Colonial Open Late, Has Extra Help On Hand

October 15, 2014

Colonial Insurance Company is staying open to 6pm tonight [Oct 15] and tomorrow, weather permitting, for people to make renewals as Hurricane Gonzalo approaches, and they have brought in five internationally-experienced loss adjustors to ensure any losses from Hurricane Gonzalo are assessed and dealt with quickly.

It has also set up a 24/7 telephone answering service to ensure that any people overseas who need medical treatment will get through to help and the Group is liaising with the Bermuda Hospitals Board in case anyone currently on island needs overseas emergency treatment now.

Weather and damage permitting, it will also open its offices from 9am the day after Gonzalo hits the Island – although advice will be taken from the Emergency Measures Organisation to ensure it is safe for staff and members of the public to be out on the roads.

Naz Farrow, Colonial Group International’s Chief Operating Officer for Health, said: “We are making our best efforts to make sure we are open for business, whether it is those on the Island that need our help or people overseas who need to contact us.

“Bermuda has had an awful week and it is vital that, as a local community and a business community, we do everything we can to help each other.”

“The numbers that people can call are:

  • For medical issues, if the Island is shut down and people overseas need treatment call 441 296 3200.
  • For on-Island property emergencies call 747-3700 or 747-3702.  People can also text these numbers. These numbers are only to be used in the event of emergencies such as hurricanes hitting the Island.
  • If there is power, you can request that we contact you via our website:
  • The main number is 296-3700. There will be a recording on this line letting people know if/when we’re open.

Ms Farrow added: “We also have a communications line with the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and we are in contact with them. If anyone needs transferring overseas before the storm we will work with them to try to ensure it happens.

“All our services are backed up and there is a place we can use if the building is damaged.”

The storm is the second in a week to affect Bermuda and people are still affected by TS Fay which hit the Island last weekend.

Paul Brierley, Colonial’s Executive Vice President, property and casualty, said that as of last night, Colonial had received claims for damage to about 80 homes, 12 motor vehicles, three boats and four commercial properties.

Mr Brierley added: “People may say it was ‘only’ 80 homes, but for those people, it will have been devastating. Fay must be a wake-up call for the whole Island.”

He is urging the public to follow the measures outlined in the Government’s Emergency Plan and to be ready if Gonzalo keeps getting closer to the Island.

Jennifer Murdoch, Colonial’s General Manager property and casualty, added: “There have been tears from those affected by Fay, it has scared them, it has shaken them up.

“They have had to move all their personal belongings out of the way. The safety of their home has been compromised.

“As a precaution, we have brought in five loss adjustors from overseas so that claims from any damage caused if Gonzalo comes close can be handled quickly and effectively.”

Mr Brierley added: “They are specialists and move around the world assessing losses in disaster areas. They are hugely experienced. They are disaster management experts.

“The main thing is to take all the precautions necessary and to be prepared. Do not take risks.”

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  1. Frank Arnold says:

    Thanks.Great idea!

  2. Ladeej says:

    Well done Colonial. You are looking out for the people. Let’s hope that your services are not going to be needed to a great extent and that Gonzolo is kind to our Island!