Video: Man Escorted From Airport By Police

November 4, 2014

[Updated] A heavy police presence was seen at the airport this evening [Nov 4] greeting the incoming British Airways flight from London, with police officers seen escorting a man in handcuffs.

The man shielded his face while being escorted, however unofficial reports suggest the person may be Patrick Stamp, who is wanted in connection with the murder of Malcolm Augustus.

Mr Augustus, 20, was shot and killed on the St George’s golf course on Christmas Day in 2012.

During yesterday’s Supreme Court Arraignments, the Court heard that a man would be extradited from the UK in connection with the murder of Malcolm Augustus, which Wolda Gardner has already been charged with.

Last year, the police confirmed that Patrick Stamp was taken into custody in the UK in connection with Mr. Augustus’ murder, and said that he was challenging the extradition request.

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In May 2013, a police spokesperson confirmed that Mr. Stamp, then 28, appeared in Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London regarding an extradition request in relation to the murder of Malcolm Augustus.

“Mr. Stamp elected to challenge the extradition request, and therefore extradition proceedings in the UK courts will commence in due course,” a police spokesperson said last year.

This is the second time a suspect has been extradited from abroad in recent weeks, following after 21 year old LeVeck Roberts was extradited from Atlanta in August to face a double murder charge.

There is at least one more Bermuda murder suspect who is suspected to be overseas, with Interpol’s website listing Gariko Benjamin as wanted by the “judicial authorities” on charges including premeditated murder and attempted murder.

Update Nov 5, 12.01pm: Patrick Stamp appeared in Magistrates’ Court today, facing charges in connection with the murder of Malcolm Augustus.

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