BTA Launches Campaign Targeting UK Travelers

December 22, 2014

The Bermuda Tourism Authority said they have “demonstrated its ongoing investment into increasing visitation from the UK by launching a new multi-platform marketing campaign with British Airways and British national broadsheet, The Telegraph, as it introduces its ‘Proper Fun’ campaign into the market.”

The BTA said, “The campaign, targeting the ‘experience seekers’ audience, defined as energetic, busy and ambitious 36-60 year-olds, adopts a phased strategy and will run throughout December and January.

“The first phase, aimed at driving inspiration and education, launched last week with an impactful & visually led Bermuda ‘Island guide’ living across print, tablet and online.

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“In January the campaign will take on a more direct approach with a call to action to encourage bookings and conversion. A bespoke email will be sent to The Telegraph’s 50,000 Travel email subscribers, delivering both inspiration and price led messaging to a captive audience, driving them either to the hub or direct to British Airways site.”

Victoria Isley, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for The Bermuda Tourism Authority said of the partnership: “The UK leisure market continues to be a priority for Bermuda so we’re delighted to be working with British Airways and The Telegraph on this campaign.

“We are committed to educating and inspiring the UK holiday maker on all the island has to offer and look forward to welcoming more visitors from the UK in 2015.”

Colm Lacy, Head of Commercial for British Airways at London Gatwick said:“British Airways is proud to have teamed up with the Bermuda Tourism Authority on a marketing partnership as part of our continued efforts to drive leisure passengers to Bermuda.

“Bermuda is an important destination on our Gatwick network and we remain focused and committed to bringing more leisure traffic to the island”

The campaign also sees the launch of a new British Airways Bermuda site to better cater to the Experience seeker audience by amalgamating the experiences that Bermuda has to offer into niche itineraries targeting culinary, active adventure, golf, sun seeker, romance and historical fans.

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  1. Kunta says:

    I see what de guy from Tempo was talking bout

  2. Treasure Hunter says:

    Don’t know about the other activities but for the diving, it would be nice if they used real images of Bermuda and not photoshopped stock photography.

  3. Steve says:

    It would have been better if they could have teamed up with another carrier other than British Airways and got some competition on the pricing of flights from the UK.

    • PBanks says:

      But how would that work if Bermuda doesn’t have a relationship with any European carrier? It’s all nice to think of say, Luthansa, being a part of a campaign but they don’t fly here.


        There is competition out there. Yo uare forgetting the other airline that came here from the UK but was then halted because of various reasons, reasons that are still unclear today.

  4. James says:

    it will be interesting to see what happens when someone walks into a travel agent and asks about Bermuda. My friends tell me the only thing that ever shows up is Grotto Bay. Most agents done even know where Bermuda is.

    • Tania Stafford says:

      Having worked in retail in St. George’s I have heard nothing but positive comments from largely British and other European visitors who stay at the Grotto Bay during the Rendezvous season. They find the staff hugely helpful and the hotel provides a bus pass which they appreciate and enjoy. These visitors shop, eat and support the museums and are exactly the right visitors to attract to our World Heritage site.

      There are also many visitors to St. George’s during Rendezvous season who stay at Cambridge Beaches, the Reefs, Coco Reef, both Fairmont properties, Royal Palms, Rosedon and many small guest properties throughout the island,…and guess what, they are often repeat visitors who find our winter climate a treat.

  5. Coffee says:

    BTA doing exactly what they seem to do best ; Piss against the wind !
    Everyone knows that UK visitors come to Bermuda primarily to see and stay with friends or family who live and work here . Like Canadian guest , they spend very little , mostly on food . Despite the pound sterling being strong , airfare to the island could be a deterrent .

    • serengeti says:

      So British and Canadian people are, what, tight? That’s your off- the-cuff sweeping generalization for today, is it?

      • Coffee says:

        Thanks for expressing your very narrow and disturbed view of our British and Canadian visitors . I stated a well know current reality that reflects the type of family/friend visitor to Bermuda . Long gone are the days of the fortnight UK visitor who brought the whole family along , they now take all inclusive , inexpensive excursions to Barbados , Malaysia and many of the exotic points in between .
        If you fact checked , you’d be less likely to readily offend the citizens of two of our best and largest commonwealth partners .

        • serengeti says:

          I was reiterating back to you your own ‘narrow and disturbed’ view. You make sweeping generalizations based on people’s national origin. And we all know what that makes you, don’t we.

      • swing voter says:

        UK and Canadian tourist charter flights are ALWAYS full to all inclusive destinations DR and Cuba, Aruba Costa Rica, etc. Those charters only land here when someone is sick or acting up or mechanical problem…..but the key words are ALL INCLUSIVE, something that will NEVER happen here because we don’t want the hamburger n hotdog tee-shirt tourists….LOLOLOL

    • Strike fund says:

      The pound is not very strong at the minute.

      Britain is a very competitive market. So much cultural diversity within two or three hours and far better value destinations.

      You can get return flights to Dubai for around half the cost of a BA flight to Bermuda too and it’s a similar flight time.

  6. Ace girl says:

    Whoop dee do! this is a novel idea from the experts.
    I never thought I would say this but ‘Coffee’ is correct. Too many commentators are caught up on the emotion of, is this a PLP comment or an OBA comment? Read the comments for what they are saying. Bermuda is prohibitively expensive for the middle class Brit. For those of us who have studied tourism, Brits are value for money people, and the average hotel here is way out of their league financially. Furthermore they stay longer, and by the time you add on gratuities, water tax, etc they can get a much better deal in other destinations. They also seek guaranteed sun. I am interested to know what culinary experience they will be pursuing?

    • Stunned... says:

      if we’re pursuing the brits – how about ramping up the number of our tea houses and marketing the whole English Tea Experience, and this could go towards this ‘culinary’ experience. Very disappointed with BTA…very.

    • Stunned... says:

      food for thought: spoke to some tourists in st geo who were sightseeing in the rain. i apologized for the weather and they surprised me by saying they were glad it was overcast/rainy because that way they could see the island without being burnt to a crisp. i thought – that could be a novel marketing angle. Sure it rains in Bermuda – you can still have the same fun but without the burn…hell, they could throw in one session in a tanning salon as a promotion.

  7. Sky Pilot says:

    go into any Travel Agent outside of Central London and ask about Bermuda,
    you will get either Silence, a Blank stare followed by Where is it? or I’ll have to go get my Supervisor.

    • Strike fund says:

      Do people still go to travel agents?

      The flights are too expensive. BA has the monopoly from UK. Brits can stay within Europe, visit US, Egypt, UAE and even the Far East for less money as their is some airline competition (some costing far less and taking a couple of hours).

      The there’s the cost of our hotels. Some of our “cheaper” acommodations can be upward of $300 per night in summer, and our expensive ones are tired and overpriced.

  8. Y-Gurl says:

    Unfortunately the value the Brits get in Spain and the South of France makes Bermuda look like a very costly option

  9. somuchless says:

    Proper fun. They just know what words to use. They have no clue.

  10. Puma says:

    British airways…everytime I see an international flight it has comfortable seating,ergonomic as a girls smile anah cloudy day….seems like most if not all U.S. air travel issardonic sardinia…you know the kind…your sitting there waiting for the prison staff to come in with the waterboard….or a priest with the inquisition …honestly…I am surprised they don’t tie you into your seat….so cramped up and put into one position for so long is physically detrimental and likely to cause harm…blood clunks…it is like diving…you are changing atmospheres…when you go up your oygen in your blood steam is pressurised and becomes small enough to travers vein walls going into muscle tissue…then the plane decends and the air corpusle depressurises and enlarges…wherever it might be…depending on where it is it has a different effect,inyour brain,liver,bladder,..if you can’t move it accumulates in quantities in the same areas…very harmful indeed.Seating must have larger capacity due to this,you cannot reasonably expect a person to accept a harmful seating in a licenced buisiness.

  11. street wise says:

    Great Britain represents a small proportion of our visitors… compared to, say, the big Gateway Cities in the USA, where 80% of our visitors come from. And how are we measuring the ROI on the British promotion? Not measuring it again, I suppose. As well, no accountability either. Another insane promotion wasted on the Brits in IMHO!

    When are you lot gonna learn the basics of marketing? The BTA are making the same mistakes as the BDoT made. Over & over. I have yet to see anything NEW or CREATIVE from the BTA. Hire an ad agency!

    IMHO, the BTA is a total waste of money due to the continuation of the BDoT old boys club at the BTA which stifles tourism creativity and new ideas!

    New name, same game.

  12. Stunned... says:

    @street wise…have to agree.

    if we know these facts about our british visitor, you’d think the BTA would round up some hotels/guest houses and BA and CREATE an inclusive package just for British arrivals in the Bermuda winter months. it is not necessary to charge $300/night.

    or maybe i am thinking too hard?????