Nikki Bascome Wins First Professional Bout

February 24, 2014

int140223[Updated] Bermudian boxer Nikki Bascome made his professional debut in fine style, winning his first professional bout this weekend in the United States. Bascome took on Southpaw George Quinterro, and won by unanimous decision.

Bascome said, “It feels great knowing that I got over my first fight successfully…but I have to thank God for leading me to the victory.”

“It has been tough long road just getting to that one fight…and I must say without him it couldn’t have been possible.”

“I also have to thank my trainer Mr. Rego and Manager Mrs. Rego for dedicating so much time and money to help make my dream come true, they have both been there for me from the start I have to say they are really some wonderful people and I am blessed to have them in my life.”

Bascome continued, “I give myself a B minus overall for the fight, because I know me and I know that I’m capable of doing way better than I did, I am not making any excuses but I just didn’t get a good enough warm-up going into the ring.”

“I just telling myself I must win this fight because Rego told me every day leading up to the fight that it would be very important to win my first professional fight because it would lead us to bigger and better fights in the future,” concluded Bascome.

Update 12.47pm: Shadow Sports Minister Michael Weeks said, “We are pleased to recognize Bermudian boxer Nicki Bascome who in his boxing professional debut, recorded a unanimous points victory against his opponent at the Highlands County Fair Convention Centre in Sebring, Florida. With a bright future ahead of him, we expect many more victories for Mr. Bascome in the future.”

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  1. Betty Dump says:

    Go Nikki!!!!! I remember when you was scrawny bye… now look at you… Keep up the great work!

  2. HeyNah says:

    Good Going Nikki!!! Congrats!!!! Proud of You!!! Doing Bermuda Proud!!!

  3. Last of US says:

    ord road boy, i remember shadow boxing with him back in the day up mockey’s yard!, our man has made us proud bermuda, he may be the next mr.johnson, Olympic medal anyone?

  4. more than enough says:

    yes i nikki! nuff respect

  5. Whistle Blower says:

    Congratulations young man! :-) I wish you ALL the best in your career!
    Prod of this young Bermudian!!

  6. Seashells says:

    Proud of you Nikki. Positive steps! Keep up the good work. Proof our young men can and do put their talents to use. BIG up!

  7. sage says:

    Yes Nikki, hard work, determination and of course talent are paying off, keep following your aspirations, we are proud of you man. All the best going forward.

  8. AWESOME says:

    Great Job! Wish you all the best in the future.

  9. jenni says:

    Nikki congrats you have come a long way and I’m proud of you.keep up the good work, you have over come all odds,I love you. Jenny

  10. me says:

    Yeah! Thats the stuff Nikki, Auntie is so proud of you ! You are definitely a rising star! Look forward to hearing from you again! The somerset bridge lookout crew continue to look out for you! $$$$$much success, Mommy would be so proud of you I know!

  11. Nuff Said says:

    Good stuff young buck. Look forward to seeing more great things from you in the future.

  12. Mazumbo says:

    Yes Papa, keep on fighting tough out der and we’ll keep on fighting tough down here. Hold ya corner.

  13. King Jammys Fan! says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait until you win #2!!

  14. Cayla says:

    Awesome job Nikki! Keep up the good work, Congrats!

  15. vybx kartel says:

    Looks like 2pac

  16. Pablo says:

    Congrats Nikki. All the hard training and sacrifice is paying off! Wishing you much more success going forward! Bless!