Live Updates: “Undefeated” Boxing Matches

November 11, 2017

[Updating] A number of boxers will be in the ring this evening [Nov 11], as the ‘Undefeated’ event takes place at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel in front of a sold out crowd, with the headline fight to see professional Bermudian boxer Nikki Bascome take on Portugal’s Fabio Costa.


Extreme Entertainment is providing a pay per view of the event via, which the organisers said will offer behind-the-scenes action, promotional models, the fights and more for $49.99.

The organisers and Crimson Multimedia said they have put extensive effort into creating a quality production, with a ten person crew working three cameras and offering both English and Portuguese commentary.

Don Burgess is providing live text updates via @BernewsSports Twitter account, which can also be seen below

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Comments (11)

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  1. Bermmanymanymanymen says:

    $49??? What I’m I watching Wilder or Mayweather…

  2. Frank says:

    Who won the fight?

  3. Bermmanymanymanymen says:

    That knockout was brutal…hope he doesn’t get discouraged and keeps on going….great sportsmanship at the end

    • Onion Juice says:

      I wonder what type of advice he got or if he followed instrcutions, de guy was bigger and stronger then him.
      For de first two rounds he tried to go toe to toe he was getting peppered, de 3rd round he took because he jabbed and moved.
      Then he went toe to toe in de forth round and then thats when he was in trouble.
      Pick yaself up, even de best loose hope he gets good sponsors to reside overseas to better himself.
      Keep ya head up Bro.

  4. Zevon says:

    So Eron Hill is a boxing expert now?

    • There's always one says:

      He was offering inspiration to a fellow countryman by using facts appropriate to the subject. Need some inspiration in your life?

  5. Genie says:

    Kamathi was not impressed!!

  6. Tell The Truth says:

    You can’t talk all that trash then lose.

  7. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Niki, I know that this was probably a shock to your system but I knew your
    Grand Mother whom I worked with at Waterloo House formally on Pitts Bay Road. Mrs. Claire Bascome was firm and tough so you have it in your DNA.
    Get some rest and recovery, regenerate, regroup,restratigize Bean
    ready to come out of corner with more Zeal and Power. Champions just keep
    Driving forward toward their Attimate Goal. Still very proud of you! Keep
    Getting Up and show the World the Champion that you are and are Developing
    Peace and Blessings

  8. Dready says:

    Vasco must be going wild.