Photos/Video: “Taste Of Bermuda” Trade Show

September 18, 2014

[Updated with videos] In a bid to showcase the island to the hundreds of visiting travel professionals, the Bermuda Tourism Authority hosted the “Taste of Bermuda”, an open-air trade show in the Victualling Yard in Dockyard last night [Sept 17], featuring dozens of tourism industry stakeholders.

The evening also included live entertainment, with both live music and a visit from the Gombeys, who were joined by BTA CEO Bill Hanbury who showed off some of his moves.

BTA ASTA Trade Show Bermuda Tourism, September 17 2014-43

“We want these influencers to experience as much of Bermuda as possible in three days, while still allowing enough time to explore the island on their own,” BTA Hotel Liaison Alastair Jack previously said.

“The Taste of Bermuda works perfectly because by attending this event, ASTA will get a true flavor of all the appealing things our island has to offer.”

BTA ASTA Trade Show Bermuda Tourism, September 17 2014-26

The trade show featured a multitude of booths showcasing a wide variety of offerings including locally made products, various attractions, tours, and much more.

The booth offering a free Dark-n-Stormy sample had no shortage of visitors through the evening, with lines forming as attendees flocked to sample one of the island’s signature drinks.

The event was held to help showcase the island to the visiting American Society of Travel Agents [ASTA] group, with some 400 travel professionals having arrived in Bermuda on Wednesday on the Norwegian Breakaway for a three-day stay on the island.

In addition to the trade show last night, the travel professionals will visit hotel properties, were invited to try their hands at golf and tennis, and dozens of tourism-related business are offering incentives and discounts to help lure the visitors to their storefronts this week.

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Update 10.17am: Transport & Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell spoke at the event, telling the visiting travel professionals, “We want you to see and experience our Bermuda and all that it has to offer – well as much as you possibly can in three days.

“We believe that as a travel destination, Bermuda is a rare gem. Rich in history and culture, beautiful pink sand beaches, stunning turquoise water, world-class golf, and warm, friendly people.”

The Minister’s full statement follows below:

On behalf of the Government and people of Bermuda it gives me great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome.

We are delighted that you chose to hold your Annual Global Convention on board one of the most exciting ships in the industry, the Norwegian Breakaway and at the same time you are here to enjoy our island paradise.

It is quite an honour to have the American Society of Travel Agents, the world’s largest association of travel professionals, in Bermuda. We are truly fortunate to be hosting the biggest players in the industry …the professionals. Please know that this is truly a big deal to us.

To say that we are excited to host such a prestigious group of travel professionals is an understatement. Bermuda recognizes how beneficial this visit is to us and everyone is keen to ensure that your stay in Bermuda is a fantastic as it can be.

We consider Bermuda a world class tourism destination and likewise we consider the American Society of Travel Agents world class travel professionals.

Without question, you are important and valuable to our success and your keen understanding and knowledge of this industry is our assurance that this partnership, and I will stress that we consider you our partners, is a win-win for Bermuda.

Let me say again, how truly fortunate and grateful we are to have here this evening the best in the business.

As the Minister responsible for Tourism Development it warms my heart to see so many travel professionals descend on our door step. Our sleeves are rolled up, the red carpet has been rolled out and we are ready to do all that we can to make your visit a memorable one.

We want you to see and experience our Bermuda and all that it has to offer – well as much as you possibly can in three days. We believe that as a travel destination, Bermuda is a rare gem. Rich in history and culture, beautiful pink sand beaches, stunning turquoise water, world-class golf, and warm, friendly people.

But we also recognize that there is a lot competition out there and as such we are committed to quality and value – it is this combination coupled with our unique awesomeness that makes Bermuda so much more.

We will continue to reinvent and reenergize our tourism industry and as a premier travel destination, we know that we can achieve success.

And who better to help Bermuda succeed as a travel destination than you!

It goes without saying that this group gathered here this evening works hard for their clients, with much success I might add. I think we both want the same things – to retain our existing customers and to attract new ones.

ASTA has a sterling reputation for providing the highest quality of service, through an outstanding group of professional, well trained travel professionals. We value our relationship with ASTA and our relationship with every single one of you. Welcome to the Bermuda family.

I do hope, as the rest of the Bermuda Tourism Industry family does, that your adventures this week on our tiny island makes you want to return again and again, and of course send as many people as you possibly can to experience it as well … we’d really appreciate that.

This is indeed a good time to be in the travel industry and of course a great time to be in Bermuda.

I invite you to enjoy all of the magic that is Bermuda . . . our beaches, our golf courses, our boutique shopping, our restaurants, our sightseeing destinations and of course our true magic, our genuinely friendly people.

Once again, welcome to Bermuda. May the remainder of your visit be a memorable one.

Thank you.


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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Keep up the good work…everyone! This has been an opportunity for all of us / Bermuda to place its best foot froward and benefit everyone in the long run:-)

  2. Trulytruly says:

    The photos are a wonderful antidote to the taxi story. Everyone should support this initiative and not be trying hard to find problems.

  3. NeverODDOreveN says:

    This looks like it was a beautiful presentation……makes me want to visit Bermuda……..and I’m already here!

  4. Politricks says:

    Great photos Bernews.

    And great exposure for BDA to hundreds of travel agents.

    Please do not let the political negativity shown on these blogs be used as an example of the true Bermudian spirit. They are not Bermudians, but simple minded partisans that only want the best for their Party and ready to trash BDA in order to achieve their goals.

    Thanks again to all invlolved in getting this event up and running and now looking forward to the upcoming America’s Cup exposure.

  5. bluebird says:

    As the Minister of Finance stated.
    Money does not grow on trees
    Money comes from outside of Bermuda

  6. more than enough says:

    This is what we get for 27 million? The bta should cover all the discount incentives given by all those vendors, I thought part of their budget was to bolster stakeholders in their en devours.
    Are any of the employees of the bta willing to offer a discount in their “compensation packages? Hell no!
    How can you expect people who are not funded by a gov.grant to do so?
    Specially those involved in small business. Where are the incentives for them? Promises of more business, don’t pay the bills, bill.

    • Are you serious...... says:

      Ummm. Do you hear yourself talking…….maybe you should bounce your comments off of someone with half a brain before you spew out such nonsense. Take a break for gods sake! Sound absolutely ridiculous lol. The sad part is I actually think you believe what your saying. God help our little island…smh

  7. Rhonda says:

    How did we do Mr. Hanbury, was every one on their best behavior, as you instructed, were you pleased with us Bermudian.

  8. more than enough says:

    I told y’all that asta organized this. Crokwell didn’t even mention the bta.

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