New Roundabout For Black Watch & North Shore

November 11, 2014

[Updated] The Ministry of Public Works today announced that work has begun to improve the junction of Black Watch Pass and North Shore Road “to make it safer for motorists,” and the work will include the construction of a roundabout.

A spokesperson said, “The first phase of work will require the transplanting of approximately 25 palm trees currently located at the northwest corner of Government House property to other locations on the grounds.

“The Department of Environmental Protection have been consulted closely with these works and have advised that these palms have a 70 percent chance of survival after they have been transplanted. It is not intended that any of these palms are to be destroyed. A temporary fence will be erected on the Government House property to create a barrier between the work area and the rest of the Government House property.

“Following the transplanting of the trees, work will commence on parts of the roundabout that are off the existing road. This includes the construction of a boundary wall and excavation of land on Government House property. It is anticipated that work will be complete in March 2015.

“The Ministry of Public Works apologizes for any inconvenience caused and requests that motorists take extra care when travelling through this section of Black Watch Pass and North Shore Road.”

Update Nov 12, 12.56pm: Pembroke Central MP Walton Brown said, “The Progressive Labour Party is pleased to see that the OBA is continuing an initiative begun under our government in the establishing of a roundabout at the Black Watch Pass and North Shore Road junction.

“This project evolved out of the many emails, phone calls and conversations with residents and those non-residents who travel these areas. Concern was raised about the traffic jams and dangerous nature of the intersection at the junction of Langton Hill, North Shore Road East & West and Black Watch Pass. This spot has caused many near accidents and this revised traffic flow should make it safer for all.

“Our former Public Works Minister Michael Weeks had been in dialogue with the relevant parties to get this process started and we are pleased to see it has continued and that the roundabout will be in use in early 2015.”

Former Minister of Public Works and MP Pembroke East Central Michael Weeks said, “Having lived in the area for many years, and seeing first hand the truth to the residents’ concerns regarding the confusion and danger that this area projects on motorists, I felt it necessary that the proper steps be taken to ensure that the safety of the public was first and foremost.

“Additionally, for the vendors in and around this area, public access would be paramount and access to those vendors was hindered by the lack of proper traffic flow. Therefore, I proposed the concept of a round-a bout, and I actually applaud the present Minister Gordon- Pamplin for carrying through on this very necessary initiative. This area has been a bottleneck for many years and a disaster waiting to happen. This initiative will prove a valuable resource in road safety in the years to come.”

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  1. cicada says:

    An excellent idea! Great news

  2. Micro says:

    Awful long time for such a basic project…

    • Hurricane says:

      @ Micro, couldn’t agree with you more, particularly because of the mess that is currently going on along Palmetto Road. Two major through ways into Hamilton with disrupted traffic. Who come up with this sh**

      • Miss Walker says:

        I agree should have waited until Palmetto Rd work is complete. Makes you wonder who comes up with these schedules. Doesn’t seem to be thought thru properly.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Changes long overdue at a very confusing intersection. Lets hope a better job is done at this one than at Wilkinson Ave/North Shore Rd.

  4. Clear View says:

    The idea and plans have been out there for a very long time. Government House has never wanted to give up any land to make this possible. It seems awfully strange that they’ve had a sudden change of heart make the land available. But this is long overdue, this intersection definitely needs improvement.

    • Kim Smith says:

      @ Clear View, is this a fact (that ‘Government House’ has never wanted to give up any land)? And how do you know that?

    • PBanks says:

      Is the suggested redesign online by any chance? Wouldn’t mind seeing it.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      everything changes but God changes not…

      • Sorry Sir says:


        What’s God got to do with this?

        • Christopher James says:

          Nothing because God only exists in the minds of people who have been brainwashed. Indoctrinated as children. Very sad.

  5. lights says:

    Traffic lights would be quicker and better. Same needed in Flatts.

    • hmmm says:

      Roundabouts are faster than lights.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      LIGHTS!!!…hell no…if you like lights that much please take the cluster of lights between Bermudiana rd. and the ferry terminal(100yds) and plant them in your yard. lucky i dont drive mac truck, id takem down soon as they putem up.

      • Christopher James says:

        Please please please no traffic lights. We have too many and they hold up traffic most of the time. They only assist during rush hours. In other countries lights are turned off at nights and weekends. Here they obviously consider Bda drivers to be too stupid to deal with this. Please please please no more lights.

  6. somuchless says:

    Excellent. Dangerous intersection but I’m glad they making it better for all.

  7. agree with lights says:

    I think lights would be better then a round about… just thinking about black watch pass and the road that takes you to governors house may be tricky for a roundabout… seeing that they are so close.. America has some newer lights Bermuda could check out for going and stopping. Just a thought

    • inna says:

      Thats why they are taking that Govt House corner… so the roads are not that close and a proper round-a-bout can be build.

      Maybe read the article before scrolling down to the comments?

  8. Time Shall Tell says:

    They should of waited until the work on Palmetto Road was complete first, this is a recipe for even further traffic bottlenecks.

  9. opressed says:

    How about repairing the deplorable roads island wide first, then waste your money on non essentials. The Works and Entertainment minister will blame the rain, hurricane, tropical storms, sun, boom boxes, etc. on why the roads are so bad, but it’s probably lack of money and piss poor management.

    • Sorry Sir says:

      There are some trouble spots on the roads that need revamping. That’s granted. But it’s no worse than other places in the world. Even places like New York City have their fair share of pot holes, uneven roads, and patch work. This is an essential. It’s been a long time coming. Accidents are a regular occurrence there. What’s going to happen when somebody dies there? Are you going to spread your negativity again and say “They should have done about that junction sooner”?

      People like you like to complain. That’s it. You live in a bubble and expect everything to be perfect. Well, everything is not perfect, including yourself.

  10. Scoalsy says:

    Good idea BUT what we really need is for Police presence to make people SLOW down especially bikers.
    I am confused why we don’t have more biker deaths they are out of control and get away with going through stop lights over taking on corners etc.
    Sad sad state :(

  11. bermudian says:

    bout time swear down bruh every time I come cross this roundabout I do something different lol never knew how to use it..

  12. Puma says:

    Ok…this is agreeable…good idea,an infomercial is needed gor hotel suplimental tv and travel agents to indicate how to use them safely,with pertinence to law…should be shown on Bermuda tv too.

  13. pebblebeach says:

    I remember the days when the roundabouts at the top and bottom of Trimingham Hill areas were so beautifully maintained with lots of nicely grown flowers and I must admit over the last 5 plus years or so, they are a sight for sore eyes with over grown weeds among a few flowers.

    While we are at it, why is it taking so long to fix the traffic lights at the bottom of Collectors Hill…it’s just an accident waiting to happen…especially with rogue drivers on the South Shore just driving through without and consideration of others.

    • seeingitbothways says:

      Collectors Hill is much much better without the lights. I work in the area and have seen way more close calls and accidents when the lights work because of the congestion they cause. Traffic flows way more smoothly with them out and now the visibility is much better for vehicles pulling out from the grocery store and North Rock parking lot. A far safer situation than the ridiculous congestion they cause, especially with cycles that overtake the entire unnecessary line ups when traffic is waiting at the lights (which apparently is not illegal according the the BPS). Many people also run the red light frequently because of impatience (which of course they should not do), which creates even more dangerous situations. Perhaps a roundabout there too if the sidewalks are reworked would be better. It seems like there would be enough space.

  14. Cow Polly says:

    That intersection is a nightmare, coming from North Shore onto Langton Hill you need eyes looking both left and right at the same time! However I agree that the work on Palmetto Road should be completed before this work begins. How else are East-enders going to get into town without incurring delays?????

    • Christopher James says:

      Oh come on Cow Polly, its only been TWO YEARS that we’ve had traffic lights on Palmetto. Only two years!!!!!!

      I mean I’ve only had to go the terrible and slow Black Watch pass way to work every day for TWO EFFING YEARS NOW!!!

      The temporary bailey bridge at the airport has been there SEVEN YEARS – I know cos I go over that one every day too. When it collapses under the weight of a huge truck with loss of life – they’ll finally do something. All this time they could have let us use the old bridge but it was broken cos it wouldn’t have opened for marine traffic – oh just like the temporary bridge. Funny huh!

      Honestly, I sometimes think that people become politicians when they are otherwise unemployable due to extreme incompetence.

  15. D says:

    Wow it would be perfect there

  16. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    its gonna be just like the one at nrth.rd barkers hill n palmetto…if you people cant see it in your heads…then i was right, nothing there….lol

  17. turtle says:


  18. scoob says:

    North shore was closed from Palmetto roundabout towards Blackwatch this morning. Any indication of how long it will be closed for?

    Really hope it’s not closed all winter until March as the traffic up along North Shore and up Palmetto was terrible.

    How is this project taking so long? The junction is practically a roundabout anyway, just need to knock down the island in the middle and repaint the road. It would only need a mini roundabout.

    ALso are they going to put a roundabout at the other end of Langton Hill? It queues badly enough there at the moment. Improving that junction too would take some pressure of the lights by the tennis stadium / Saltus traffic