Dr. Paris Expresses Thoughts On Ending Trip

January 14, 2014

Due to problems with his boat, 76-year-old sailor Dr. Stanley Paris officially ended his attempt to become the oldest and fastest person to sail around the world this past weekend, saying he “must now abandon this dream” and that there will be no second attempt.

After leaving Bermuda’s waters on December 7, 2013, Dr. Paris made his way down the coast of South America into the mid-South Atlantic Ocean. It was during this time at sea that several storms caused irreparable damage to his 63 foot boat, the Kiwi Spirit.

He is now heading to land in South Africa.

The decision to call off his historic trip didn’t leave the senior sailor without emotion and indecision.

A recent blog entry from Dr. Paris outlined his views on abandoning his plans to circumnavigate the globe, saying, “It’s now clear to me that there are times in life where we defensively deny giving thought to our innermost fears. Such is the situation with me aboard Kiwi Spirit.

“After 41 days at sea, I was beginning to see that bit-by-bit the yacht was not ready for the worst that the Southern Ocean could deliver – anywhere from five to ten gales, and one or two storms. This boat could no longer, in its present state, handle such forces, and I knew deep down that I was not prepared to give voice to it.

“Then a member of my team did [give voice to concerns], and the rest, including me, agreed. Surprisingly a great sense of relief came over me, for now I could recognize and give voice to my mounting concerns and fears. Yes, I still have to get through the next six days in this ocean and make it to Cape Town.

“I will do my best to nurse her along. The fat lady has not yet been heard singing. I still have to make it to Cape Town and will need to nurse this ship all the way.”

Tracking map [link] screenshot showing Dr. Paris’ location when the decision to end the trip was made:

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The New Zealand native planned to travel around the world in the Kiwi Spirit, hoping to become the oldest and fastest person to sail non-stop around the world solo.

Dr. Paris hoped to complete the circumnavigation in less than 150 days, 1 hour, and 6 minutes, which would break the previous record set by American sailor Dodge Morgan in 1985.

He was aiming to complete the navigation without using fuel, with all power supplied by wind and solar energy with sealed diesel tanks available in case of emergency.

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