Audio: MPs On Alleged Comments & Misogyny

November 24, 2014

MPs sparred in the House of Assembly on Friday [Nov 21] over comments the OBA allege that Opposition Leader Marc Bean made to former OBA Senator Toni Daniels at the Sandys South bye-election advanced poll on November 6th.

This is the second consecutive week the matter has come up in the House, following after last week’s incident which saw OBA MPs walk out of the House in protest as Mr Bean began to deliver the Reply to the Throne.

Audio of Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin:

Speaking during the Motion to Adjourn, Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin said, “It is very difficult for me at times as a woman, to be able to sit and accept not only that we have been demeaned as women generally, but more importantly that there does not seem to be any level of outrage that supports a position that said you cannot treat women like that.

Citing a recent radio interview, Minister Gordon-Pamplin said, “He sounded like a choir boy on that radio talk show, Mr. Speaker. Never said this, absolutely didn’t. And woe is me, the Dunkley administration is attempting to malign my character.

“But here’s what’s interesting, the Honourable member was so excited about the fact that he was denigrating our women, that he wanted to say anything that was sickening and disgusting on that particular day, that he boasted about it.

“Boasted about it, not just in private conversation one to one, but decided that it was appropriate to share with his aceboys. Share with his aceboys electronically…sending out a notice that obviously, over time, has gone the rounds.”

“And here is what it is said at that particular time, ‘I spent most of my time burning Nandi and Toni. And then followed up I told Toni in private that she is a ten cent political whore who is shared by best friends and he called the names of the two best friends,” added Minister Gordon Pamplin.

Audio of Opposition Leader Marc Bean:

Also speaking during the Motion to Adjourn was Opposition Leader Marc Bean who said, “I’d like to say this, that the One Bermuda Alliance didn’t get the memo, if you look in that seat that was once held by MP or former MP Terry Lister, there is now a PLP MP in that seat.

“In other words, we won the election Mr. Speaker. Okay. And I’m saying that because it seems like their political strategy of trying to degrade, or make it seem like I am a misogynist towards women, continues even after it failed a few days ago at the polls.

“I’ll say this, because I could get very personal, but I received instructions from my people in this country to avoid taking the bait from the One Bermuda Alliance. To avoid even breathing around some of the people in the One Bermuda Alliance.

“I think if you listen to the contribution of certain members in this debate, the people can understand why. But I will say this, to the men of the One Bermuda Alliance, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know exactly what I’m talking about….

Mr Bean added, “One thing, there’s no reputational damage on this side of the aisle. What I can say, is that the women in the Progressive Labour Party advance based on merit….advance based on merit, M-E-R-I-T.”

Speaker of the House Randy Horton interrupted Mr. Bean at this point saying he was impugning integrity.

When the allegations first came to light earlier this month, a police spokesperson said, “The BPS is conducting enquiries into a complaint stemming from an incident that took place on Thursday, November 6th outside the advanced polling station for Constituency 33 in Sandys parish.

“No arrests have been made at this point but the police are speaking to a number of witnesses to establish whether any criminal offences may have been committed.”

- Both audio recordings contain strange intermittent ‘squeaks’, apologies for our technical difficulties! The ‘non squeaking’ version is available on

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  1. Barracuda says:

    Marc Hasbean.

    • Better Options says:

      I suggest all read what he stated on the radio.

      It is a pattern with this man. He attacks everybody that doesn’t agree with them and then attempts to denigrate their reputation with innuendo and conjecture. Just look at the Terry Lister episode earlier in the year. Look at the court case in which Dunkley is suing him for insinuating that the Premier is part of a criminal organization.

      Bean is no leader by any stretch of the imagination or partsianship you might have. The PLP have much better options that this divisive character.

      Pamplin was right his low level of intellect forces him to resort to such attacks.

      • Better Options says:

        An all you people that support him (not the PLP) and his nasty ways are part of the problem.

        • campervan says:


          • Somerset Girl says:

            Marc should stay…… This guy is definitely a loose cannon….. great entertainment. bTW, I am single with no children….so you know I could care less about the Island after I am gone. Just sayin. No vested interest. Only laughs.

    • BetttyTrump says:

      This Political Strategy by the OBA will not have the expected outcomes they are wishing and hoping for! No matter how hard a few of their faithful Cheerleaders work to accomplish their leader Mr. dunkley’s overall objectives. Continue to play all their chess pieces on the board, as they will all fall on their swords, sooner rather than later.

      The individual Ms. Daniels was not an MP thus we can see the political trickery at play by the OBA. It seems by what has been revealed so far what is going on within the OBA does not speak very highly of a few individuals. Looks like internal work is needed within the party that Dunkley would do better putting his time on.

      Mr. dunkley’s agenda to remove Bean by any means necessary will not work this time. It is time for the MPs to grow up and stop playing games as Mr. Barritt so brilliantly outlines! OBA needs to get on with the business of real Governance.

      People want a govt to be effective and stop with these childish games of he said she said and be about the business of the country! This government seems to lack the ability to do such with out a nasty scandal attached to one of their members.

      Let’s move on and away from such silly games and do what is required to move Bermuda forward.

      Nothing will be gained from this one, believe me!!

      • A Better Bermuda says:

        Betty, the continued lowness of your standards are not surprising. Luckily most Bermudians are not as pathetic. The PLP,are long past becoming more than a running joke to voters. Can’t wait to see how you try and defend the “missing” $20 million on Port Royal….but but but the OBA are trying to frame us and Marc…..getting popcorn now. The PLP: their sad final chapter. The end

        • BetttyTrump says:

          Guess your one of their biggest OBA Cheerleaders who loves to overlook the actions of the OBA since they came into power! The reAlity is folks want to see a government work for them, and not against them, so far the OBA has showed us nothing but child’s play! Stop with this child like games of politics and get on with the real business.

          OBA would be good to take Advice from Barritt and Grow up. Fight for more meaningful issues rather than some thing so immature. Is the OBA capable of engaging in non-scandal silliness or is this it?

          We need a stand up Mature government, so far the people have not seen it!

          Move on and get the Real business of the country done…….like Jobs, end GUN violence, grow our economy……GROW UP for real!,

          • Black Soil says:

            Meanwhile Sonesta is being developed, so is Ariel Sands, Pink Beach, Hamilton Princess, a new Hotel for St. Georges’ is coming, a new Airport is coming, Morgans Point is being developed, America’s Cup is coming to Bermuda. All this is happening because innovative ideas and WORK is being done by the OBA. And the irony is that most of the people that will benefit will be PLP supporters.

            • A Better Bermuda says:

              Don’t forget turning the $40M+ lemon Grand Atlantic with it one tenant into a profitable business for tourists, the setting up of BTA and bringing the $20M of cost overruns on Port Royal to light. ALL Bermudians will benefit from all this. Not just the previous elite few

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            And part of the current issue is that Mr. Bean’s irrational rantings shows he does fit into a mature and professional government, much less deserve to lead it, and the PLP’s lack of response to what they know he has done, shows they are unable to put country before the party. The public deserve answers and appropriate action and the onus is on the PLP to deliver.
            Given Mr. Bean’s action in parliament the last year, you calling for the OBA to grow up, shows a desperately thin grasp on where the real issues are in the country and who is responsible for them at our elected level.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Your hypocrisy on this matter is that we’re the situation reversed, and this was the leader of the OBA, you would be repeating every claim anybody in the PLP makes like it is the gospel truth and demanding resignations. When you can honestly say that you would say exactly the same as what you have said above for the OBA, then maybe you can call for the subject to be moved on. But you won’t so really your above statement is just an empty cry for us to ignore the degrading and demeaning rantings of your beloved leader.

        • BetttyTrump says:

          The situation was true in regards to Jetgate, but you and the other Cheerleaders turned your heads. Failure over the past 2 years to hold the Govt Accountable on REAL issues that did matter and impacted the country in significant ways. But now your standing up up for pure nonsense of actions by a Non-MP? Really…….lets get on with the Real business of the country if OBA is serious….


          TOO many real issues the country has to deal with than someone’s private matters…..really.

          • A Better Bermuda says:

            PLP 101. Deflect, Defame then Lie. Repeat as needed

          • SMH says:

            “Betty” you founded FATHFULDIEHARDS. Sorry but this is a REAL issue for the country and is not a private matter and needs to be dealt with.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Actually, I called for Cannonier to step down should the allegations be founded, I just wasn’t going to wholeheartedly believe that Cannonier would happily sit down with Bean and tell him he was willing to accept a million dollar bribe, just cause Bean said it happened.
            The current issue happened in public, and in front of OBA and PLP supporters, and while people have come forward with disgust at Mr. Bean’s actions, nobody, not even from the PLP have come out to say he didn’t do it. This lack of defendants gives tremendous credence to the claims and if that is the case, then Mr. bean needs to step down, as, that even the PLP continuously state, that is not the sort of behaviour we expect from our elected officials, much less a party leader, and in no way, someone who wants to be the leader of Bermuda. We deserve better.
            And one last point, the OBA took action towards the Jetgate affair, that is 100% more action than the PLP have ever made with regards to their own back dealing affairs. And so not try to post that the PLP have never had any back dealing affairs, cause you will just make yourself a liar, Bermuda is still feeling the reprocussions of 14 years of them.

          • aceboy says:

            Too funny. So you will hold your own Party accountable for the Port Royal situation? Don’t make me laugh. You will slink off and ignore it and then continue with references to Jetgate. Jetgate is NOTHING compared to the blatant nonsense that went on at Port Royal.

      • Creamy says:

        But if Bean can’t prove what he’s saying, he’s a liar. And if he’s a liar, he has to resign.

        • Self says:

          He has to resign for lying? Politicians never lie?

          • Speak Truth says:

            Those involved in Jetgate should also resign. Lets be fair and call for equal play in our political landscape.Of not call for equal code of conduct for all MPs. If not move on and do the business of this country.

      • Strike fund says:

        I think Dunkley is quite content with Bean as Opposition leader.

    • Kunta says:

      Oh please, let de Law take its course.
      And if its true what is alleged that he said about her “IF ITS TRUE” then is it wrong to call Monica Lewinsky one?
      You are grasping for straws to include all women to rise up against someone who made a statement to someone who they feel fits de criteria.
      There are Politicians all over the world that do a PACK of ignorance and Bermuda is no acceptance, just like Mrs. Pamplin being wrong about de reason for changing de plates on GP cars.
      If I suspect and know of a woman that’s doing immoral things and approach her about it that does not reflect on ALL women and that goes the same for a woman approaching a man for the same thing does she feel the same way about ALL men.
      Grow up and get over it.

      • Strike fund says:

        Hi Marc!

      • Creamy says:

        If he can’t prove it he’s a liar amd must resign.

      • aceboy says:

        You seem to be going down the road of bringing News of The World style politics to this island. If that is what you really want I am fine with that. Let’s air ALL the personal dirty laundry of all MPs and see who holds the moral high ground afterwards.

        • LOL (Oringinal TM*) says:

          could not agree more..

          LOL how many times have the PLP MPs not wanted to be drug tested.

    • Allspice says:

      Marc Bean : “I received instructions from my people in this country to avoid taking the bait from the One Bermuda Alliance. To avoid even breathing around some of the people in the One Bermuda Alliance.”

      Who is sending Marc instructions?
      Whoever it is Marc does not seem to follow his instructions particularly well. I expect that whoever is send the instructions is not very pleased. Marc is making everybody in the PLP look erratic and dangerous.

  2. watching you says:

    Oba have become so annoying!!

    • cmbbda says:

      Yea standing up for women’s rights and demanding respect for woman – how tedious!

    • haha says:

      guess you agree wit what he said…smh shows wat type a person u are…

    • Bermewjan says:

      Really? That’s your response to this. It must be difficult being a hater who is backed into a corner by your own leader’s self-destructive comments and actions. Beware your not to close when he finally implodes.

  3. Christopher James says:

    I sincerely hope that PLP keeps Mr Bean as their leader, until he has insulted and alienated every last possible PLP voter with his hate filled rants.

    • Kunta says:

      You don’t want to HEAR the TRUTH because you cant handle the TRUTH.

      • A Better Bermuda says:

        Was that supposed to some sort of comeback?

        • Hmmm says:

          I recalled that as a line from a movie which resulted in the military perosn who said it in anger confessing to their improper actions and as a result being led to face charges. The screams of an angry and guilty man.

      • Creamy says:

        If he’s telling the truth, he has to prove it. If he can’t prove it, he has to resign.
        Simple. Even you can understand that.

      • Strike fund says:

        It’s de not the!!

      • ole Onion says:

        Lol that woman told certain Bermudians we should be lucky to be here and have a job ! WHAT ? THE HELL IM A HEARING ? Who gave her a job ? Who made women’s right equal for our benefit ? Universal Adult suffrage ? Equality for all people in this island , which is not practiced for best practices! Let’s be honest !! Until we stop practicing the policy of white supremacy this country will always be divided! Until we stop practicing nepotism and hipocrism we Can’t go forward !!!!

        • Christopher James says:

          Ole Onion: That woman lost her job if you recall as a direct result of her comments. Bean hasn’t lost his job.

          Is that what you call White Supremacy?

          • LOL (Oringinal TM*) says:

            for real the double standards around here are thick.


      • Christopher James says:

        You sir, are no Jack Nicholson (to continue the movie reference). We know what you are – you are just misspelled.

  4. Gutter Politicks says:

    The PLP party faithful know that Marc Bean crossed the line, but they are all too afraid to say anything!
    This is the standard that the leader of the opposition has set for the PLP.
    May God help them and us all…..

  5. agatha christie says:

    Gutter politics. Is this why we voted them in and why we pay for them?

    • BetttyTrump says:

      Thanks this is nonsense a waste of time! Here we have boys killing one another and no Real Solutions from the government. If Mess is going on within the OBA , lack of respect for their females, well it says Dunkley needs to deal with it and not Bean. Bean needs to leave it alone as everything has a way of coming to the surface in due time! Let’s get on with running the country and stop feeding the egos of some that love silliness such as this! OBA get on with running the country and stop looking for distractions!

      • Creamy says:

        Yeah. We have boys killing each other, as you say. And what does Bean do? Spends his time saying certain things at women. By his own admission. Making absurd allegations, publicly.
        If he can’t prove it he must resign.

      • Bettytrumpresponder says:


  6. so immature says:

    Listen to all you over grown children. Sounds like none of you have Bermuda at heart. It is my understanding that the two parties should be collaborating over how to improve our Country but all they are doing is feuding with one another like kindergarten kids that know no better. Smh. Grow up.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Ideally, yes, however the PLP have zero interest in collaboration, they simply will not do it, because they don’t believe in it. If it isn’t the PLP way, it is in the way, that is why they have been running an election smear campaign since the moment the were voted out. They will not stand for anybody other than themselves as government, they will not admit that their policies failed Bermuda and Bermudian with the devasting consequences that have racked our economy, and should they be voted back in, they would not collaborate with the opposition, unless the opposition is agreeing with them. Further, the fact that there has been condemnation about their leaders degrading and demeaning comments made in public to those women, stands only further that within the PLP it is always party before country, no matter what and that has cost this country and Bermudians too much with damage that will resonant even beyond this generation.

    • hmmm says:

      OBA is working for Bermuda…the PLP is behaving like a spoiled brat.

    • So True says:

      I believe you a 100%, stop nit picking and move on with it. Run the country . Stop trying to be the bullies you are Oba. If the shoe fits then wear it. Like they say who the cap fit let them wear it. Well OBA chose which one you want to be the follower or the leader.

      Because ever since you have been in power you are creating your own worse enemies, by not doing what you stated from the time you became in power.

      Tell me what that is?

      • Christopher James says:

        If your comment made any sense at all I could reply. But since your comment is complete and utter rubbish, there’s nothing I can say.

      • A Better Bermuda says:

        Interesting that you think the OBA are the bullies here. The inherited $2B in debt, $300+ budget deficits and massive unemployment. So far they’ve:

        -reduced the annual deficit so far to $230M through furlough days
        -Created/creating jobs through hotel projects: Hamilton Princess, Pink Beach, Morgan’s Point, Sonesta
        -Grand Atlantic with it’s one tenant into an income generating property
        -brought the America’s Cup to Bermuda
        -increased the volume of commercial real estate by over 30%
        -increase the volume of home real estate sales by ??
        -increased the amount of Corporate registrations including an increase in reinsurance company registrations
        -increase the amount of fund business coming to our shores by streamlining the red tape involved in the set up of new funds.
        -announced plans for a new airport

        Nothing short of impressive for less than 2 years especially in light of all the continued abuse, marches and calls for the overthrow of Government by the opposition. Interesting that you call success creating enemies instead of sour grapes

      • Bermewjan says:

        So defending the rights of women makes the government of the day bullies?!?

        Surely even a dyed-in-the-wool hater like yourself must be able to understand that defending basic human rights is the very essence of governing… but then again, you already do, don’t you, and this is just a really poor attempt to deflect attention from the issue. Your post is a bit like standing in front of massive multi-car crash and saying to all of the rubber neckers driving by, “Move on, nothing to see here”. In other words, why bother even trying to deflect, as it just makes you seem like you are trying to hide something. Do you want to seem dishonest? If so, keep playing these poorly constructed, and utterly transparent games.

        • sally says:

          No this is NOT about the Rights of all Women but rather one who is not an MP. If there is unfair treatment of women within the OBA Dunkley needs to deal with it in house and Stop making it a public matter. It seems to speak to a larger problem going on with in the OBA camp. It should have stayed there and not been put in the public domain. Bean needs to stay away from the mess going on within the OBA and let the public find out on their own. Now it seems like the OBA is trying to gain political milage out of this non issue. This is sad as there is more pressing issues in B Bermuda I expect the govt to address, why put such energy into such pettiness? Get on with real matters for a change,,,,,,really sad day in politics for Bermuda

          • Bermewjan says:

            Well, that is an amusing spin… if any of it were remotely true. Any other outright lies you wish to spout in an attempt to deflect from Mr. Bean’s abominable behaviour?

      • Truth be Told says:

        @So true,,go smoke another one you, you and the plp are so out of it !!! Who is more of a bully than your gaunga tea leader Bean?

    • One Body says:

      I agree 100% with so immature.I’ve been saying the same thing for a while.The people of this country deserve better. I am so sick and tired of all the fussing and fighting that goes on, it is pathetic.They behave worse than kindergarten children. I think something drastic needs to happen to put a stop to this madness.They need to set the example for the young people of Bermuda because they are watching.Too much time is being wasted.My suggestion would be to get rid of the two parties and just have one group of people working TOGETHER making the right decisions for the betterment of Bermuda.Can somebody tell me why we need an opposition,it makes no sense to me.Come on leaders get it together.People are suffering, while you all are fighting.

      • sally says:

        This childish behavior must stop! OBA must address the Real issues facing Bermuda and our young people. Time spent on This recent matter is indeed wasted time and energy. I am also sick of it. When will our Politicans grow up? I expected more from a govt who told me they would do politics differently, so far I see no differences. Looks like Nandi and Toni are nothing but dead weight to the OBA and not helping them.

        • SMH says:

          So Nandi and Toni are dead weights, and without merit according to Marc, because they’re women?

  7. serengeti says:

    Since comments have been made outside of Parliament, they are not privileged.

    At the very least, the Bermudian public deserve to hear what Bean is actually talking about, and what proof he has. He has made some outrageous allegations – now he must back them up.

    Because if he can’t back up what he is saying, he must resign.

  8. says:

    Patricia Gordon Pamplin, what was the point of bringing this up again other than to demonize the Opposition Leader and portray him in a negative light. Just move on and handle the people’s business and do your job. Both parties act like children in the house. So Sad. If the Opposition Leader is lying shame on him, but I just see this as wasting time. He isn’t going to resign. Seems like the OBA is trying to change the subject to me. Hate hearing the childish bickering in the house. Similar issue happened with MP Nandi Davis. If their isn’t a tape or your not going to release the tape move on. You have no proof. Show me a transcript or something. Otherwise your wasting your time.

    • Politricks says:

      His lies could be now documented in the electronic message that Pamplin speaks of. This was after he went on the radio and claimed he didn’t.

      Everytime Bean speaks he paints himself in a negative light. Just because you and other party zealots condone such behaviour doesn’t mean everyone must bow down to such a person.

    • cmbbda says:

      “Move on” ??! So we women should just sit back and take it? Take the totally unsubstantiated slander thrown our way or the way of our fellow sisters?
      Is that what you would want for your mother or sister or daughters?

      • says:

        All I’m saying is if this went to court the Opposition Leader would be found NOT GUILTY because their hasn’t been any proof brought forward. I’m not saying its right. Im just saying it was brought up already. Nothing has happened, time to move on and handle the peoples business. What else do you expect to happen? As I said before, he isn’t going to resign.

      • Its OK if we do it says:

        It’s Ok if we do it

      • One Up One Down says:

        I feel sorry for women who can’t stand up for themselves and tell a man where to go and what to do when he gets there when they start talking trash. Ms. Daniels was supposed to say something like it’s funny you think I’m a whore and yet someone like you would NEVER have me or I’ve been called worse by better or something.

        Who calls the police when someone says something that hurts your feelings? What type of backbone does Toni Daniels have?

        As a woman I’m offended that she didn’t go back at Marc and put him in his place and what’s worse the Minister for National Security seems to think it’s OK to have his team (the Police) investigate her hurt feelings. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

        Go ahead and hit the thumbs down but for every person that thumbs it down I hope a woman calls the police the next time a man calls her a name that hurts her feelings.

        If it’s good for Toni it’s good for us all!

    • Overseas Student says:

      You cant expect nothing to be done of his disgusting behavior. The more he gets away with this the more it will continue to happen. Someone must stand up and say something don’t you think? Or should we ignore him?

    • A Better Bermuda says:

      I completely disagree verbal abuse, rant and tirades by a leader of this country should not be tolerate under circumstances. We deserve better… Demonic, satanic are some of his favourites…

    • enough says:

      the proof has been shown, what you reading. And anothyer point if you did read properly you would have seen that this wasa brought up at the end of the session when it’s time for any other business. Good for Patricia standing up for women, someone needs to with this man around

    • serengeti says:

      So Bean should be able to say what he wants, no matter how libelous, disgusting and outrageous, and the government should do absolutely nothing about it. Because when Bean says something it doesn’t matter, but when the government reacts, it’s “wasting time”.
      Yeah, I think we’ve got it.

    • swing voter says:

      A leader…should lead. Mr. Wade, Dame Lois, and even Dr. Brown were leaders. I never ever thought in a million years I would see a void so deep and wide in the PLP.

    • Self says:

      Maybe P.G.P. wants a diversion from HER issues.

      • Onion says:

        What issues?

        On her roof she got the same treatment as everyone else and even paid for a service that everyone else got for free.

        Maybe you should stop listening to politicians and radio shows that will lie to you for political aims.

  9. A Better Bermuda says:

    The OBA are starting to man up…..finally. The PLP need to be called out on their lies each and every time it happens. I can’t wait to hear the debate on Port Royal…but, but but….this is a ploy to make us look bad…but but but

    • LOL (Oringinal TM*) says:

      That would be a full time job why else do you think the show you speak of employees non elected employees to do the lieing for them.


  10. Steve Davis says:

    Beenieman is a discrace!!!

  11. mike says:

    The PLP deserve the leader that they have. They know he is a loose canon.

  12. A Better Bermuda says:

    Can you imagine the outcry and drama on the talk shows (years worth) if the situation were reversed? The marches that would have happened and comments that would have appeared in People’s Campaign “report” had the tweets made by Jamahl been done by anyone in the OBA. Interesting don’t you think?

  13. Sigh says:

    1st off I am a woman and I’d appreciate it if other people wouldn’t speak for me. I really could care less about these comments as there are legitimate issues going on within our island. There is soooo much more to focus on and these antics are so high school. Our island is in chaos and THIS is what politicians spend time worrying about. I am disgusted, towards both parties. Can you all just cut the crap!!!

    • Stunned says:

      @ Sigh, I am a woman and those remarks out off the mouth of the PLP Leader are as the Premier of Bermuda said, “unacceptable trash”. There is absolutely, unequivocably NO defense for that type of thinking let alone spoken word…by anyone.

  14. Overseas Student says:

    The fact that the women in his own party can just sit their and put up with this is the funny part.

    • Onion says:

      What women?

      • No longer a member says:

        Mrs. Kim Wilson is a Lady of Quality. I am surprised she has not disagreed with what happened. It is only so much that she will take before she voices her opinion. I am proud of Terry Lister, a man of principle as well.
        Now look at the hate and the and the lack of talent and business experience in the rest, just imagine Mark as our leader, SCARY!!

  15. Unbelievable says:

    Get him, Pat. Well done.

    His response is so paltry just like the responses they roll out against everything little thing the OBA is trying to do.

  16. Navin Johnson says:

    So Bean hijacks the debate on the airport to spew his garbage…there is no room for someone like him in Bermuda Government…..on the other hand every time he opens his mouth he looses voters….from the sound of it Ms Pamplin was responding to him…….

  17. Marge says:

    Randy Horton, has done a fantastic job as speaker of the house in the past .. but how the hell he allowed Mark Bean, get away with his remarks regarding women is deplorable … come on MR speaker you are in charge of the clowns.

  18. somerset girl says:

    I was saddened to hear the Leader of the Opposition state that he was told by ‘His people’ to not fall for the OBA bait. I also heard the Leader of the Opposition advise that his supporters had asked him tone things down. It broke my heart when he decided not to listen to ‘His People’ and then he gobbled up the OBA bait by proceeding to rant about the OBA men and then it got progressively worse. Marc Bean obviously does not listen to ‘His People’ or take advice from his supporters.

    • ACE Girl says:

      He has got to go..

      • Stunned says:

        au contraire…Mr. Bean needs to STAY so the people of Bermuda can see WHY they do not need to vote for him or the people he purports to represent.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      With this latest election of one more of the Bean camp in, the PLP has moved even further away from being labour and are becoming thoroughly entrenched to the right.

  19. Common Sense says:

    I’m intrigued to hear some of the comments from PLP bloggers on this issue. I have to wonder what their position would be if the leader of the OBA had made exactly the same comments attributed to Marc Bean to female members of the PLP and then boasted about it to his friends.

    I believe they would be completely outraged and be marching in the streets to demand the resignation of the OBA leader, and also demanding that women should NEVER be treated in such a disgusting manner.

    This incident is said to have occurred in a polling station where people were attending to exercise their democratic right to vote. I have yet to hear why Marc Bean should have any reason to speak to either of the two women for any reason whatsoever. What I want to know is whether or not Mr. Bean actually wrote, “‘I spent most of my time burning Nandi and Toni.”

    If proof of such a statement being made by Mr. Bean exists can the PLP bloggers please let us all know if they approve of such rantings so we can all understand the standards to which they hold their leader.

    • Jo Blo says:

      Not defending but I genuinely want to see the proof. Is there a site or soundbite?

      • Hmmm says:

        What he said in the house will be on record in the Hansard. What he did and said in public was witnessed by the person who brought it to our attention.

  20. aceboy says:

    He can’t even control himself after the fact.

    The speaker had to shut him up him for impugning integrity.

    Let’s see the email or text he sent. That should clear up things.

  21. theothersidebda says:

    Mr. Bean states that the OBA bringing this up was simply part of an election ‘strategy’….doesn’t the fact that the OBA continue to bring this up after the election show that they are NOT bringing it up as a ‘strategy’ for the election?

    I’m not suggesting there may not be another agenda, but it certainly isn’t tied to solely to the election if its still rearing its head. The other alternative is that this isn’t a strategy at all but a real sense of fighting for what they believe is morally objectionable. The truth is probably somewhere in between but to say this was an election ploy seems foolish at this juncture.

    • Hmmm says:

      There is no election. Bean is obsessed with winning election by all and any means. As evidenced by his actions and words.

  22. aceboy says:

    Do the links to the audio work for anyone? Not here.

  23. Tolerate says:

    Did Mr. Bean just brag about a seat held by a PLP MP (for generations) being replaced by another PLP member who (and it is his memory that must be short); recently had to resign from his own Party???? THIS IS WHAT YOU BRAG ABOUT!!!! Wow…
    “Could get very personal? Received instructions from My People”. Who people and why they haven’t moved to muzzle you earlier?
    You’re bringing down the Party on your own with NO help from the OBA.

    • Tolerate says:

      Ohhh, and by the way Mr. Bean; ALL you do is get personal. Your comments are ALWAYS personal. Ask Mr. Lister (sic)….
      Any-one defending him as “telling it like it is” needs to grow up to. Leaders of our country need to learn how to handle themselves.
      And that is in reference to ALL our politicians so don’t see this as an attack on the PLP.
      Just the loud mouth of the month.

      • Maege says:

        PLEASE !!! Someone in authority of the PLP, get rid of your so called leader, Marc Bean

        • Christopher James says:

          No No please they should keep Marc Bean as their leader. He is destroying what little credibility the PLP still has. Under Marc Bean the PLP could very well implode – self destruct. He is simply the worst that could happen to them. Well Marc and JS in #33 could easily finish PLP off.

          • sally says:

            No the problem lies with the Government of the day. Do they even realize they are the government and much is expected from them, rather than from the Opposition?

            This engagement in childish issues clearly indicates the government if falling down in regards to personal matters regarding their female members. First we have Nandi, Sen. Swan, Susan and now a non MP I am growing really disappointed with this continued mess! These women are quickly becoming a liability to the OBA, their quick removal would be best. Stop and think Dunkley or are they been used for political purposes? OBA will fall on this one.

            LOOK I am sick of this nonsense and want the Government to do what they promised the people of Bermuda. We have some serious issues facing us and this is the best we can do? I want serious debates on Gang Violence, Education, economy, etc,. These are isusses the govt must put their 100 focus on rather than this petty back and forwardness.

            • SMH says:

              So woman are a liability now? That seems to be the general gist of the PLP these days

  24. Joonya says:

    Just think if it were Michael Dunkley spewing that filth, the PLP would have…. guess what….. organized a march to demand his resignation.

  25. Terry says:

    First time I ever listened to any comment here on Bernews.

    This guy has to go. He can’t even organize words and seems very insecure.

    “Im your puppet” comes to mind.
    Wonder whose.


    • Redman says:

      A Terry,

      Yup he always looks angry when he does interviews!

      Worse still, could you imagine Mr. Bean as Premiere addressing potential investors, dignitaries etc… ?? I’d be embarrassed for Bermuda that’s for sure.

  26. animallover says:

    Why makes me laugh out loud. Are you joking? You want women to take this crap and move on? I know what the PLP are up to. They want to focus on this instead of finding out what happened to $20 million. Don’t you get it ….Bean. He should resign…

    • A Better Bermuda says:

      Speaking of which Zane’s been awful quiet all of a sudden. He knows that this report on the $20million over run is only the first is many reports about the come out and it’s not going to end well for him. I can’t wait to hear all the “but but but they’re just trtying to frame me and make me look bad”

  27. Jackie Chan says:

    Let’s not just look at the one incident, but moreover lets look at a consistent trend of bullying, degrading, offensive language that are used not to create harmony but to create discourse. If the Opposition want to contribute to a better Bermuda, they could start by condemning this behavior. I feel really let down by the PLP. I especially feel let down by the women in the party but in general I feel let down by all those that would stand by and remain associated with this approach from those elected to represent us in the House of Assemnly. Yes, we have so much important business to do, but if we don’t reject this behavior, any other progress made would be for naught.

  28. Loquatz says:

    Is this really what the PLP wants to be known for? Really?

  29. Lana says:

    Marc Bean is a disgrace to his party and the Country and he should be removed!!

    • Bermewjan says:

      No, no. Marc should definitely remain as the leader of the PLP. He is doing a fine job of giving the OBA a good chance at the next election. Go Marc! Tear the a** out of it. Your doing a great job!

      • Self says:

        Sometimes as hard as some words are to hear, they need to be said. Marc Bean doesn’t sugarcoat his words, he tells it like it is. I would take that over a phony person any day.

        • Creamy says:

          If he can’t prove what he said, Bean is the phony.

        • steve says:

          Plenty of people proudly proclaim to “tell it like it is” however they are merely stating their personal opinion on a subject.
          I doubt he would be making insulting comments toward young ladies on his “street” cause the dads,boyfriends and brothers would sort him out.

      • Unbelievable says:

        Shhh…don’t give the PLP any ideas of removing him.

  30. empora says:

    i understood what marc said..the method goes way back.

  31. O'Brien says:

    You would have thought that Mr Bean would have learned by now a thing or two about our defamation law. Apparently not. Guess he will have to learn the hard way.

  32. Balanced Facts says:

    Ya gotta laugh! The Greenies are all about moving on now…they talked about Jet Gate for a year and when Pettinigal called homophobic religious people “Kool Aid Drinkers (meaning no critical thought) they spent two weeks calling for this head! But Bean acts the way he does and you all want to “let it go” and “move on”? Really? what a joke!

  33. watcher says:

    Can’t get over the general PLP silence…..general indifference or condoning?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Schism, the party is fundementally split between a left and right, I am sure there are those in the party appalled by him, especially on the parties left side. There are probably some on Bean’s right side of the party that would be disgusted, however there are some who share his radical notions, and all in the party will never let this schism exposed as it is more important to maintain the illusion of the non-existent unity, party first, so country takes a second seat. This lie is not new, it has been there for decades, but they will never admit it, and this would be one of the reasons they haven’t come out with a comment on the matter. The PLP hypocrisy on this is that had the offending come from the OBA, they would be marching and demanding heads, but is read they are deafingly mute.

    • Marge says:

      I wonder why Kim Wilson is so quiet on her leaders position on women ? this lady in my opinion should be the leader of the PLP.

      • A Better Bermuda says:

        Just another cog in the wheel

      • Redman says:


        I agree, the silence is deafening.

        However by her silence she is supporting this behaviour and as such has disqualified herself from being considered the next PLP leader. Nor is she someone I would want to see in charge of the island one day. SMDH

        @ A Better Bermuda vvv – Yup!

      • Rockfish # i and # 2 says:

        Why not simply wait and see what the police investigation reveals!

  34. Bermewjan says:


    If the OBA ever had any sort of political strategy of trying make it seem like you are a misogynist – “towards women” (what other sort of misogynist is there?!?), I think it’s safe to say that you are doing a fine job for them!

    Do you even think about what you are saying before speaking? You may wish to reboot your brain to mouth delay and control sometime, but by all means please wait until after the next election or until after you are ousted as the PLP Leader before doing so.

    I mean really! Children of five have better self control!

    • Redman says:


      Well said, especially the ending. lol

      Sad that the PLP are so clueless that they cannot see the damage he is doing to the party. Ideally we don’t want to see a time (again) when a party wins the election by default because the other is unelectable.

      Bermuda deserves better. Despite the many OBA own goals it is clear that the PLP are not a Government in waiting that we can trust with the keys of Bermuda anytime soon!!

  35. Stunned says:

    Cannot believe that the PLP stalwarts, founders, supporters, faithfuls are condoning this…

  36. clearasmud says:

    It boggles the mind that the Opposition leader states that his own party has asked him to tone it down then he proceeds to ignore their request! go figure?

  37. jt says:

    When does drug testing begin?

  38. Coffee says:

    The bible speaks about a certain Jezebel , and Oh was she fine ! Now if Marc says that Monica is in the White House ,then it must be so , and he could prove that she is there .
    Remember , Cannonier is sitting on the backbench …. Why?

    • LOL (Oringinal TM*) says:

      Nothing to do with the topic I see….

      LOL you need some cream in your Coffee……………lol

  39. Sad Bermudians says:

    PLP remains morally bankrupt. NOTHING has been learned!

    Example? The Opposition Leader’s behavior in the past year. In any other country he would have been removed. He has not been publicly rebuked or chastised by the party? In fact, he was RE-ELECTED. I advocate that it is this attitude of “not addressing misdeeds/issues” that has led to Bermuda’s current position, and not incompetence as most state. It’s a complacency disease I do NOT understand; and I was surprised to even hear Eva Hodgson defend such behavior by stating there were NO options. Wrong is wrong is wrong; and should NOT be tolerated. There are many other good people that can wisely represent the PLP!

    So what? What’s your point?

    My central point? Based on my recent observations, If the PLP become the Government again, nothing will have changed. In my opinion, It will be the END of Bermuda. If there is financial misfeasance, no one will say or do anything about it! If there is corruption, no one will say or do anything about it!

    The PLP has NOT changed. Nothing has been learned after losing the last election!

    Bermudians should look at the central behavior that caused our current malaise; and make their own determination if the leopard has changed its stripes!

    So far, I see the forms of the same stripes and it is NOT encouraging. Grow some testicles will you!


  40. Marge says:

    lots of homes will up for grabs and potential investors will pull out of any deals if this Bean, ever becomes the leader of this Island…

    • Somerset Girl says:

      Got my exit plan already…… See you later suckers.

      • Lois Frederick says:

        There are many who have created exit plans for that possibility. It would be a very sad day if it occurred. I suggest other do if they have not already.

  41. Infidelguy says:

    In my opinion, Marc Bean needs to, at the least, resign as leader of the PLP. His alleged denigration of women has set the PLP back some 30+ years in terms of the way they view females. I say they because…..and I stand to be corrected…..I have not heard any other MP in his party condemn his alleged comments.

    I can only interpret their silence as agreement.

  42. Redman says:

    PLP Please, Please keep Mr. Bean as your leader, that way the PLP will not be re-elected to Govern anytime soon.

    So keep on with this.. let him continue the petty name calling and infantile antics, it is driving people away… in droves. By his own behaviour he is showing us all that he isn’t fit to run his mouth let alone help run the Island.

    It will see you remain in the political wilderness until you the supporters wake up. Sadly; Bermuda does need a strong opposition but at this time the PLP aren’t it.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      He sure did not drive them away in #33. What happened there really says something about the Bermuda voter. Given who they ran & the antics of Bean the PLP could have run a box of rocks in #33 & their supporters would have voted for it because…well…we always vote PLP. Standing strong, all the way, any other slogan, rah, rah, rah.

      Performance at actually running the Government in an effective manner does not matter. $2b debt? Not our worry, or so they think because they don’t know any better.

      Don’t want to know either. As long as Bean & the rest say what they want to hear, all is well. Reality does not enter the picture.

      • Redman says:

        Triangle Drifter,

        #33 was always going to be a PLP victory, no doubt bout it. The number who turned out to vote tells us that many are being driven away. Of course these primary’s usually have a lower voter turnout than elections but even with all the self made blunders of the OBA and the PLP constantly trying to capitalize on them we didn’t see people come out in bigger numbers to send the OBA ‘a message’.

        Instead their die hard support did what they always do, follow.

  43. Sparky says:

    The PLP will keep Bean right up to the next election then dump him for a new leader. This way the PLP supporters will feel they need to give the new leader a chance. Most Bermudians have very short and selective memories.

  44. Coffee says:

    Cannonier is sitting on the backbench . Why ? Marc was spot on then and he’s ……

    • Creamy says:

      Well where is Bean’s proof? Is he telling the truth, or is he a liar? If he can’t come up with any evidence, he’s just lying.

      • Coffee says:

        As usual the proof is in the pudding . Never mind that , was he lying about Jetgate ?

  45. Jo Blo says:

    Bermuda is ***** with these clowns on the front lines – government AND opposition. This crap is so embarrassing…

  46. Brotherhood says:

    ok .. think he hits at OBA only
    Lister right up there in the House of Assembly got hit on pretty bad.

    EFG, Walter Robinson, Lois, Freddie Wade, Eugene Coxes would not put up with this bull.
    Not leading, respecting of or betterment of the people’s lives – like we should.
    New PLP brought us down this low.
    Gangsta talk is just trashing everything and everybody

    • Bermewjan says:

      There is no one left in the PLP that shared the vision of the likes of Walter Roberts, Reggie Burrows, EFG, Freddie Wade, and Eugene Cox. There are some on the fringes looking in, but they voices are subdued. The lunatics have taken over that asylum unfortunately, and with Mr. Bean’s new “top down” selection process, we will only see more of his cronies being put forward for election. 33 is a good example.

      This is all good news for the OBA, but bad news for Bermuda as a whole.

  47. Disgusted local says:

    Very disappointed with Marc Bean. He really needs to resign. Very sad Marc. I remember you with dreads back in the day, very humble. what happened??

  48. Creme Brûlée says:

    There are so many contradictions within the PLP: On the one hand, women have always been at the fore of the Party, on the other hand Bean seems to treat women a certain way. Ditto the same for Gays. So will the real PLP, that of Dame Lois, Dame Jennifer, Alex Scott, Michael Scott, please stand up and be heard.

  49. Cleancut says:

    When the country begins to get back on its feet and things start to open up, what else can the PLP do other that cause controversy, to focus away from the good the OBA is doing.

  50. John E. Thorne says:

    Marc Bean’s behaviour in the House of Assembly this year and in particular on Friday is an absolute disgrace! I am so thankful that his behaviour is not representative of blacks, men or Bermudians on this island but speaks to his character, lack of respect for women, fellow members of parliament, his party, his constituents, human beings and all of Bermuda. It is time for the Speaker of the House and the PLP to take steps to control his future behaviour and reprimand him for his recent behaviour and personal attacks which bring the House of Assembly into disrepute.

  51. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    As a feminist and as political pragmatist, I find this issue both seedy and political stiff.

    What should the PLP do? Well, do not take advice from the OBA and/or their supporters and do not use their (OBA’s) example of how Cannonier was treated as the moral high ground.

    When the PLP is ready to move, they will, not when the OBA demands their political blood.

    Let’s allow this story to unfold.

    London, England

  52. Puppeter says:

    Bean is Ewart’s puppet,I love it!

  53. Common Sense says:

    It is quite a revelation to see it has taken so long for anyone from the PLP to stand up and denounce the denigration of women as is alleged against Marc Bean. Shadow Minister Kim Wilson has now shown she is willing to stand up and be counted in making her statement that “negative comments made degrading women… should not be tolerated and should be withdrawn with an apology being issued by the maker of such comments”. And her comments have been reiterated by Shadow Minister Walton Brown who says, “I think that anyone who makes sexually inappropriate comments, who is a public figure, should apologise; they should withdraw those comments”. Surely there is no doubt who they are referring to.

    This issue must have, quite rightly, caused a great deal of consternation within the PLP, especially when it is alleged in the House that after the alleged incident Marc Bean wrote a message to his PLP colleagues apparently boastingt that he had “spent most of my time (at the polling station) burning Nandi and Toni”.

    I am at a loss to understand why the Leader of the Opposition would even approach Ms. Outerbridge or Ms. Daniels at a polling station where people are attending to exercise their democratic right to vote. At the least this is disgraceful conduct by a man who is touted as a future leader of our Country, and at worst it is also illegal. I trust the Police investigating this incident will obtain a copy of the message alleged to have been sent out by Marc Bean which would certainly confirm his attitude and state of mind at the polling station.

    It is especially disappointing to read comments such as those from Ms. Akinstall who describes herself as a feminist and a political pragmatist and who dismisses the whole incident as “seedy” but does not in any way condemn the actions of Marc Bean if they happen to be true. I wonder if she thinks the statements from Kim Wilson and Walton Brown are also “seedy”. Sorry Ms. Akinstall but I view Kim Wilson as a feminist and a political pragamatist who is prepared speak her mind. On this issue you get a failing grade.

  54. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    And what you may be witnessing is a fracture within the leadership ranks of the PLP. Only my humble opinion.

    Read my second post and the distinct reasons why I see this very pragmatically.

    I would rather that women in politics (in Bermuda) take an outspoken interest in all women in Bermuda and beyond, regarding their reputations, outside their own political class.

    Please share with me when either political party has been outspoken on the plight of the average woman in Bermuda – Bermudian or guest worker? After all, we all have the same human rights. Not just a picture ops, but real, substantive action on behalf of women?

    And as for seediness, it is ‘seedy’ to repeat those slurs under the legal umbrella of parliamentary privilege as though its repeated utterances do not add sting and denigration to the individual of whom it was initially directed.

    And common sense, why not share your name? You have taken direct issue with me under an assume name. Your identity may add a certain twist to this post.

    And finally, I live in the acknowledge that I seek not your approval but to live by my own principles and life experiences.

    London, England

  55. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    And what you may be witnessing is a fracture within the leadership ranks of the PLP. Only my humble opinion.

    Read my second post and the distinct reasons why I see this very pragmatically.

    I would rather that women in politics (in Bermuda) take an outspoken interest in all women in Bermuda and beyond, regarding their reputations, outside their own political class.

    Please share with me when either political party has been outspoken on the plight of the average woman in Bermuda – Bermudian or guest worker? After all, we all have the same human rights. Not just a picture ops, but real, substantive action on behalf of women?

    And as for seediness, it is ‘seedy’ to repeat those slurs under the legal umbrella of parliamentary privilege as though its repeated utterances do not add sting and denigration to the individual of whom it was initially directed.

    And Common Sense, why not share your name? You have taken direct issue with me under an assume name. Your identity may add a certain twist to your post.

    And finally, I live in the acknowledge that I seek not your approval but to live by my own principles and life experiences.

    London, England

  56. SMH says:

    NO ONE in the PLP camp have come out on the blogs and criticized Bean NO ONE. My favourite though is Betty Trump who thinks we should just move on….rich coming from “her/them”. The other favourite is Ian who is trying to dig up Jetgate as a deflection. Time to man up people. The debate on Port Royal is going to be explosive to say the least. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard people be quite so angry about a public issue.

  57. Common Sense says:

    I believe Ms Akinstall still deserves a failing grade on her “feminist” comment about the incident alleged to have occurred at the South-Sandys polling station. On the other hand, Shadow Minister Kim Wilson is standing on her principles in denouncing negative comments made degrading women, and making it crystal clear that such commets should not be tolerated. Ms. Wilson has not mentioned Marc Bean by name but she makes it abundently clear that if he said what he is alleged to have said, and if he subsequently wrote to some PLP members boasting about it, then he should at the very least, withdraw his comments and apologise.

    Albeit this is still under Police investigation, it should not be up to the OBA to call for Mr. Bean’s resignation, it should be the PLP demanding a higher standard of behaviour from its leader if the allegations turn out to be true. As Ms. Akinstall says, “Let’s allow this story to unfold”.

  58. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Please note that my post @creamy applies to @common sense as well.