Music Video: “Live From The Bermuda Triangle”

October 31, 2014

A video featuring an innovative look at the sounds of Bermuda has been produced by Noisey, with the 11-minute video showcasing the scenery, people and music of the island.

Some of the ‘Bermuda sounds’ featured include the iconic sounds of the Gombey drums, birds, water lapping on the beach, the ‘splash’ sound after cliff jumping,  rustling of branches, and the echoes in caves.

The YouTube description said, “Producer and Live from the Streets host Mr. Green took sounds from the Bermuda Triangle, rearranged them and made them his own, creating tracks that were not only great but native to the place where they were created.

“After a stop in Puerto Rico with Chela and another in Miami with Jesse Boykins III, Mr Green’s final destination on the triangle is none other than Bermuda, where he linked up with midwest-born vocalist Conway.”

The video ends with the narrator — against a backdrop of Conway singing her version of the local classic ‘Bermuda is Another World — saying, “After spending some time in Bermuda and the entire Bermuda Triangle, I think I have some new insight on the whole mystery of the place.

“Basically the locals here like to say that there really is no mystery, in reality it’s just a spot that people pass through and they don’t want to leave because it’s like paradise….and the rest of the world can feel far away, almost like a memory.

“When you are in Bermuda, you forget what the rest the world is like…”

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  1. mixitup says:

    I really enjoyed this!

  2. Definitely different…and appreciated:-)

  3. watching says:

    this is awesome advertising for Bermuda!

  4. MA$E says:

    Apparently Bacardi flying down 1300 VIP guest to the Bacardi “Devils Isle ” 3 day Halloween event ….in Puerto Rico ??
    Maybe instead of travel agents and incentive groups we should have worked with a company like Bacardi based right here in Bermuda and played host to the event ourselves.

    I love Vice and its a cool video but its amazing how clueless the Tourism Authority looks on this one.

    Maybe next year.

    Congrats 2 Gavin . Very Cool

  5. This is why some departments overspend... says:

    This is a beautiful documentary. Thank you, and I’m glad you enjoyed the island.

  6. Skeptic says:

    Excellent piece – thank you!

  7. somuchless says:

    People continue to show up the tourism dept. This is nice.

  8. Barbara Joell says:

    This video is really awesome. Bermuda Is Another World.

  9. Chris says:

    T’would have been much better if the word Bermuda had bee more pronounced by the young lady singing! (in my opinion), having said that I too thought it was a lovely video.

  10. Meeee says:

    Beautiful video. Beautiful Island.

  11. Joe says:

    Many wonders of creations yet undiscovered, with many opportunities yet untapped; how big then is the CREATOR!

  12. Joe says:

    Many wonders of creations yet undiscovered, many mysteries yet unravelled, with many opportunities yet untapped; how big then is the CREATOR!