Pink Beach Environmental Impact Statement

April 15, 2014

As part of their application for planning permission for the Pink Beach Club redevelopment, the developers submitted an Environmental Impact Statement [EIS] outlining the plans as well as any impact on the environment along with mitigating steps.

The beach-front Tucker’s Town cottage colony was recently sold to Sardis Developments, and the proposed redevelopment is set to comprise a 34 room hotel with 2 restaurants, a spa, 2 pools, rooftop tennis court, residential units, a beach club and more

The EIS said, “Following demolition of almost all existing buildings on the entire site the western lot will be dedicated to a 34 suite five star boutique hotel, with a high quality gourmet restaurant and beach grill, spa and fitness facilities, beach club, fresh and saltwater pools and access to the western beach and tennis courts.

“In addition 6 luxury residential condominium units will be built which will offer a form of low density residential living that provides access to all hotel services and amenities.”

The EIS said, “The waterfront location is susceptible to inundation and storm damage and some of the existing building were damaged in Hurricane Fabian.

“The main hotel buildings in the proposed development are setback much further in accordance with recommendations in the Coastal Protection Guidelines.”

Waves crash at Pink Beach during the build up to Hurricane Igor in 2010


As far as treatment of sewage — a topic that has been in the headlines recently following the U.S. Consulate’s advisory — the EIS said, “The proposed development will incorporate a new sewage treatment and disposal system.

“The system will collect sewage from the development on the western lot and provide secondary treatment with disposal to a borehole. The system will meet Department of Environmental Protection standards and will be an improvement on the previous disposal methods.”

The EIS said the cost of construction is estimated to be $44 million for the hotel and condominiums and $7.5 million for the residence and guest accommodation. It also noted that the employment opportunities could be 80 – 100 jobs during the construction phase, with 56 jobs created when the hotel opens.

Design details have not been finalised yet, but the EIS said they the “architecture is intended to be Bermudian in character.”

The full 99-page Pink Beach Environmental Impact Statement is below [PDF here]

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  1. Onion says:

    6 luxury condos….???!!!

    So much for tourism.

    • Heavens says:

      those condos will be pre-sold already. and those people will need to buy a car/bike or use taxis and public trans, go shopping etc. they will contribute to the economy, not take away from it. and let’s face it, 34 luxury hotel rooms right on the beach is nothing to sneeze at also. it’s a start!

  2. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    See dat?…..doooonnnnttt doooooo daat

  3. Notsofast says:

    Take another look. This guy is creating a huge place for himself and is closing the beach so he can have it for himself!!! He pushing his guests and condo people to the beach next door. So much for tourism. Nothing like self interest.

  4. Val Dickerson says:

    The Redevelopment and Environmental Impact statements are an interesting read. This can only be a good thing for the enhancement of the sagging tourism industry on the island.

  5. The Kid says:

    Yet another land developer disguised as a hotel operator – give us a break they are ripping out 5.5 acres for a private residence and highjacking a beach to boot