CableVision Post Hurricane Restoration Update

November 4, 2014

Bermuda CableVision said they anticipated being able to finish all hurricane restoration by Wednesday, however they discovered some fibre optics that had been damaged by machete and learned there were more individual home issues than anticipated, which will affect their timeline for hurricane restoration.

CEO Terry Roberson said, “On Monday morning, we anticipated being able to finish all hurricane restoration by Wednesday. Yesterday five fibre nodes unexpectedly shut off resulting in several mini outages.

“In addition, we discovered some fibre optics that had been damaged by machete and, as a result of the additional customer calls, we learned there were more individual home issues than anticipated. This has resulted in another 500 outages and will affect our timeline for hurricane restoration.

“We understand that our subscribers are frustrated at having to call in to report outages following the hurricanes. Our customer service team has been dealing with thousands of subscribers over the past few weeks to address each customer’s needs and have been working every day since Fay. We are surprised to hear the feedback regarding service received from this team and will be investigating this immediately.

“We currently have 24 telephone lines in our customer service department and the team works hard to answer each call. We also check our voicemail frequently during working hours – 8:30am to 5pm.

“If you have called and the voicemail is full, we apologise and encourage you to call back the following day. For customers who require non-hurricane support such as box repairs, we encourage you to visit our Washington Mall location.

“Subscribers who have been without service beyond November 1 should email us at to discuss a potential additional credit.”

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  1. watchfuleyes says:

    Oh really Cablevision? What do they know about customer care service when we the customer have to spend all day calling and waiting for someone to answer the phone- then to top it off they tell us we have to be on a ‘list’. How can I, who have spoken to someone from the office, spoken to someone on the weekend, who in fact called me, then just tonight they called me back to ask did I have service but that I was not on ‘the list’ and they won’t be able to come until Nov 14 or 16 ( I tuned out after I heard that). I mean what craziness is this? Do I have to put myself on the list? Is it an ‘all I want for Christmas is reliable cable service list? I think if they had answered all the phone calls from their customers then they would know how many people are without cable from the get go.

  2. Micro says:

    Perhaps while they were “waiting for BELCO” to complete repairs, they could’ve actually been answering their phones and scheduling home connection repairs.

  3. No service says:

    So Cablevision is now owned by Keytech/Logic, so why aren’t they deploying staff from its other companies to get service back on?

    • Common Cents says:

      Could have something to do with the different skill sets required, and/or a lack of spare trucks and other equipment.

  4. Islander says:

    why not allocate someone or two specifically to answer all incoming calls makes common business sense to me and I am sure others. All customers want and expect service as given by BELCO, TELCO

    • Anonymous says:

      CableVision does have their own call center just like other companies, with employees dedicated to just answering the phones. However when you have hundreds or even thousands of customers constantly trying to call in and a limited number of staff take the calls, it becomes difficult to keep up with the flow.

      To make matters worse I’m sure there are plenty of people who get through then want to sit on the phone for as long as possible because they refuse to get off until they have a definite “We will send someone out to you TODAY to restore your service.”

  5. Surfs Up says:

    I have not had internet in over a month….they want to offer a 25% discount. Gee thanks!!!