Photos: Thanksgiving Gathering At City Hall

October 29, 2014

[Updated] Anglican Bishop of Bermuda, Nicholas Dill joined with other churches and community groups today [Oct 29] at City Hall in Hamilton to hold a special service to thank Bermuda’s “hurricane heroes.”

Bishop Nicholas Dill said, “We want to thank God for bringing us through two storms and for Bermuda’s resilience and acknowledge and thank all those groups that help and to pray for those for whom life continues to be a struggle.”

Thanksgiving Servicel Bermuda, October 29 2014-25

Imagine coordinator Glenn Fubler said, “With two storms, we’ve been through probably the most challenging week that Bermuda’s seen in decades.

“This event is to show appreciation for those organisations like the Regiment, especially so because they have to go the extra mile, and BELCO, BTC, the police and others who were out there – all those who were more vulnerable than most of us.”

Thanksgiving Servicel Bermuda, October 29 2014-48

The service was organized in conjunction with community group Imagine Bermuda, the Family Centre and other churches, including the Catholic church, the AME church, Seventh Day Adventists, the First Church of God and the New Testament Church of God among others.

Update 8.41pm: Anglican Bishop of Bermuda led tributes to the soldiers, firefighters, Government workers and police who helped the Island recover from Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo.

Acting Premier and Minister of Finance Bob Richards said afterwards: “I was very pleased to be here and I’m happy to participate.

“We always have something to be thankful for in Bermuda, but on this particular occasion, we have extra to be thankful for.”

Shadow Community and Cultural Affairs Minister Michael Weeks told the crowds at City Hall: “The Regiment soldiers I see here did a great job, as did the Fire Service and Belco has been a life-saver for me.

“I take my hat off to all they have done to help our Island get back together.”

Thanksgiving Servicel Bermuda, October 29 2014-46

Regiment CO Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown added: “It’s great to see people coming out and showing their support for the emergency services, as well as giving thanks for the fact that we came through the storms with less damage than we had every right to fear.

And he told Bermuda residents: “Everybody loves a soldier at the moment, but in the months to come when the memory of Fay and Gonzalo has faded, if you value the Regiment then please show that support, whether it be by speaking up for it, a friendly toot of your horn when driving past someone in uniform, giving soldiers credit for their transferable skills when they apply for a job, or indeed considering service yourself.”

Thanksgiving Servicel Bermuda, October 29 2014-47

Col Foster-Brown added that a total of 16 soldiers were still deployed, helping Belco crews restore power to homes and businesses across the Island.

And he said: “The Regiment did its duty during the hurricanes and the aftermath, as we will again when the next emergency sadly and inevitably comes, but we really value the support for what truly is ‘Your Regiment’.”

Photos by Kenneth Byron, click to enlarge:

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  1. Hmmm says:

    God created the storms, why would we thank him for bringing us through his storms?

    Thank you for bullying us…that makes no sense.

  2. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    I am especially pleased to have been a Cadet in the Berkely Institute 1954-1959……though the Bermuda Regiment and the Bermuda Rifles were separate during this time…segregated.!I joined the Bermuda Police force 1963-1972…though the Bermuda Police Force at this time was struggling with Racism.The Fire service was also struggling with Racism between 1954-1963…B.E.L.C.O. also was struggling with Racism Duning the 1960′s and 70;s….witness the B.E.L.C.O riots in 1965 these where Policemen were seriously injured an many Rioters were imprisoned.!.! In my view these were the greatest Storms that Bermuda Survived in recent History.Seeing these Beautiful Bermudians working together and being supported by right minded people brings joy to my heart.Congratulations Bermuda…we are still resistant to any storms that may threaten us in the near …or unforeseen future. Al-hamdullilah…..Allah-u-Akbar

  3. Kunta says:

    That’s what we need to get back too instead of waiting for a disaster to bring us as a people together
    Well deserved occasion

  4. watchfuleyes says:

    Ok, we get the message loud and clear- The Regiment helped out(their pics and headlines have dominated the press lately) but where is Belco( who worked endlessly and still working, and Works and Engineering,Parks etc and the other agencies that did just as much or even more work than the Regiment? Is this to make us think still that we need ‘conscription’, because if we needed ALL of these guys to help clean up the island, there is no way we can get enough bodies without conscription!- and see all the help they gave to Bermuda, people!! yes, another ploy to sell us conscription in a round about way, we get it, but are we paying attention. So the powers that be can come back and tell the public, at the end of the day they are sorry they changed their minds on conscription,because they need so many men to secure and clean up after a storm. This government is famous for changing their minds, and going back on promises. Nothing, is written in stone with them.

  5. onlooker says:

    Conscription is gone, Watchfuleyes The Regiment, however, will survive.

  6. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    The Bermuda Govt will need a conscripted Regiment ….a Commuted Police Force ….A dedicated Fire service ….A strong Works and Engineering…service and all the Public and Private services…..all hands on deck to weather the storms ahead…Trust me…….consider that ….Imagine that Bermuda.!Storms of Discontent…!