Photos: 2 Injured After Driver Crashes Into Camp

August 2, 2014

[Updated with additional photos + video. Police confirm that the 19 year old driver has been arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired. The two people [husband and wife aged 52 and 44] who were in the tent that the car smashed into are being treated for what the police said “appears to be serious injuries.”]

Holiday campers in the east end had a rude awakening this morning [Aug 2] as a car crashed on Kindley Field Road at approximately 5.45am, smashing into multiple parked vehicles and a Cup Match tent in the process. Emergency personnel attended the scene, with fire, police and ambulance all present.

Unofficial reports suggest that multiple people were in the tent the car crashed into, and at least two have sustained some form of injury.

The people camping out in the area all seem to all be awake, for obvious reasons, and many are concerned about the two people who we understand to have been injured, while some have expressed their shock at being woken by what they described as a loud crash.

Update: Video statement from Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines

There are children at the site, and as far as we can ascertain the children have not been injured, however we are seeking confirmation on that, and other details, and will update with additional information as able.

Update 7.13am: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines is now on the scene, so we can expect to receive an official update soon.

Update 7.22am: Mr Caines has confirmed that the driver of the car has been arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired, and also confirmed that the two people who were injured — a husband and wife — were asleep when the car smashed into their tent.

Mr. Caines said they are being treated for “what appears to be serious injuries.”

Update 9.06am: Mr. Caines said, “First responders attended a report of a collision that took place on Saturday morning at 5:52am. It appears that a man was driving his car on Kindley Field Road when he lost control of his vehicle and careened into two cars that were parked in front of a camp site, and then crashed into a tent.

“This resulted in two people that were asleep in the tent — husband [52] and wife [44] — being taken to the hospital with serious but non-threatening injuries. The driver of the car, a 19 year old man, was arrested for suspicion of driving whilst impaired and an investigation into this incident is now underway.”

Update 6.32pm: The police said the man who was injured, whose age they amended to 51, is “currently still in the hospital with a host of serious injuries,” and the 44 year old woman is “listed in serious condition with a number of serious injuries as well.”

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kindley field crash aug 14 (3)

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  1. The Ombudsman looks at the story and then says:

    i pray all is safe, horrible news to wake up and see

  2. VJ says:

    Horrible news. Just last night as I was driving home, I made mention to my daughter about the positions of the tents and how vulnerable they are to this very scenario. Simply terrible, I pray they will be ok.

    • Scoalsy says:

      Was thinking same thing yesterday when i went by :(

    • Chronically Cynical says:

      I think the same thing every year and also was thinking the same thing when I came by on Thursday. In most cases, it would be safe but I was thinking that with the way alcohol flows on Cupmatch that it’s a miracle no-one has driven off the road into the campsite and now this. What terrible news.

  3. High road says:

    Very horrible indeed for a family to be injured this way due to the irresponsibility of another. Hope they are ok.

  4. Pah says:

    Wow..crazy. Hope everyone is ok!

  5. tugboatannie says:

    If this person(for lack of a better word) is found to be over the limit,then they should do time in prison……..a long time!!

  6. BoBTheBuilder says:

    Alcahol is one SERIOUS legal drug…..
    The most destructive substance known to man…

    • rockwatcher says:

      Who says he was drunk maybe they fell asleep…don’t judge till u know the facts

      • Longtail says:

        Falling asleep at the wheel is no less irresponsible!!!! Stop trying to defend the indefensible.

      • VJ says:

        Even if that is the case, and they fell asleep, they could STILL be prosecuted for due care/dangerous driving.

      • micro says:

        Driving while overly tired has the exact same effect as being impaired by alcohol and isn’t excusable at all.

        • LeRocher says:

          Why does it have to be alcohol. People pop pills, smoke pot and shoot up in their veins. What are the legal test requirements for these destructive killers.

          • Chronically Cynical says:

            Very true, LeRocher. Most people only think of alcohol, but one could be impaired by a multitude of things. There are people who have beaten the breath alco-analyzer but are under the influence of something else. Unless it’s blatantly obvious the person is high, I wonder if the police would even give them a drug test? I doubt it.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            Hopefully BobTheBuilder came back on and read your remarks . Hopefully they sunk in .

      • mae85 says:

        Well it does say “suspicion” and tugboatannie did say IF… either way damage was done n the driver needs to do some time!

      • BoBTheBuilder says:

        i’m being a realist. And if you drive off the road at that time of the morning, your possibly still drunk from the night before.
        I’ll give hime a chance though. He’s probably just hungover and sleepy right….. riiiiiiigggghhhhhhttttttyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooo

        Like I said: “Alcahol is one SERIOUS legal drug.”
        “One of the most destructful substances known to man.

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    If found guilty…(innocent untill proven guilty) this driver needs to be locked up for a very long time Mr. Archie Warner. Their actions could have killed a husband and wife who were enjoying their family Cup Match peacefully. I’ll be watching this case vey closely when it comes up. SOMERSET…BERMP, BERMP!!

  8. Come On Man says:

    i hope everyone is ok but i’ve been concerned about this happening everytime I drive by there. I would never camp there,it’s just not very wise to do so.

  9. Not buying it says:

    I’ve been concern about this scenario for YEARS and it’s the primary reason I would never camp there. I’ve always said its gonna take something bad to happen before they make a change. Either put up guard rails or stop ppl from camping there altogether. I pray that the couple make a speedy recovery and the driver gets what coming to him.

  10. micro says:

    Imagine if the area had been as packed as it has been in years past.

    Gut feeling over the past few days was telling me something like this will happen. Have always said it was bold camping along there and all the other places people set up right along the roadside.

    • Chronically Cynical says:

      Yes, that’s the only good news to come out of this-there weren’t as many campers there this year. Also, thank goodness no children were hit-it would have been very, very bad; possibly fatal.

  11. Raw Onion says:

    I’m sure we all we expecting something like this to happen on Kindley Field RD. I would never camp there for exactly that reason. Next year people that camp in that location need to park their cars in a way that forms a wall at the edge of the road.

    I hope all injured have a speedy recovery and for the driver…..well, he also better count his blessings and be prepared to face the consequences.

    • paper reader says:

      actually cars where parked across camp site. Car crashed thru both cars to reach tent.

  12. 297 warriors says:

    Stupid place to camp

    • A fairly simple solution says:

      Put up guard rails along that small section near the corner. Families love to picnic, camp and watch the races from that area.

    • just saying says:

      stupid place to speed …

  13. Vote for Me says:

    I will add my voice to those praying for a speedy recovery for anyone that was injured.

    The truth is that most COLLISIONS (not accidents) in Bermuda involve people that are under the influence of drugs (which includes alcohol. Nevertheless we often try to excuse the circumstances of the accident.

    At some point we will all wake up and put proper laws in place that better manage the consumption of alcohol or at least have standard sobriety checkpoints – the sooner the better.

    In the instance of camping on Kindley Field Road, I hope that we do not collectively overreact and ban camping at that site. People have been camping there for many years and we should not spoil their tradition. For next year, I look forward to the camp sites for both May 24 and Cup Match.

    Finally, the report indicates a suspicion of driving under the influence (at 5:30 am) but we should wait for a final determination.

    I trust that the family clan are safe.

    • Herb says:

      Voteforme, as a matter of fact most collisions are NOT caused by dui

      The official police statistics given are that 4.5 % of accidents are caused by dui

      Check it out next time police give their OFFICIAL statistics

  14. Ameboa says:

    WOW it looks like demolition derby……..

  15. Jamwasea says:

    Only a matter of time with the amount of people putting their faith in Joe public drivers when camping in close proximity to the road. Its sad to think only now will we will take a real look at this after the fact.
    I pray the folks in the tent will be ok. How often does anyone see some idiot do something on our roads that just makes us shake our heads,,, everyday right!! Its right in front of us and we do nothing. Time to start calling our MP`S

  16. Real talk says:

    Why the hell would u wanna camp on the causeway????always thought about that happening… Hope the victims are ok

    • Cboradman says:

      It’s not the causeway but kindley field road. people have been doing this for years the problem is the driver not the people camping, point the finger where it should go.

      • George Brown?! says:

        I think what the poster was trying to say was that with all the choices regarding places to camp, why take that chance.

        Like many others, I also questioned why anyone would take that chance. Another one that I question is the spot on the round-a-bout on North Shore near Ocean View. There are always camper there as well. They have the right to camp where they like and I would never wish harm on anyone but you cant help but think that it will be a question of “when” there is an accident and not “if”.

        I wish a speedy recovery to those injured today.

      • Tricks are for Kids says:

        Even though it has been “the spot” for a number of years in all reality it is not the “safest” place to camp….its unfortunate that it took someone to get injured to realize this and I hope that next year regulations are put in place…

  17. i and i says:

    Ok…..time for a barier
    Or barrier posts for cup match camping they can be portable as it is seasonal, the licensing fee for camping should be slotted for this,also the drivers third party should pay for all medical.The safety of campers definitively falls under the pervue of those accepting money for licensing , the land is the rsposibility of….etc.

    • Heya says:

      One incident and you want to change the whole holiday.. Give over.

      The driver was what caused this, not the campers. Perhaps we should ban driving over the holiday. See how silly that sounds too.

      Thoughts are with those folks injured, the friends and family and other campers there.

      • Not buying it says:

        This “one incident” almost costs two lives! So you think we should just do nothing and let it happen again? You sound very irresponsible. Campers have the right to camp wherever they so please but they have to assess the risk involved with camping in such a location. Maybe they should place the same concrete barriers the use to block the causeway during a storm along the camp sites. They ain’t pretty but they could prevent this from happening again.

    • Fruity says:

      an idea..
      I’d be irritated to now have to pay but I agree w/ the outlook of the safety aspect.
      .. decisions

      Campers choice as well as try to be safe drivers/riders.

      :( uncle I’m sorry for the injuries, your wife, the whole thing – this is hard..


  18. RowingaBoat says:

    unfortunately it was only a matter of time before something happened…

    Seriously, you’re camping next to a long strip of road during cup match. Bound to be drunk drivers and people speeding. Clearly.

  19. Just saying says:

    Funny how if you don’t know the person, everyone is quick to say throw him in prison for a long time, I agree what happened is inexcusable, but if its one of your friends or family I know you would not be posting comments like that!

    • Raw Onion says:

      Yes we would. If one of my relatives was driving drunk and almost killed someone I’d expect them to go to jail.

      A jail sentence is part of a drunk driving conviction when other parties are injured.

      • Just sayin says:

        He wasn’t drunk though.. Quick to assume aren’t you?

        • Not buying it says:

          So what are the details since you seem to be in the know? Smh

          • Carys says:

            he fell asleep at the wheel.

          • Fruity says:

            I 2nd Carys, he did fall asleep – no excuse for him but people are being so harsh for not knowing.
            HE FELL ASLEEP!

      • filobedo21 says:

        And this driver is lucky he is not facing manslaughter charges, so he is very lucky and so are the campers. Whew!

      • Interested says:

        such a typical uninformed response – sometimes we need to wait fro the facts to be released before opening our ‘chops’!

    • VJ says:

      Amazing how whenever something happens, there’s always some fool whose first sympathy is with the perpetrator instead of with the victim.

    • Common Sense Talking says:

      Right is Right and wrong is wrong, family or not and I mean that I have had to make that call and my son was not getting any piety from me. My dad always told me if you’re right I am 100% behind you and if you are wrong I am 100% against you.

  20. LeRocher says:

    This is terrible!! I pray that everyone is healed from the trauma and physical injuries. So sorry for all the campers at that site. I was wondering if the tent’s getting to close to the roadside. I thought they were (by law) to keep a number of yards away from the road. I hope that because of this that the government won’t react and ban all roadside camping. In the future safety rules must be kept and monitored by W&E/Agriculture Depts.

  21. i and i says:

    Did the fellow driving the car own the car?19 and a brand new car?Who owns the car?

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      Momma’s car…she not happy right now!

  22. Triangle Drifter says:

    Given how many tents there are, how close to the road so many of them are, how long this has been going on & the deplorable standard of driving, it really is amazing that this has not happened before.

    Lucky tenters that he struck so many other vehicles first, absorbing energy, before the tent.

    Hope that camping is not stopped in the area because of this incident. Maybe have tenters park their cars next to the road to act as barriers to protect them.

    • Derek A. G. Jones says:

      That makes sense. The vehicles should be set back from the road themselves and then the tents set back from the vehicles. It would create a good barrier of sorts. It would also be good to have extra speed limit enforcement on during the weekends campers are out. It’s a great tradition that just needs a little better planning and organization. I hope the campers recover fully without any permanent injuries.

  23. Wally Sittur says:

    Drunk driving is never excusable but camping right next to the road is just stupid. Seriously people. Let’s say it was an elderly person behind the wheel who had a heart attack… The same thing would have happened.

  24. Praenomen says:

    Camping on the side of the road is dangerous, a car could hit you, I would never do it. Walking and running on the road is also dangerous, a car could hit you, I do that. Driving on the road is dangerous, a car could hit you, I do that too. I trust the injured recover quickly.

    • Danielle says:

      Do you know how many accidents there have been along there, especially Stonecrusher Corner? Taking into account how people like to drink and drive on holidays, it’s a miracle this hasn’t happened before.
      I agree that accidents can happen anywhere, but personally I wouldn’t go and pitch a tent along the side of the road. Beach or park, yes. Highway, no. That’s like seeing a ‘Frequent Accident Spot’ sign and saying, “Hmmm, this looks like a good place to camp” and pitching a tent directly by it. Not too smart.
      In no way am I saying they asked for it, because I’m not. It’s a traditional spot and people obviously enjoy camping there. However, common sense would dictate that you could get seriously injured or killed if somebody misses a bend and drives into your tent. Personally, I wouldn’t even be able to sleep.

  25. Honesty says:

    A former saltus student/tennis player took a tourists life on a scooter and did probably just over a year if that (correct me if I’m wrong someone) Does anyone really believe this individual in question will serve a ‘long time’? Don’t worry…I’ll wait. I wish the victims a speedy recovery though.

    • VJ says:

      You are correct. I saw him on the plane not too long ago.
      Someone has lost their life, yet the convicted individual does little to no time.
      They then go about their life like nothing even happened.

    • Creamy says:

      A Bermudian man recently was found guiilty of DWDC after causing an accident after which a man’s leg had to be amputated. He got a $2,000 fine.

  26. Mad Maggie says:

    The family is in my prayers!

    If there was a law in place to make the club or the house where he was drinking responsible (Allowing their guest to drive drunk) – this drunk driving would not be as big a problem as it is today!

    Plus you drive drunk you lose your car – 1st offence, 1 month, 2nd offence, 6 months – 3rd offence Your Car is Sold to pay for Don’t drive drunk programs. California has great – found drunk program, they hit your pocket and your time hard – 1st timers learn real quick!

    • paper reader says:

      Don’t know if i completely agree with this comment. I don’t c why clubs should be held responsible. These person are supposed to be adults, why should they have to be baby sat. You drink don’t drive. Its as simple as that.

  27. A road user says:

    I agree with Cboradman, point the finger where it belongs, stupid drivers. If the car was going WEST what the hell was he doing on the other side in the East bound lane, I have no sympathy for that driver, just because Kindley Road is long and straight doe not give anyone the right to use it as a race track, I travel it often and I see it.
    I also agree, the driver should do time, A LONG TIME.

    • rockwatcher says:

      The driver fell asleep, he had an accident how dare you judge……he had no alcohol or drugs in his system, he only follow a female friend home from Devonshire to make sure she made it home safely/ and on way back he fell asleep it is an unfortunate accident BUT HOW DARE YOU JUDGE

  28. Whistling Frog says:

    How many accidents have occurred on that same band in the past, even a few deaths as I can recall. Accidents can happen in many ways other than alcohol or drug related. Its a matter of common sense when relating to one’s safety. I wish a speedy recovery to all involved…

  29. Monica Jones says:

    When my children were teens we implemented a “no drink and drive my car” family policy. We implemented this for the simple reason that we (the car owners) did not wish to have someone else’s blood or life on our hands if we agreed to allow our children to drive our car while under the influence of alcohol or other substances that would impair their judgment.

    We also had a family policy that said that if one of our children (or their friends) had their judgment impaired for any reason and were not able to get a taxi home, then we’d go and get them. Yes questions would be asked, but we always said we’d rather get an incoherent phone call from them than from some other entity such as a hospital etc.

    We did this because one of my close relatives was responsible for loss of life after he drove while impaired and we saw what that did to the family who lost a loved one, but also to my relative who was about 19 years old at the time this happened.

    We also discussed with our children the information that is now known to be accurate in relation to young people, which is that the risk-taking part of the brain is not fully developed until their are older, and they have to agree to accede this as a truth and recognise that this is nature’s way of preparing them to leave the nest.

    Having said all of this, I believe the community’s interests are best served not only by the justice system in cases such as this, but also by giving everyone affected by this event the opportunity to have a dialogue in controlled circumstances to articulate how they have been impacted by this tragedy, as so often those most affected do not have the opportunity to ask the person who has caused such terrible harm to them the question – why?.

  30. What Up says:

    Hope all is ok. One time ago for driving over 40mph you will get 3 years off the road. Maybe they should put this to the house you get could drunk driving you get 3 years off the road. This may make people think twice about drinking and driving or riding. JMO!!!

  31. Nurse Jackson says:

    There are so many beautiful, quiet, peaceful, tranquil, places to camp in Bermuda. Due to the airport in close proximity as well and any possible danger with that, I ask that someone come forth and make this the last and final year for camping at this site. Also include Palmetto Bay Round about.

    • Terry says:

      There is irony in your comment ‘Nurse Jackson’.

      I along with others had similar thoughts yesterday whilst viewing Bernews photo’s.

      Wet roads, night, speeders careening of the road and into tents.

      The Government and their advisors shut down the Causeway and Kindley Field Road/s when an air emergency occurs may occur.

      Odd are if one did it would not happen on Kindley Field road. Prior too or after and only a couple of vehicles would be involved.

      Fast forward to that happening yesterday. Think about it and the advance notice and removal of persons et al.

      Close it down to camping. Period.

      The baselands offer much along with areas on South Shore and the Railway track along Shelly Bay and others.

      Whats good for aviation is good for residents.

      An opinion.


  32. Non Drinker says:

    I pray the couple will be ok from their injuries. The song, ‘Bermudians love to drink’, in my opinion, is distasteful. Alcohol is destroying our island. Tomorrow will be another fiasco of a day of drinking – on the water. BE SAFE BERMUDA.

  33. bc says:

    This is bermuda…no one is going to jail ok…yoiu ppl here live in a bubble of delusion and isolation from reality…bda is the most backward and ignorant place I’ve ever lived in…such a huge concentration of plain dumb people with zero knowledge about how the world functions…and @”truth is killing me”..why do you comment on every single article?how about you go and get yourself a job and contribute to the community instead of talking uneducated,dumb and inbred jibberish…all you ppl need to go and venture out into the world and get some exposure…

  34. Ashley says:

    That’s another thing,it could have been a plane like the one which crashed!!!!
    into the fence then the Biermans estate boat house many year’s ago.
    The worst spot is Stone Crusher corner and you would not be able to
    camp on a U.S Highway like that.Anyway this is Bermuda we need the
    money from the permits (correct me if I’m wrong I think you have to
    pay.I not a lover of camping but would do it to keep the peace you
    know what I mean fellas?.
    Please people think………………………………………..
    safety first>Prayers go out for the injured for a speedy recovery.

  35. D says:

    Sad on both sides this young man has done a lot of damage

  36. Socrates says:

    There is in law a concept known as contributory negligence. It would be deemed that the act of camping so closely and without a barrier to the roadside was contributorily negligent. It was foreseeable that an accident could happen, especially with the potentially increased drunk driving incidents over the Cup Match holidays.

    I hope the injured couple fully recover from their injuries, and I also hope camping along the open roadsides in Bermuda is banned in future.

  37. rockwatcher says:

    Sad when you see everyone sees this different….it is 3 victims here, until the truth has been revealed, this was an accident and NO PERSON should judge until we know the truth. Think what these 3 family’s are going through. really stop and think…stop just judging and pray for the ones that were Physically hurt and the ones mentally hurting. No one wants to be responsible, but accidents happen, why cant society look at that first then to judgmental first.

    To the 3 family’s that this has affected, speedy recovery to all of you
    if any law is broken then yes I agree LAWS must be ADHERED too. But please don’t blame on that has had an ACCIDENT he claims he fell asleep.

    • MoonShine says:

      Perhaps you should refrain from commenting until all the facts are presented. Despite what you have been told about him falling asleep…can you confirm that he was drinking earlier that day and the alcohol was out of his system?? It is also no need to mention how many families are affected by this accident. The truth will come out. Stop putting peoples business in a public domain as you have no clue how the other families may take your “he said” comments. You are not the driver nor the Police. All that should be done at the moment is everyone praying for all of those affected by this tragic incident and their families. Just Pray as this is not the time nor place to be defending peoples actions..especially “he said”….Think before you type.

  38. X man says:

    I saw it coming several years ago as I witnessed a wreakless driver going at a high speed on the Kindly Field Road
    and almost spun on the grass towards Campers off the roadside.
    This clearly an unfortunate event that may need future attention without stopping the Joy of Camping out with
    friends and family.
    I wish those who got injuries a speedy recovery.

  39. IMCDN says:

    IN Canada a person can be charged for falling asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle… its irresponsible to continue to drive if you are tired….

    Let’s focus on the injured and pray that they will be alright.

    Sending prayers to their families that their loved ones will be ok

  40. BDA Bubble says:

    Terribly sad and I hope they recover……………..but who in their right mind camps on the edge of a main road smh!

  41. Hurting says:

    Three family’s are suffering you all are acting like kids bickering at one another two young kids are with out parents at moment yes s*#! Happens but if u tired drunk or what ever stay off n out your vehicle plz weather he a good kid bad kid don’t matter he did wrong and he has to deal with his wrong doing but wit this joke of a justic system he will be ok not mad just hurt pull threw uncle we here aunt D get well and we standing STRONG for the boys wake up Bermuda plz thank for the prayers God bless this island and it’s people GOV especially remember what you do dose effect another

  42. Sun Burn says:

    I was told that the campers had to get permits to camp there. Is that true?

  43. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    I have read all the entries. All sides of this unfortunate incident are presented.

    But let us step back from this one incident and ask ourselves this question – are we, in Bermuda, really serious about stopping DUI? I think not. If we were, for starters, there would be police checkpoints all around the national stadium, after the rugby games. There would be police checkpoints on Kindley Field Road after a cricket game at Wellington Oval. There would be police checkpoints at all exits of the Southampton Princess after the Project 100 Ball. But there are not. The answer to my question is NO. We are not serious, and our good-for-little politicians are not serious either. This stuff is not difficult to implement. What are they waiting for? Why does it work in places 10,000 larger than Bermuda? Our politicians, ON ALL SIDES, need to step up their game and implement some simple initiatives that will save lives. Stop TALKING and start DOING, for pete’s sake!

    Would we get serious if that tent were occupied by a group of sleeping little kids? Think about that!

    • PBanks says:

      Hear, hear. You nailed it. There’s no will by those in a power to implement these and other suggestions. Just canned press statements “Please slow down, be careful”.

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