BPSU President: Narrative That Is A False Reality

February 10, 2015

“OBA MPs should be ashamed of themselves for trying to continue to paint a narrative that is a false reality,” BPSU President Jason Hayward said, adding that the “truth is it was a sad way for the Government to place accountability on the BTUC for their political decisions.”

Following three days of disputes between the Unions and Government last month, which resulted in schools temporarily being closed and public transportation suspended, Finance Minister Bob Richards announced that the Union and Government had agreed to some cost cutting measures.

The measures — which as described by the Minister would achieve a total savings of $9 million — included suspending the Ag Show for a year, consolidating schools, reducing the travel budget, and putting a cap on financial assistance.

An opinion column from OBA MP Leah Scott posted earlier today said that the “BTUC did not come up with a viable list of economically feasible options, they forced the creation of the ones that will now be implemented, and they happily accepted them.”

“It is inevitable that this Government will be blamed for taking these unpleasant cost cutting measures, because goodness knows, the BTUC isn’t going to take any responsibility for hurting the people of this country,” Ms Scott said. “They are already raising their hands in the air, victims of circumstance – as if they were non-participatory and none of this was their doing.”

In response, BPSU President Jason Hayward laid out some of the measures the BTUC proposed, with some of the expense reduction plans including using prisoners for Government maintenance and landscaping, reduction of office plants and watering costs, removal of cable and WOW from office TVs, removing non essential overseas travel and more.

Some concepts the BTUC had to bolster revenue included increasing tax on cigarettes and alcohol, aggressively going after monies owed to Government, introducing a national lottery, selling off old or unused equipment and increasing the maximum taxable earnings for payroll tax.

Mr Hayward’s full response is below:

Why did the Government need permission from the BTUC for cuts they had already agreed to make?

The truth is it was a sad way for the Government to place accountability on the BTUC for their political decisions. OBA MPs should be ashamed of themselves for trying to continue to paint a narrative that is a false reality.

Q: Why did the BTUC not agree to the continuation of furlough days?
A: The BTUC did not agree to the continuation of furlough days because there were alternative cost cuts that the Government could make.

The BTUC’s proposal ranged between $65-85 million in cost savings and contained about a dozen substantial revenue generating ideas. The BTUC engaged in these Working Group discussions and proposed cost saving measures primarily to avoid the continuance of furlough days and pay cuts. Additionally, the revenue generating ideas that the BTUC submitted were never entertained.

The complete list of items the BTUC put forward included:



  1. Re-institute the early retirement incentive program
  2. Vacation – mandatory use of vacation days prior to retirement
  3. Reduction in non-essential overtime
  4. Moving from double time to time and a half and time and a half to straight time
  5. Partial salary for leave extending past 1 year
  6. Hiring freeze for 12 months
  7. Freezing funds allocated to unfilled posts
  8. Removal of acting and deputizing pay less than 4 weeks
  9. Institute time in attendance


  1. Eliminate summer employment programs/ replace within internships

Other Personnel Costs

  1. Reduction in housing allowances by 50 per cent
  2. Other employee allowance by 50 per cent


  1. 40 per cent reduction in local and overseas training
  2. Removal of Regiment overseas training


  1. Removal non essential overseas travel

Professional Services

  1. Reduction in local and overseas Consultants by 20 percent
  2. Reduction in local and overseas Contractors by 20 percent


  1. Relocation of Government offices to Government buildings where possible
  2. Consolidation of preschool and primary school facilities
  3. Renegotiate rents to achieve 5-10 per cent reductions


  1. Institute a mandatory energy plan to reduce 15 per cent of the $2oM energy costs [timers on lights, shutting off computers nightly, solar panels, etc]

Materials & Supplies

  1. Overall 20% reduction [reduction in paper/stationery/desk calendars/furniture purchases/ generic envelopes and stationery etc]
  2. Removal of all fax machines and related costs
  3. Elimination of pure water/tea and coffee in offices

Other Expenses

  1. Eliminate all party and food budgets
  2. Reduction in GEHI cost funding arrangements and premium increases
  3. Reduction in the funding of the Bermuda Tourism Authority by 20 percent
  4. Reduction of capital projects by 20 percent
  5. Use of prisoners for Government maintenance and landscaping
  6. Reduction of office plants and watering costs
  7. Removal of cable and WOW from office TVs

Grants and Contributions

  1. Reductions in grants and contributions by 20 percent [excluding quangos,Hospitals and schools]


Taxes and Fees

  1. Ending Payroll Tax exemptions for retail, hotels and restaurants [allow only tax exemptions for Bermudian staff]
  2. Increase liquor license fees
  3. Reduce duty free allowance back to $100
  4. Increase betting Tax -Turf
  5. Increase betting Tax – Pools
  6. Removal of Customs duty concessions for businesses
  7. Increase the maximum taxable earnings for payroll tax
  8. Increase tax on cigarettes and alcohol
  9. Aggressively go after monies owed to Government
  10. Increase land tax rates
  11. Increase purchase tax for foreign purchases of real estate

Rental Income

  1. Rent out the Coffee Shop on the 4h floor of the Government Administration Building

Other Revenue

  1. Introduction of a national lottery
  2. Selling off old or unused equipment
  3. Reclaim TCD emission centers/stop paying rent for facilities
  4. Increase the rate that Government sells electricity to BELCO from Tynes Bay

On the other hand the eight [8] items brought to the table by the Bermuda Government included:

  1. Cap on Financial Assistance $5 million
  2. Schools $1 million
  3. Travel $1 million
  4. Agriculture Exhibition $0.4 million
  5. GEHI Spouse Premium $1.6 million
  6. Employee Overhead $0.5 million
  7. Uniform Services to pay 50% for GEHI $2.9 million
  8. Public Service Superannuation Fund $3.5 million

The Government MPs should cease their fabrications of the truth. The unfortunate part of the story is that the BTUC have done budget reduction work that the Government MPs were either incapable or unwilling to do.

Jason Hayward – President
Bermuda Public Services Union

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  1. LiarLiar says:

    The $65-$85mn was actually noted as being only $37mn realistically which was agreed upon by the Government and the BTUC.

    Need to keep the facts straight in this debate.

    Now on your marks, get set, argue!!!!!

    • LiarLiar says:

      Can someone familiar with the public sector explain what this means?

      1.Reduction in housing allowances by 50 per cent

      Who exactly are eligible for these housing allowances? And are these in the form of subsidized rents and/or mortgages?

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        Thanks Jason Hayward for calling the OBAubp out in their false and bad promises. The government has loss the trust of the people, due to their continued approach to engage in Mistrust and lies. They did not come to the table as Honest Brokers…. Keep standing strong Jason

        • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

          Yea Jason, keep the people up to date on just how out of touch you and the unions are with what is what was and what will be. OBA, KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ruthless says:

        You would cry to find out how much the Commissioner of Police gets!

        • Ruthless says:

          How much the Commissioner of Police gets in Housing Allowance!

          • Ringmaster says:

            Many of the “savings” being suggested shows how the civil service is totally out of touch with reality, and Management/Permanent Secretaries should be demoted, if not fired. Having said that, it makes little difference to a deficit of $250 million per year. It takes 3 people for each job because of the vacation and sick days. Enjoy the perks and life, it will not last much longer.

  2. RU Kidding says:

    BPSU is right. The union only has a say in Wages, Salaries, and benefits of their workers.

    Why would the OBA try to put their cuts on the BPSU?!? The BPSU doesn’t make the decision the OBA makes the decision.

    This is really poor form by the OBA, and will only make union relations worse.

    • SMH says:

      not taking Furlough days comes with consequences! The fact that the union agreed to the things the government bought to the table instead of taking furlough days is technically the union being okay with the decisions government put forward instead of taking the furlough day.

      BPSU are okay with people having job losses vs furlough days?

      Have they explained what consequences are to their members?

      • tomtom says:

        I am happy to take a furlough day. Many of my work colleagues are too. “My” union (BPSU) never asked for mine or other members thoughts.

        Simply in it for themselves, not for Bermuda, but that’s what unions do.

        • you are all mixed up, the unions are needed & you are so dam nagative. i am glad to be a BPSU member, without the union’s this island would be —– & you know it,dont act like you never was a member. SICK & TIRED OF PPL RUNNING DOWN THE UNION’S

    • Double D says:

      Not really.

      The Government said basically if we can’t achieve the required $67mn in cuts via furloughs then these are the alternative options.

      The Unions saw what they were and still remained steadfast in their opposition to the furlough.

      If you can’t reduce the biggest expense then they will have to be sought from the smaller expenses.

      The BTUC gave little away from their side as exemplified by the refusal to give up overtime or increase pension payments by a meager 1%. What is a hiring freeze for a mere 12 months going to accomplish?

      Raising a slew of taxes in the middle of a recession, as suggested by the BTUC, will only make our economic situation worse and ironically negatively affect Government revenues even further and private sector unemployment.

      I understand the Union’s position as they are commissioned with looking out for their fee paying members. And unfortunately their members’ interests trumped the smaller expenses this time round.

      Personally I believe the BTUC and Govt are both to blame. The BTUC for being inflexible in their demands and the Govt for not being a much better communicator during this whole saga.

      • Double D says:

        To clarify I agree with the raising of sin taxes (gambling, alcohol and tobacco).

        But the remaining tax increases cannot and should not be facilitated during a 6 year depression. Has no one learnt anything from the 2010 payroll and foreign currency purchase tax increase debacle?

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Agreeing with the raising ‘sin taxes ‘ is a little shortsighted to say the least.
          They’re already exorbitantly high . Do you want to see a drink in the hotels ,as an example , go from an already outrageously high $14 – $17 to even more ?
          When was the last time you heard someone boast that they went on holiday and paid $20 for a drink in a 2 star hotel ?

          Furthermore , do we forget what happened when they raised the tax on boats to 55% ?
          None imported = no revenue and support services companies suffered = even less tax .

          We simply cannot afford any raising of taxes .

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Simple, the continuation of furlough days would have prevents cuts to social programs. If the union was unwilling to continue with a furlough days program, then they bear a responsibility for cuts being made elsewhere. They may not see it as their responsibility, but it is a consequence of their actions none the less.

  3. Casual Observer says:

    2.Removal of all fax machines and related costs
    3.Elimination of pure water/tea and coffee in offices
    6.Reduction of office plants and watering costs
    1.Eliminate all party and food budgets

    Got no dog in this fight, but I found the above to be hilarious! Those cutbacks will definitely save us from the brink!! The cedar trees are killing us financially and who the hell still uses fax machines?!

    And wouldn’t the use of Government prisoners for maintenance negate the need for W&E and Parks?

    It would be really helpful if the BPSU included their estimated savings on these suggestions. The $20mn spread between the $65mn-$85mn estimates is quite substantial. I just don’t see how the low end of $65mn can be achieved through these proposals, unless we are buying the highest grade coffee available.

    • Family Man says:

      Negate W&E? Are you kidding? Now everybody at W&E can be a ‘supervisor’ and sit off and watch somebody else do the work.

    • someone says:

      plan and simple this cost cuts should already have been made when the government went to the department heads and told them to reduce their budgets. plain ans simple.

      some of these this are already been implemented or as far as government is concerned is already been done which is why they cannot agree to or consider it as a cost savings as it has been done. note also that some departments pay for their own coffee and or tea out of their pockets and have sunshine funds for parties etc.

  4. James Ryan says:

    “Ending Payroll Tax exemptions for retail, hotels and restaurants”

    Is this a serious proposal by the BTUC? Do they not understand how poorly many retail stores, hotels and restaurants are doing right now?

    • James Ryan says:

      “The revenue-generating ideas that the BTUC submitted were never entertained.”

      They were not entertained because they are economically bankrupt! You cannot expect to reap Government revenue by raising taxes in a recessionary environment. Econ 101. All that would lead to is increased unemployment, business closures, and, consequently, less Government revenue. Yet the BTUC’s “revenue-generating ideas” are loaded not with rate rises and tax increases.

      The unions have suggested many, many, many tax increases to be levied on those in the private sector (which has already suffered the worst of economic malaise), but, from what I see here, have put forward almost no realistic ways to cut employee overhead costs in the public sector — yet they demand what is essentially a pay increase for their members in the ending of furlough days.

      Pretty unbelievable.

      • someone says:

        they would be better to say if we are going to raise taxes or levy a tax on the private sector that it too should be tired and should be based on the profit that company makes per quarter. this way the ones that are getting richer by the exemption are no longer unfairly benefiting.

        Also look at taxing overtime and bonuses because at present we only tax income and bonuses and secondment pay etc. are not taxed.

        there are ways to raise revenue from the private sector but government works also have to do their pare and accept job cuts. there is no need for the department of e government.

        the portal admins need to go to DCI and the business analyst should be in the PMO.

        the PMO and the percurement office need to merge together. all capitol and IT projects need to go through them. there s no need for business analyst in ITO they should all be in the PMO office. and the PMO office needs to become a leaf uner ITO.

        there is a lot that needs to be done in government to reduce the head count and allow government to run more efficient.

        if all IT project went back to ITO instead of being in each department there would be so much waste with everyone buying the system they want and then needing to interface into the erp system especially when they are all doing similar work.

        process across government need to be reformed and bought in line. we don’t need three different fleet management systems(for example) one for Marine and ports, one for ptb and one for regiment. commonalities need to be documented alog with differences and one system bought that can do it all. also look at what others are already using in government.

        stop letting department heads make financial decisions based on weather they like some one or want to wait.

        all project centralized alone will save government.

        this is just one section of down sizing and if we kept looking we can see where other cuts can be done..

      • SSWhite says:

        Ok not on topic but…

        Funnily enough this is what the US is doing right now under Obummer but the difference is they have the private FED printing up more phony “reserve” money to keep them afloat a little longer.

        We have to borrow from…actually does ANYONE know who we borrow from? I may not know the entity but I can tell you who they are!!

        Under the Obummer government public sector employees now earn on average more than private sector employees s well…funny how he is the next coming to some isn’t it?

        Pretty unbelievable is right…

    • Family Man says:

      They’re happy to propose that because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with their members.

  5. Family Man says:

    Shouldn’t the BTUC be commenting on matters that affect ONLY the BTUC members.

    Why are the BTUC proposing to increase taxes on cigarettes and liquor and caps on financial assistance and the introduction of a lottery? I didn’t vote for the BTUC to run government and set budgets, I voted for the OBA.

    It’s great to see that they propose reducing overtime rates, eliminating government department’s party budgets and removing Cablevision & WOW from government offices. I fully support this.

    (Reduced pay for people on leave for more than a year??? Are you kidding me? There are people that have been on leave for more than a year that are still getting paid anything? Bermuda really is another world.)

    • Um Jus Sayin says:

      Remember, the BTUC were given the job of finding cost cutting measures by the current Govt. They were asked to do this, and they have.

      • Creamy says:

        They have just come up with a list of sacrifices OTHER people have to make. Any idiot could do that.

      • Um Not Quite says:

        I think the idea was to have them cut from themselves, not unrelated expenses.

    • someone says:

      also while looking at over time. all overtime should be cancelled all together. pay according to the job. allow the workers to find ways to get the job done in the allotted amount of time unless for a natural disaster.

      so if trash need to be collected there should be no over time except for a natural disaster. they can find ways amongst themselves on how to get the job done.

      have job costing done on capitol projects. i.e road works and building repairs. what is budgeted is what is done according to the cost. there is no need for overtime.

      the biggest cost is overtime and most blue color workers make approx. 25% more every week of their base salary.

  6. Noncents says:

    Some of these ideas make sense. I agree with LiarLiar- would like some more information about who gets housing allowances using tax payer money. That seems crazy. Ending regiment training overseas seems like an easy win.

    Some of these ideas do not make sense. Increasing payroll tax is nuts, appreciate that the rate isn’t changing but ultimately it will impact IB’s bottom line and that will have a profound negative impact. Increasing land tax will ultimately drive up rental prices which will hurt those who need help the most. Ending payroll tax exemptions will lead to more job losses in the hotels and restaurants.

    Most of the revenue generating ideas have knock-on effects with implications that a lot of people on this island don’t seem to understand.

    I think this is why they only really found $37m in savings. Because some ideas make sense, others do not.

  7. clearasmud says:

    The truth is that the responsibility for the budget rest squarely and only on the government. This was not a negotiation and as such the Unions were not sitting at the table as equals and they really did not have any say. The Government invited them to participate so that they could share in the blame and the anger that the government expected to get from having to make very difficult decisions! This is why they reported boldly that the TRUC agreed to cuts that will affect people other than their membership. If the government had had the courage to do what they believe needed to be done and did it then we could have avoided that three day industrial action!

  8. Steve Davis says:

    This is an attack by the BPSU on the OBA party not the government. It has been orchestrated by the PLP. This has nothing to do with workers rights, social justice or equality. It has everything to do with politics and the PLP trying their hardest to disrupt economic recovery and progression by the Government. The PLP and the Unions have to accept that spending cuts are needed due to debt and that the Government are in charge and need to make decisions for the greater good of Bermuda, not short term. The short sited PLP Economic policies are what have ruined this country yet they continue to think in a short sited manner. I tell you this, if Bermuda continues to spend more than it earns of civil service wages, this Island will have to be bailed out by the IMF. When that happens our currency will be worthless and all of the investments, wages, pensions and properties of the Bermudian people will be close to worthless. The wealthy will be OK and likely leave the Island the poor will become poorer and real hardship and squalor will ensue. This is what has happened in places like Jamaica where the 1% live normal lives while everyone else struggles. That realty is just around the corner, but the Unions and the workers want to get hung-up on 12 days a year unpaid. Well that 12 could easily end up as 365 very soon.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      I agree generally, although it won’t be the IMP that we turn to, as we can’t as a British Territory. It will be the UK that takes control of our financial state. The very people that are adamant they are not taking furlough days will be begging for them down the road as the economic realities become more obvious. By then it will be too late.

    • SSWhite says:

      I understand your worries Steve but I have to break it to you. There will be no recovery (unless you are a 1%er – and you are not) and the revolution will not be televised.

      We can do what Iceland done and tell the Private banks its Sovereign Government borrowed from to go *@** themselves. Country is doing great now. No IMF needed.

      Only governments should coin currencies not private banking institutions-and everyone of our dollars issued by the BMA comes at a debt to some unknown private entity – most likely the FED since our money is pegged to the dollar but the BMA is silent on this one…

      Again no recovery! – only more debt accumulation worldwide for all governments issuing fiat currency. It stings I know but we are way to far down the hole boss.

      Wall Street exchange prices are based on financial alchemy and zero interest Fed loans – nothing more! The underlying is a rotten corpse.

  9. swing voter says:

    we are done, like a plump roasted pig….apple in mouth

  10. Silence Do Good says:

    The slings and arrows, shots across the bow continue with no real end in sight. We will sit here forever continually debating cost cutting measures and how and who for the little guy will eventually suffer for a debacle we can now attribute to two ruling parties.

    The current elected government vilifies the civil servant while creating an additional Ministerial post, retains GP cars and promises monies we don’t have with huge concession in a period of austerity. Spend a little to make a little… or trickledown economics is like Government spending on capital projects during a recession to bolster economic activity. In the end, you end up with more debt to pay and nothing in natural commodity to offset future payments.

    Government spending on goods and services, rents, wages etc. keeps economic activity going. Pull some of those monies back due to a deficit reduction exercise, eventually hurts a little guy at the end of the line. It may not just be that evil civil servant. It could be the person they rent from who has a mortgage to pay. The groceries they buy are less, therefore, one less cashier or stock person is needed. They cannot afford daycare or extend care. It does not matter because they are home anyways unemployed. Great one less preschool teacher or nurse is needed as an unproductive member of our society begets another. This is the rollercoaster we are arguing about, when discussion government reduction in spending.

    Be careful OBA you marginally won an election by your predecessors treating 5,000 voting civil servant with families bad. I understand you want to fix the economy and with the tide all ships rise and fall. Where are the grand schemes to increase revenues by attracting businesses back to Bermuda, creating jobs and a happy populace? Oh yes reality set in…

    To attract business or direct inward investment, hence job, economic activity back to Bermuda you have to offer real incentives (land, status, huge business tax concessions, less red tape in work permits etc.) in a globally competitive world looking for the same corporate cash cows. These measures of offering such incentives will offend different members of our society at different times for different reasons. How dare you give away the farm so that we can feed our children? I would rather stave and be homeless in my own country before that happens, will be the cry of some if not many.

    We want the reductions in government spending because the real conversation around the incentives for direct inward investment offends those who are sanctimonious among us. The recession obviously has not hit home to enough individuals to decide what we are willing to let go of to maintain our standard of living. Let us proudly as Bermudians go deeper into a recession before we realize that the only thing we have to attract direct inward investment is our land, status and culture. It will be our inability to pay our mortgages and have to sell for less than it is worth to Bermudians, who cannot afford it anyways, before we plead with the politicians to relax foreign land ownership laws so that we can sell to get out. I would hate to be the political party in power when that happens.

    • Accurate says:

      This is a very insightful description of what is really happening. Whether we realize it or not Bermuda is walking on a tightrope and even when the fall occurs – and it will – there will be some who will not notice until they hit the ground. Man the lifeboats you byes – your only future lies over the horizon.

  11. Sad says:

    Reduction in office plants?


    What are they watering them with? Perrier?

    • Common Cents says:

      Well, if an outside contractor is being paid to come in and water the plants there could be a savings.

      • FDR says:

        If the government was spending money on having people come in to water indoor office plants, the waste is much worse than originally thought!

  12. Creamy says:

    Don’t see much shared sacrifice here. They just want everyone else to sacrifice.

    • Um Jus Sayin says:

      It is now time for others to do their part, the BTUC and their membership have done their part. They gave back $30+mn, and some of you expect more. REALLY??? It is sad that the OBA has not recognised the efforts made by the unions and their members. Private Sector, dont all rush at once to do your part. Every day there are stories in the media of your profits and successes. Give some of that extra revenue back to the Govt., that has allowed you to have tax exemptions. A good way to say Thank-you for their generosity.

      • FDR says:

        They do pay it back in the form of payroll taxes, social insurance contributions, granting of millions in scholarships, millions donated to charities, millions donated to the hospital fund, providing employment and thus disposable income for economic activity. Unfortunately the private sector has shrunk by 5,000 jobs and any action that makes us a more expensive jurisdiction will just continue the depression of the private sector, which ironically will have further negative effects on Government revenue and ultimately the civil service. Read up in our cousins down south (Barbados). Bermuda is no longer another world I’m afraid, we are now officially part of the real world.

        Either way we are going to have one big wake up call when the piper comes calling. And no marching or threatening will stop their demands of getting paid. Good luck to all.

        • Creamy says:

          Gives us a frikin break. They have guaranteed jobs, 14 weeks sick, 6 weeks vacation, guaranteed pensions. And their ideas are just a list of sacrifices other people have to make.
          How about giving up that pension?
          How about having 10 days sick like everyone else?
          No. They’re entitled aren’t they.

  13. Dylan says:

    Simply put, Mr Hayward that was a whole lot of hot air and not much fluff ,,,but bet you got the attention of some who will say you are a genius….and for your next trick …you are you going to pull $200 million out of your hat….it is simple economics …one should not spend more than they make ….it is really that simple ….i am expecting most of the civil service to either have reduced hours just like the hotels do so maybe 30 hours and expecting some increased taxes on ” luxury items ” for example anyone who wants a $40k car should pay $55k for it obviously they can afford it… all i can say is strap on your seat belt its going to be one heck of a ride

  14. Huh says:

    Not really impressed at all because Mr. Hayward knows that very few of these savings are realistically implementable on the cost savings side. He doesn’t understand economics. Bermuda’s population is too small for economically viable Lottery. Upping taxation on purchase tax for foreign purchases of real estate will REDUCE Govt revenue because many less people will buy because of higher tax. Increase the maximum taxable earnings for payroll tax will drive businesses and jobs out of Bermuda and reduce Govt. revenue. Aggressively go after monies owed to Government will require more people – costing Govt. more money. Use of prisoners for Government maintenance and landscaping – then what are Parks guys going to do all day?
    Also Will Unions pay the Govt. legal fees to Reclaim TCD emission centers/stop paying rent for facilities? IMO this raises way more questions than answers

    • someone says:

      also Jason is not doing his research. parks department already use prisoners in projects where possible. but of course you cannot have a sex offender working on the schools etc. but I do agree on a chain gang to collect trash but how will that work if they don’t want to work and it is not part of their conditions of incarceration.

  15. tom cooke says:

    This time last year I was in charge of 120 plus guys at the ACW, and making a nice wage to be sure…. since we left in September…. I have not done a 40 hr week… last week I worked 6 hrs. ..and they are whinning about one day a month… should try walking in my shoes/boots…

  16. Coffee says:

    What the opposition leader said about the spirit of this OBA government is correct .

  17. Huh says:

    Between 2004 and 2013 the PLP increased Government revenue from $706m to $867m which is a 23% increase. Over the same time period the PLP increased Government expenditure from $721m to $1.275b, which is a 77% rise. So in the space of ten years the PLP successfully tripled our expenditures when compared to revenue increases, which in turn increased our national budget deficit from $15m to $408m, which is a 2,620% jump. But, of course, the PLP doesn’t have any role in our current financial quagmire. So the OBA came into power with an inherited $408M deficit, which cannot be resolved overnight as the actions required would simply have brought the economy to a complete halt. Hence the “glide path” put forward by the SAGE Commission and adopted by the OBA.
    In order for our massive deficit to be closed as of now, it would require the OBA to raise an additional 47 per cent of revenues on top of the $867m recorded as at March 31, 2013. Do you revenue raising/anti-cut advocates think that the OBA, or any Party, can magically raise this out of thin air in the middle of a recession? Let me put it in perspective for you. Between 1999 (the PLP’s first budget) revenues were $546m while at their last budget (2013), as noted, the revenue was $867m.
    So over their 14-year period of governance the PLP were only able to raise revenues by $321m or 59 per cent or $23M per year. But somehow some people think the OBA can magically increase revenues by approximately 50 per cent after two years of being in power?

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    Nothing wrong with many of those proposals. Sure did not see much in the way of any give backs from the BPSU. How about we start with a reduction in the CS to pre 1998 levels? After all the population is about the same. How can an increase in CS size by some 50% possibly be justified?

    Yes, that does mean that 1 in ever 3 is made redundant. The other 2 might have to start doing close to a full days work.

    • someone says:

      and it can be done as there have been many technological improvements. so the roi alone should be realized with either increased service or less jobs. that is basic project management.

  19. Sky Pilot says:

    the Biggest LIARS in Bermuda are the plp,the biu and the bpsu.
    ALL rank alongside each other as being LIARS!

    I wonder if and when the penny will drop with you all;
    the sooner you all wise up and dump these greedy people in the trash where they belong the better off everyone will be.

  20. At the end of plp tenure there were buses and ferris in dis repair…and in need of post maintenance! Thay lacked money for wages to actully pay their wages!

  21. True or false!!!!!!!!!?

  22. Boarders says:

    Jason Hayward is trying to school Bob Richards! What a joke! Bob has been in this game way to long Jason! Hayward is just another one of those ‘union heads”(puppets) who watched the PLoP but Bermuda in a financial ruin!

    • Jones says:

      What has Bob done in this so called game he’s been in for so long? Please school me?

  23. Politricks says:

    “Reductions in grants and contributions by 20 percent [excluding quangos,Hospitals and schools]”

    So let me get this straight. The BTUC proposes the above reduction as long as it doesn’t affect their members who are employed in the quangos, schools and hospital?

    Apparently they have no issue with further reductions in grants that will affect social programs such as Mirrors and charities such as the Salvation Army, Sunshine League etc., but absolutely refuse to reduce grants that will affect their due paying members.

    I would say that one proposal alone indicates that the narrative is absolutely correct.

  24. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    “reduction of office plants and watering costs, removal of cable and WOW from office TVs, removing non essential overseas travel and more.”

    Must be a whole lot of travel, plants and tv watching going on to get the 60+ million dollar savings lmfao. And you complained about ONE FURLOUGH DAY!! Get real BTUC!

  25. inquiring minds says:

    I am now confused – as a BPSU member am I now automatically a PLP supporter?
    If the president of the BPSU has a comment on behalf of his members benefits and conditions from the employer etc. that is fine when he steps over the line to criticize political parties then he has overstepped his mandate.
    The leadership of our union should have no comment on political parties no matter what his personal affiliation and stick to dealing with the employer employee issues.
    If the president wants to quit and run in the next election more power to him but don’t use your position as the president of my union to support your political ambitions