Polling Station: Marc Bean To Face Charges

May 12, 2015

Leader of the Opposition Marc Bean will likely appear in court in the coming weeks in order to face charges of allegedly using offensive words during an exchange in November 2014 with former OBA Senator Toni Daniels, which occurred during the Advance Poll for Constituency 33.

After the incident last year, a police spokesperson said, “The BPS is conducting enquiries into a complaint stemming from an incident that took place on Thursday, November 6th outside the advanced polling station for Constituency 33 in Sandys parish.

“No arrests have been made at this point but the police are speaking to a number of witnesses to establish whether any criminal offences may have been committed.”

The alleged incident prompted the mass exodus of OBA MPs from the House of Assembly in November 2014 as they protested as Mr. Bean delivered the Opposition’s Reply to the Throne.

Following the walkout, OBA chairwoman Lynne Woolridge alleged that the Opposition Leader “accosted two female members of the party and subjected one in particular to a misogynistic, hate-filled attack.”

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