24 Road Collisions Over Cup Match Holiday

August 5, 2014

Over this past Cup Match holiday weekend there were 24 road traffic collisions across the island, 16 of which resulted in injuries.

In his post-holiday summary, Detective Superintendent James Howard said: “Four serious collisions sent six people to the hospital for treatment and it is fortunate that their injuries were not any worse than they are.

“The Bermuda Police Service reminds all motorists that good driving behaviour starts with good decision making. We urge everyone using our roads to slow down and exercise care, caution and courtesy. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

The worst collision over the holiday occurred on Kindley Field Road when a 19 year old car driver crashed into multiple parked vehicles and a tent with people inside of it. The two people inside the tent, a married couple, remain hospitalised, with the wife on a general ward and the husband in ICU.


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  1. Surprise Surprise says:

    If we want less accidents related to impaired driving, then we need to provide alternatives. It was nearly impossible to get a taxi some nights, and the buses do not run late enough.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      Call somebody…relative, friend…no excuse!

    • Really?? says:

      I cant say I agree with your statement 100%. If you know that it is hard to get a taxi or buses after a certain hour esp on holidays you should have someone in your group be a DD. I go out all the time and have only one or two drinks and still have a great time. We all need to stop blaming other people for drinking and driving issues and take responsibility for our own actions. If you know that your car or bike is how you are getting around then do not drink or only have one or two drinks and stop. It really is not that hard to do. Its all about self control.

  2. haha says:


  3. M & M says:

    I disagree. Persons drinking should be more responsible and set in place an alternative if they plan to get drunk or DONT’T DRINK!!!

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Arrest the driver & impound the vehicle. The vehicle does not get out of impound until any outstanding traffic tickets are paid. Fees for towing, storage & ‘administration’ need to be paid too.

    In Bermuda, where the vehicle is often shared by many in the household, taking the vehicle away from them, even for a short time, might put pressure on the offending driver.