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September 22, 2014

The University of Miami [UM] Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science is developing a new Master of Professional Science [MPS] degree track in Natural Hazard and Catastrophe Analytics starting fall semester 2015.

UM Professor Dennis Hansell — who spent time in Bermuda in the 1990s as a research scientist at BIOS — said, “I have friends in Bermuda’s reinsurance sector who, in general conversation with me over the past year, expressed the sector’s need for an appropriately educated, entry-level workforce in the analytics of natural catastrophes.

“In succeeding conversations, we determined the mix of courses required in a post-baccalaureate program to give young people the analytical tools required by the industry to assess those risks.

“We used that information to create a one-year [with internship] “Masters in Professional Science” program in “Natural Hazards and Catastrophes”, which will take its first students in fall term 2015.”

“We originally built this program with Bermudians in mind, given their great opportunities for careers in reinsurance,” added Prof. Hansell.

The University explained, “To meet society’s need for a skilled workforce, this track will provide graduate students with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand earth’s natural hazards, such as hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes, and the data analytics tools required to assess the associated risks.

“According to the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers, Bermuda is the largest supplier of catastrophe reinsurance to US insurers. The program coursework will provide Bermuda’s growing reinsurance sector with a workforce trained to assess natural disaster risk.

“The MPS program at the UM Rosenstiel School is an accelerated graduate degree program intended for students who seek advanced training in natural science-related fields. Students in the catastrophe track come from a wide range of disciplines, including business, emergency management, engineering, public health and science.

“The coursework, which can be completed in one year, additionally exposes students to the legal and regulatory knowledge, communication training, and project management skills required to assess risks and exposures associated with natural hazards.

“In place of a research-based thesis, MPS students complete an internship with a business or government entity, applying their skills in a hands-on setting. The unique skills developed aid graduates in stepping seamlessly into their new careers.

“The MPS program provides students with unparalleled learning experience to successfully enter competitive job markets where employment demands are growing. The program is accredited through the National Council of Graduate Schools -Professional Science Master’s Program.”

For more information visit here on the University’s website.

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  1. Blaque Beauty says:

    Thanks Bernews for posting this… As a Catastrophe modeller this should peak quite a few people’s interest.