years Day

RAF & USAF Military Aircraft Depart Bermuda

- Note: This list excludes videos of police statements following crimes and/or road accidents.

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  1. Thanks Bernews for being Bermuda number one news outlet, great photo’s and to my fellow bloggers thanks for another interesting year of comedy, and interesting blogs!!What a sad life this would be if we all thought and felt the same way..Respect and enjoy the holidays…

  2. more than enough says:

    every body loves a billionaire…

    give thanks for, luciano and mikey general, sharing some of their time with the students @ cba .rastaman vibrations-positive

    lots of other good stories too-good job bernews

  3. Terry says:

    Snowden was right.
    You guys keep track of everything.
    Um nut powstin hair no mahore…..

  4. Ryan says:

    Another great year, Bernews! Still the Island’s source for no-spin news.

  5. Bernews says:

    Thank you all :-)