Opinion Column: Leah Scott On ‘FurloughGate’

February 10, 2015

[Opinion column written by OBA MP Leah Scott]

Recently history was made – in the days to come, the events surrounding the industrial action, aptly referred to as “Furlough-Gate“, will be remembered by each of us in many different ways, because we all have different perceptions about what happened, why it happened and whether or not it even should have happened.

The industrial action, in relation to the elimination of furlough days, was portrayed by the Bermuda Trade Union Congress [BTUC] to be the people’s struggle against societal injustices based on race and money.

Many were convinced of this, as evidenced by not only government workers milling about freely on the Cabinet lawn, but also a considerable number of private sector workers, as well as workers who are not members of any union, who were also there to bolster numbers and show support.

People, spurred on by the BTUC, united together to show solidarity for what they believed to be a socioeconomic injustice committed against them via the Government’s request to continue furlough days for another year.

It is unfortunate that the request by the Government to continue furlough days morphed into a socioeconomic issue by those who continue their efforts to convince people that the goal of this Government is to perpetuate social and economic disparity between blacks and whites.

To be clear, the request to continue the furlough days is an accounting and budgeting issue. Period. Full stop. To put it simply, if this Government does not do what is necessary to reduce overhead and expenses, then it is likely that people will be out of jobs. It comes down to basic math: expenses greater than revenues equal a deficit.

One single furlough day a month results in an approximate 4.6% pay cut for everyone instead of a 100% pay cut for many people.

Where does race fit into that equation? Why does everything have to be exacerbated by race?

Eventually, it was agreed that the continued use of furlough days would be as a last resort only. And in the face of a potential docking of 2 days’ pay because of the industrial action, it was agreed those 2 days could be treated as furlough days.

There are those who believe that the One Bermuda Alliance Government is against Bermudian workers, and in particular, black Bermudian workers. Let me state unequivocally that this Government is an advocate for the fair treatment of all workers, no matter their race, nationality, creed or color and those characteristics have no bearing on how they’re treated.

What this Government will not do, is favour and/or acquiesce to the demands of any group over another (workers or otherwise), and certainly not for political reasons.

Our population has contracted over the years, and continues to shrink. We need more people living and working here to boost our economy. International and local businesses are challenged, particularly in comparison to the boom years of the early 2000s. Those in our society who can ill afford it are suffering the most.

As a Government, and equally, as participating members of this community, we do recognize this. But in order to help the least fortunate, we have to do all that we can to facilitate economic recovery. One just cannot happen without the other.

It is said that a rising tide lifts all boats, but it seems to me that the BTUC and its members would like their boats to be lifted independent of the tide, but that is impossible, especially given the state of the public purse.

The largest single government expense, and the biggest contributor to keeping us in debt, is the combined wage bill of our public institutions.

The reality is that last week’s industrial action was, quite simply, a case of the BTUC and its members protesting in favour of its own selfish interests, and was promulgated by taking advantage of rhetoric and popular sentiment to achieve its own goals, without giving consideration or forethought to the impact their collective decisions would have on anyone else.

In the end, the “victory” heralded by the BTUC was to the detriment of everyone in this country, both government and non-government workers including those on the Cabinet lawn for two and a half days.

The Government presented the BTUC with a list of options that would have to be considered as an alternative to taking the furlough day off the table. Apparently the BTUC decided it would be better for all segments of society to be disadvantaged, rather than continue to sacrifice one day per month.

The BTUC has only achieved short-term success. I MUST remind the remaining MAJORITY of our country, that this victory was only accomplished through the blatant disregard of the needs of others. So while members of the BTUC have gained ONE day per month work back, let’s consider the cost to our country.

Was the real aim of the protests and negotiations to help the disenfranchised in our society? If it truly was, then the proposals listed below would never have been considered as acceptable by the BTUC:

  • Consolidation of schools. While this may not affect the quality of education, it will certainly reduce the level of choice, both geographically and institutionally.
  • No Agricultural Show for 2015. The annual opportunity to enjoy the arrival of spring, relax, and celebrate our heritage will be cancelled, to save $400,000. It could have been kept, but this is the sort of saving the BTUC agreed to in order to advance the interests of a few, and, most importantly, maintain its own pride. At least public school children will make up the time they were denied last week.
  • Financial Assistance to be capped at $45 million, and the cell phone allowance struck off. For me, this says the most about the true results of the industrial action, and how the ‘victory’ actually betrayed the outside support that public sector protesters were given. The cell phone is now the dominant form of communication, particularly for those without e-mail or internet access. How can people trying to get off financial assistance by seeking gainful employment be expected to be able to communicate with potential employers?

It is inevitable that this Government will be blamed for taking these unpleasant cost cutting measures, because goodness knows, the BTUC isn’t going to take any responsibility for hurting the people of this country. They are already raising their hands in the air, victims of circumstance – as if they were non-participatory and none of this was their doing.

As they continue to hurl misstatements of fact and accusations at the Government, let me be clear – while the continuation of the furlough day was rejected by the BTUC and its members on the basis that they would no longer allow this Government to continue its alleged “oppression” against Bermudian workers, the reality is that this Government favoured the continuation of one furlough day a month, for a further year, in order to keep ALL members of the public sector gainfully employed, and, by doing so, ultimately assist in further reducing our debt.

Therefore, the BTUC and its members must be held jointly responsible for the cost cutting measures that will have to be implemented and the resulting impact that it will have on Bermuda and its traditions.

There is no way that they cannot be. You see, even though the BTUC did not come up with a viable list of economically feasible options, they forced the creation of the ones that will now be implemented, and they happily accepted them.

Clearly, while the BTUC wants to pretend that the achieved outcome represents the interests of all of Bermuda, it really only represents the interests of its own.

- Leah Scott


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  1. Yahoo says:

    Please stop calling things ______-gate. It is annoying and shows zero creativity.

    • Mockingjay says:

      How about surroGATE

    • LOL says:

      Funny how she writes about ______ gate but will not write about her OBA Leader bringing the original JET GATE man back in to the club house.

      Hey Lea with all your BS writing the OBA still brought Craig back over you! So what does that tell you….. about what they think about you? (SMILE)

    • Transparency & Shared Scarifice says:

      “Perhaps it is because we have come so far from a time that was so dark and evil that real racial progress has come to an end. It has come to an end because so many in the black community choose to ignore the fact that we are still a two-tiered society in order to maintain the concept of white supremacy.”- Dr. Eva Hodgson

      “As long as blacks themselves look for any other reason but the continuation of old-fashioned racism, less overt, more subtle, for our continuing divide and ongoing conflict, the two tiered structure of our society will continue and we will never attain the collaboration and cooperation so consistently called for by columnist” — John Barritt.

      Leah Scott and others like her are apart of that continued mis-conception that the divide does not exist. This is really sad.

    • Transparency & Shared Scarifice says:

      “Perhaps it is because we have come so far from a time that was so dark and evil that real racial progress has come to an end. It has come to an end because so many in the black community choose to ignore the fact that we are still a two-tiered society in order to maintain the concept of white supremacy.” — Dr. Eva Hodgson

      “As long as blacks themselves look for any other reason but the continuation of old-fashioned racism, less overt, more subtle, for our continuing divide and ongoing conflict, the two tiered structure of our society will continue and we will never attain the collaboration and cooperation so consistently called for by columnist John Barritt.”

      Leah Scott has not Got there yet, she does not realized that we live in a two-tired society. But some Bermudians are living in great denial. Why is Mrs. Scott allowing her name to be used in Articles she herself did not write….this shows a person like her is willing to maintain White Supremacy.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      “Bermuda does not tax profits, dividends, or wealth. Accordingly, it does not have capital gains tax, wealth tax, gift tax, or inheritance tax. The government actually guarantees tax exemption, which is available to most enterprises incorporating in Bermuda.”-

      Under the Exempted Undertakings Tax Protection Act, 1966, an exempted company or exempted partnership may apply for a guarantee from the Bermuda government that, should the government impose any tax on profits, or capital gains, this tax would not be levied on the exempted company until 31 March, 2035.

      “However, if all options are on the table then corporate tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax, gift tax, or inheritance tax should be on the table. It’s a shame because they’ve convinced some of us to turn on our own.”

      - Romeo Ruddock

      I think this is who the OBAubp should be calling such names as Selfish…….not paying their fair share of taxes, and perhaps we can gain some additional revenue resources…

      OBA needs to come clean and stop placing the blame at the feet of the government workers only. While many of them bring in 2 incomes, and more…..

      • Kangoocar says:

        Betty/plp , you obviously learned NOTHING from the last time you raised taxes have you??? You type this daily nonsense and expect people to take you serious?? Also, you might not be aware but the Government has to obey the laws they make!!! You cannot just go back to the IB sector and tell them they now have to pay taxes on their Capitol gains!!!! Do you really think that if we go to the IB sector and explain really nicely that because we had an incompetent plp in power for 14 too many years and now we are broke, they should pay for it???? One thing is for sure, you and your plp. Certainly know how to create mass unemployment!!!! Congrats on that my freind!!!!!

        • mixitup says:

          The plp were so great at causing unemployment that it spanded the entire globe! Gotta give them props..

          • BETTTYTRUMP says:

            Unemployment stats have never been so high since the OBA became the government in Bermuda. I suggest you take a good look at the data.

            Still those able to pay taxes walk free, while the average Joe carry the entire burden.

            Kangaroocar the Dunkley of the world are of privilege and the burden of taxes are not shared fairly. Why not get monies from those companies that owe hot thousands in back taxes…but no the OBA wants to put it entirely at the feet of the have not. ….

          • kangoocar says:

            it is your type of thinking that actually makes it NO surprise that that the plp were allowed to create the amount of carnage they did for way too long!!! You really can’t be that dense are you??? Once again I will explain for the slow!!! The IB sector was relatively unscathed with the Global reccession and Bermuda and it’s employed would not have been effected very much IF we did not have an incompetent plp, raising taxes on them to pay for the plp’s incompetence with the deficits and debts THEY created!!! If you do not beleive me?? i will let youb talk to my good freinds that are now in Geneva working because they were transferred outb of here within 8 months of that stupid policy by YOUR plp!!! Their company is doing just fine and employing more employees every year?? Anyone with half a brain would realize that could have been Bermuda?? So, once again, you can thank YOUR plp for that while we are discussing how on earth are we going to get going again!!!!

            • BETTTYTRUMP says:

              Transfer out of here at their own will.
              Why ? Because they did not want to pay their fair share of taxes. Get real Kangaroo and stop jumping up and down on the script of the OBA.

              Those so called friends will continue to move from country to country seeking freedom from taxes….
              It’s happening everywhere….please wake up…..and maybe if you only took off your OBA political blinders you can see the bigger picture of what’s really going on. ..

              The only carnage going on now is coming from your faithful OBA….but that’s okay do not let the facts hit you in the face…..might knock you back to reality. ..love ya

              • Kangoocar says:

                For the SLOW such as yourself!!! Their bosses transferred them!!! With comments like yours I sadly have to say that I actually look forward to your demize!!! I have made my money and have liquidated starting the moment your stupid plp told me I had to have liscense to own a property in my own country being I am married to an American!! Tons of cash that can leave at a moments notice, and I can watch from afar your continued suffering!!! You deserve everything that is coming to you!!!!

          • umjusayin says:

            You are truly an idiot and ignorant person!I am surprised that YOU would even make that comment.

      • 32n64w says:

        Betty, in case you missed it, the PLP thought it was a good idea to extend the referenced Act by 25 years to 2035. Why do your now suddenly feel the OBA need to come clean about the PLP’s wise decision?

        • BETTTYTRUMP says:

          OBA have changed most laws the PLP has put into place in less than 2 years….

          Why not this law? …..Guess they stand to benefit. ….

          • 32n64w says:

            Really? Name 5 “laws” the OBA have changed.

            • jt says:

              The private sector already lays 100% of public sector wages and is responsible for paying 100% paying of our debt Betty. You’re welcome.

      • anydeeng says:

        Its still much less… youre talking around 3 million to 36 million

    • Rich says:

      Wow. Betty you really have no grasp on Bermuda’s fragile economy. What we really need in Bermuda is to find innovative ways to generate revenue like a company, having people pay for something they want (not blatant tax). This will generate income without the reluctance of paying something for nothing. It is not easy to come up with revenue solutions, luckily some of our people have discovered massive revenues for Bermuda that we don’t even see in Bermuda during our daily lives. Example, the amount of revenue the Government receives from aircraft and marine registered in Bermuda. We need to find more of these products just as a company would try and expand its services. As for your calls on all kinds of tax, I know of many jobs that were personally moved because of the prior Governments increase in payroll tax and also remember Bermudians being forced to sell their house because the family could not pay the death taxes. Unfortunately there has been an increase in the total government employment year on year, which is not sustainable. Just stopping the criminality (people standing up for what is right) and not taking it as a community would save countless dollars in police overtime, equipment, investigations and court cases….

  2. progress says:

    did don grearson write this column too? why can none of these oba people give a speech or a press conference or an interview to explain their views? maybe because then we’d see the strings being pulled.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Why does the OBA stop hiring these folks to write speeches and than use their back-benchers to sign their names…it is really outrageous and silly politicking…. This could be a savings if they fired their speech writers and did their own work…..

      The OBA is lost, and have NO ECONOMIC RECOVERY PLAN…..

      It is bad situation, and the OBA has done nothing in 2 years to improve it, but rather will be borrowing in less than 2 years, when they promised not too…. OOH

      • Ed Case says:

        Obviously PLP has not run out of Betty Blog money.


  3. Chris Famous says:

    First sylvan comes out saying he wants to understand the workers angst and rebuild trust with them

    Same day leah comes out and states the workers are selfish

    Who writes theses people’s scripts?

    Jeckle n Hyde PR?

    • Double D says:

      She didn’t call the workers selfish. She said the BTUC is selfish and their unwillingness to sacrifice, well anything really, exemplifies her claims.

      No temporary suspension of overtime and a refusal for a 1% increase in their pension payments highlight and reinforce this claim. And these refusals were after the fact that the BTUC knew what the alternatives were.

      Again, how can the BTUC leaders refuse or choose the agreed upon ‘sacrifices’ with no membership vote? I know of several civil servants who have said that the BTUC actually can’t claim to speak on their behalf as they never had a membership vote on the proposals.

      • Chris Famous says:

        “The reality is that last week’s industrial action was, quite simply, a case of the BTUC and its members protesting in favour of its own selfish interests”

        • mixitup says:

          That dreamer is in Egypt rowing up denile..

          • FDR says:

            But the exact same thing can be said of you as well. Complete denial regarding our financial realities. Basic math does not discriminate by race or political persuasion. Nor will a change in political leadership alter our reality. We are in a deep hole point blank.

      • Ms. Scott says:

        We are the BTUC . . .they take their lead and direction from us the membership!!!

        • Double D says:

          So did you vote on the continuation of furlough days, or the rejection of straight time for overtime and the refusal to pay 1% more into your pensions?

          I have been told that no such vote has been held by any of the BTUC organisations.

          • Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

            Because they are still negotiating…. How can we vote on anything that has not be brought before us?

            • Double D says:

              My apologies if that is the case. But it appears from the BTUC’s announcements that those suggestions have been agreed upon and they are not willing to discuss any further options and that their minds are made up.

              When is the membership vote since the budget is less than 2 weeks away now?

            • George says:

              You are being disingenuous Quinton – this all started because the BTUC leadership would not consider the continuance of furlough days as part of the cost reductions proposed by Government – at least that was what the BTUC were hanging their hat on! Who gave the BTUC the mandate to refuse the continuance of furlough days? There was a vote by BTUC membership for the initial proposal of furlough days in June 2013 but there has been no follow up vote to continue or not continue them past March 31st 2015. This is what Double D is referring to!

              • BETTTYTRUMP says:

                OBA did not come to the table as honest brokers. They displaced a high level of dishonestly during the negotiations. The OBA as a result has lost the trust of the people. This trust will be difficult to regain. Who can really trust them to negotiate in a fair honest manner? Folks felt Disrepectful and Mr Richards condescending attitude and Ego did not help the OBA any.

                Folks are tried. They understand the seiousness of the economy, but also expect to be respected and fairly treated.

                The large number of people who #occupiedCabinet gave the Union the right to take Furlong days off the table. The union asked all those that favored such to walk with them to the cabinet grounds….
                I do think that was a vote enough of confirmation. … .

                • fedup says:

                  wow, betty, you seem proud of your ignorance.
                  Aren’t you embarrassed every time you post and expose yourself as a dummy?

    • You are the worst says:

      Mr. Famous constantly nitpicks at choice selections from OBA statements, instead of addressing the bigger picture, which is that we cannot afford this civil service! And instead of making sacrifices to reduce the cost of the civil service, the BTUC would rather the rest of the country make sacrifices for them. Call it selfish, arrogant, indifferent, whatever you want! The fact is, we are all going to pay so that our bloated civil service can continue to earn a higher average salary than the rest of us.

      I would love to see Mr. Famous actually speak to the financials and offer a tangible solution. But I won’t hold my breath.

      • Politricks says:

        I wrote a long post saying the exact same thing last week on one of his opinion pieces. The author never ever has acknowledged our massive deficit and debt or the underfunded nature of the pension plans on the Government’s balance sheet.

        I believe that is the case because he doesn’t understand the severity of the situation or his hatred for this Government and their supporters are so great that he is willing to ignore it and instead resort to inflammatory and emotional attacks.

        Would love to see him try his usual approach if we are required to be bailed out by the UK or some IMF type organization.

  4. Chris Famous says:

    Leah Scott

    Paid $105,000.00 to be minister with no portfolio actually is calling thousands of Bermudians selfish?

    Thanks for clarification of how the OBA thinks of Bermudians.

    • Double D says:

      Despite your and other beliefs Bermudians aren’t just BTUC members. There are actually only 5,000 BTUC members out of a 60,000 population.

      • Chris Famous says:

        5,000 BTUC Members also have families

        So do the maths as to how many persons this lady just insulted.

        • Geej says:

          Mr Famous,

          Even if each of those 5,000 people had a partner and four children, a large family by today’s standards, the total number would still only reach 30,000, less than half the population.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            Well said Mr. Famous, the OBA is falling on their swords and do not know how to move on the Chess board…thus these silly nonsense opinion pieces…..

          • mixitup says:

            And us Non BTUC members that support them.

    • justin says:

      Where were you when the PLP where in power and gave themselves handsome pay increases while the country was running massive deficits?

    • SMH says:


      Is she still the Minister with no portfolio?

    • No longer a member says:

      The PLP increased it to this amount minus the 10% decease the OBA took when getting elected. That is why your writting are always twisted.

    • anydeeng says:

      Thomas youre an ***… quick to point out something negative and deflect from the critical thought at hand, or any constructive solutions. You are a huge part of the problem.

  5. Huh says:

    Very well said Ms. Scott

    • frank says:

      Ms Scott. And sylvan Richardson need to study the real. Bermuda history. And stop the continued disrespect.
      How long are you going to allow yourself to be used

  6. Craig says:

    Seems that the people on top of the Music Box are very busy these days writing Op-Eds

    • Kangoocar says:

      No busier than Alaska hall, I can only assume that you convenientley CAN’T see the daily nonsense that is pumped out of there with plp mp names attached to them???? Be serious!!!!

      • BETTTYTRUMP says:

        Stop reading from the play book of the OBA Kangaroo. ..

        Typical of you and the other diehards OBAERS. ….Oba falling on their swords

    • anydeeng says:

      Because critical thinkers still read things you ***. Bda is doomed until country comes before party view.

  7. Double D says:

    My opinion changed when the BTUC revealed that civil servants make an average of $78k annually compared with an average private sector salary of $60k annually.

    My new opinion was further solidified when I read that the BTUC saw the Government’s alternative cost cutting initiatives (in absence of a furlough) and still refused to smaller sacrifices such as paying overtime at straight time for a temporary period and their outright refusal to pay a measly 1% more into the massively underfunded pensions. This was all decided without even holding a membership vote might I remind you.

    It was reinforced even greater when I heard the BTUC refuse to consider staggering the furlough day option based on the salary level of the civil servant and then demand that the private sector be inundated with new taxes to ensure the one sector of the workforce who hasn’t shed a job during our 6 year recession (depression?) continue to have a bullet proof job.

    I don’t agree with the furlough being mandated on the lowest earners, but I definitely don’t agree with the level of so called ‘sacrifices’ put forward by the BTUC either.

    Call it what you will, label the above author as you please, but the above shows that the BTUC is simply looking out for their members and not Bermuda as a whole as they claim to be.

    But I can guarantee everyone that once we do finally fall off the fiscal cliff, due to the non-addressing of our $300mn deficit, $2bn+ debt and billions in underfunded pensions, many people will wish the furlough day remains an option as to the inevitable alternative. See Barbados and Greece as the most recent examples.

    Good luck Bermuda.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    Why do the silent-do nothing surrogate OBA MPs continue to sign their name to vile pieces like this, written by former civil servant Magnus Henegulph? Especially an MP, who as Minister without Portfolio(Minister of Nothing), collected over a 100k/year of taxpayer funds?

    • Politricks says:

      What exactly is vile about the truth sir? What in the above piece is factually (not emotionally) incorrect?

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Nothing to do with the figments of your imagination@starting point
        Re-read the facts as stated by the BTUC, and which your OBA government never refuted@politricks

    • Starting Point says:

      Is your assumption that Ms. Scott can not write her own piece because she is Black or a Woman? Just trying to find out of you are sexist or racist so it is easier to communicate with you…

  9. Polly says:

    Ms. Scott,
    Please note that the “Furlough Gate” industrial action was not about race at all! I agreed to 19 days without pay which was a sacrifice I was willing to take for my country. I should add that it didn’t seem like it would hurt too much but by month 3 I was feeling the pinch and I started to rob Peter to pay Paul. Maybe the MPs (both OBA&PLP)can take a 30-50% pay cut especially those who are gainfully employed in the private sector.
    If those who are on Financial Assistance are really serious about gaining employment the library offers free internet service or they could arrange a time to check back with the potential employer. I know if I needed a job I would do whatever it took to make contact with the potential employer with or without a phone.
    It only stands to reason that we should be cutting expenses in this economic climate and if the Ag Show has to be cancelled for a year or two then so be it. Just as I’ve had to change my life style because of the Furlough Day, Government has to curtail some of it’s not so necessary expenses. I travelled at least once a year, but I can’t do that now because it’s not in the budget! The Ag Show is not in the Government’s budget, simple as that.
    I am not being selfish by not be willing to continue Furlough Days!

  10. Ms. Scott says:

    I find this opinion article funny. Well since Ms. Leah Scott doesn’t think that the furlough day reduction is such a big deal, why doesn’t she give up her part time second job of junior minister to the tune of some $56,000 per year. Surely for such a small island, we don’t need ministers and junior ministers, since in the absence of one mp other mp’s act in their presence. So exactly what is her job as a junior minister,besides to drain the pocket of a “already financially struggling” economy.

    • SMH says:

      The salary of a politician compared to a government worker is minuscule.

      What would giving up her small paycheck really do?


      • Sick & Tired says:

        If you go back and read my post, you would see that I referred to her position in government as her part time job. She works full time and makes a healthy salary far beyond what a middle CS worker makes. Maybe her part time pay wouldn’t affect much but imagine if all the MP’s did so, given that majority of them are employed full time else where. Oh and I stand corrected, she is no longer a junior minister, as was clarified earlier, she is a minister without portfolio, to the tune of $105,000. Talk about adding salt to a wound!!!

      • Sick & Tired says:

        Oh my apologies, as she is not a junior minister, she is a minister without portfolio, to the tune of $105,000. . . and she does what???????

        So who really needs to be serious here???? Her part time salary far supersedes my full time.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Is she still Junior Minister of Education? I think not.

    • iabingi says:

      Ya’ll attacking the messenger, “You can’t handle the truth”

  11. Alvin Williams says:

    The question I have for the Leah Scott’s of this world is the following;’ Is there a monument or statue in native American communities that honor the Indian scouts that help the US cavalry hunt down their own people ?

  12. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    I would like to thank Leah Scott for continuing to pit one group of Bermudians against the other…well done. While both parties keep us fighting, they continue to make their moves. Keep us divided so they can keep absolute power. Both parties (OBA and PLP) have shown themselves to be arrogant, and we suffer. We absolutely need political change in this country. What that change should look like, I have no clue. But Bermuda is more divided than ever.

  13. Age Bees says:

    Marvelous and well written Leah – thank you.

  14. Coffee says:

    Leah , Leah , Leah Please cut the BS !

  15. Steve Davis says:

    This is an attack by the Unions on the OBA party not the government.

  16. drunken ursula says:

    Leah please….what is next a written statement from Nandi…come on people, (paid bloggers)

  17. Coffee says:

    Has the OBA thought about cutting the Government House budget in line with the Milliband threat ? Take that suggestion to your colleagues Ms.Scott . Also , remember talk about the big gas guzzling blue GP CARS ? They need to be taken off of the road and each minister given a mobylette , check your boy on Harbour Road . People who voted for a change must settle for a change of license plates only .

    • Steve Davis says:

      And this had what to do with Furlough days? we borrow close to $300m a year to keep civil servant’s employed. The government house budget or an MP’s wage is but a drop in the ocean.

  18. anydeeng says:

    Leah Scott people dont get it because they are ********… do what you lot gotta do.

  19. Suzie Knows Everything says:

    I say the Government needs to borrow the $300m from the Exempt companies and pay back at a lower interest rate then what they are paying now. As incentive, Payroll Tax can be decreased for the Exempt companies for the duration of the loan.
    OBA need to start thinking business minded and stop depending on the Government employees to sacrifice for the entire Bermuda population.