Photos: Chain Reaction At CedarBridge Academy

January 22, 2015

CedarBridge Academy recently hosted a Chain Reaction program, which was designed to unite the members of the school and to empower them to carry the positive themes of the program back to the greater population.

The event was a powerful, high-energy program in which youth and adult participants were guided through a series of experiential learning processes designed to increase self-esteem and to shift negative peer pressure to positive peer support.

CedarBridge Academy has been involved with Chain Reaction for the past five years. This is the third event, the first three years ago was with the entire school, then just the S1 student and this time, again with the entire school.


The latest event was based on Rachel’s Challenge, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating safe, connected school environments where learning and teaching are maximized which is based on the life and writing of Rachel Scott.

Rachel Scott was the first person killed in the Columbine High School shootings on April 20, 1999. Rachel’s six diaries and an essay entitled My Ethics, My Codes of Life that she wrote one month before her death, have become the basis for the a school bullying and violence abatement program.

Rachel’s Challenge has five challenges: 1. Look for the Best in Others, 2. Dream Big, 3. Choose Positive Influences, 4. Speak with Kindness and 5. Start Your Own Chain Reaction.

CedarBridge Academy has adopted the fifth challenge this year, using the theme, Making Kindness Contagious.

The day began with students and teachers involved in team building exercises that also involved building trust. Teachers and students worked in groups, talking to each other, spending time learning how to listen to others, and looking for similarities and uniqueness.

Lunch for this event was provided for by several teachers, student groups and members of the public, and CedarBridge Principal Mrs. Kalmar Richards extended her thanks to everyone who donated funds so that all students could enjoy lunch on this particular day.

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  1. Monica Jones says:

    Wonderful = making kindness contagious! Just the type of disease that will ease our community into celebrating who we are!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Realist says:

    This program needs to be in every school on the island. Lets start a chain reaction. Kudo to all volunteers and faciliators both local and overseas who came to make Kindness contagious.

  3. Huh says:

    Well done all associated with CBA. I sincerely hope that Cedarbridge will help all schools in Bermuda use this amazing program. Hopefully The Dept. of Ed. will be all over this.

  4. Kim Smith says:

    Brilliant idea… well done Cedarbridge Academy for getting into action with this programme, a true sign of leadership!

  5. jess says:

    this programe does not work in bermuda and i know because i was there the first year they did it and they had them play games and the got more serrious then started askin deep personal questions that shouldnt be dissused with everyone and students where goin around tellin other peoples personal stories and make fun of them and even teasing and bulling other students
    in the end bermuda is bermuda and its small…..and yu dont see private schools doing this