Non-Mariners Race To Take Place On Sunday

August 2, 2014

With the Cup Match Classic now completed, the next big event for the holiday season is the annual Non-Mariners Race which will be held this Sunday [Aug 3] at the Sandys Boat Club at Mangrove Bay.

Hosted by the Society of Non Mariners, the always popular ‘non-event’ kicks off just before noon, and involves strange and unusual watercraft taking to the water, most sinking within minutes.

The Non-Mariners Race started decades ago when a group of drinking friends debated the flotation properties of baby carriages, and ended up trying to sail a baby carriage from Albuoy’s Point to Whites Island. This unsuccessful boating attempt was the start of what is now an annual tradition.

Video of last year’s Non-Mariners Race:

In providing a pre-holiday safety overview, Detective Superintendent of Police James Howard said, “Non Mariners Event Scheduled for this coming Sunday. This event attracts hundreds of vessels and thousands of spectators. I mentioned this only to remind the boating public that the Department of Marine and Ports has issued a marine notice to all vessels.

“The waters of Mangrove Bay from Kings Point to the Watford Bridge on Boaz Island will be restricted to a 5 knots no wake restriction between 12.00pm through 8.00pm. Personal water craft [Jet Skis] are prohibited from entering the Mangrove Bay area East of Kings Point and the Watford Bridge.”

Map, provided by the police, showing the watercraft operating restriction zone:

2014 Mangrove Bay Watercraft Restriction Zone Map (Non-Mariners)

Mr. Howard added, “I would like to remind the boating public to ensure that their vessels are registered; that a current 2014 decal is prominently displayed on the starboard side of the vessel; that they ensure that all required safety equipment is on board; and that they are carrying enough fuel for the intended journey. It is also recommended that they file a float plan if they intend to go offshore.

“Additionally, speed is an issue not only in maritime collisions but in the general nuisance factor that is experienced by boaters at anchor near the shoreline. The boating public is reminded of the need to exercise care and caution around other vessels and to be on the lookout for swimmers.

“To this end, the 5 knot – no wake areas will be strictly enforced in order to calm the marine traffic. We also encourage that persons do not mix any use of alcohol with power-boat operating or sailing.”


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  1. somuchless says:

    Last year’s highlight was Chris Furbert’s face plastered on a KFC bucket so I wonder what would be the highlight this year.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Never ever a shortage of good themes. Who is marching this year?

  3. Double M Four Twos says:

    This is the highlight of my social calendar! I am well stocked with sun block, beer and Pringles and my normal essentials in my dry bag!

  4. Wtfhaha says:

    So jet skis are not allowed? wTF

  5. Truth is killin' me... says:

    At least you can’t drive through tents on the water…or can you?

  6. Bob says:

    Every boat unless commercial could be considered a personal watercraft.. My 30′ is my personal watercraft.

  7. Double M Four Twos says:

    It was a great day on the water but wow this event brings out the amateurs……