CableVision: 93% Of Video, 85% Of Internet

October 28, 2014

“As of today, 93 per cent of our video subscribers and 85 per cent of our internet subscribers are back online,” Bermuda CableVision CEO Terry Roberson said today [Oct 28].

Mr. Roberson added, “Our crews are still working across the island, aside from St. George’s and St. David’s where work has been completed.

“Tomorrow, we will address the following streets: North Shore Road from Winton Hill lane to Aubrey Road, Claytown Road, Summit View Road/ Drive, Limehouse Lane, Cottage Hill Road/Lane/Drive, Abbots Cliff Road, Link Lane, Bakery Lane, Market Lane, Rockville Lane/Close, Warehouse Lane, Ferrar’s Close, Richmond Road, Woodbourne Avenue/Crescent, Sharon Lane, Serpentine Road, Woodlands Road, Uppington Crescent, Parsons Road to Glebe Road and all neighbouring streets, Orchard Grove, Derwent Lane, Robert Avenue North, Church Lane, Railway Terrace, Friswell’s Hill, Pitt’s Bay Road between The Fairmont Hamilton Princess and Hidden Lane, Long Bay Road, Cambridge Road, East Shore Road, Gwelly Lane, Honeysuckle Lane, Long Point Road, Broom Street, Beacon Hill, Wefo Road, Tween Walls and Southbend Lane.

“Again, we encourage subscribers to call us on 292-5544 if we have been to your neighbourhood and you are still without service so that we can get you back online as soon as possible. We continue to thank our customers for their patience.”

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  1. Runner says:

    And still no mention whatsoever of South Shore Rd. Devonshire. Is anyone at CV aware that we are out? Seems like a lot of places being worked on that represent “only” 7% of video subscribers.

    • Ronald says:

      I, personally, have called them several times to report our area (South Road Tee St area) is out. I have told them about lines hanging all over houses, across driveways and across peoples’ yards…yet still no action. Today’s phone call was interesting – I got their “out of office” message. I was told last Thursday that it would be up and running by Friday at 5pm. And now we aren’t even listed on the schedule? Come on!

      • Runner says:

        Ours went out on Oct. 15 at about 5am ans we were told by CV staff it would be back up by 9am on Oct. 16!!! Still out. Someone got their wires crossed.

  2. St. Geo4Lyfe says:

    93% back on the system? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! I live in St. George’s and have called so many times I’ve lost track. The voice mail box is always full and when you do get an actual person they log your issue… but nothing gets done. Getting tired of calling. I would switch to wow if I got thier signal from my house. Frustrated….

  3. Wow says:

    I’m glad they are encouraging people to call. Now can they encourage their staff to answer the phone? I’ve called at least 5 times over the last few days and have never got through to anyone.

  4. Bob says:

    After failing to get their residential customers up for over 10 days why would anyone trust their business services to cablevision? They approached my building owner and I was considering them but will have to decline.

  5. No laughing matter says:

    I got through to someone yesterday. The person was honest enough to confirm that the whole of Seawall Drive is out and did not have a time as to when it will be fixed…Please add us to the above list!
    I agree with Runner. That’s a lot of streets for 7%….I’ve been driving up and down the country today. I saw several Belco and BTC trucks on the way. I only saw ONE CableVision truck the whole time I was driving….

  6. Jeremy says:

    No, St David’s isn’t complete.

  7. Umm.... says:

    I’m switching to WOW for TV and BTC for access. I’ve called CV so many times and nothing gets done. Someone just “logs” my issue and that’s it. Won’t even give me a call back to provide me an update of some kind. But I’m sure I’ll receive a full bill at the end of the month, even though I haven’t had service for half of the month.

  8. watchfuleyes says:

    The conversations with Cablevision staff seems to be getting more confusing with each call. Workers came around my area yesterday, now lets see if they come back today and actually fix the problem. I see every other entity giving back to their customers, Digecel with free coffee/tea/ long distance phone calls, and Belco saying our bills will reflect outages, but what has Cablevision agreed to give back to us, as a sign of good will gesture? NOTHING, but to say they charge a ‘flat fee for service’ ( which I may add we have had none of for weeks) well they will lose THIS customers from poor customer service!

  9. Cut off from Society says:

    Loyal Hill Pass, Devonshire, please

  10. Dee Dee says:

    My cable has been out for some time too. The problem is, is that I don’t miss it. The channels and programs are nothing but pawn stars marathons and reality shows.

    • Reality says:

      I wouldn’t miss it either, if I wasn’t being charge for a service, I haven’t had in weeks!

  11. What a Joke says:

    Add Whale Bay, Southampton to the list! We are still out and no Cablevision truck in sight! Thanks BELCO and BTC to getting us back up and running in 24 hours.