Video: Poet Ali – Chain Reaction At CedarBridge

February 14, 2014

Poet Ali visited CedarBridge Academy this week in order to present a motivational speech based on the tenets put forward by Chain Reaction Bermuda, performing music and poetry to a crowd of delighted children even as they took part in the show itself.

According to IMDB, “Poet Ali is a hip hop artist, public speaker, music producer and choreographer. He has performed his music and hosted for events around the world. He has performed with flamenco, rock, and rap groups and produced with other artists in many genres. He has performed on stage with Christina Millian, Colbie Caillat, One Republic, and Run DMC.

“Poet Ali is a speaker and music producer for “Rachel’s Challenge” and presents all over the U.S. to young people and teens. Both Poet Ali’s music and speaking engagements often touch upon teen issues like bullying, violence, domestic abuse, and personal identity. As an actor, he debuted in the Cannes film festival short, “I am Neda” about political oppression in his native Iran. Poet is tri-lingual, speaking fluent English, Spanish, and Farsi, and he also sings in Italian.

Poet Ali performs at CedarBridge Academy:

“He has been called ethnically ambiguous for his ability to portray roles that range from Latino gang banger to Middle Eastern soldier, teacher, doctor, and athlete.”

According to its official website, “Chain Reaction Bermuda, also known as Rachel’s Challenge, is an international Pro-Kindness Program for elementary, middle, and high schools. The program is designed to disarm bullying and potential violence in schools by promoting kindness, respect, and understanding.

“This initiative is also one of the main gang prevention tools used in schools today fostering a sense of belonging, community, and character change. Chain Reaction produces an atmosphere that is conducive to learning in a safe environment by empowering students to change the culture of their school.”

“Chain Reaction Bermuda is more than a school club; it changes the culture of the school by empowering students to make a lasting change. The captivating assemblies impact the heart, challenge the mind, and influence behavior.

“The impactful monthly assemblies run concurrently with student-run clubs that constantly work on projects to demonstrate little acts of kindness that produce big results in their personal lives, schools, families, and community.”

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  1. Bermudian says:

    Bernews….that was hott!!!

    Could you post the whole show???…..I was waiting to hear the story.

  2. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Well – I know for sure that he has NOT performed with my sons “flamenco” band in Arizona!!!