Historical Video: Bermuda As It Was In 1968

August 30, 2014

A 1968 video that aims to promote everything that Bermuda had to offer to visitors at the time has surfaced on YouTube, giving viewers the ability to take a look at the island as it existed nearly 50 years ago.

The video’s voice over says, “30,000 feet above the Atlantic, heading for the sun. On this journey, there’s more than a hint of sun and excitement.

“The drinks may have a Caribbean flavour and we’re headed for a dream island in the sun, but the West Indies might as well be on the other side of the world.

“Island in the sun, dreams come true, faraway place with a strange sounding name; the cliches don’t seem real, but this is one millionaire’s hideaway that’s come much closer to home.

“A balcony breakfast with a swimming pool view; it looks and feels like impossible luxury, but these days, all this is nearer than it may seem.”

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  1. mj says:

    Amazing.. I remmeber BOAC.. Bermuda is still such a beautiful place,.. those were the days…..

    • Kunta says:

      Very nice for a tourist promotion but very typical of a Propaganda film.
      In the 1960′s was the highlight of Segregation, Civil unrest and Political Abuse (against those of African descent), who were not Surrogates.
      But it was a Very Beautiful Segment but it reminded me of a juicy red apple with worms inside !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love my island says:

    Bermuda is a place of her own. She posses unique qualities that are rarely found today anywhere else. The best country in the world. The small island with a big story…

  3. Rhonda says:

    So depressing

    • Those were the days. We can’t look back to those days but must look forward and build on what we have.
      Bermuda is still a beautiful place to live.
      Just came back from three weeks in UK. Prices and hospitality are terrible. We have the services to give our tourists and these should always be given with a smile.

      • Y-Gurl says:

        And prices and hospitality are good here? …hate to bust your bubble ……..

    • Toodle-oo says:

      What’s so depressing about a beautiful video taken when we were still on the upward curve in the tourism industry ? When we hardly even had to advertise ourselves thanks to word of mouth ?
      When there were sensible sized cruise ships alongside Front Street during the week ?
      When Front Street was considered the shop window of the world ?
      When there was still green space aplenty ? When there was civility on the streets and sirens were only heard once every few months ?
      When there WAS peace and quiet at night as well as day ?
      When we hadn’t concretized the place yet ?
      When we had a sustainable population for the area that we had and a reasonably affordable cost and standard of living ?
      When we still didn’t have a drug culture , gangs or any crime ?

      Please do tell us what’s so depressing to you. I do have a feeling that I know what you will or would like to say .

      What you should be infinitely depressed about is the ‘now’ and how we got here .

      • Kunta says:

        What was depressing was Black Bermudians were going through a period of HELL with Segregation, Racial Discrimination, Denial of top jobs that they where qualified for (something Paula Cox is experiencing today), Economic opportunities limited and so on and so on.
        What’s funny is that we wanted this Utopia so our EUROPEAN tourist could feel secure and pampered while the ones who were giving them the treatment were being treated like S—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kedavis says:

    I remember BOAC the most beautiful place in the world

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    This film footage has certainly brought back some great memories :-)

  6. Frank says:

    I think this is awesome.

  7. Terry says:

    Many can’t handle present.
    Many have such memories.
    Trolls ruin it for all.

  8. skinnydipper says:

    Yes this a wonderful view of Bermuda in the 60′s and i love it, but again where is St George’s. Yes St George’s one of the most historic places in the west world recognized as so by UNESCO, more beaches than any other parish, a selection of restaurants second to none in Bermuda and a charm that can not be beat in Bermuda. But not one picture of St George’s. So when is St George’s going to get the attention it needs like modify town cut channel so a panamax ship can enter (notice I didn’t say Mega ship) a hotel that is not just a dream, a total restructure of transportation in and around the parish, a sanitary system able to handle these investments.If we are talking about revamping our tourist product St George’s is the place to start. So to whomever it may concern let’s get on with it and stop wasting time so we can see Bermuda as you just saw from this wonderful view of Bermuda in the 60′s.
    P.S. where was the black people during this time were they only limbo dances

    • Kunta says:

      Black people were kept in the back ground (on purpose) and strategizing a way to organize to be excepted into Main Stream Society.
      Remember 3 years earlier we had de Belco Riots.
      So even though they portray this Utopia for European tourist and European Bermudians, de African Bermudians were being Marginalized, Under minded and Oppressed, it’s what we call de Two Bermuda’s today.

  9. Thanks for that 1968 video. The person playing the flutte is our beloved uncle Mr Noel Trott., who recently passed away this year. The entire family was so pleased to see him doing what he loved best. We will forever cherish this video and it is such a source of comfort to us all but especially Erika & Trevor his 2 surviving children. If you have any more, we would like to see them too.!! Thanks again……