Jermaine Simmons Charged With 2009 Murder

March 31, 2014

A 38 year old man was charged with the murder of Garry “Fingas” Cann in Magistrates Court this morning [Mar 31], becoming the second man to be charged in connection with the 2009 murder.

Jermaine Simmons was charged with the premeditated murder of Mr. Cann on 15 December 2009, and also charged with using a firearm to commit an indictable offence that same date. Mr. Cann was fatally shot outside a home in Sandys.

As the charges can only be heard in the Supreme Court he did not have to enter a plea. The defendant was remanded in custody by Senior Magistrates Archie Warner.

Last summer Zikai Cann was also charged with the murder of Mr. Cann, charges which he has denied.

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  1. nok says:

    Welcoming news to any greiving family!!! If it’s the right person good job BPS.

  2. Duhh says:

    They charging anybody!!! BPS are a bunch of clowns!!!

    • friend says:

      this is exactly what is is ANYBODY is right!

    • Blooper says:

      your comment is stupid and deplorable

    • i care says:

      If it wad your family BPS would not be clowns then. If tje shoe was on the other foot and this was you in the situation. You will be relying on the BPS.

      Grow up.

    • Legal Eagle says:

      Duh, the only clown here is you and your mate…..

  3. Crazy says:

    Duhh how you know they charging anybody?Would you put you head on a chopping bluck to say they are charging anybody. If you know something say something thats how the slogan goes don’t let the wrong guy go down.

  4. TickTockBda says:


  5. P** says:

    Finally, R.I.P. Cousin!

    • i care says:

      A the end of the day no one wins. I cannot bring my loved one back. I dont want to see any more gun violence. Enough is enough. Ive had many sleepless nights, 5 years later and nothing has changed by losing Garry. I still miss him, i still cry, i still morn, his siblings cry for him on a regular. Its time for this to STOP. I would rather have you live then die to this sensless gun violence. Im asking you to stop airing how you feel in a negative way. You can speak positive about the good Garry did. If you really knew him. You would know he gave his last to anyone in need. I have a question? WHO GIVES MAN THE RIGHT TO TAKE A LIFE?

      • Bermerican says:

        Stop thinking that everyone they arrest is the alleged culprit and let the system deal with it. We understand you’re hurting but don’t be too sure, because at the end of the day, NONE OF US WERE THERE!

  6. Wayadumb says:

    Are you kidding me…….. The popo is doing anything. SMH

    • i care says:

      It really seems childish and imature what your saying. If this was your child, brother,cousin etc. You would want justice.

      So what now, are u dumb!!!!!

      Have you ever thought about any of the mothers. All of them suffer weather the child is living or in prison alive. All the mothers suffer in one way on another.

      Think about it!!!!

  7. Real says:

    And we as the people allow them to!

  8. thinking says:

    Well as small as Bermuda is & this turf war between sides has taken effect on the entire island of Bermuda.But there has to be a root reason for the killings of our young Bermudians. I feel for the families who have lost their sons & i also feel for the families whos son will have to do a life sentence. It really is a lose lose situation on both sides. It’s just like th people who want capital punishment put back on the book. They want a person to be killed because a person killed a person to show people that it’s wrong to kill a person. Makes NO sense.

  9. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The root reason is that thy see it on TV.

  10. Duhh says:

    Free that man he is innocent time will tell believe that

  11. Davo says:

    This is far and away not about turf war anymore it has taken on a violent nonsensical life of its own by people with too much free time on their hands.The sad part is with no jobs it will get worse and to top that even if their were jobs half of these guys can’t move out of their own neighborhoods.This is an absurd situation they have created which they themselves can’t even control now their own children will be involved.

    A legacy no-one wants even the so called players.