Photos: Truck & Jeep Collision In Southampton

September 12, 2014

[Updated with photos] A collision involving a van and a large truck that occurred this afternoon [Sept 12] on Middle Road in Southampton is currently causing traffic delays in the area.

At 3.20pm, a police spokesperson said, ““There are currently traffic delays along a section of Middle Road, Southampton in the vicinity of Five Star Island, due to a reported two vehicle collision. Initial information suggests that a van and a large truck were involved.

“Apparently the collision resulted in non-life threatening injuries. Motorists are advised to avoid the area and to take alternate routes if possible. More details will be provided as they become available.”

Update 4.16pm: The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service responded to this incident, and Fire Service spokesperson Sergeant Russann Francis said the Fire Service responded to the incident with one vehicle and four personnel.

“The car was reported to have lost control and collided with a crane dump truck,” said Sergeant Francis. “The injured person was treated on scene by emergency personnel then transported to KEMH via ambulance.”

Update Sept 15: A police spokesperson said, “Around 2:45pm on Friday, September 12th first responders attended a reported two vehicle collision on Middle Road in Southampton near the junction with Church Road.

“It appears that a truck and a jeep were being driven along Middle Road in the vicinity of Five Star Island when the vehicles collided.

“The jeep driver, a 32 year old Sandys parish man, was injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. His injuries were not believed to be life threatening and he was apparently later discharged. There were no other injuries reported.

“Both vehicles were damaged and there were traffic delays in the area until the jeep was subsequently towed from the scene. The truck was able to be driven away.”

Accident Bermuda, September 12 2014  (3)

Accident Bermuda, September 12 2014  (1)


Update 9.04pm: Additional photos below, courtesy of James Talbot




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  1. Terry says:

    Gives a new meaning to Stork.

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    Yeah right, he/she were doing 20 M.P.H. :-(

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Radar on this stretch of road please. First the lady getting knocked down and now this. Drivers think this stretch of road is a racetrack. Police…RADAR PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • Tricks are For Kids says:

      Radar is there at certain times…..Not like it isn’t there at all…..

  4. We Are Not Amused! says:

    “The car was reported to have lost control”

    Auto Pilot failure.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Yup, you have it right. It was the cars fault. Autopilot failure while the driver was probably distracted.

      Check the cellphone records.

      Those pics need some explaining. Do we drive on the right now?

  5. Hurricane says:

    I’d like to have seen this car before the accident. Looks like it started out a reck

  6. Hurricane says:


  7. Boarders says:

    Sorry but that looks like it happen on corners. No stretch there, but there is a stretch about 100 meters up. Just an observation.

  8. Facts do much Better than speculation says:

    Funny thing those of you who felt the need to post all negative comments are wrong. It’s sad you were all so quick pointing a finger at the driver and start with accusations without one keyword called facts.

    First off the driver was obeying the speed limit. As witnesses behind attested to as the road was slippery due to rain and saw the car lose control. SECOND as you can clearly see from the pictures this is not a new model car equipped with auto pilot. So yah wrong again. THIRD no need for cell phone records check since you want to want to call the person a distracted driver. As the phone was placed into my hands personally from the paramedic who had to search pockets to find I. D. For the driver who kept it inside the wallet slot of guess what his phone case.

    Not one of above thought hmmm car malfunction which is exactly what happened. And I won’t even say how after all that above. I hope you treat others better in future on here using facts and not rumours. Pretty sad.

    • Jack straw says:

      Pathetic bunch they are. But why? Smh

    • Creamy says:

      The car skidded because the road was wet?
      That’s why it’s called a speed LIMIT. You’re supposed to drive slower than the LIMIT if road conditions make the LIMIT unsafe.
      The car lost control because it was going too fast.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      If it was indeed a mechanical malfunction, that is a very rare cause of crashes.

      Steering malfunction? Linkage broke? No warning rattle over time that something was wrong? Don’t blame the wet road. That makes it a driver error for not driving to suit road conditions. Just because the speed limit is X doesn’t mean that it is safe to drive at that speed no matter what.

      Short of a sudden medical failure on the drivers part, it still comes back to the driver.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      You can run that by someone else. (whoever you may be) No-one can cause that much damage to any car doing the required speed limit… No-one!

      • Carlton Smith says:

        When you get a little more experience Raymond Ray, you will learn that a small car colliding into an 8 -10 ton truck at 20 m.p.h. will literally fold and buckle from impact with dead weight.

        Ask somebody that knows okay?

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Must be a friend of yours Carlton Smith? My relatives have been dealing in car / trucks for countless years. Just ask someone who knows :-(

    • Bob says:

      Rofl. No cars available on the current market have auto-pilot..Auto-pilot would mean the car would self steer, cruise control would allow the car to keep a constant speed unless altered by the driver( been available on cars for years)..

      Perhaps you check your facts before you speculate..

  9. C.B. says:

    That’s my cousins car

  10. Banana Boy says:

    All these corners are dangerous. If Government built all our roads straight then accidents like this would be eliminated.

    All these dangerous walls too! If they took all the walls down then there would never ever be an accident where a car hits a wall.

    And BELCO poles. If we took all the BELCO poles down – well you get the idea.

    Or we could just drive carefully.

  11. Um Just Sayin' says:

    In all of the above comments no one has mentioned the well-being of the driver. I hope that they are ok and are on the road to recovery.

    • Onion Seed says:

      And sympathies to the truck driver. Maybe the TCD tests need to be on a hill with a winding course, gravel, oil, etc. A beginners licence first, then insurance discount for experience. Learn how SUV-jeep react vs sedan. Show gory videos before obtaining bike and all subsequent licenses.

  12. Raw Onion says:

    Just so some of you couch critics know, the Suzuki Jimny is an unstable car when being driven on wet roads. There were two roll over crashes last year involving the same make and model on Harrington Sound RD in the Tucker’s Point area. Not all cars are built the same and the Jimny is built on the old chassis from back in the day when SUV roll overs were common. Modifications have been made to this model but small rear wheel drive SUVs are prone to wheel skid. I’m sure the driver of the car was abiding by the rules of the road but simply lost control.

    Be informed before you make silly accusations.

  13. PANGAEA says:

    The Police and the law can not have it both ways.

    If a past conviction goes against a defendant.

    Therefore it necessarily follows.

    That the preceding actions of drivers prior to a vehicle collision should also be taken into consideration.

    It would appear that one of both drivers may have been in breach of the law prior to the collision.

    Check mate !

  14. Charlly X says:

    That little piece of road should have been repaved long ago ! Its very sorry to see it not been done before this happened ! As for the nae sayers again I ask you ” are you smarter than a fifth grader ” with those unfounded accusations ???