Dolphin Quest’s “Bailey” Welcomes New Baby

March 31, 2014

Congratulations are in order for “Bailey” — a resident of Dolphin Quest — who gave birth at just past 2.00am this morning [Mar 31]. Mother and child are apparently doing well, and we expect to be able to update with additional information on this new arrival later today.

Bailey and her newborn pictured today:


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  1. crystal says:


  2. George Harrison says:

    So how much is this newest addition to the pod worth Dolphin Quest? Talk about a baby factory you got going up there – what number new born is this and how many have you sold for profit since going into business?!

    What are the restrictions on numbers of captive animals in a confined area Dept. of Environmental Protection – especially the size of the holding pen at the Maritime Museum? Do you have any or is this another issue we like to turn a blind eye to for the sake of our own entertainment? Any doubt about the negative psychological effects of captivity on mammals have a look at the film Black Fish for starters…………….. or

  3. turtle says:

    Hope you don’t put apart mother and baby!! and sell the baby to others places!!!!…I am amaze that those dolphin are in such a tiny area!!!!! and still you are bringing more dolphin??!!…I remember no far years ago you sell a dolphin to USA. He died short after leave the mother……was a very sad story.

  4. Jonny rocket says:

    What’s sad is that we still keep animals in captivity and make them do tricks for human entertainment. I do not support animals in captivity and they should not be breading more dolphins for that selfish purpose of making money… Shame on all of you, you should be put in a tank and made to do tricks.

  5. congrats says:

    this is wonderful news. My family had the opportunity to go up to Dolphin Quest to enjoy the experience it was awesome. congrats on the birth it must be magical

    • George Harrison says:

      Who/what are you celebrating in your post Congrats? The fact that there will be another dolphin kept in captivity and brain washed to perform tricks for you and your family every time you pay a fee or sold to another facility to drive profits? I challenge you to think about what price you place on “the enjoyment of your experience”!

  6. baby brings luck says:

    Every time someone talks about Dolphin Quest the same people come out of the woodwork. With the same arguments. They need a better platform highjacking a beautiful moment is so unnecessary. Lets enjoy the birth

    • Jonny rocket says:

      Beautiful moment, you should be locked in ya house for the rest of your years, see how beautiful you find that.

    • George Harrison says:

      So what part of the birth are you celebrating in your post Baby Brings Luck? No one is hijacking any beautiful moment – that is a fallacy you created in your own mind to justify the indefensible continued captivity of dolphins. Do you know how well the birth went, what pain, possible suffering the dolphin was in when it gave birth – of course not, don’t try and humanize/sensationalize a non-human emotion/event. This is one of the arguments against keeping animals in captivity for human entertainment – massive assumptions about or sheer neglect of those very animals! Time to get your ‘beautiful moment(s)’ and our ‘entertainment’ from somewhere else – you can start by looking to other human beings first and foremost. They have a voice and will be able to relate to you that much better!

  7. happy says:

    So happy this is good news

  8. Onlooker says:

    I was upset when I visited the dolphin facility at Dockyard. The government needs to seriously look at this whole industry again as do the animal welfare people on the island. People are becoming more educated and any right thinking person can see that this industry is wrong. I just hope a the very least that the dolphin remains with its mother and ‘pod’.

  9. Shameful says:

    This is shameful. New babies should not be allowed to be born in to an enclosure that isn’t even big enough to house the adults! Just another dolphin born in to captivity with no chance of ever seeing the ocean, disgraceful. Bermuda you should be ashamed.

  10. canadianbermudagyal says:

    I’d posted a link to both the award winning documentaries “The Cove” & “Blackfish”, as well as a variety of other reputable links to the problems & issues of marine mammals in captivity on Dolphin Quest’s page – and they were promptly removed. Myself & others (including a marine conservation researcher) were then blocked.

    It isn’t surprising that Dolphin Quest, as well as Sea World and really, ANY entertainment park that utilizes marine mammals for profit to want to continue to keep us all in the dark about the reality of the industry.

    The detrimental psychological & health issues these highly intelligent creatures develop as a result of living in such small enclosures is quite tragic & the facts are hard to ignore.

    I’d highly advise all those who see nothing wrong with spending money to take their families to these parks to watch those documentaries. Even a simple Google search can inform you of exactly why we need to shift our mindset to more sustainable & cruelty-free methods to enjoy wildlife.

    Even Bermuda’s B.U.E.I and Island Tours offers whale watching tours, and many other places across the U.S & world offer tours where you can see these breathtaking animals in their native habitat, not being forced to be deprived of food in order for the motivation to perform tricks.

    Before someone else says how great & wonderful marine mammals in captivity are, please do your research and learn the facts. I, too, was one of those people who thought nothing wrong with going to a “Swim with the dolphins” park years ago. I changed my tune once I learned what the real deal was. :(

    • Onlooker says:

      And may I add the whale watching tours in Bermuda are spectacular!!

  11. Daffy says:

    Every animal rights activist seems to be forgetting that bottlenose dolphins live as long in captivity as they do in the wild. This is from independent findings mind you, not SeaWorld. So please stop raiding every website. I’ve already watched Blackfish and The Cove and I’m not going to again just because you said so.

    • Marine enthusiast says:

      if you have watched the movie then you obviously understand how these dolphins, in a way, speak different languages and are kept in small, inhumane pens. Imagine you living your life in a pen, being fed the same thing…doing the same thing each and every day… imagine you in their position. They have feelings as well as a brain larger then humans. These intelligent sea creatures are far more intelligent then you and I and they deserve to be in the ocean where nature intended. as your statment says that the dolphins live the same in captivity as in the wild, as this point is accurate I must point out two things.
      1. The dolphins killed in the process of capturing one dolphin is very high, If you have not seen the movie “the cove” I highly recommend watching it or even searching dolphin slaughter in japan will show you the same thing.
      2. Imagine the quality of living in those pens… would you want to live if there is not something worth living for? Usually no family. Doing performances for the scum that we are… taking enjoyment off of watching dolphins perform tricks and flips.

      I feel very strong about this issue and feel like people need to be more educated about these issues.


      • Marine enthusiast says:

        soon sea shepherd are going to come here and free these creatures if they keep this up

      • Daffy says:

        Firstly, you and I are not dolphins. They do extremely well in captivity, comparing dolphins to humans is a false analogy. Dolphin mortality in the old is high. Usually 50% of calves die within the first year. You discredit yourself by claiming dolphins are more intelligent than you and I. Read Are Dolphins Really Smart to get a better understanding of these mammals. They don’t have a language and you’ve fallen for a his if you think thy do.

        • Eva Ries says:

          You don’t have to “be a dolphin” to know there’s something called ZOOBIQUITY.

          In short, it means that humans don’t do well in incarceration and exhibit ALL THE SAME PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTURBANCES AND MANIFESTATIONS AS OTHER INCARCERATED SPECIES. It’s a medical term. Go look it up and learn about the fact that ailments are often found in multiple species, not “just ours.”

          So, argue with THAT, if you can. But, some of us know it’s not possible because it’s trying to defend the indefensible for self-serving justifications.

          The only ones who are really and thoroughly discredited are the ones who think their “opinions” are and should be viewed with equal weight as a documented fact. If you’ve got “something to lose” by someone else’s freedom, then you don’t have a defensible position because you rely on their servitude to you in some manner.

          That’s a conflict of interest when a slaveholder claims that the slave “likes” captivity. They may be dependent upon the slave holder, but that doesn’t mean it’s “good” for the captive, that they “like” it, or that there’s any benefit…except to the slave holder.

          You don’t have a position TO defend, plain and simple.

        • Marine enthusiast says:

          I never claimed i was a dolphin as that would be illogical as there is no wifi under the sea as far as im aware… And there has been a connection between the dolphins in the way they communicate and they only communicate with dolphins in their area and pod… I am slightly reluctent to call them languages but as you didnt realize what quotes mean its ok. Also i didnt realize what you mean by “read are dolphins real smart” please clarify, thanks

    • Onlooker says:


    • seriously says:

      That’s not true actually. And even if it was it’s no argument for keeping dolphins in captivity. Keeping wild animals in captivity for human amusement is inherently cruel, as it deprives them of the ability to freely engage in instinctual behaviors in their natural environment. Living in a sea pen can never recreate their natural environment where they can swim up to a hundred miles a day. Keeping any wild animal in captivity is cruel. Life for captive whales and dolphins is nothing like a life in the sea.

    • Eva Ries says:

      Longevity isn’t a premise to obscure quality of life issues. You have revealed to us now, that you have a personal interest/gain in the continuance of this “practice.” Are you an employee of one of these “facilities,” per chance?

  12. blue bird says:

    Another group of radicals are certainly having a HISSY FIT today.
    Humans and Dolphins are the only ones that enjoy SEX for pleasure.
    So should we provide them with birth control or condoms????

  13. blue bird says:

    Does anyone know if “Joe Joe” of the Turks & Caicos is still alive as he lived in one bay in Provo ???
    The Dolphines in grand bahama live very well and don’t escape to the ocean as they could.
    They are feed a very good DIET and have Protection from Preditors as that little baby would have been GOBBLED UP by a shark as an O”derve
    in the wild.

  14. canadianbermudagyal says:

    Daffy, spouting off misinformation that you’ve garnered from a 2 second internet search and one terribly biased book as fact is both laughable and entertaining at best. I’d personally rather read you and the other troglodytes in this forum’s comments than pay to see a dolphin show. Much more bang for your buck! ;)

    And secondarily. In case you were unaware, the book “Are Dolphins really smart” is written by Dr. Justin Gregg. Justin Gregg has a PHD in psychology, but SURPRISE SURPRISE folks! He’s the co-editor of Aquatic Mammals, a journal funded by the International Marine Animal Trainer’s Association and he himself works with cetaceans in captivity. Not exactly unbiased.

    And lastly, if all of you feel more comfortable sticking your heads in the proverbial sand & arguing until the cows come home about a subject that’s been very heightened in the last few years, so be it. I’m sure some of you probably work at Dolphin Quest, so it comes as no surprise.

    It’s going to be another decade maximum that the general public will be readily supporting marine mammal parks. There has been way way too much scientific evidence & proof that keeping them in captivity is both cruel, and detrimental to their well being. I’d be happy to sit here all day and copy/paste links illustrating all of the above, but Bernews is probably tired of this debate taking up so much bandwidth.

    If nothing else, it’s pretty easy to see that the dolphins at Dolphin Quest (and most Marine parks) have a look of resignation to the fact that this is the life that they have to accept and NOT one they’ve chosen.

    I’ve been there with family (begrudgingly, as they wanted just to see the dolphins) and the haunting, dissociative look in the dolphins eyes are sad and lonely, really disturbing. You don’t have to be an “animal rights crazy”, as has been so ELOQUENTLY thrown out there, to see that keeping them there isn’t right.

    Here’s a link to the subject at hand for those interested & there are many, many more if you do your own research, through reputable agencies & organizations:

  15. Hmm says:

    A second dolphin (Ely) also had a baby this Saturday.