Photos: Arts Centre To Host Two New Exhibits

August 15, 2014

The Arts Centre at Dockyard is getting set to open its latest shows, with a members’ show dubbed Coast, Cliff, and Coves, and a solo show focusing on Casemates Prison by Susan Thomas.

Both shows will open on August 18, 2014 from 5.30pm through 7.30pm, running until September 13, 2014.

A spokesperson said, “Coast, Cliff and Coves is a members’ show that features an amazing interpretation of this subject, with everything from fishing off the rocks, to creatures that float in the tides, to quiet hidden coves. It is a chance to see Bermuda’s water from the views of local artists.”

coast cliffs and coves invite

“We also have a solo show that is opening by Susan Thomas. In addition to Bermuda scenes with a twist, she has focused in on Casemates Prison.”

Artist Susan Thomas said, “Located on the southern side, Casemates is one of the oldest buildings in Dockyard. The two story structure was built between 1839-1843 by British convicts who were brought in from England. During the construction, these convicts lived in desperate conditions inside old decrepit warships.

“Initially, Casemates served as the barrack for the approximately 120 men of Marine Infantry whose responsibility it was to defend the Dockyard area against invasion. In 1951, the British navy left the island and Casemates became the primary prison for Bermuda’s convicts.”

casemates exhibit

“Casemates served as the main prison of Bermuda until 1995, when the Westgate facility was completed. Since then, the Casemates facility has been abandoned and fallen into disrepair. While most of the building is crumbling and open to the harsh elements of Bermuda, a number of interesting items still remain intact.

“The prisoners would frequently paint on the walls of their cells. This prisoner art ranges from cartoonish graffiti to skillful beautiful portraits. Many clearly depict frustration and anger.

“Some inmates would draw calendars and cross off the days they spent behind bars. Others would write prayers or just doodle out of boredom. Casemates architecturally has a rich history and I am happy to have been able to capture some of its artistic history as well.”

The Arts Centre is open every day from 10.00am until 5.00pm. For more information, call 234-2809 or email

Michelle Smith – Oil

M. Smith 1

Michelle Smith – Oil

M. Smith 2

Michelle Smith – Oil

M. Smith 3

“Spanish Bayonette” – Heidi Cowen – Oil

Spanish Bayonette

“The Fisherman” – Heidi Cowen – Oil

the fisherman

“Catch of the Day” – Heidi Cowen – Oil

Catch of the Day

“Coming Home” – Heidi Cowen – Oil

coming Home Aug 17,14

“One to Fish, One to Talk, Three to Watch” – Molly Godet – Watercolour

one to fish

“South Shore #12″ – Kok Wan Lee – Acrylic


“South Shore #13″ – Kok Wan Lee – Acrylic


“South Shore #14″ – Kok Wan Lee – Acrylic


Christopher Marson – Watercolour

Christopher Marson

“Bailey’s Bay” – Christopher Grimes – Oil

Grimes 1

“Quiet Cove” – Christopher Grimes – Oil

Grimes 2

“South Shore Cove” – Christopher Grimes – Oil

Grimes 3

“Jobson’s Cove – Christopher Grimes – Oil

Grimes 4

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